Strangers When We Met

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Hi everyone,

Here’s a flash story. It’s told in two overlapping parts from two points of view. I’ve included a title at the beginning of each one to make it easier to understand.

I did it in conjunction with Britni4u. It’s a bit of fun just like her.

Cheers darling

You are one in a trillion.




The plane’s intercom crackled to life as the pilot pointed out we were about to start our descent into LAX. The seat belt light was flashing so people began stowing their trays and straightening their seat backs. My pulse rate jumped as I realized the moment of truth was fast approaching. Pulling the mobile out of my suit pocket I opened up the mail app and looked again at the photo that appeared, Brit.

She was pretty, really pretty and young, oh so young. A wide bright smile lit up her face and her eyes glinted mischievously. The tight black top highlighted a slim build and a short short gold skirt displayed an impressive set of legs. The cabin attendant touched my shoulder causing me to jump in my seat.

“No mobiles till we land sir,” she said sternly.

“Sure, no worries,” I spluttered. My face turning red as I tried to shut it down and put it in my pocket.

Her face softened, “are you an Aussie?” She asked as a little smile played across her lips.

“Uhh, yeah. Is it that obvious?” I said sheepishly.

“My sister is married to one so I recognised the accent. Hope you have a nice stay.” She added brightly before continuing towards the front of the plane.

The plane banked sharply and I could see the water of the Pacific Ocean out my window. After leveling out again the whine of the hydraulic system lowering the landing gear filled my ears until it stopped abruptly when they clunked into place. It would soon be game time.

We kissed the tarmac gently and began to taxi towards the terminal. Many impatient travelers glanced at the overhead lockers wanting to get their bags. Others scanned surrounding passengers wondering who was going to get to the door first. I stayed were I was, the butterflies in my stomach that were nervous on the descent were now jumping like they were on speed.

I thought back to home, Brisbane, Australia. Twelve months ago I’d been a humble engineer in an agricultural machinery company. We made precision planters and air seeders. I’d been tinkering at home for a few years with a modified hydraulic drive for the air seeders we made. One day out of the blue, our boss and company owner strolled into the office I shared with two other engineers and informed us he’d just sold the company.

We were apprehensive about our jobs and our fears proved to be real. An overseas competitor was the new owner and they didn’t want an Australian design section so we were made redundant. At first I was confident of getting another job easily. I had eight years experience out of university but when I went for jobs they always seemed to go to the new graduates. With my extra time at home I continued tinkering with my own designs.

There was a big farm field day a couple hours west of Brisbane at Toowoomba. Farmfest had a major prize on offer for the farm innovation of the year. I had nothing better to do so I entered my modified hydraulic drive. It seemed my bad luck was at an end as my design was placed second and fortuitously the head of John Deere was at the Field Day and presented the prizes. He spoke to me for about half an hour and organized for me to meet up with him in Brisbane two days later before he flew home.

At the meeting at his hotel he offered me a job. On the proviso that John Deere got first offer to manufacture my new design. They would fly me to the U.S. and I would join their design team in Moline, Illinois. It all sounded to good to be true but the next week I was hugging my parents good bye at the airport.

An added bonus was I had a stopover in LA for a day which gave me an opportunity to meet Britt, a girl I’d chatted to on the net. I had always been a bit of a book nerd so I did a lot of reading and got involved in an online book club. That’s were I’d “met” Britt. We were both involved in a discussion of a new novel and there was something about her posts. It was like you could tell she was smiling when she wrote them.

We started conversing casually and became online friends. It’s funny how much the anonymity of the web lets you open up. We “talked” about things I’d never discussed with anyone else. Eventually the talk led to some sort of flirting. We were discussing fantasies and I suppose it got a bit raunchy. Not cybersex but just going into very minute detail about some of the dark places we sometimes ataşehir escort bayan think about going too.

She sent me a picture and I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. I was reluctant to participate in the visual side, she was so young, only twenty, and pretty. I felt like a sloth in comparison. A voice jolted me out of my daydream.

“You best get moving Crocodile Dundee or the cleaners will have to sweep you out.”

It was the flight attendant. I looked around and saw that every other person had left. Two other attendants waited at the door. I stood and walked out of the plane. As I followed the arrows to the arrival area my nerves almost made me chicken out. I wondered if there was some way I could get to departures without being seen. I came to the frosted glass door with arrivals on it and paused. The automatic door slid open and I stepped into America for the first time.

I searched the crowded area of passengers and the people greeting them but at first glance I didn’t see her. Taking a tentative step into the throng of people I resumed searching more methodically the second time. I soon picked her out. I’d been looking for long dirty blonde hair but it was pulled up in a tight bun at the back of her head. She was looking at me a mischievous smile on her lips. Stepping forward through the groups of people she stopped in a clear space and did a twirl.

All doubts about my decision to fly here were washed away when I saw what she was wearing. In our fantasy communications I’d explained about a crush I’d had on my boss’s secretary in Brisbane. It was something about what she wore and the way she wore it. In front of me now was my fantasy secretary only with a younger hotter body.

