Straight Guys Need Money

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The backpacking trip round Australia before going off to university next year had started out quite well, but the money I’d brought with me hadn’t lasted very long and there just wasn’t any work via all the usual channels so me and my mate Lee were getting pretty desperate for cash by the time we reached the hostel in Melbourne.

“How much for two beds in a dorm room, please?” I asked the desk clerk.

“17 dollars per person per night,” he replied with a wry smile; I guess he’s used to backpackers turning up without much money.

Lee and I turned out our pockets and had a sum total of 35 dollars between us. Whilst this was enough for the beds for the night, it didn’t leave us anything for food and we were both starving hungry.

“You boys looking to make some fast cash?” asked the guy behind the desk.

We could hardly say no, having only 1 dollar left between us. We were about as desperate as we could get and were prepared to do anything…call centre work, bar work, standing on the street collecting for charity…pretty much anything.

“Go and see this chap at the address on this card, he’s always looking for backpackers to work for him.” The guy passed us a pretty formal looking business card for a Clive Fleming at an address on the St Kilda Road just south of the river.

“What kind of work is it?” I asked.

“Oh he has all sorts of things he can sort you out with. Best to talk to him about it.”

Lee and I both thanked him and headed up to the room to drop of our backpacks and then head off to the address on the card.

It was a pretty long walk as we couldn’t afford to get the tram or a taxi, but we found the place quite easily. We rang the buzzer and the door clicked open on a remote lock. The entrance hall led us up some steps and an elderly man was waiting for us at the top of the stairs:

“Ah, you must be the two boys Jon from the hostel was going to send round. I’m Clive. Please go through.” I gave Lee a smile and a wink as if to say ‘so far, so good’ as we walked through into a bedroom. The old man sat in an armchair and motioned for us two to perch on the bed. I decided to start the conversation:

“Jon told us you might have some work for us.”

“Indeed I have, Jon said you and your friend were completely broke.” he replied.

“Unfortunately that’s true. What kind of work do you have exactly?” I asked.

“Well, I want to watch you fuck your friend up the arse.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and looked at Lee in amazement, who was looking back at me with a look of horror on his face.

“Excuse me?” I asked, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

“Oh I think you heard me. I will pay you to fuck your friend while I watch.”

There was a long pause while Lee and I recovered from the shock; he was the first to speak:

“No way, you can fuck off!” And we both stood up to go, but we were stopped in our tracks by what the old man said next:


Lee Betturkey and I turned back round to look at him to see if he was serious. As we did, he produced a pile of notes from the desk drawer.

“Cash in hand, for a few minutes work.” He said.

“We’re just friends. We’re both straight.” I said, just in case he’d misunderstood the situation.

“That’s why I’m paying so much,” the old man replied with a wry smile on his face.

I don’t know how long we all stood in silence looking from one to the other, but somehow Lee and I had made eye contact and indicated to each other that the idea should be considered; $1000 was the sort of money that we really couldn’t refuse.

“If we do it, we never have to think about this night ever again.” I said, trying to reassure Lee who was going to be getting the worse side of the deal after all.

“Do we do it?” I asked him.

“We don’t really have a choice.” he replied.

“Oh good,” said the old man. “Now don’t you lads get nervous, I’ll help you with the whole thing. But first I think you’d better get out of those clothes hadn’t you?”

Again there was a long pause and the two of us just stood there. I realised one of us would have to get the ball rolling so I pulled my t-shirt over my head to reveal my bare chest. Lee did the same, then we both undid our jeans, kicked off our trainers and slid our jeans down.

“You can keep your socks on lads, the floor’s pretty cold! But I want you to take each other’s boxers off.” the old man instructed.

Again Lee just stood there dumb struck so I had to take the lead and looped my fingers into the waistband of his white cotton boxers and pulled them down to the floor. I couldn’t help the natural instinct to look at his cock as it was almost in my face as I pulled down his boxers. Even though we’d been friends for years I’d never seen Lee naked as we’d always got changed in the bathroom during our trip across Australia, and never played sport together back home. I was quite surprised as he was quite a skinny guy and I hadn’t expected to see such a large uncut cock hanging down from his dark pubes.

I guess the embarrassment of him being completely naked must have kicked in as his cock started to harden.

“Now your turn,” said the old man to Lee and he yanked my boxers down with such speed that the waistband whacked painfully against my cock. By now Lee was fully hard and his cock must have been easily 7 inches; it certainly made my 5 inch dick seem even smaller than it really was.

“Excellent.” said the old man, and he passed me a condom and a tube of lubricant saying “you’ll need these, I just hope it doesn’t fall off yours.” I was really beginning to dislike this guy, the last thing I needed was snide comments about the size of my cock compared to my mate’s. Although, after having seen the size of Lee’s, I was quite glad that he Betturkey Giriş wasn’t going to fuck me up the arse with that thing!

