Stranger Fantasy

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It’s been a long day at work and I’ve got to run into the grocery store to pick up something,  before walking a few doors down to the restaurant for dinner. I’m dressed in my favorite pair of jeans that are comfy and make my ass look great. Some tennis shoes and a nice but not very sexy top complete my work outfit.As I’m driving, I’m thinking of all the stuff I need to get done. But I’m also slightly on edge and feeling sexy even though a glance in the mirror shows just me.Dark brown eyes, a cutish face, and the start of a few lines. “Ah well, past forty now,” I shrug to myself. I fluff my hair, it still looks good because I had time to flat iron it that morning.Parking the car, I step out into the twilight evening and begin walking towards the door. I see a guy sitting on the grocery store bench. He is tapping away at what looks to be a game on his phone. He’s got broad shoulders, looks to be tall, and a bit older than güvenilir bahis me. Just a regular guy, but something about him interests me.He doesn’t notice me as I’m approaching. A picture of me on my knees in a bathroom stall flashes in my mind.”No,” I tell myself, “Don’t be silly. You can’t do that.”He looks up at that moment. My eyes meeting his… and I make a snap decision.”Why the hell can’t I?” Flashing through me.I hold his gaze as I walk closer. My body slipping into a sexier walk. Hips rolling slightly, body moving slower. His hand lowers his phone as he takes me in. His eyes roaming over me before coming back to meet my eyes.I smile at him and he smiles back. I stop in front of him and say, “Hi, my name is Anne,” as I reach to shake hands.He looks a bit startled and bemused, but he stands, raises his hand, and responds with,  “Hello, I’m Charles.”Once I have his large hand in mine, I hold onto it. He gives güvenilir bahis siteleri it a bit of a tug, but I just place my other hand on top and hold it within my two hands. He starts to say something, but I jump in.”I’m wondering if you can help me with something.”My fingers start rubbing his hand that I’m holding hostage. He nods, looking more bemused.”See, I’d like to fulfill a fantasy of mine. And pick up a random guy and give him a blow job.”Charles’s eyes widen. He has lovely grey, green ones.”Would you be willing to help me out?” My hands playing with the tips of his fingers, stroking them.Charles nods and again starts to speak. My fingers come up to brush over his lips, stopping him.”Awesome!” I give him a brilliant smile and drop his hand, “Go into the men’s room in the store and I will knock in just a moment.”Charles looks around like he expects someone to jump out and yell April Fools. He takes iddaa siteleri a few steps away then pauses, looking back at me. I make a shooing motion and he starts to walk inside quickly.I bounce on my toes a bit trying to count slowly to 200 in my head. “God, I’m crazy. I could back out.” But my thighs flex… and I feel the wetness.”Fuck it, I wanna,” I think and I head inside.Luckily, I know this grocery and I head straight to the back. It’s an older store and I pass through the doors to the storeroom, turning left and finding the doors to the bathrooms.I knock quietly at the door, it opens and I walk inside. Giving Charles a huge smile as I slip past him. He really is nice and tall, I’d have to stand on my tippy toes to kiss him.The room looks the same as the ladies’ room next door, except a urinal is opposite the toilet. I hear the door lock click shut behind me.  I turn and he is simply standing there looking at me. I drop to my knees. My hand lifting so my finger can beckon him closer.His hand slides down to rub his crotch as he looks at me. Appreciation in his eyes. I give him a pout as he doesn’t step closer. His grin widens and he finally steps in.

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