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stuttering Jeremy -5″By looking at the evidence, it went pretty well,” I laugh, warming up to my nephew’s enthusiasm.”Oh God! Aunt Sara,” he says. “It was better than pretty well,” he exclaims. “I’m pulling in now, do you want to hear about it?” I hesitate. I need to think about all of this with a clear head and I really don’t want him to see my red ass cheeks.”Your mom and I drank a lot of margaritas tonight,” I tell him honestly. “I’m pretty out of it and just want to sleep. How about we talk tomorrow?””Sure,” he says, not hiding his disappointment.”Congratulations!” I tell him. “Are you two going out again?””Yes, Megan wants to know when we can use your apartment again,” he laughs, back to his old self.”Sounds like you really performed for her,” I answer, flashing on Jenny’s insistent desire to place a camera in my bedroom. “We’ll figure out a time for you to use the apartment,” I assure him.”We performed for each other,” he says proudly. “I’ll tell you about it when I see you. Thank you, Aunt Sara!” he says. We hang up.I crawl into bed but toss and turn all night. I dream that John, Jeremy and Jenny are all in a plot to make me their collective sex toy. I wake up determined to find out if I’m just imagining things. First, I’m going to do a few laps in the pool to try and clear my head.I’m on my tenth lap when I see Jenny sitting on the steps with her feet in the water. I swim five more laps and then join her. She’s wearing a white two-piece swimsuit that lines up perfectly with the tan lines I saw yesterday. She’s smiling at me while drinking from a porcelain coffee mug.”Good morning,” she says. “You’re energetic this morning.””Clearing my head,” I say as I shake water from my ears. “I don’t usually drink that much.””Your suit is beautiful,” she says. I’m wearing the floral print suit, the one that I used to entice Jeremy that first day. Jenny is staring at my tits, much like her son did. I almost expect her to stutter.”Thanks,” I say, suddenly feeling nervous in her presence.”Turn around and let me see the back,” she says and I start to do a little spin. When I’m turned completely around facing away from her, she stops me with her hand. My suit doesn’t completely cover my ass cheeks and she can see part of the rosy circles. She lifts the edge of my suit to look at the entire cheek. She repeats the maneuver with my other cheek.”Did I go a little overboard?” she asks, smiling.”It’s a little sore but I could have stopped you anytime I wanted,” I answer, turning back towards her. The way she’s looking at me, I feel like I’m naked. My pussy reacts of its own accord. Why am I getting turned on by my sister? I’m not a lesbian!”I came out in this bright morning sun to see if you were okay,” she says, looking at me intently. “I know last night wasn’t what you were expecting and I hope you don’t hate me.””Hate you?” I ask. “No way! I was definitely surprised but no, I could never hate you,””Then you enjoyed yourself?” she asks hesitantly.”I think that was obvious,” I answer, blushing.”Good!” she says as if that settles something. “Because I woke up this morning with a brainstorm,” she says, smiling at me.”Uh-oh!” I smile nervously but intrigued at what she might be thinking.”Don’t answer right away,” she says. “Just promise me you’ll listen to my idea and then think about it, okay?””Sure, okay,” I answer, wondering if this is about watching Jeremy and Megan or more about her and I.”Promise,” she says, in the same voice she called me a slut last night.”Okay. I promise I’ll listen to you and think about your idea,” I say, falling into my submissive, younger sister role and wondering if I’ll ever out grow it.”In two weeks it’ll be John’s 40th birthday,” she says. “And I’ve been stumped about what to get him. The man has everything,” she’s rambling and speaking rapidly. “I want it to be extra special, something he’ll never forget,” she says. Her eyes are locked on mine and she takes a deep breath. “I want to give him you,” she finally whispers.”Me?” I almost choke. What the fuck is she talking about? I’m not hers to give to anyone. Wait! Is this her way of giving us permission because she already knows?”Well, not just you,” she says calmly. “John’s most erotic fantasy is to be with two women. Those are the porn videos he likes to watch,” she says, taking a deep breath. I remember he had a lot of threesome videos when I used to baby-sit Jeremy. “I’m asking you to be the other girl, Sara,” she says. I open my mouth to speak but she cuts me off.”Remember your promise, Sara. Just listen and give it some thought,” she says quickly.”Okay,” I answer with more conviction than I feel. Can this really be happening? Is Jenny offering to share John with me? My pussy likes the idea. I’m glad my suit is already wet. Should I ask her if this is just for one night? Would that make me sound too anxious?”John really likes you Sara,” she says, bringing