Study Break with a Twist

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I was sitting in an individual study room in the library, with my headphones covering my ears, listening to some favorite tunes, as I studied for college finals the next week. My roommate, Heather, worked at the circulation desk and always booked the same study room for me as it was in the corner away from the distractions and also had a draft which made it much cooler than the other rooms. I was pre-med and distracted easily but would take a draft over being near students who were meeting in the group rooms for last minute projects/presentations.

After three hours of studying and two bottles of water, I decided to take a much needed break to stretch my legs, use the restroom, and get a cup of coffee from the café downstairs. As I waited in line, I noticed Jason, my lab partner, ordering ahead of me. I thought he was one of the sexiest men I’d seen and wanted to fuck him since the day we were assigned as lab partners but he was on the football team and always had girls throwing themselves at him. He was 6’3″, about 175 lbs (according to the team bio), played the position of running back, wore jersey number 24, was from Cornwall, GA, had piercing blue eyes, long eyelashes, a beautiful smile and really white teeth.

Jason took his drink from the barista and turned to leave when he caught my eye. I smiled as he said, “Oh, hi Kimberly, what are you doing here?”

“Well, I have three finals and two papers over the next eight days so I am not leaving it all to the last minute,” I said. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Same,” he chuckled.

Just then, the barista asked to take my order so I excused myself from our conversation and told the barista what I wanted. As I waited for my drink, I noticed Jason was still there, sipping his drink cautiously; I could see the steam coming off of it. I said thank you to the barista, turned and walked to Jason. He asked where I was studying and I told him in the little single room in the back corner beyond the stacks. He asked if that was the room with the draft and I started to laugh, mentioning that it was.

“That’s my favorite room,” he said, “but every time I come lately, it’s been booked.”

“Guilty,” I said simply.

“Walk with me; mine isn’t too far away from that one,” Jason said matter-of-factly.

Climbing the stairs together, Jason asked,”What are you studying tonight?”

I looked up into his eyes and almost forgot the question. “Uh, Human Anatomy,” I stammered as I almost tripped up the stairs.

“Jeez are you ok? I haven’t even looked at that yet, nor have I started the paper,” he groaned.

“I’m good now, thanks. Maybe we’ll have to see about working together on it,” I heard myself saying.

Jason held the door open which led to the stacks where it was quite dark; there were no outside windows. There were light switches at the end of each stack that had to be manually flipped. I knew this area so well I didn’t need to turn on the lights, I took his hand and led him through so he wouldn’t crash into anything.

Just before exiting the stacks, my study room light cast a soft light where we stood, Jason stopped and whispered, “Kimberly.”

“Yes?” I choked out, as he turned me toward him.

He took my coffee from me and set it down on a shelf with his, pulled me close to him, looked into my eyes and kissed me. “You look really sexy tonight,” he said. “You should dress like this more often,” he continued, with a twinkle in his eye. I was in disbelief with all kinds of things going through my mind, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

I heard him say, “I’ve been wanting to do that all semester, ever since we became lab partners.”

I started to speak when he brought his index finger to my lips and said, “Shhh,” and kissed me again, this time his hands moved to my lower back, he hooked his thumbs in my jean skirt belt loops and cupped my ass cheeks in each hand. I circled his neck with my arms and rubbed one hand through his short hair. I breathed in his scents: his cologne, soap, shampoo and deodorant and felt something stir inside me. I realized I was getting damp between my legs. We made out in the stacks for more than ten minutes, without interruption when he asked if I was adventurous.

I raised an eyebrow, and asked “Just how adventurous are you thinking?”

Jason kissed my neck, nibbled on my ear then whispered, “Adventurous enough to fuck me right here, right now?”

“Jason,” I hissed, “what if we get caught?”

“We won’t. Besides, how many people do you know, other than yourself, who enter the stacks without turning the lights on first and even then, the lights have to warm up. By then, we would be back to your study room.”

“All good points,” I thought to myself.

“Well?” he asked.

I stood on my tip toes, kissed him deeply and reached to unbuckle his belt.

“Oh baby, Kimberly. You are making me so horny,” Jason said after he broke the kiss and realized what I was doing.

I had his pants unfastened and pulled Göztepe Escort them down with his boxers. “Am I moving too fast for you?” I asked devilishly.

