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Anna Louise

This story does not sexualize abuse or minors so get your genitals ready and enjoy guilt-free pleasure.

‘I got it! I’m in!’ shouted Samuel Jones. He was elated to receive an e-mail from Blackwater University offering him the scholarship he’d applied for.

‘Yay!’ his parents exclaimed as they hugged their 18-year-old son. ‘I knew you’d get it.’ said his mother Annabelle. To complete his enrolment, he was required to attend a physical examination by one of the campus doctors. It was a requirement for all new students in case they wanted to play a sport for the university or use the campus gym or pool. Their status after the physical would be recorded and would determine what facilities they can access. Samuel excitedly rang the campus clinic and made an appointment. He would be seeing a Dr Cameron Lakewood the next afternoon.

The next day, Samuel arrived at the clinic in a long-sleeved white T-shirt and blue jeans. His straight dark brown hair was messy as usual but contrasted his pale blemish-free skin very well. His chocolate eyes scanned the waiting room to find it almost empty. He approached the desk and gave the receptionist his name. She gave him a form to fill out and told him to have a seat. The form already contained pre-filled information about him so he didn’t have much to add. Suddenly, the door to one of the offices opened and a boy of about Samuel’s age walked out. He was very red-faced and breathing heavily. A doctor who looked to be about 40 followed him out smiling. As the boy left, the doctor approached the front desk and looked down before calling out ‘Samuel Jones?!’ while scanning the room with his grey eyes.

Samuel stood up and approached the doctor with an innocent smile. The doctor gazed at Samuel, his heart skipping a beat as he noticed how handsome the boy was. ‘Hi. I’m Dr Lakewood. Just in here please.’ said the doctor as he ushered Samuel into his office. He followed him, excited with anticipation, and closed the door.

Samuel sat down and put his form on the doctor’s desk. Dr Lakewood sat down and read the information on the form quickly before putting it aside. He pulled out a sheet of paper from his drawer and attached it to a clipboard. ‘Right Sam. First of all, congratulations on being accepted here. Just this last step and you’re in. You must be excited.’ said the doctor as he smiled warmly at Samuel.

‘Yes doctor. I’m thrilled about it!’ said Samuel unable to contain a grin, flashing a perfect set of white teeth at the doctor. The doctor’s penis twitched at the beautiful boy’s smile.

‘Right. Let’s get down to it. I’ll check your blood pressure first so just toss your T-shirt.’ said Dr Lakewood. Samuel played soccer in high school and as a result, had a toned body. He was confident being seen without istanbul travesti a shirt so he didn’t hesitate to take his off. The doctor wrapped the cuff of the monitor around Samuel’s firm upper arm allowing his fingers to graze the boy’s slightly sweaty armpit. Samuel looked at the doctor but the contact was so brief, he thought the doctor was just trying to get the cuff properly wrapped around his arm. While waiting for the monitor to settle on a reading, the doctor rested his fingers under his nose and inhaled, savoring the intoxicating scent of a healthy teenage boy.

‘A healthy blood pressure young man. Let’s take this off.’ said Dr Lakewood as he removed the cuff from around Samuel’s arm. ‘Right. Next, I’d like to check your height and weight. To get an accurate weight, it would be best if you take everything off, but you can leave your underwear on for now.’ said the doctor. Samuel stood up and complied, eager to get the physical over with. Dr Lakewood was delighted to see Samuel wearing a pair of white briefs. Not fussy with fashion, Samuel always just wore what his mother bought him. Dr Lakewood led him to the scales and recorded his weight. He then led him to the stadiometer and told him to stand up straight. ‘You’re a tall fella aren’t cha?’ said Dr Lakewood. Samuel smiled.

‘Okay. Now I’ll check…everything else. Lie down on the bed.’ instructed Dr Lakewood. Samuel was a bit self-conscious being in his underwear but complied. It was one thing to be shirtless but to be lying down in just a pair of white briefs under someone’s scrutiny was a bit embarrassing. His eyes and ears were checked which was fine but he felt butterflies in his stomach as the doctor began to probe him with his fingers. The doctor palpated him from his neck to the lower part of his belly. He then slipped his bare fingers beneath the waistband of the boy’s briefs and palpated his bladder as slowly as he could while the back of his fingers repeatedly grazed the boy’s penis. Samuel drew in a breath sharply as his penis began to rise. He stared at the ceiling willing his penis to go down, but the more he thought about it, the harder it got. By the time the doctor withdrew his fingers, Samuel’s penis was fully erect.

The doctor then bent Samuel’s knees and checked his reflexes. ‘Alright buddy. Just stand up for me.’ said the doctor with a smile. Samuel stood up, glad that his penis had settled down by then. ‘I’ll check your breathing first.’ said Dr Lakewood as he placed a palm over Samuel’s left pectoral and his stethescope on the boy’s back. ‘Slow deep breaths please.’ said the doctor. Samuel breathed as slowly and as deeply as he could.

