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Subject: Stuart’s Adventures – Part 1 This story is a work of fiction. If material describing sex between men and boys is illegal in your country, then read no further. Nifty is a free resource, but it does require money to stay on the Internet. Therefore, please consider donating to Nifty fty/donate.html Gay / adult-youth: oral, anal, M+/t+ ~ ~ ~ Stuart’s Adventures – Part 1 I was 13 years old when I first fell in love. Paul was 14 years old, with a bowl hairstyle and plenty of irreverent cheek – he looked and behaved like a naughty choirboy. Even though there was only nine months difference in our ages, it felt like a massive gulf. He was into ‘grown up’ music and always had the best porn magazines to show off and pass around. I liked looking at the girls’ tits, and enjoyed the sexy stories. However, at night, when I played with my baby-cock and spunked onto my flat tummy, it was always the men in the pictures that appeared in my fantasies. Other times in bed, I always imagined it was a much older man, a trusted friend of the family or relative staying overnight, sharing my bed. Once we had got into bed, he would soon begin stroking my leg, breathing on my neck, and undoing the chord of my pyjamas. He would then slip his hand around my cock and hairless ball-sac, before introducing me to the joys of sex. At school, Paul and I would pretend to ‘bum’ each other for a laugh in class, before the teacher came in. I was sure Paul was at least bisexual – he would often point at the men in the porn magazines and tell me how he’d love to have a cock like that. I wasn’t sure, but I had to know. I stood in front of Paul deliberately, so when we pretended to ‘bum’ each other, he would be holding me close and thrusting his cock at me. I waited for the count of “1, 2, 3!”; and as Paul thrust against me, I slipped my hand behind me and squeezed his cock through his trousers, ensuring that no one else in class could see. He pulled back at first, shocked, but then moved forward after a moment or two. My hand was trapped on his cock as he pushed hard against my arse. He leaned forward and whispered, “I knew it. I just knew it.” When the teacher arrived, we all sat down as usual. My mind was spinning, and there was no way I could concentrate. “What if he told on me, or blackmailed me, or did something worse?” I thought. At the end of the lesson, as we broke for lunch, I had my answer. “After lunch,” he said, almost off-hand, “meet me downstairs, outside the boys’ toilets.” ~ ~ ~ Of course, I’d had some fun with other boys before Paul, but it was all very much, “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine” encounters. I scoffed my lunch and immediately headed to the main boys’ toilets. Paul was waiting for me there. “It’s okay,” he said, “there’s no one about.” My heart was pounding as he guided me into the end cubicle and locked the door behind him. As soon as I turned round, he was on me. He stood right in front of me and began kissing me full on the lips. After a few seconds, I responded and we kissed, with our young bodies entwined. The response of my cock was immediate. It became fully erect and began throbbing. I couldn’t stop myself from ejaculating into my Y-fronts; and malatya escort as I did so, my knees gave way and my cheeks flushed. I’d never felt anything like it. I couldn’t tell Paul what had happened. He broke away and smiled at me. “Do you want to… You know?” he asked. I didn’t know what he meant, but nodded my head anyway. “Take off your shorts then.” he ordered. I did as I was told, whilst he did the same. My Y-fronts were soaked in spunk as I took them off. Paul stood there and I saw his cock for the first time. It was much bigger and hairier than mine, it was beautiful. “You go first,” he said, and offered me his cock. After a moments hesitation, I did what I thought he wanted and stroked his cock. “No!” he snapped. “Suck my cock!” Things were moving fast. I dropped to my knees and sucked in his hard-standing cock. He moaned and groaned, and then began to thrust backwards and forwards. “Yes,” he said. “That’s it, cock-sucker.” Suddenly, I thought it might be a prank of some kind. “Would he pee in my mouth and tell everyone about it?” I thought. I looked up at him and he read my mind. “I promise not to pee in