Long legs encased in sheer tights that disappeared into a tight back pencil skirt. A soft white blouse just see through enough to give the hint of the bra underneath. The top two buttons were undone and the swell of her breasts peeked out of the gap. To top it off she had her hair pulled back and a pair of glasses perched on the end of her nose. Just when I thought she couldn’t get hotter her hand came up to her mouth holding a pen. She moved it slowly around her lips as her tongue teased its tip.

The blood was pounding in my ears as I quickly covered the distance between us. I’d planned a few opening lines to break the ice but I instinctively knew no words were necessary. I pulled her close and placed my lips on hers. She stiffened at first, surprised at my boldness before melting against me. We broke apart to remove the glasses before resuming our passionate embrace.

Everyone around us was forgotten. I’m sure they must have thought we a regular couple, not two people meeting in person for the first time. Our cyber conversations had been an extended foreplay and now it was time for the payoff. We still hadn’t uttered a word to each other when I disengaged and taking her hand led her through the thinning crowd. Other people were moving with us heading toward the baggage claim but I was scanning the edges looking for an opportunity. I spied what I was looking for and aimed off to the left.

Oblivious to the glances of strangers I pulled Britt along to the entrance of a disabled toilet and opened the door. Britt stiffened when I first motioned for her to enter but a firm squeeze of her hand let her know I was in control. After locking the door I twirled Brit around so she faced the back of the door the I spoke for the first time.

“Assume the position.” I ordered.


The day came and I was very excited to meet him. Charlie and I had gotten very close through emailing each other after meeting on an online book club. He was very articulate and for some reason, right away, we seemed to really enjoy our conversations together. I think his charisma and the fact he was from Australia lured me to him. I had always been fascinated with the land down under and since he had provided me with so many details, I had felt I had literally visited.

Quickly our casual conversations turned to flirting and then eventually more. I think the miles between us made it easy to open up to each other about our fantasies and sexual experiences. I had sent him a couple of pictures of myself for him to enjoy while he remained visually anonymous to me.

‘I don’t do that selfie stuff, too old for it.’ He wrote.

I did not need to see a picture of him, I felt I knew him from our conversations. He could be an ogre but I knew inside he was beautiful. The fact our ages differed by several years was irrelevant to me and I hoped it would be to him also.

Our emails continued for months. Unfortunately, escort kadıköy Charlie had received news that the company he worked for had been sold and he would have to relocate. Ironically, his next occupation was going to be in Illinois but his plane would have a layover in Los Angeles for a day. I was very excited because we were finally going to meet. Our emails reflected the excitement we both felt.

That morning, I decided I would put one of Charlie’s fantasies into play for when we meet. He once had a crush on his boss’s secretary when he worked in Brisbane so I wanted to dress as that classy professional. Well, classy with maybe a hint of racy. I had showered and shaved a nice little pubic landing strip on the top of my private parts. After putting my dishwater blonde hair up and scrunching it into a messy bun, I applied my makeup. A couple of squirts of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle to add that perfect fragrance and I was ready to get dressed. I put on my lacy white thong with the matching bra and adjusted them for comfort.

I decided on my black skirt with the slit up the left side along with a white button up, collared top. As I looked in the mirror I decided it would look sexy with a couple of buttons left open so Charlie could get a visual of that cleavage he likes so much. I grabbed a pair of my dark rimmed fashion glasses that had become so popular and put them on. The red lipstick was a nice touch and after I slipped into my sheer black stockings that I had picked up at Victoria’s Secret and matching 3 inch pumps, it was time to drive to the airport.

While in the car, I was thinking about my reaction when I first saw him. What would I say? I do like to make an entrance, so I had a couple of scenarios in my head. I thought about carrying a pen and a notepad but after deciding that was too corny, I decided on the ink pen alone.

It took a while to find a parking space but, eventually, I found myself standing in the terminal at LAX, waiting. When the passengers from Charlie’s plane starting filing out of the tunnel, I scanned the crowd to see when I spotted a man who resembled the way I imagined he’d look. At least he knew what I looked like.

All of a sudden, a man stopped right in front of me and don’t ask me how, but I knew it was Charlie. He was almost 6 foot tall, with a medium build. What really stood out to me was Charlie’s piercing blue eyes and his light brown wavy hair. He had a rugged handsomeness. He definitely wasn’t an ogre.

As Charlie froze in front of me, I flashed a half grin, raised my hands, and gave a twirl like I was making an entrance at the Presidential Ball. I then added a little flavor to my look when I brought the ink pen up to my pouty lips and seductively moved the tip of my tongue around the end. I could see the approval on Charlie’s face.

He approached me in silence with a determined look. He embraced me and planted a long slow kiss directly on my lips. At first, it shocked me but I soon relaxed and kissed him back fiercely. We looked like two lovers who were rekindling a long distance affair. He tugged at my hand while leading me to the baggage claim. Charlie spotted a restroom that was closed due to remodeling. He pulled me inside and we quickly found ourselves behind the door.

Charlie gave me a forceful order of, “Assume the position!” in his sexy Australian accent.

