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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 3″Please let me see the other photos you have Sue!!” I begged. ” I am so ready to cum, you have me so fucking excited.””But I have not even touched your cock yet babe.” Sue replied licking her sexy lips looking at my cock.”I want to see the photos of you and the boy Sue””That really turns you on, doesn’t it?” She said excitedly. ” Just promise the nothing will change the way you love me and I will show you the photos of Kate and I with the boys.””You know nothing will ever change that Sue.” I said right before she leaned over and kissed me..I was watching her cute little ass jiggle back and fourth as she walked across the room. She looked over her shoulder and said. ” Did you hear me say BOYS with a s?”She came back into the room struggling to carry a large suitcase. Grinning from ear to ear. “Your wife was a bad girl !”I like bad girls and I love you so much!!” I said as she opened the suitcase. The suitcase was full of photos neatly stacks and she handed me a good sized stack.” Pick from this area first babe.””Ohhhhhh Sue!” I gasped seeing the top photo. She was laying on a bed propped up on her elbows with her head by the bed. Her young firm ass looking so sexy. A young boy stood by the bed with his long slender cock sticking out and curving upward. The dark purple head was twice as big as the shaft and was almost touching Sue’s lips. “This is fucking hot Sue!” I moaned.” That’s Cody and this is the first time I sucked his cock. Kate was in charge of taking photos and then I took photos of her sucking his big cock. I’m glad you like the photos Mike.” Sue said quietly.The next pic showed her licking the tip of his cock. The photos of her and Kate were so erotic but these were gaziantep escort bayan over the top for me. I moaned seeing his big cock in her mouth in the next photo. My rock hard cock twitching around ready to cum. Most guys would not be turned on seeing photos of their wife sucking cock when they were younger. I loved it!!!! ” I need to cum Sue!”Sitting on the couch I spread my legs as Sue knelt on the floor in front of me. I spread the remaining photos out on the couch beside me. Studying each photo of my beautiful wife sucking cock as a sexy, young teen.She slipped out her long tongue licking all the precum from my cock, moaning softly about how good it tasted. I slid my finger through her hair and told her to suck my cock. As she parted her lips I crammed my cock into her mouth, staring at the photos of her sucking Cody’s big cock. Her wet, warm mouth engulfed my cock as she slowly moved her head down taking all seven inches of my extremely fat cock between her lips. She greedily sucked my cock as she started bobbing her head up and down. Normally I can last over thirty minutes having sex, but I was so turned on from looking at all of the photos. I pulled her head up and held it so just the head of my cock was between her lips. She started pumping her fist furiously up and down my cock, sucking on the head like there was no tomorrow.I jerked my ass around moaning like a wild man as my cum gushed out like a fire hose into her willing mouth. He lips clamped around my cock tightly as she sucked and swallowed. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes as her mouth milked my squirting cock. Sue was quite the talented cocksucker and loved the feel and taste of cum. She sucked my cock until escort bayan the last of my cum had oozed from the tip. I opened my mouth as he raised up and kissed me spitting my thick. warm cum into my mouth. I swished it around in my mouth swallowing a little then spit it back into her mouth. We did this until my cum was gone.”I am so glad my photos turned you on so much Mike.” She said sitting down beside me.” Oh you have no idea how much they turn me on Sue. Will you suck another guy’s cock for me?? I want to watch you sucking a big cock and watching you getting your sweet pussy and ass pounded by another guy or guys.” I confessed to her. We had only been married three months and this was pushing the line big time.”Wow you really are a sick pervert!!’ she said. ” If nothing we do changes your feeling for me I will do anything you want and I mean anything!! I’ll be your bad girl!!” she replied kissing me again.” So you’ll be my little cock whore and soccer mom?” I asked” And more, lots more!!!!” She replied. “Do you have anyone in mine my sicko husband?””Kate of course is on the top of the list, then one of my friends at the gym. He’s only nineteen and he has a 9×7 uncut cock.” I said.”Oh I am such a lucky woman to have a husband like you!!! I would love to suck and fuck that huge cock for you honey” She answered rubbing her big erect nipple against my shoulder.” There are several guys I know that I would love you to suck and fuck including Andre.”Sue’s eye’s lit up, ” Like many women I have fantasized about a black cock. I will do it for you babe!!!” she giggled. ” Do you know how big his black cock is?”‘ As big around as a coke can and over ten inches long.” I told her seeing the excitement on her face.” I think we are the perfect couple Mike”” Oh and I would love for you to do my ex stepdaughter too.” I added.”I must admit I have thought about that so many times!! How old is Megan now?””Just turned eighteen.”I called Mike and set it up to go out for a few drinks the next night. Sue promised to call Cody at work in the morning. Kate was out of town but told me exactly what her and Sue would do to me and for me. We looked at all the photos and Sue was surprised at how quickly my cock got hard again. The photos were every man’s dream. Pictures of Sue and Kate sucking about a dozen boys cocks. Their teen faces covered with cum. Some of them showing them licking and sucking each other cunts with the naked boys gathered around the bed watching the. They even had photos of Kate’s mom and step dad that they had somehow took without getting caught.Sue even had naked photos of her three hot sisters. She had taken them without their knowledge over the years. She told me I could do just what she did, look but do not touch.I had many photos of my sexual adventures starting when I was sixteen and knew a lot of guys who did. Sue was the first girl I knew that had taken such photos at a young age and up. I had showed Sue most of my photos before, but decided I would show her all of them soon.Later in the bedroom Sue stretched out spread eagle on the bed raising her long legs up beside her. I laid on top of her with my hard cock pressed against her soaking wet pussy. We kissed for a long time then I moved down to fondle her perky A cup tits and lick and sucking her big, swollen nipples. Her dark brown nipples were as big around as a nickel and stuck out more than a half inch. They always grew even more when I sucked them. I started to slide down to feast on her sweet pussy, but she stopped me. ” I want you to lick my pussy after you fuck me!!” I want your big, fat cock pounding my pussy now!”.

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