me back to the threesome idea. “It was his idea to offer you the apartment.” It was? John said that me being back is what triggered our reunion but did he manipulate that? Now I’m completely dumbfounded.”Don’t you see if he’s ever going to get his fantasy, this is the time?” Jenny says, trying to sell me on the idea. “And you’re the perfect person,” she smiles. “We’ll put on a little girl-on-girl show for him,” she teases. “And then … well, please think about it, Sara.””I will,” I say, standing up and walking over to retrieve my towel from a chaise lounge. I have a lot to think about.”I don’t know if John’s coming home tonight or tomorrow night,” she says, standing up next to me. “He’ll call if he’s not coming home and maybe we can have dinner together again,” she says quietly. Fuck! I need time to think! Maybe John will come home.”Let me know,” I tell her noncommittally.”I will,” she says, reaching towards me but then changing her mind. I walk away before she can rethink it.Jeremy is off with friends playing baseball for the rest of the day so that’s one less distraction. John gets home around dinnertime, aborting any plan that Jenny may have had for us to get together tonight. I work all day Sunday, putting the weekend quickly behind me.Monday morning, I get up ready to start my investigation. It sounds more organized than it is. No one is home at Jenny’s house and I have a key. I’m going to poke around and see if I can find any evidence of intrigue. I don’t know, maybe I just watch too many movies.As I unlock the back door and slip inside of Jenny’s house, I feel like I should be wearing gloves and a ski mask. Jenny and John are at work and Jeremy’s at school but I call out anyway.”Anybody home?” There’s no answer, of course and I make my way down the hall to Jenny and John’s bedroom. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for but I know where I want to start my search: their computer. That’s where the video files are and I hope to find something that will confirm or explain my apprehensions.I don’t expect the video files to be password protected because my sister is a dunce when it comes to passwords; she never remembers them. She’s always used some other trick, like renaming files or putting them where you’d never find them. Another of her favorite tricks is to use hidden folders. I think that must be what she’s done here because when I search in Windows Explorer there are no mpeg files. I know they were here yesterday.I click ‘Show Hidden Files’ from the File Options drop down menu. Yes! I knew it would be something simple. Magically, I have dozens of video files. The files names are all numbers and are sorted into three distinct folder locations. I open a folder named ‘JJ’ in the Program Files folder and double click on a file named ‘11137’ and it opens in Windows Media Player.It’s a video taken in the bedroom and starts with a date and time stamp: November 13, 2007 11:15 p.m. Okay, that explains the file name. I click on Windows Explorer and check the rest of the file names – all dates. This is one of the earliest. When I click back to Windows Media Player, John and Jenny are in the process of getting undressed. This is obviously one of their homemade porn flicks. I click in the progress bar and advance about a third of the way into the movie.They are both naked and John is lying on his back while Jenny kneels between his legs, giving him a blowjob. The camera angle is from the side and I have a clear view of her head bobbing up and down as she pumps his cock with her hand. I watch for a few minutes, comparing her techniques with mine and watching John’s expression. Okay, maybe I’m a little competitive with my big sister but I think I give a better blowjob.She’s not deep throating him or even playing with his balls. She has her other hand just resting on his thigh. What good is that? Okay, enough critique. Let’s see what’s on the rest of these files. Before closing this one, I click towards the end and watch my sister ride her husband’s cock for a few minutes. God! Her tits really bounce when she gets going. I wonder if I look like that? Maybe I should get one of these cameras. When she sits up straight, I realize she has a full bush of pubic hair! I wonder when she shaved her pussy.I click on a more recent file and it starts with Jenny in bed sleeping, with a sheet pulled up to her shoulders. I can’t help but laugh out loud when John sneaks into the bedroom wearing a ski mask and dressed all in black. Obviously, this is one of their creative role-plays. Intrigued, I watch it for a minute as John the burglar pulls the sheet back revealing Jenny’s naked body. She is lying on her back with her legs spread but she doesn’t appear to wake up. Her pussy is completely bald. I don’t know why but the timing of her shaved pussy is something I want to explore.John backs out of the picture for a minute and I watch my sister pretend to sleep. My pussy unexpectedly afyon