‘Good healthy lungs bud.’ said the doctor as he put his stethescope back around his neck and scrawled on his clipboard. istanbul travestileri ‘Alright. Let’s check your heart.’ he said. He placed a hand on Samuel’s back and placed the stethescope against his chest. Samuel looked at the ceiling, feeling bored and thinking about what he was going to do after the exam. ‘I want you to do 10 squats now and then I’ll listen to your heart rate again.’ said the doctor, breaking Samuel’s chain of thoughts. Samuel guessed he might have to do something like this. He did 10 squats and then stopped. Dr Lakewood checked his heart again which had only slightly increased in rate. ‘Wow. You’re obviously very fit. What sport do you play?’ asked the doctor, smiling good-naturedly at the lad.

‘Soccer sir. It’s the only sport I like playing.’ replied Samuel returning the doctor’s smile. He was clearly raised to be very polite, thought the doctor. I better not upset this sweet boy.

‘Alright Sam. Almost done. Let’s lose the pants and I’ll give you a hernia check.’ said the doctor in a professional tone and a serious expression on his face. His manner put Samuel at ease and he didn’t hesitate to lower his briefs. The doctor brought his chair out and in front of Samuel and sat down. He lifted the boy’s penis up with his bare hand and held it against his belly in a gentle grip. Samuel looked down, surprised by the contact but said nothing. Dr Lakewood began rolling the boy’s balls around in his hand slowly and gently. They felt quite heavy – quite full. Samuel grew nervous because he knew if this contact continued, he would get an erection. The doctor then began to slowly run his fingers over the scrotum, caressing it. Samuel’s penis began to thicken as a sense of panic washed over him.

‘Is everything okay?’ he asked looking down at the doctor. Dr Lakewood looked up and smiled at the boy, noticing a look of mild fear in the boy’s eyes.

‘Yes. Just making sure there are no abnormalities here. Can never be too careful.’ he replied reassuringly. He continued caressing the boy’s scrotum. Samuel began fidgeting. The doctor then let go of the boy’s shaft and pressed his finger into the boy’s scrotum. ‘Turn your head and cough please.’ he said. Samuel, relieved that his genitals were no longer being stroked, turned his head and coughed.

‘Okay. All good. Just lie back down on the bed please.’ said Dr Lakewood. Samuel went to pick up his underpants, but the doctor said ‘No, just as you are.’ with a smile on his face. Samuel felt a sense of dread as he lay down on the bed. The doctor walked over to him and began running his fingers through Samuel’s chocolate brown pubes. Samuel just stared at the ceiling trying to make sure his penis didn’t grow. The doctor then picked up his shaft in both hands and began to palpate travesti istanbul it. Samuel’s penis began to grow again. The boy gulped. Dr Lakewood forced down a smile as he began running his fingers over the boy’s growing tool.

‘Uh doctor, I’m getting hard.’ blurted out Samuel, breathing heavily.

‘It’s okay son. It happens. Just relax.’ said the doctor without stopping his stroking of the boy’s penis or even looking up from his task. ‘I’m just going to check your foreskin.’ the doctor said. He pulled the boy’s foreskin up and then slowly back down. He repeated this action a few more times as the boy’s penis reached it’s maximum size. ‘Wow dude. You have quite a tool here. I’ll just measure it quickly.’ said the doctor. Dr Lakewood grabbed some measuring tape and measured Samuel’s length. ‘Wow. Eight inches. Are you proud?’ he asked, grinning down at the boy. Samuel covered his eyes and chuckled. His doctor’s manner had put him at ease about showing his erection. He thought the doctor would be disgusted by his erection – not be impressed with it.

‘Alright. I’d like to collect a sperm sample from you so just relax. Almost done.’ said the doctor confidently as he began to masturbate the boy. Samuel didn’t know how to react and was wondering if this was normal practice and if it was okay. It felt good, so it didn’t feel wrong. He wasn’t getting hurt. He was also so aroused at that point that he decided to just let go and let it happen. Dr Lakewood’s expert right hand was at work on his shaft while his other hand stroked the boy’s torso lovingly. He looked at the boy’s face noticing his eyes shut and ragged breaths. He was totally lost in the moment. Suddenly his eyes opened wide and fixed on the doctor.

‘Doctor, I’m close!’ he exclaimed. The doctor smiled and looked into the boy’s eyes while continuing to masturbate him.

Samuel shut his eyes tightly and groaned as he shot a volley of creamy white semen all over his chest and abs. When the doctor felt he was spent, he let go of the boy’s shaft and collected a clean towel. Samuel had his eyes closed breathing heavily in his afterglow. Dr Lakewood cleaned Samuel and helped him get dressed. Samuel didn’t look very happy once he was dressed.

‘Are you okay?’ asked Dr Lakewood.

‘Yeah. I guess. Wasn’t expecting that is all. I’m not gay.’ replied Samuel quietly, looking at the floor in shame. Dr Lakewood placed a paternal arm around the boy.

‘Hey. It’s fine. This doesn’t mean you’re gay – at all! You just had fun.’ he said as he shook the boy in his arm, eliciting a smile from him.

Samuel sat on the bus home feeling exhausted. He just wanted to go home and have a nap after being drained by Dr Lakewood. He smiled slightly, thinking about how much he enjoyed the experience. He had never done anything sexual with another male before. He knew he was straight so he marveled at how much he enjoyed what had just happened. He didn’t know it was possible to have such a fun encounter with another male. He thought he might like to do it again one day.

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