It quickly dawned on me that he was fulfilling one of my fantasies. He was a cop and I was his perpetrator. I complied by placing my hands on the door above my head. He kicked my legs further apart to emulate preparing me for a frisk. Charlie then squatted down behind me as I sighed in anticipation. He put his hands either side on my ankle and felt his way up my leg until his hands were explored up under my skirt. Caressing the bare flesh he found right to the top of the elastic holding up my stocking. I honestly thought he would mash is face into my ass but that didn’t happen.

His hand kept exploring my skin as it slid to the front, just stopping short of my pussy. I was now wet with anticipation and he repeated his performance on my other leg. Charlie took both hands and slid my skirt up over top my butt exposing my G-string resting inside my crack. He gasped and continued to rub and explore my smooth ass. He gave my cheeks a couple of quick pecks before standing up.

Charlie pressed his pant covered crotch against my bottom. He tugged my blouse out so he could run his hands up to my bra covered breasts. My nipples were rock hard and sensitive as he lightly pinched them and rolled his middle finger around the tip through the lace. I was moaning as Charlie kissed the back bostancı escort of my neck while he now cupped and squeezed my breasts. I could feel his hard prick through his pants. I was now craving it.

I put my head against the door and could hear the people hustling back and forth on the outside. Charlie took my hips and bent me further so that my tight ass pointed upward. His hands were now on the inside of my thong and eventually reached my labia. He explored my outer lips first before finding my clit. He was circling it like he knew exactly how to get me off. When his fingers entered me, I just about lost it. I was soaking wet and my lust was out of control.

Charlie withdrew his fingers and placed them in my mouth. As I licked and sucked my own juices off his fingers, I could smell the sex in the air. He then unbuttoned his pants and they fell to the floor. He pulled his underwear down to his knees and flipped my fallen skirt back up over my lower back and ass. He pushed the cloth covering my pussy to the side and put his head directly on my opening. Because of my natural lubrication, he entered me with little resistance. He began to pump me like he was angry.

His lust and excitement were now in control of all rational thinking. Charlie didn’t just fuck me hard, he would literally give an extra slam at the end of each thrust. We were grunting like two animals breeding. I could feel his warm breath on my back. His thrusts got more powerful and I could feel my own orgasm building.

The trauma of our love making not only caused my hair to fall down, my glasses went flying out of my pocket. The sound of clunking on the door became louder and I worried someone would come in. That is when it hit me. My orgasm ripped through my vagina like a lightning bolt and I started screaming, “Auughhh! Augghh! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

It felt amazing and within a few seconds, Charlie started cursing, “Fuck, fuck, fuck! Here it comes!”

He stuffed his cock in me as far as it would reach before shooting that warm spunk deep in my womb. I bucked back to meet his power which started another climax in my vagina. He stayed firmly planted inside me while we tried to catch our breath. Eventually he pulled his slime covered dick out, wiped his brow, gave me a cute smile and said. “G’day Britt.”

“G’day Charlie,” I replied with my best Aussie accent as I turned around to face him.

He grinned at my pathetic attempt but made me feel better with his own attempt at American.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance Miss Britt.” He bowed extravagantly and doffed an imaginary hat.

“I think we should stick to our own idiom,” I said suppressing a chuckle.

As he stood back up me eyes were drawn to his cock still jutting out of his fly. He followed my gaze and made a move to tuck it away. I brushed his hand away and squatted in front of him.

“I’d best clean up my mess first,” I purred before I opened my mouth and sucked his shaft inside.

“Oohhh,” Charlie groaned, “you are a nasty girl.”

I pulled back sucking hard to drag the last of his cum into my mouth. Once I’d released him I opened my mouth to show him what I’d got before licking my lips and swallowing. His cock actually jumped in front of me and began to swell further. Before I could go back for seconds there was a loud bang on the door as somebody hit their fist on the outside.

“Heh! Who’s in there? Open up, I need my tools.” He yelled before hitting the door again.

We set about getting our clothing decent and I was just reaching to unlock the door when Charlie stopped me.

“Give me your G string,” he ordered.

I gave him a quizzical look but he motioned for me to hurry up. I lifted my skirt and worked them down. Charlie helped me get them untangled from my pumps then unlocked the door. He pulled it open and the guy nearly fell into the room as he was just about to start hitting the door again.

“What the fuc…” He exclaimed as he tried to regain his balance.

“Sorry mate,” Charlie drawled, “here is a present for you.”

He tucked my very wet and cum soaked panties into the top pocket of the guys overalls. While the poor man was still trying to process what had just happened we took off laughing hysterically. When we got to the baggage carousel Charlie bags were doing lonely laps all by themselves. Picking up his bags Charlie then turned towards me.

“I guess I owe you a new G-string?”

“And a bra to match,” I added pretending to be cross. “There’s a lovely little lingerie shop on the way to my place. Do you want to help me pick it out?” I asked provocatively.

“Only if I get to sit in the change room and watch you try them on.” He said with an evil smile.

“Come on then,” I started walking away.

It took a long time to get home that afternoon. Turns out Charlie has a thing for doing it in small rooms. I think I do now too, but that’s another story.

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