rus escort reacts to her naked body. She really is beautiful. John is back with what looks like several silk scarves. He gently lifts Jenny’s wrist and ties the scarf around it, trying not to wake her. He ties the other end to the railing of the headboard. Repeating the process with her other wrist, he moves to her ankles and uses the remaining scarves to secure her ankles to the corners of the bed.My pussy likes this! My naked sister tied spread-eagle on her bed is turning me on. Without removing the ski mask, John crawls up between her legs and licks her splayed open pussy. Jenny wakes abruptly and starts screaming, although not very loudly because I assume Jeremy is just down the hall.”Who are you? What are you doing?” She’s struggling against the scarves and twisting her body back and forth.”Shut up, bitch!” John snaps at her. “We can do this without you getting hurt or…” he shrugs his shoulders, like it doesn’t matter to him.”**** me without hurting me?” she says incredulously. “Who the fuck do you think you are?” she asks defiantly. John reaches up and grabs her right tit, twisting his hand as he squeezes her flesh. Damn! That’s got to hurt.”Owwww! Goddamnit!” Jenny cries. John releases her tit, leaving the impressions from his fingers visible on her soft skin.”Now will you shut up or do you want me to do the other one?” he says, reaching for her left tit.”No!” Jenny cries. “I’ll be quiet,” she sobs but continues to struggle against the scarves. John grabs her tit anyway but doesn’t twist or squeeze it. He tweaks her nipple and it responds instantly.”See?” he says. “This could actually be fun,” he smiles but looks menacing in the black ski mask. “Now where was I?” he says laughing as he lowers his face back to her pussy. Jenny continues to fight against him but it’s obvious that she’s very turned on. She’s not the only one. This is very erotic but I’ve seen enough to know how it plays out.I close the file and decide to go to a different folder. JJ is obviously John and Jenny, so I look at the other two. One is called Sarjen and is buried in the system32 file. The other one is called MS and is located deep inside the windows preferences files. I open the first one and it only has one file in it, from last Friday night. Oh fuck! This better not be what I think it is.I double click it and of course that’s exactly what it is. Jenny and I are sitting fully dressed on her bed, watching the TV screen. Goddamn her! She recorded us in her bedroom. I click farther into the file and watch as Jenny slaps my ass. I flinch as I remember how much it stung. What’s surprising is how I reacted! I didn’t realize how much I wanted her to touch my pussy. I’m rocking on her lap, spreading my legs and pushing my pussy towards her fingers.I’ve never seen myself in a video like this and it’s captivating. I watch as Jenny caresses my ass and calls me a slut. I watch myself respond to her and hump her thigh like a dog in heat. By the time she pushes me back on the bed, I want to cum as much as my counterpart in the movie.I sit back on the computer chair and rub my pussy through my shorts as I watch Jenny bury her face between my legs on the computer screen. At the time, I was completely unaware of her hands roaming all over my body but now I see her pushing my thighs apart, caressing my trimmed mound and even squeezing my tits. God this is getting me hot!I undo my shorts and open them enough to get my hand inside. Leaning back in the chair, I spread my legs and push two fingers into my wet pussy.”Ahhhhhhhhhh!” That feels good. Keeping my eyes on the computer screen, I press my palm against my clit and rock my fingers in and out of my pussy. I watch myself lose control as Jenny sucks my clit and finger fucks me. Wow! I was thrashing all over the bed. I pump my pussy harder as I watch my orgasm build in the movie. This is wild!I start to cum, right along with my virtual self. Closing my eyes, I let the pleasure wash over me as I continue to hump my hand. Squeezing my pussy muscles around my fingers, I breathe deeply and try to relax. When I open my eyes, Jenny and I are in an embrace, pressing our tits against each other.That’s weird! I remember this happening just before I left but the video is only half over. I click a little ahead and it’s just Jenny sleeping. She’s stretched out on her back, just like I left her. Of course, she never turned the camera off and it just continued to record her sleeping.I click a little farther just to make sure and I’m shocked when Jeremy appears, standing next to his mother’s bed staring at her naked body. The camera catches him from the side, clearly displaying the tent his cock is making in the front of his boxers. That’s all he’s wearing! He must have come home from his date with Megan, got undressed and gone in to say goodnight to his mother. What a surprise to find her lying spread-eagle on top of her covers. I can’t blame him for getting hard; she looks sexy