Subliminal Control Pt. 04

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My eyes grew big as my sister, Becka, took mom’s stiff nipples in her fingers. Mom was momentarily distracted as her daughter caused her to turn into a sex craving nymphomaniac.

My mom and sister practically dove for my crotch at the same time. They licked up the mess of cum and pussy juice that was there.

Becka’s hand wrapped around my cock and stroked me until all eight inches of my thick cock was hard again. Then mom deep throated my dick. God, she sucked dick good!

Becka came up and removed my gag and the bonds fastening my hands to the banister of my mom’s bed. But before I could protest how wrong this whole situation was, my mouth was filled with Becka’s nipple. So I sucked on and lightly chewed the half inch long nipple. Becka moaned, “Suck my fat nipples Steve. Oh fuck! You’re making me so fucking wet!”

She then put her other nipple in my mouth and I sucked and chewed on that one as well. And when she removed her tits from my mouth, she then squated over my face and I began to work my tongue over her labia. With her thighs boxing in my ears I could barely hear the moans coming from them.

I flicked my tongue around her clit before taking the small sensitive nub in my mouth. I sucked and flicked it mercilessly for the longest time. I looked up and saw that mom’s fingers were pinching and twisting Becka’s nipples really hard. Becka cried out, “Oh fuck! I’m cumming little brother!” And then I felt her juices drip down my neck.

My hands were placed on mom’s tits while she rode up and down on my hard cock. I pinched and pulled on her nipples roughly while she moaned, “Yes! Fuck mommy’s juicy cunt with that huge cock!” Having recently orgasmed I was able to last a lot longer this time.

“I’m cumming! Yessssss oh YESSSSSSSSSSS!!” Mom cried out and I felt her juices drip down my balls. She was shaking so much from her climax that she moved off of my dick and laid beside me clutching her breasts and breathing hard.

This Ordu Escort allowed Becka to straddle my cock. Because my dick was wet with mom’s juices, it slowly slid inside her pussy. Damn! Was Becka’s pussy tight. “Fuck, your dick is huge bro.” She groaned until I was all the way inside her pussy.

I put my hands on her tits and tweaked her erect nipples. “Harder, pinch my nipples harder!” She commanded me, but I was afraid I’d hurt her.

Mom was sitting up now and looked at me and then looked at Becka. “Here, let me show you son how to work your sister’s nipples.” She replaced my hands with her own as Becka rode up and down on my hard dick.

“Yes mommy! Yes! Harder! Pinch my nipples harder!” She cried out. “Fuck! I’m almost there!”

Feeling myself about to cum as well, I moved my hand down to Becka’s clit and started to pinch it with my thumb and index finger. “Oh fuck! That’s it! Yess! YESSSSS!!” She cried out as her orgasm was upon her.

I felt my sister’s pussy spasm around my cock and this was too much for me and I hollared, “I’m cumming.” And blasted her tight cunt with my cum. It was truly a glorious orgasm. Perhaps the best one ever.

Becka rolled off of me onto her back and I watched as Mom got between my sister’s legs and began to eat my creampie out of her sloppy gaping pussy hole. She then cleaned up my dick with her tongue.

“Mom, no more. I’m totally spent, But besides that, I really need to take a piss.” I told her. She smiled and then untied my ankles, thank God!

Before I reached the bathroom door, my sister and mom were both behind me. “We have to pee too.” They both said at the same time.

So I suggested that we take turns peeing on each other. They looked at me and smiled.

My mom and sister got into the tub at the same time. Both of them eager for a golden shower. My bladder was so full that I barely had time to aim it at them before my pee burst forth Ordu Escort Bayan and hit Becka’s left tit. I aimed the stream up and she opened her mouth and started to drink it down. I then moved my stream over to mom and it splashed against her face and trickled down to her breasts.

Both mom and sis were playing with each others hard nipples and moaning how good it felt to be urinated on. Mom took my pee into her mouth and swallowed it and this turned her on so much that she began fingering herself with two fingers. She brought her hand up and placed her wet fingers in Becka’s mouth just as my pee stream did.

The stream of pee was diminishing in strength and mom bent her head down and took the head of my penis in her mouth and swallowed the last bit that came out. She moaned around my dick and took more and more of my flaccid penis in her mouth and massaged it with her tongue which started to get me hard again.

I pulled my semi hard dick out of her mouth and told both of them that I wanted them to pee on me at the same time. So I traded places with them and laid on my back in the tub. I barely put my head down when Becka’s urine stream came out of her in a rush and went right into my mouth. I drank what I could and started to stroke myself.

I then felt mom’s pee strike my cock and I stroked myself faster. God, this was really hot and I enjoyed every second of it. I was so turned on and almost at the point of no return. And the moment both women started peeing on my dick I exploded in orgasm. “Yess! I’m cumming!!” I shouted as thick globs of cum shot out of my cock and splattered all over my chest and stomach.

My mom and sister then bent down and licked up my cum from my chest and stomach. When they finished, we all took a shower together. I loved soaping up their tits and they ejoyed soaping up my cock. We stayed in the shower until the water turned cold and then got out.

We toweled each other Escort Ordu off and put on some robes and went downstairs to the family room.

We were greeted by Sandy, Naomi and Gwen who were all naked and eating each other in a daisy chain on the floor. One of my cd’s was playing on the stereo in a continuous loop of ocean waves. Mom and sis removed their robes and mine and started to stroke my cock until it got hard. They then joined the three women on the floor and an orgy ensued, with me as the ringleader. Needless to say, I got my wish and then some.

I awoke the following morning alone on the couch. I was naked and I had so much sex the night before that my dick hurt from all the attention. I went upstairs to the bathroom to relieve my bladder and then went in search of my mom and sister and found them along with Sandy, Naomi and Gwem, all laying naked in her king sized bed.

I was tempted to join them but a thought came to mind and I tiptoed out and went into my room and closed and locked the door. I sat at my computer and created one last CD with white noise in the background. And this was the message that I created…Everything that has happened these last couple of days has been a dream. None of it is real. The only thing you know is that you feel more uninhibited, you enjoy going braless and you like to masturbate a lot. And you are very susceptible to whever Steve says to you.

I burned the CD and then took it into my mother’s bedroom and placed it on her cd player. I put it on the speakers and watched as all 5 women began to stir from their slumper.

I then went over to Naomi and Sandy and whispered in their ear, to get up and get dressed and go home and masturbate. I then whispered in Becka’s ear to get up and get all the CD’s I created from the day before and put them in my room. And when she finished that to go in her room and close the door and masturbate on her bed. I whispered in my mom’s ear to put on a robe and go make breakfast. And Gwen, I told her to get dressed and go home, but to give me a call late morning to hang out.

Everything happened as I suggested and I laid on my bed with a grin and thought about the next CD I was going to make.

The End

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