“Keep going; I’m not going to stop you,” he breathed in deeply when I knelt and took his long and wide cock into my mouth. I wasn’t sure I could do this but I sure as Hell wouldn’t back out now. While taking him as deep as I could, I started rubbing his cock slowly with one hand, which was covered in saliva that had dripped from my mouth, and cupped his balls with the other. I heard a quiet moan escape from his lips, felt him take hold of my loose ponytail and control of the pace by thrusting his cock into my mouth.

I could feel the dampness becoming wetness between my legs so I removed my hand from his balls and slid it under my skirt to my swollen clit. I began rubbing it at the same speed Jason was tugging on my ponytail. I let out a couple little cries and Jason realized what I was doing.

“Holy shit that’s hot my little spitfire!” he whispered, maybe a little too loudly, as we heard something from somewhere in the stacks.

I stopped what I was doing momentarily but when I didn’t hear anything again, I picked up right where I left off, pleasing both of us. I was aware of the slurping sound of me giving him head as well as the sloshing coming from my pussy. I wondered if there was actually someone watching us from a couple stacks over and maybe he was actually pleasuring himself while watching us. The thought made me feel my orgasm coming fast and I had to slow down.

I stopped sucking his cock long enough to lick my fingers.

Jason pulled me to a standing position and kissed me, tasting my pussy juices. “You taste really good Kimberly,” he said and winked at me. “Would it be ok if I fucked you now?”

I looked up at him, bit my lip and nodded. “I think we have an onlooker a couple stacks away but I don’t think they are a threat. Besides, I think it’s kind of hot that someone is watching us,” I whispered.

“Then let’s give them a show,” he said gruffly. He pulled my skirt up around my waist, lifted me off the floor and pushed me against the wall in the last set of stacks. I wrapped my legs around him as he slid himself deep into my waiting pussy; he held my ass and guided me up and down on his cock. I pulled my shirt off over my head and surprised Jason as I was not wearing a bra which normally supported my 34Ds. I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him. When I wrapped my arms around his neck, my tits pressed together and my nipples were at his mouth.

He moaned and without breaking momentum, he sucked on my nipples, moving between one and the other. “Oh spitfire, you have gorgeous tits. I’ve wondered what they looked like all semester”

I could feel pressure building inside and whispered to Jason, “Baby, I’m gonna cum.”

He lifted his head from my nipples and said huskily, “Yeah, babe. Let me feel you cum on my cock.”

“Jason, I can’t stay quiet when I cum and I also gush!” I whispered frantically as he was pushing into me faster and harder. “Jason, we have to stop. This won’t be..,” I breathed heavily.

“Cum for me babe, cum for me Kimberly, my little spitfire,” urged Jason.

“Oh God, oh God, oh oh oh G O D,” I panted and felt myself tighten around his cock. I tried to hold it back but it was just to strong to stop.

I buried my head on his chest, “Ohhhh, YES! YES! Mmmm, FUCK YES!” I moaned quite loudly as I came on his cock, and knew I had made quite the mess.

“Shh, Kimberly, or someone might hear us,” whispered Jason.

I heard a commotion and looked over his Jason’s shoulder and saw a figure hurrying away but also noticed lights coming on along the stacks. “Jason, we’ve got company coming.”

“Hold on babe.” He bent down, me still on his cock, my arms wrapped around his neck and legs still wrapped around his waist tightly. Jason gathered our clothing with one hand and placed it between my breasts and his chest as that was a good place as any. He walked quickly to my study room, closed the door behind him immediately took his lightweight football jacket from between my breasts and hung it on the door peg to cover the window so he could leave the light on.

He moved the chair, closed my laptop, moved it and my textbooks to the side and set me down on the desk. He opened my legs wide and spread the lips of my pussy. He smiled and licked his lips.

“Jason, this isn’t Human Anatomy class, now fuck me,” I commanded, hoping that my forwardness wouldn’t scare him off!

Jason pulled up the chair and sat down, pants still around his ankles. He leaned in; I could hear him breathing heavily, and felt his warm breath on my pussy.

He started slowly, tracing the outer lips of my pussy with his tongue until he got to my swollen clit. He flicked it once with his tongue, sending shocks through my body. I automatically lifted my ass from the desk, pushing my pussy closer to his face.

He breathed in my scent and and smiled, İstanbul Escort “Oh God spitfire, you smell and taste really good. I think I need a little snack before fucking you again.”