The old man started directing us what to do, telling Lee to lay on his back on the bed and rest his legs on my shoulders, I put the condom on and spread some lube into Lee’s tight arsehole with my fingers. As weird as it sounds, I was getting quite turned on by the whole thing and my cock certainly wasn’t losing it’s stiffness.

“Off you go boys,” the guy gave the command and I moved forward, resting the head of my cock against Lee’s tight, puckered arse hole.

“You’ll have to relax, Lee,” I whispered, “do you still want to do this?” I asked as he was just staring straight ahead at the ceiling.

“Get on with it,” was his reply, but he still had a rock hard cock so I wondered if, like me, he was actually starting to enjoy it a little bit.

I felt his anus relax slightly, and I slowly pushed myself into him, feeling the warmth surround my cock and almost pull me in further. After a few seconds I felt the muscles inside his arse pop as my cock passed further into him and then I was fully inserted with my balls hanging against is butt cheeks. I had to put my hands either side of his chest to steady myself and was now leaning fully over him. Strangely I couldn’t help noticing the t-shirt marks on his arms where he’d got a sun tan on his lower arms but not on his upper arms and body which were still pasty white.

“Carry on,” the old man instructed, and I slowly withdrew my cock until just the head was still inside Lee, I then started to pump in and out slowly, getting faster as I went, getting hornier and hornier as my pubes bounced against his heavy balls. Instinct took over and I arched myself backwards, grabbing hold of his hairy knees which were resting over my shoulders.

Not having had sex for the four weeks I’d been in Australia, it didn’t take long before I could feel myself ready to explode but, as the condom was beginning to slip off my smaller than average cock, I thought it best to try and grab the base of it. Unfortunately I lost all co-ordination and withdrew my cock completely leaving the condom hanging out of Lee’s arse; just at that point I started to ejaculate and my white cum spurted all over Lee’s pale chest and face.

“Oh, God I’m so sorry, Lee,” I tried to sound as sincere as I felt but the old guy was laughing so loudly that I don’t think Lee really took much notice of me as he was so horrified to find another man’s cum all over himself. As he opened his mouth, probably to shout some abuse at me, a small dollop of my cum on his top lip fell in and he lent over the bed to spit it out. I removed the condom from his arsehole and got off the bed as my warm, red dick started to shrink back to its flaccid 2 inches.

“Oh lads, that was wonderful, thank you,” the old man was still fully dressed and sitting in his chair just as he had been all through this horrible ordeal, I assumed he’d have started to masturbate or something but the fact that he hadn’t done anything made me feel even more humiliated. I started to pick up my clothes to get dressed but he interrupted me:

“Wait, you can’t leave your friend like that, I think you’d better lick it off of him.”

I turned to Lee expecting to find him as ready as I was to say ‘no way’ but instead he was still lying motionless on the bed and said:

“Well I’m not going to bloody touch it, so you’d better get on with it.”

Suddenly I had the rough end of the deal. I didn’t really know where to start so I chose his chest rather than face and started to lick my cold, salty cum off his warm, pale chest. Luckily he didn’t have any hairs on his chest, but licking it off was just pushing it around further making my job even more difficult As my arse was blocking the old man’s view he’d got off the chair and was standing over us watching my humiliation closely. I worked my way across Lee’s chest before making my way up to his face. As neither of us had shaved for a couple of days we both had stubble which not only made it more difficult licking the cum off, but also meant that the two of us were scratching each other’s faces with stubble rash. It was certainly different to kissing my girlfriend back home, and not at all a pleasant experience. However, I couldn’t help notice that Lee’s cock was still rock hard, and that he was slowly stroking himself as I worked my way across his cheeks, forehead and then sticking my tongue into his left ear to get the last of the cum.

I stood up, disgusted with myself and feeling pretty sick from the cold, salty jism I’d had to eat. Again I started to pick up my clothes to get dressed, but was again interrupted by the old man:

“I think you still owe your friend a favour and, if he cums over himself again, you’re going to have to lick it all up. I’d suggest you get your mouth round his cock quickly.”

Before I could start to protest, Lee glared at me and commanded;

“Do it!”

The prospect of having to lick up another load of cold cum was pretty repulsive so I figured it couldn’t taste any worse direct from the cock and fastened my mouth over the head of Lee’s man-sized 7 inches. I’d intended to just catch the cum in my mouth but I felt Lee’s hands grab my hair at the back and push my mouth further down his shaft. I was gagging at the size of the thing as he tried to push it fully down my throat, then I felt his body start to spasm slightly just before his warm cum spurted into my mouth. Lee slid his cock out leaving me with a huge mouthful of his cum. I paused for a second and then summoned up the courage to swallow and I felt it ooze down the back of my throat.

“Now you can both get dressed.” said the old man, and Lee and I didn’t say a word as we put our clothes back on, took the $500 each and left the flat. We didn’t say a single word to each other on the long walk back to the hostel. As we walked in, Jon was still sitting at the front desk and I swear he winked at us as we walked past him. I just hope the $500 lasts for a while!


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