as hell like that.My jaw drops when he sits on the edge of the bed and begins caressing his mother’s bare thigh. What’s he doing? She’s going to wake up and catch him touching her. Oh fuck! As I continue to watch, he leans down and sucks one of her thick nipples into his mouth. Jenny stirs but doesn’t wake up. God! The k**’s got balls! He moves his hand up her thigh and over her smooth, hairless pussy mound. Jenny squirms and spreads her legs farther apart. I wonder if she’s dreaming.While he continues sucking on her tit, Jeremy slides his middle finger down to the top of his mother’s slit. No! He’s not going to put his finger in her! Not in his own mother’s pussy! Damn! Jeremy, what are you doing? This is wrong but also very arousing. My fingers are still in my pussy and I absently curl them towards the ridges of my g-spot as I watch Jeremy slide his finger between his mother’s wet pussy lips. Ohmygod! He’s finger-fucking his mother while she sleeps! She’s bound to wake up now! Or did the margaritas knock her out?My fingers can’t penetrate deep enough with my shorts in the way! I stand up and push them down, taking my panties with them. Naked below the waist, I sit down spreading my legs as I shove my fingers back into my burning snatch. Jeremy pulls his fingers out of his mother’s pussy bringing a gob of juice that he smears on her other nipple. Returning his fingers to her pussy, he moves his lips to her juice-coated tit, sucking it into his mouth.”Aaaaarrrrgggggghhhhh!” I hump my hand, vigorously finger-fucking myself as I watch my sister’s body respond to her son’s machinations.”Mmmmmmmm!” My sister moans, and I freeze, wondering if she’s going to wake up. Jeremy just continues sucking her tit and pumping his finger in and out of her pussy. I resume fingering myself as I watch the video but freeze again when I hear my sister’s voice.”Fuck me,” she says, whispering drowsily without opening her eyes. “I need your hard cock inside of me,” she says and I stare wide-eyed as I wonder if she thinks it’s John who’s been touching her.Jeremy complies immediately with her request. Stripping off his boxers and crawling up between her legs, I watch him align his throbbing member with his mother’s splayed open pussy. No condom, no conversation, no hesitation; he just a thrusts forward and plunges his cock into her as he stretches out over her.”Oh God!” Jenny moans, pulling her knees up and locking her ankles behind her son’s thighs. Her arms encircle him asshe urges him on, rocking her body with his fast paced rhythm. My orgasm is building as I watch my sister fucking her own son.”Fuck me, Jeremy!” Jenny yells. “Fuck me hard, son!” she begs, beads of sweat forming on her forehead as Jeremy’s powerful thrusts smash her into the mattress.All thoughts of my own orgasm are extinguished as the realization hits me. She knows! She was expecting him! They’ve done this before! I’m dazed as I just stare at the unbelievable image on the computer screen. My nephew and my sister fucking like crazy, her nails clawing his back as he pounds his cock into her. What the fuck is going on?I extract my fingers from my soggy cunt and just sit there, leaking juice onto the desk chair as my nephew slams into my sister one final time. As he jerkily spews his seed into his mother’s pussy, I try to make sense of it all. I knew Jenny was obsessed with her son but I never thought … Jenny’s voice bellows through the speakers.”How was your date?” she asks, smiling at her son as she strokes his head, brushing his hair back.”Very funny,” he says. “I put the condoms in the wastebasket, messed up the sheets and smeared your juice on them. Then I made some popcorn and watched a movie,” he says, matter-of-factly. “How was yours?” he asks more excitedly, pulling his head back to look in her eyes. What the fuck?”Oh God!” she exclaims. “You were right! She tastes wonderful!” Ohmygod!”I told you!” he says. “Did she eat you, too?” he asks, still lying on top of her with his cock in her pussy.Godamnit! I pound my fist on the desktop. They set this whole thing up!”No,” she says. “Someone sent a text message just as we were getting to that,” she says, playfully pushing his nose with her finger.”Sorry,” he says. “I thought it was time.””It’s alright,” she smiles. “It probably worked out for the best. Did you go see her? What did she say?””No, I called and she told me you two drank too much and she was tired,” he says. “She sounded kind of funny.””What do you mean? Like drunk? We did drink quite a few margaritas.” Jenny says.I was right to suspect something sinister was going on. Here’s the fucking proof! I’ve been played with like a fucking sex toy! I can’t believe my own sister would do this! I wonder if John is in on it.”No, kind afyon rus escort bayan of suspicious, actually,” he says quietly. “Maybe it’s just my guilty conscious,” he adds. “I wish we didn’t have to do all this,” he says, leaning up again. “I love Aunt Sara and