I started moving my hips and moaned as he put two fingers in my pussy and within seconds he found my G-spot . Between rubbing my G-spot and licking and sucking on my clit, I was well on my way to having two orgasms simultaneously. “OOOOhhhh, YES, UHhhh, Uhh, Uhh, Uhhh,” I moaned, breathing heavily. “OH GOD JASON, FASTER, I’M JUST ABOUT THERE,” I moaned loudly. I moved my hips and gyrated my pussy on his face and hand. I couldn’t stop my juices! “OHHHHH, YES YES YES,” I screamed while my juices flowed out of me. Jason looked up at me, smiling, his face covered with my cum.

“Spitfire, you are not what I expected. You don’t mind if I fuck you some more, do you?” he asked.

I smiled and spread my legs wide open. Jason stood and drove his cock in my pussy.

“YES YES, OH BABY, YES, FUCK ME HARDER PLEASE, FUCK ME,” I pleaded, circled my legs around his waist and dug my heels into his ass and pulled him tight against me, setting the pace this time.

“YES, just like that,” I managed to get out while having my pussy slammed into. Jason grabbed onto my hips so he could bang me better. “OHHH, FUCK, MMMMM, MMMMM, UH, UH, MMMM,” I moaned and panted as he fucked me hard. “Jason, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum. for. me. babe. Let. me. feel. your. hot. pussy. clench. my. cock. as. you. try. to. hold. it. back.,” Jason said in between thrusts.

“OOOOHHHH, I’m CUMMING,” I screamed and grabbed the desk, as my juices squirted and sprayed out of me.

Jason was in disbelief, “That’s so fucking hot Kimberly,” and continued to plunge himself deep into my pussy.

I cried, “I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” and pushed more juices out of my pussy.

“Wow!” Jason exclaimed. “That’s so awesome!” He then moaned,”Help me cum spitfire, I’m getting really close.”

I unhooked my ankles from behind his back and in one motion, hooked my ankles over his shoulders to give him really deep access. I slid my hand to my pussy, grasped his cock between my thumb and index finger, and applied pressure. Within seconds, I felt another orgasm coming on. “Oh God, fuck me harder. Harder, harder! Oh yes! Like that!” I demanded. Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again. Cum with me Jason!” He pushed deeply four or five times before I felt his cock stiffen and swell more than before. Without any more coaxing, his load exploded deep inside of my pussy.

After we were both fucked out, we sat on the chair still naked, me on his lap, his arms wrapped around me, to catch our breath. I rested my head on his shoulder and he rested his head on my head. We hadn’t realized we’d fallen asleep until we heard a knock at the door

“Kimberly?” I heard. It was Heather on the other side. “Are you in there?” She enquired.

“Hey Heather, yes everything is fine. What time is it? I completely lost track of time and fell asleep,” I tried to keep talking as Jason rushed to get dressed.

“Oh ok, I just have to check in on one more study room as the key wasn’t returned and the library closed about 15 minutes ago, you and I, and possibly Jason the hunk, are the last ones here. Let me check his room and then you and I can walk home together,” Heather said through the closed door.

Jason looked at me and mouthed at me, smiling, “‘Jason the hunk?'”

I felt my cheeks get warm when he cupped my chin in his hand and tipped it toward his face. “I think that’s cute,” he said, “You have a pet name for me,” he said smiling.

“Apparently you have one for me too,” I giggled quietly.

Heather went to check his room while I getting my books together and my laptop safely packed but what I didn’t tell her was I was also rushing to get dressed. I turned out the light, but left the jacket on the door.

I couldn’t hear Heather so I moved his jacket just a little and couldn’t see her. “Ok, she’s gone. Go halfway across the stacks then cut back down, it’ll make it look like you are returning from the restroom,” I said.

He asked me if I’d done this before and when I whispered “no” he chuckled and said, “Sure spitfire, sure.”

“It’s true, I’ve never done this before!” I hissed. “Ok, time to run big guy,” I said winking but he didn’t see as we were still in the dark. I opened the door and a cool rush of air hit me. As I moved out into the stacks, he cupped my chin and tipped it up toward his and kissed me goodnight.

He took off into the stacks and a few moments later, I heard him talking to Heather, apologizing because it was so late and he ran over his time. She said it was no problem this time as she had to rescue me because I’d fallen asleep. I giggled and I heard him chuckle.

