Stress Relief Between Friends

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Today was a tough day for the two of them, she had to investigate some accusations made by some one against her lover. He, her lover had to defend and refute the charges and accusations.

She a firm tight investigator, hot body hungry bosom, and great legs, had to do all she could not to bite him or lick his Adams apple and stay focused on her job. He, muscular thighs, great package, soft tender lips had to do all he could not to grab her and stuff his eager tongue down her throat. She dressed in a tight skirt, black heels soft brown hair pulled up into a tight French twist. Her jacket firmly button on her voluptuous chest. She always had a thing for men in uniforms, and the blue really fit him well. He had great thighs and a sexy butt; she just loved to feel in her hands as they kissed. She loved when he tangled his hand in her long brownish blond tresses.

Yet they played their dance, and did what they had to do. She pissed him off with her persistence, and he got her heated with his defense. They had as recently as Monday had sex in the bathroom of a restaurant illegal bahis during lunch. They couldn’t help it and like fire they devoured each other. He ate her pussy like he needed every ounce of her juices and she can recall gripping the top of the stall her legs wrapped around his waist as she pushed her hips onto his shaft. But still today, they tangled she aggressive and firm pursuing her client’s defense. He steadfast and true to what she called his version of what really happened. They danced the issue and argued till finally it was over….

“Ohhh’ she moans come on give it to me like you know I want it… as they rock his huge member stuffed in her soaking wet pussy.

“Did I get you mad when I accused you today? Did it upset you when I got all up in your face?”

He pushes fast and deeper into her so much so that it kind of hurts but yet feels incredible she knows her pussy is wet she can feel the juices dripping down her thighs. They are on their left sides she is pressed with her back to his chest, his huge member working her.

“Yeah you pissed illegal bahis siteleri me off so much that all I can think about is ramming you like the slut you are.” He places a hand on her upper back and pushes her upper body forward.

“MMM” she opens her thighs a little and teases her clit, her nipples fully erect

“Oh it hurts so good I feel like I want to explode.”

“ Mmmmm” he tilts his head back, grits his teeth and pumps his swollen member into her quivering box, grabs a nipple and squeezes it so hard, but yet just right, she groans closes her eyes.

“Ayyyehhhh” and can no longer hold it she explodes her juices dripping out her sopping cunt. He just keeps going.

“Yeah you cum bitch, but I’m not done and your gonna love it”

She opens her legs a little more and grabs his balls.

“Oh yes please I am gonna and I do love it, please fuck me more, like the bitch you know I am.”

“Mmmm” he teases her clit now, making her writhe uncontrollable and she cant help but close her eyes and bite her lip, as she lets out a deep groan from canlı bahis siteleri in her throat. Still holding her leg up she pushes her hips back to his animal like thrusts and squirms as he teases her clit,

“Oh please please” she begs “give it to me please.” Like the slut I am I want your juices I want to feel you swell up and spew out the juice deep in my quivering little pussy.” She grabs the back of his thigh digging in her nails without realizing.

“Mmmm, you little slut all that power you have, all that shit you showed me today, mine for the taking, Your just a horny little girl”

“Yeah, just take it I don’t care just do me, I want that hot white juice so bad.”

He pushes in deep and hard and she can feel his already swollen member swell more, and than explode. She push back and the cum wave takes over and it feel like she is in slow motion and all sound disappears as she can feel this intense heat spill out and drip down her bottom and thigh.

“Mmmm” you let your head fall on my shoulder and you wrap your arm around my chest, I let my body relax my back pressed to your chest, we lay together on our sides still enjoying the high we both just experienced. I smile and tell you

“Thanks I needed that, you chuckle not a problem little one me too…. Thanks for the stress relief.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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