Suki, Chapter 2

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Once in the bedroom, I sat down on the bed and watched as Suki got undressed. Suki turned around and I unzipped her dress in the back. She turned to face me again, watching my face as she gave me a little show, slowly removing her dress a little at a time. She slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders, but held the dress up to cover her breasts for a moment.Smiling shyly, she slipped it slowly down revealing more and more until her hard pink nipples poked out above the dress to greet me. The cool air (I like my room cool when I sleep) hardened them further, and she let the dress drop from there.Suki really was a beautiful woman with a lovely face, big, dark eyes and silky brown, shoulder-length hair. She had a hot, sexy, porn-star figure; not skinny, but not overly voluptuous either. She also had wonderful 34C breasts which she was quite proud of, and rightfully so. They had large, dark areolas and thick, stiff nipples that begged to be sucked and chewed on. And who was I to argue with a pair of perfect nipples? Suki was the quintessential Japanese woman, shy and timid, and she stood there quietly with her eyes lowered, waiting for some sort of reaction from me. My reaction wasn’t long in coming either. I reached out to her and when she placed her hand in mine I pulled her to me, bringing her between my open legs and wrapping her hands around behind her to hold them there.She was at the perfect height for me to taste those tender nubs, and I greedily sucked one into my mouth, licking and sucking on the pink crinkled bud. Suki smiled as I drew her close, then shut her eyes and softly mewled her pleasure as my mouth closed around her nipple. With my hands holding her close and capturing hers in the process, I alternated licking and sucking on those beautiful fleshy globes, chewing on her nipples and feasting on her ravenously.Suki laid her head back, moaning and breathing through her mouth. Her breathing became harder and faster as I clamped my lips around one pleasure globe, tracing her areola and caressing her nipple with my tongue. After a few minutes of concentrating on one of Suki’s splendid breasts, I switched to the other, and istanbul travesti repeated the sucking and licking.Switching back and forth, I enjoyed every minute my lips and tongue were in contact with her beautiful mounds. Suki was enjoying it too. Her pussy was leaking like a broken faucet; I could smell the fresh lubricating juices and I could hear her panting hard. As much as I enjoyed pleasuring Suki with her succulent mammaries in my mouth, I enjoyed it even more when I ate her lovely pussy. Suki pushed me gently in that direction, and I put up no resistance.Kissing my way down Suki’s luscious body, she squirmed and writhed trying to get me to hurry and reach where we both wanted me to be. But I was also enjoying the trip exploring this lovely woman. However, I finally did arrive at Suki’s center and the aroma she was giving off was heavenly. I couldn’t get enough of her musky scent.I slid a pillow under her hips so her sweet pussy was presented perfectly to my mouth for our mutual pleasure. I lifted Suki’s legs up over my shoulders and wrapped my arms around her slender thighs. Spreading her fat, swollen pussy lips with my fingers, I feasted on the delicious nectar that had been collecting in her adorable love hole.After my taste buds had enjoyed every drop, I looked up at Suki’s face. Her eyes were rolled back, she was breathing hard through her mouth and her arms were sprawled at her side. She was totally loving what my mouth was doing to her pussy.I was loving it just as much as she was. I began nibbling with my lips on one of her outer labia and playfully tugging at it with my teeth. My tongue traced the edge of her love hole, hoping to catch any stray juices that had escaped earlier, but also because Suki’s pussy had so many sensitive spots that I wanted to hit them all. I continued to nibble, stopping just short of her throbbing, swollen clit before I moved my attentions to the other side of her pussy. Again I planted soft butterfly kisses on the outer lip and traced her love hole with my tongue. I nibbled and kissed my way up her outer lip, but stopped agonizingly short of her clit again. Suki istanbul travesti moaned and writhed under me, her thigh muscles jerking spasmodically, and thrusting her delectable pussy into my face. I knew she was on the verge of cumming. I moved my mouth back to the pair of lips where I had started and this time I concentrated on her inner lip. I caressed it with my tongue, not forgetting to harvest the nectar that was flowing freely. With the thumb of one hand, I began rubbing her clit and with the other hand I shoved two fingers into her pussy, fingerfucking her while licking up all the delectable juices that she was giving me. It was more than my beautiful Suki could handle and it pushed her over the edge almost immediately. “OHHHMYYYGODDD!” she screamed as she came hard. I held on tightly to her thighs, my mouth plastered against her love hole and my tongue thrust in as far as it would go. Her shaking thighs squeezed my head and her hands pressed my face hard against her pussy, which is exactly where it wanted to be anyhow.I drank in Suki’s fresh cum juices savoring the taste of her rapture, one of the most delicious treats I have ever had the pleasure of swallowing. Suki climaxed with a strong squeeze of her shapely thighs, and a last strong push on the back of my head, then sank back into the mattress, while I licked up all the juices that were left.Suki lay there panting and sweat drenched, as the last of her orgasm caused her body to jerk and spasm intermittently. I let her rest for a few moments while I undressed, removing my shirt, shoes and socks, and trousers. But Suki stopped me when I reached for my boxers, wanting to unwrap me herself. She got off the bed and knelt on the floor in front of me. Suki admired the bulge in my boxers for a couple moments before proceeding, tracing the outline of it and lightly running her fingertips along the length, giggling when it twitched. She leaned forward and kissed the bulge through the fabric of my boxers.Looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes, she reached up and slowly drew my boxers down until my cock popped free.She grabbed my stiff eager cock, istanbul travesti and smiled up at me, saying, “I want to suck your cock.” as she slowly swiped her tongue over the head. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she slipped the head into her mouth.While she had excellent technique, it was the way she looked at me that made this something extra special – it was obvious just how much she loved doing this. I’ve had many women tell me they love to suck cock, but so many of them seem to want to get things over with as fast as possible. Suki, however, truly DOES love to suck cock, and it showed.Her mouth slid up and down over my cock, taking me a bit deeper each time. Her tempo was just the way I liked it, not the jackhammer up-and-down of the porn star, but a soft, sensual motion of making love to me with her mouth. Sometimes she held the shaft lightly in her hand, as she slipped it out of her mouth to lick it with her soft tongue. Other times she rested her hands on my thighs, but she always worked me only with her mouth. I know some guys like to be stroked during a blowjob, but not me. And somehow she knew that I wanted to feel her mouth alone, and I loved her for that.My cock is of average size – not huge, but big enough for the women I have had. And it seemed to suit her just fine, too. She tried to deepthroat me a few times, but she couldn’t quite get all of it in her mouth. She varied her speed and motion as she worked me in and out of her warm mouth, enjoying herself as she sucked and licked my shaft. She was in no hurry to make me cum, and I certainly wasn’t either. I relished the feel of her soft tongue on the underside of my cock, licking back and forth across the shaft. I wrapped my fingers in her long, dark hair as her head bobbed slowly up and down. Occasionally she looked up at me with my cock in her mouth, a look of lust that turned me on even more knowing she was having as much fun as I was (if that was possible).As much as I would have liked to stay right there, feeling the heat of her warm, soft, wonderful mouth, and watching her lips wrapped around me as they slid up and down my shaft, the time finally came when I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist any longer.When she was ready for the next activity, I placed Suki on the bed on her hands and knees, pushed her head down onto the bed and approached her from behind. “Now to get down to business!” I remarked as I traced a finger around her dripping pussy.

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