The three of us left the library together. Jason asked us if we wanted a drive home but Heather told him that we needed to wake up as we had an all-nighter planned so we’d walk. We said goodnight to him as he walked in the direction Anadolu Yakası Escort of the parking lot where he had left his car and we walked in the direction of our apartment.

It was 11:30 by the time Heather and I got back to our place. Heather had a quick shower as I went over the events of the night in my head, thinking that one night was better than none. I heard the shower turn off and when Heather went to her room, I cleaned out the tub and ran myself a nice hot bubble bath.

While the bath was running, I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of wine, returned to the restroom, lit several candles around the tub, and turned on love songs on my phone. By this time the water was high enough so I turned the faucet off and sunk down into the bubbles. I sighed heavily as my body adjusted to the temperature.

I was relaxing when my phone buzzed, “Who would be texting me after midnight!? I hope everyone is ok!” I thought as I grabbed the phone and opened my messages. Right at the top was a message from Jason, “I had an incredible night spitfire. Can we get together tomorrow morning after practice, around 11:45?” I’ll take you for brunch at Stellie’s Diner.”

I wasn’t sure how to answer this. I had so much work to do and my first exam was Monday, thankfully it was Chemistry, my best subject, which was what Heather and I were studying that night. But I still needed to prepare for two other exams and write two papers. My Human Anatomy professor had indicated that we could work in pairs on the research paper. I had narrowed my selection down to two potential topics: MRSA in Sports or Kinesiology, More than Athletes Seeking Additional Assistance after Injury or Surgery. I’d check to see if Jason was interested in working with me on either of these topics, otherwise, I would have to pass up brunch the following day.

I texted him the details and he said he had narrowed his subject down to those two topics and had already started looking at both to see if one may have been more interesting/easier to find facts about. He asked me if I had a preference and I said no. We planned to meet at the gym outside the locker room just before noon.

I finished my bath and joined Heather in our den to go over the last two chapters in chemistry but didn’t spend too much time as it was apparent we knew more than we thought we did and knew one another would ace the exam.

I got up early Saturday morning, stripped my bed, and put it in to wash. We were lucky to have a deck with a clothesline, so I hung out the sheets, looked over my Chemistry for the last time before putting it down for good before the exam. For the rest of today, I was going to spend time working on the paper for Human Anatomy, as well as any labs not handed in throughout the term, to be handed in on Wednesday, before we sat to take our exam. My last exam was Molecular Biology on Friday and my final paper was for my Emergency Medicine class where we were given situations with fictional patients. Our assignment was to triage, order appropriate tests, diagnose, come up with a treatment plan, and discharge or hospitalize, where applicable. After we completed that, we were to make notes on each patient and transcribe them. It sounded like a lot of fun but I was panicking now as I should have done this one ages ago to have it out of the way.

I looked at my phone and it was 11:00 am and I was still in my pyjamas. I hurried to my vanity to apply a light layer of makeup and straightened my hair. I had emptied my school bag when I got home the night before so I packed my Human Anatomy text, my notes, a few pens, paper, and my laptop.

I got to the gym just as Jason was walking from one dressing room to another with only the tiniest of a towel covering him. There were lots of giggles and whispers when the players were walking from one room to another as the hallway was lined with girls, many them looked like they were still in high school. I got a few stares from the other girls and even some of the players; the girls’ stares were mostly evil stares while the players’ stares generally looked at me in appreciation.

I thought I was dressed appropriately, in denim shorts, a tight red crop top showing off my belly button piercing and denim vest over top.

Jason was the first player out of the dressing room and the girls flocked to him. Jason managed to get by them, took my hand and we jogged away from there with some name calling following us, well me, anyway. We got to his car and he took my bag and set it in the back, and held the door for me until I was in, then closed it. He scurried around to his side of the car, got in and turned the key in the ignition. Before putting it in gear, he leaned over and kissed me.

“I missed you,” he said.

I laughed, “It was less than 12 hours ago since we saw each each other.”

Putting on his seatbelt, he said, “And that was too long.”

We drove to Stellie’s where the lobby was packed. “Would you like to try somewhere else?” Jason asked.

“Here is fine but I’ll run to the car and get our books while you stay here and save our place in line,” I offered.

“Nice try spitfire, you stay in line and I will go to the car,” he said matter-of-factly as he started off in the direction of the car.

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