your mouth, cock-sucker,” he said, laughing. I continued to suck him as he rocked back and forth. Even when another boy came in for a pee, and we both heard him, he never stopped rocking. I wasn’t sure that I was doing it right, but Paul wasn’t complaining. This went on for a good long while, then suddenly he stopped. “Do you want me to?” he asked. “You know, come in your mouth?” I shook my head, but it was too late. He laughed as my mouth filled with spunk. “We don’t to make a mess in the cubicle, cock-sucker,” he said, “so drink it all down.” I was completely hypnotised. The boy had fucked my mouth and I was loving it. “Mmmm, that was really good, wasn’t it?” he said. “Do you want me to do you now?” I panicked slightly, knowing that I’d already climaxed. “No, it’s okay,” I replied. “Besides, our next lesson starts in ten minutes.” “Okay, suit yourself,” he said. “I don’t mind though. Maybe after school? My mum doesn’t get home ’til after five, so we can use my bed. It’ll be really sexy.” “No, I can’t today,” I lied. “I promised my mum that I’d be home, right after school.” I was still a bit confused and unsure about cock-sucking. “Look, why don’t you go first?” I suggested, “and I’ll come out a few minutes later.” He shrugged, and then put his Y-fronts and shorts back on. He then leaned forward and kissed me. “That was REALLY good!” he said. “We must do it again soon. Yes?” I nodded my head as he unlocked the cubicle door and stepped out. I quickly locked the door behind him and gingerly pulled my Y-fronts up – they were already beginning to go stiff. Luckily, there was no visible stain showing on my shorts, so I looked alright to leave the toilets. Suddenly, I had a thought. I reached into my Y-fronts and collected up a few drops of undried spunk. I hesitated a second and then… “Mmmm, pretty tasty,” I said, as I licked the spunk off my fingers. ~ ~ ~ What a summer that was! Paul and I would rush home from school, back to his house, and go straight up to his bedroom. We’d be naked within minutes, with our school maltepe escort uniforms scattered on the floor. We knew we only had about an hour before his mum came home from work, so we went at it like hammer and tongs. Paul would get me to suck his cock, or wank him off first. I just liked the excitement of being naked in bed with my boyfriend, so sometimes I would just ejaculate whilst sucking his cock. Paul was the dominant one in our relationship, and he knew I would do anything for him. Once I had sucked him off, or given him a handjob, he would get me to wank off in front of him. “Do you trust me, cock-sucker?” he asked, as I finished wanking myself off. “Yes, of course,” I replied. “Put that tissue down and get on all-fours, and put your bum in the air and spread your legs.” My heart was racing as I did as he asked, knowing what was about to happen. I saw him open a jar of Vaseline – he must have had it ready beforehand. He circled his Vaseline-covered finger around my anus, and every now and then he opening me up to insert a finger into my hole. The finger went in deeper and deeper as the minutes slowly passed. “Is that nice?’ he asked. “It feels nice, but strange,” I replied. “Imagine it’s my stiff cock,” he said, “and not my finger.” “Oh, yes,” I said. I then felt Paul’s hands on my hips and the tip of his uncut cock against my greased up anus. He pushed awkwardly, and I felt myself opening up for him. Then, in one thrust, he was inside me. I felt a sharp pain for a few seconds, and called out for him to stop. However, Paul was too far gone to stop. After five minutes or so, I felt him buckle and exhale. He squeezed my hips hard, and then ejaculated inside me. The pain quickly evaporated and I was left flushed, weak-kneed and dazed. I had been fucked by my horny boyfriend. I collapsed onto the floor as Paul withdrew his cock. I then climaxed as intensely as I had ever done in my short life. My balls ached as spunk left my cock and splattered over the bedroom carpet. We both lay there, exhausted. My position in our relationship was now firmly established: I was Paul’s bitch-boy. ~ ~ ~ “Welcome to my humble abode, Stuart,” said Paul’s Uncle George. “You can strip off upstairs and freshen up in the bathroom. Come down when you’re ready to meet the gang. We’ll all be in the living-room.” The living-room was abuzz with