I hate lying to her and manipulating her.” Well at least that’s something positive I think, although I’m still fuming.”I know,” Jenny says, placing her palm against his cheek. “So do I but we both agreed that it would never have worked if you approached her directly.” What’s she talking about. Approached me directly about what?”Like you approached me right after I turned eighteen,” he smiles. What? Jenny approached her own son … about sex?”I can’t imagine what Aunt Sara would have said if I’d confessed that I loved her in a way that a nephew shouldn’t love his aunt,” Jeremy says. What the… ?”I can,” Jenny says. “She would have told you that it’s infatuation, just a teenage crush and to go find someone your own age.” She’s right, that’s exactly what I would have done. I’d have been flattered but I certainly wouldn’t have … but wait … I did! I fucked my nephew.”You’re right, I was in shock at first,” Jeremy says, smiling. “My own mother offering to suck my cock!””Don’t make it sound so sordid. I was only trying to help!” Jenny retorts. “I got tired of watching you walk around with a bulge in your pants all the time and no girlfriend to take care of it. When I walked in on you masturbating, I just… ,” her voice trails off and she doesn’t complete the sentence. She doesn’t need to. “Even when I found out it was my own sister causing all your excitement, I still offered to help you, didn’t I?” she says.”I know, Mom.” Jeremy says. “And I really appreciate everything you’ve done.” He flexes his ass muscles and grinds his hips against her to emphasize his point. “Especially, how you saved your pussy for me and took care of me every day when I returned from my sessions with Aunt Sara,” he smiles. What? All this time I thought he was jacking off, he and his mother were…”I can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself,” Jenny smiles. “Although it was hard to hold off fucking you until you lost your virginity with your Aunt Sara,” she says, her hands squeezing his ass cheeks as she speaks. “But you were worth the wait,” she smiles. “You really know how to use that cock of yours.””That’s because of you and Aunt Sara,” he says. “Everything has worked out just like you said it would, mom. I wouldn’t trade one minute I’ve spent with Aunt Sara for anything in the world,” he says. “Or with you!” he adds quickly. Smart boy.I’m still trying to get my head around this. Mother catches her son masturbating and offers to suck him off. Son accepts his mother’s offer but confesses his sexual longing for his aunt. Mother helps him devise a plan to win over his aunt and has oral sex with her son in the interim. Where does dad fit into all of this? My attention is drawn back to the video.”What do we do now?” Jeremy asks.”You have to be patient,” she says, admonishing him.”Patient?” he asks. “I think I demonstrated my patience pretending to stutter for two fucking weeks while Aunt Sara shook her tits in my face.” I did not shake my tits! That was therapy!I am such an idiot! It was all a ruse! He was pretending and I never saw it. Did I just see what I wanted to see? A horny teenager turned on by his almost 30 year old aunt. God! How could I have let my vanity cloud my judgment like that? Was I just looking for a surrogate for his father?”I’ve laid the groundwork for a threesome with your dad, your aunt and I,” Jenny tells Jeremy. “After that, it’ll be easy to suggest a threesome with you,” she says. “I’ve shown enough interest in your sex lessons that Sara won’t be that shocked.”So that’s the plan! She’s got it all figured out. I’ve always wanted to share her husband but I never believed it would happen and I certainly never thought of sharing her son.”God! You and Aunt Sara together!” Jeremy sighs, kissing his mother on the lips. “What about dad?” Jeremy asks, breaking the kiss. “Won’t he freak out?” he asks. Apparently, John is not involved in any of this.”You wouldn’t ask that if you’ve seen your father checking out your Aunt Sara when he thinks I’m not paying attention,” she answers. “There have been many nights when I’m sure it’s her he’s thinking about instead of me. Your father will be thrilled to finally live out his fantasy,” she says confidently.I breathe a sigh of relief that she doesn’t know about John and I. Of course, I’ve completely ignored the fact that John and I have some culpability in all of this.”You’ve really come through for me mom,” Jeremy says. After some thought he adds, “I guess we all think Aunt Sara is hot!” he says, smiling at his mother. “I wonder if she’ll still let me come over after school?””I’ll do what ever I can to encourage her,” Jenny says, smiling at her son’s anxiousness.For a few minutes no one speaks and I just watch Jenny caress her son’s naked body as he lies on top of her. She runs her hands over his thighs, his ass cheeks and up his back.”So, what all did you and Aunt Sara do this evening?” Jeremy asks, breaking the silence.”Oh, I think you’d