chatter when I came down from the bathroom. Two groups of naked men, plus George and Paul, were discussing fireboxes and locomotive boilers. It was totally surreal. The four-man group were pro-saddle tanks, the five-man group were pro-pannier tanks. No one was talking about fucking a 13-year-old schoolboy. “C’mon, lads,” said George. “The rumpy pumpy has just arrived, so stop talking shop.” “Ah, fresh meat,” said a wiry old man. “And so young and sexy looking.” “This is Stuart,” announced Paul. “He’s here to suck cock and bend over for a few lucky members. So, don’t go pushing your luck if you’re not on his dance card today. My cock and arse will take up any slack, as usual.” Paul reached down and caressed my ball-sac, and almost immediately my cock began to twitch and harden. I looked around the room and mamak escort saw a good selection of semi-erect cocks, all waiting to be licked into shape by the new boy. By the time George had left the room, to fetch his camera, I was already on my knees and sucking two cocks. And as I did so, Paul was organizing a line on my right to stop queue-jumping. “Stuart is going to suck on every cock in the house,” said Paul, “so stop all the pushing and shoving. Just wait for Frank to finish his turn.” “Nice one, boy,” said Frank, as he eased his cock out of my mouth. “You can suck on my dick any time you want.” He then rubbed his wet cock-head across my face, before stepping back to let Ray take his place. I gulped and took in Ray’s shiny cock-head, and then Colin’s uncut length, and then… “Keep sucking those cocks, Stu,” said George. “I want to capture everyone of them todgers on film.” My jaws ached by the time I had sucked on every cock in the house, bar mine and Paul’s, twice. I loved fingering all those superb ball-sacs and stiff lengths. I was in such demand, and it made me feel so special. Frank noticed that my cock was pulsing even harder as I brought Colin to a noisy climax. I gulped down his seed and gently squeezed his ball-sac, trying to extract every drop. His cock was the best of the bunch. It was uncut and had an upward curve, like a coat hook. It wasn’t the longest or the thickest, but it was my favourite. And Colin reminded me of my art teacher, Mr. Roberts, so I felt real naughty sucking on his seven-inch length. I managed to swallow five loads of spunk that day – so that removed five humps from my dance card. After a ten-minute break, I was spread out on the carpet, face down, and lubed up with Vaseline. It was Frank who won the honour of humping me first. He nailed my arse and began power-fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I was sweating profusely as his hairy ball-sac slapped hard against my arse-cheeks. “He looks real nice,” said Gerry, “all spread out like that.” “And ultra submissive,” added George. “Just like that Danny kid. His little arse is truly fuckable.” “Yep,” said Bill, the wiry old man. “A magnet for old bummers like us.” Frank’s first jets of spunk hit my innards without warning. He groaned into my ear, and then continued pumping away. He was well past his climax, but still he kept fucking me. The man was a sex machine. “Keep going, Frank,” said George. “The boy needs a good rodding.” When Frank finally pulled the plug, I was well and truly out of it. I was soaking wet, boiling hot, and in need of a respite. “Good show, Frank,” said George. “Right! Who’s up next?” Bill clambered aboard and began hammering away at my arse. I was still sweating profusely as his stem piston-fucked my innards. He was just as aggressive as Frank, but lacked his friend’s stamina. Also, his love of schoolboy arse had clearly triggered a premature climax. The man was so into my “sexy little bum”. Doug was next up. He took an age to get going; but once up and running, he just kept going. His rhythmic pounding reminded me of Frank’s arse-fucking technique; so to help out, I spread my legs wider to accommodate his magical thrusts. “Pour some water over his neck and back,” said Doug. “We need to cool him down a bit. It’s like fucking a furnace down here.” “That’s the little devil in him,” said George. “He’s hot stuff.” Colin wiped me down with a flannel as Ray poured the water. I was so grateful for their intervention.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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