be surprised if you knew what your aunt and your mom were up to,” Jenny answers mysteriously, letting the question linger in the air while she again squeezes her son’s muscular ass.”Do you want to see the video?” she asks, pushing him off of her. Oh God! No! She’s going to show Jeremy the video of her spanking me!”A video?” he says, rolling over onto his back. “You recorded it?” he asks excitedly.”Of course.” Jenny says, moving towards the computer. “You can see it on one condition,” she says, her finger poised over the mouse.”What?” Jeremy asks, oblivious to his mother’s seductive intonation.”It’s a very erotic video,” she says. “Very erotic,” she repeats, slowly enunciating each syllable.”Great! I can’t wait!” Jeremy says, getting comfortable against the headboard.”After we watch it.” Jenny pauses. “I may need you to fuck me again,” she says, smiling.”I think that can be arranged, mom,” he says, his dick noticeably hardening as the screen goes blank.Fuck! I can’t believe it! My sister and my nephew conspiring against me! Well not exactly against me. Actually, lusting over me! This is just too fucking weird!I’m ready to hide the folders again and shut down the computer when I remember the third folder. At this point, I figure MS can only mean mother and son. I click on it and see that the first file is dated about a month after Jeremy’s eighteenth birthday. I look away from the computer, trying to decide if I really want to watch any of these.”Fuck!” I scream, when I see John standing in the doorway. “You scared the shit out of me!””If I’d known that every time I came home unexpectedly, I’d find you in my house with your shorts off, I’d do it more often,” he smiles. “I spilled mustard on my pants and stopped by to change,” he says, explaining his presence by pointing to the yellow stain next to his crotch. I look at his pants and see the huge bulge next to the mustard stain. Here we are again.”You’re not still mad at me?” I ask, turning off the computer before John sees what I’m looking at.”No,” he shakes his head. “Jenny explained about the therapy and how she had to talk you into going along with it,” he says. “I’m really sorry for the things I said, Sara.” He’s still standing in the doorway but his eyes are on my wet pussy, which is getting wetter from his lustful stare. “What are you doing here?” he finally asks.What am I doing here? Several answers rush through my brain. I’m watching videos of you playing burglar and tying up your wife, of my sister spanking me, and your son fucking his mother. But none of those come out of my mouth. My wet pussy wants him to do more than stare at it and I surprise myself with my answer.”Being a bad girl,” I say, standing up and pulling my tank top over my head. John’s eyes widen at the sight of my jiggling breasts, or maybe it’s my use of the term bad girl. “Jenny told me what happens to bad girls, John,” I say as I unbutton his shirt and pull it from his shoulders.”She did?” he asks, unable to believe that his wife told her sister about the spankings. “What did she say happens to bad girls?” he asks as he kicks off his shoes and starts unbuckling his pants.”They get spanked,” I say quietly, looking at the excitement in his eyes. He clears his throat and swallows as he pulls his pants and underwear down.”How bad have you been?” he asks, discarding the last of his clothing and sitting on the edge of the bed, his hard cock pointing straight up.”Very bad,” I say as he takes my hand and tenderly lays me across his lap, trapping his hard cock between his stomach and my side. This is not the urgent, angry spanking that I witnessed in the video Jenny showed me. This is something completely different. Oh God! I’ve wanted this since I first saw the video.”What did you do that was bad, Sara.” John asks as his hand caresses my round ass cheek. Oh, let me count how many ways I was bad…”I lusted after my sister’s husband,” I answer. Slap! Ouch! Fuck! That hurt. I tense when he starts caressing the other cheek.”Just lusted after him?” he asks.”No. I sucked his cock and let him fuck me,” I answer. Slap! Damn!”What else?” he asks, his hand resting on the first cheek again.”I let my nephew fuck me,” I say, not getting all the words out before the slap comes. Slap! Slap! Slap! He alternates three more in quick succession.”You’re a slut, Sara,” he says quietly. “Nothing but a fuck toy for your family.” Slap! Slap!My ass is burning and my pussy is gushing juice onto his bare thigh. John’s cock is swelling against my side. I can’t wait for him to slam it into me. His finger grazes my wet pussy rus escort afyon lips and I raise my ass up to meet it. Slap! Fuck! I drop back onto his lap.”Say it Sara,” John snarls. “Tell me you’re a slut and a fuck toy!” he says, louder than before.”I’m a slut!” I yell. Slap! Ouch! “And a fuck toy!” I add. Slap! Slap!”Fuck me, John!” I yell. “Fuck your fuck toy slut!” I beg. Slap! Slap! Jesus Christ! My ass is on fire! So is my pussy! I’ve never felt anything like it. I need his cock!John grabs me by the arm and lifts me off his lap, standing me up in front of him. I’m panting with excitement as he spreads my legs and pushes two fingers into my soggy pussy.”Oh! Yes!” I put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself as he sucks my right nipple into his mouth. “Oh Fuck!” he bites on my nipple, sending electric surges to my pussy. My body has never been so alive! My ass stings, and the pain in my nipple subsides, as he shifts to the other one. Fuck! He bites even harder! My legs become wobbly as John finger-fucks my pussy and bites my nipples.”Up on the bed, slut!” John yells. “With your ass towards me!” I scramble onto the bed and get up on my hands and knees, anxious for his thick cock. Grabbing my hips, he pulls me towards him. I’m dripping with anticipation as he rubs his cockhead between my slick pussy lips and thrusts forward.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I moan, pushing back until I feel his pubic hair against my tender ass cheeks.”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I shiver as a jolt of pleasure thunders through my body with his initial penetration. My aborted orgasm from earlier has been reignited by the spanking and the finger-fucking. It washes over me as John starts a steady rhythm in and out of my drenched pussy.”Oh God, Sara,” he breathes as he slams into my fiery pussy. “You feel so fucking good!””Mmmmmmm! So do you!” I respond as I lower my head to the bed and rock my ass in rhythm to his pounding. Reaching between my legs, I finger my clit while John pumps his hard cock into me. My ass still burns from the spanking and every nerve in my body is tingling with pleasure.John is fucking me, and my sister’s willing to share! This is what I’ve always wanted! I rub my clit faster as my orgasm builds, and I realize we’re reenacting the exact scene from my sister’s video. John spanked her and then fucked her from behind. We are sharing! I’m sharing my sister’s husband!”Oh! Yes! Oh! John! Oh! Fuck!” I pant each word as John pounds me senseless and my orgasm threatens to explode. “I’m cumming!” I scream as the tension peaks and I teeter on the edge of delirium. “I’m fucking cummmmmming!” I yell as my pussy convulses and bursts forth with a flood of pleasure that has me seeing stars! I would collapse except for John’s hands holding my hips as he grunts through his final thrusts.”I’m with you, babe!” John groans through clenched teeth as he jerkily deposits his load deep inside my pulsating pussy. Releasing my hips, he pulls his cock out and lowers me onto the bed. Fucking incredible!”I’ll get some lotion for your bottom,” John says as I stretch out on the bed, exhausted.”Mmmmm. Thank you,” I murmur as John goes into the bathroom.”You’re a little pink,” he smiles, lying beside me while he applies lotion to my burning ass cheeks. I turn my face towards him and he gently kisses me. Parting my lips, I welcome his tongue into a long, lingering kiss. With his hand still on my ass, I turn towards him and pull him into tender embrace, pressing my hard nipples against his chest. Lying on our sides facing each other I stare into his gorgeous brown eyes as his cock recovers between our bodies.”John?” I say, breaking the kiss. “What is your number one sexual fantasy?” I ask, wondering if he’ll say sex with two women like Jenny said.”What we just did,” he answers without hesitation. Kissing my lips again. “You’ve dominated my sexual fantasies for the past ten years, Sara,” he says.”You’ve been in mine, too, John,” I smile. “But isn’t there some sexual fantasy, beyond spanking me or fucking me that you’ve always wanted to try?” I know I’m leading the witness but I really want to find out if this is his fantasy or Jenny’s.”How did you know about the spanking, anyway?” John asks, moving his hand along my thigh and pulling me against him. “Did Jenny tell you?””I’ll answer you as soon as you answer me,” I laugh. “Come on, wild sexual fantasy,” I prod him.”I don’t know, Sara,” he says reluctantly. “Just being here with you, just like this, is beyond anything I’ve ever expected to happen.””What about two women at once?” I ask him, looking directly in his eyes.”Did Jenny tell you that, too?” he asks. “Damn! Is there anything she hasn’t told you?””That is your fantasy, then?” I ask, smiling.”Well, sure. I mean, what guy doesn’t fantasize about two women making love to him,” he says, sheepishly. “But it doesn’t mean I’m not completely satisfied with just you … or Jenny,” he adds defensively.”I know, John,” I say, squeezing his muscular ass and pressing my pussy mound against his cock. “But what if you could have Jenny and I together?” I ask.”Um…” John hesitates, wondering if it’s a trick question.”Never mind,” I say, reaching between us and wrapping my hand around his throbbing cock. “I think I’ve got my answer right here! You love the idea!””Hell yes!” he smiles. “But it’s just a fantasy.””Jenny wants to make it come true,” I tell him as I caress his cock. “She wants us to surprise you for your 40th birthday; you and I in a threesome with her,” I tell him.”Did you tell her about us?” he looks at me incredulously.”Of course not!” I answer indignantly. “She came up with this idea on her own. But I think it’s a good one, don’t you?””If you do,” he says, relaxing against me. “What do I have to do to make this happen?” he asks.”Just turn 40 I guess,” I smile as my hand leisurely pumps his hard cock.”Wow!” John says. “So what all did Jenny tell you?” he asks. “Obviously, she told you about my fantasies and about how I like to spank her. What else did she say?” he asks.”She showed me a video,” I answer.”What?” he asks, jerking his head up from the bed. “She showed you one of our videos?” he questions. “When did this happen?” he asks.”Friday night while you were gone,” I answer. “I came over so Jeremy could use my apartment for his date.” Or so I thought. “Jenny and I had dinner together and then she decided to show me the video.””What happened?” he asks, looking at me with a curious expression on his face.”What do you mean what happened?” I ask. “You’ve seen the videos, you know what happens.””No, I mean, what happened between you and Jenny when you watched the video,” he asks, and I’m not sure how much I want to disclose to him. What the fuck! He’s the only one seemingly not trying to manipulate me and we are planning a threesome.”She spanked me … and finger fucked me … and … um … ate my pussy,” I tell him and I feel his cock swell inside my hand.”You’ve got to be k**ding?” he says, while little beads of sweat form on his forehead.”Ooo, you like that idea, don’t you?” I tease, sliding my hand up and down his hard cock. “You’d like to watch that, wouldn’t you?” I ask, knowing what Jenny has in mind for his birthday.”Watch you and Jenny?” he asks. “Yes, I’d love to watch that,” he says, pushing his hard cock against my hand.”Maybe if you’re a good boy. I’ll let you see the video?” I tease.”There’s a video of you and Jenny?” he asks excitedly. “What would make me a good boy?” he asks as he rolls me onto my back.”Well, you can put this monster inside me again for starters,” I answer, spreading my legs as he positions himself over me.”Wow! You and Jenny, huh?” he says as his thick cock glides into my well-lubricated tunnel. “Can we watch it while we fuck?” he asks as I pull my knees up and suck his cock deep inside my enflamed pussy.”No,” I answer breathlessly, shaking my head. “I want your undivided attention,” I smile.”You’ve got it!” John exclaims, pushing his tongue into my mouth as he sets a steady rhythm, pumping his big cock into my hot pussy. As I start rocking with him, I realize that I’ve already made up my mind to do the threesome with Jenny. Why not? My fantasy was always for us to share John. I’ve never wanted to take him away. Plus the idea of eating Jenny’s pussy is growing on me. For some reason, doing it with John there makes me feel less like a lesbian.”Wait!” John says, stopping mid-stroke and interrupting my thoughts. “The cameras aren’t on, are they?” he asks.”No, John,” I answer, rocking my hips to get him started again. “I made sure we’re alone,” I tell him as I grip his shoulder and hump my ass off the bed.”Fuck me, John! Fuck me hard!” I moan and he responds immediately, slamming his thick cock into my anxious pussy.As my orgasm approaches, I dig my fingernails into John’s back and flash on Jeremy and Jenny’s deception. What am I going to do about them, I wonder? At first, I wanted to confront them but I’ve gotten what I’ve always wanted, right here with John. A confrontation might not be in my best interest. The threesome sounds interesting and I’m still curious about being with Jenny.”God, Sara! You feel so fucking good!” John says as he pounds his hard cock into my enflamed pussy.”You make me feel good, John!” I breathe, my orgasm about to explode any second.Hey! Another idea hits me. Why should men be the only ones to fantasize two lovers? Why can’t I have a threesome? Why can’t I have Jeremy and John together? Couldn’t one fuck me while I suck off the other one? That sounds scrumptious! Two holes filled with thick cocks at the same time! My pussy gushes at the idea.”Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I moan as John slams his hard cock into me and I imagine sucking off my nephew at the same time. That could be heavenly.”Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuccccccck!” I cum so hard, I see stars. John collapses on top of me, kissing me tenderly on the lips.As my breathing slows to almost normal and I feel John’s cock deflate within my satiated pussy, I realize that everyone is going to get what he or she wants. My sister may have orchestrated an elaborate deception but she’s really brought the family together. In a most satisfying way!

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