Summer Beach

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It was summer, just a few weeks after school ended. As a whole group the senior class decided to take a trip to the beach. A total population of around eighty three students showed up on the Beach.

John walked down the summer beach focusing on the horizon. He should have been watching where he was going. His foot caught on something hard, like a log. He fell down face first, only catching a glimpse of a cute girl. His face and hand fell onto a sudden softness.

John accidentally squeezed as he tried getting up. Sending an exasperated gasp from the unfortunate girl he landed on. He put his free hand down to try and push himself up. Unfortunately it landed on her other breast. With both breasts in his hands, he could no longer get up because his face was bright red and he couldn’t show his excitement. Again, unfortunately her leg was between his and the girl could feel John’s erection.

It might have been luck that the part of the beach John and the girl were on, wasn’t currently being occupied. Even if the girl did scream out for help, it would have been highly unlikely that anyone would hear her. The girl must have figured it out as well because she didn’t yell out. She laid there with him on top of her, pushing like crazy and getting warm and wet from the position they were in and where he was grabbing.

She tried to think, but her mind was just so filled with lust. She wanted the boy on top of her, but she didn’t know how to say it. So she acted instead. The girl shifted her hand on John’s hand and squeezed adding extra pressure to her left breast.

The girl looked down at John and recognized him as one of the boys from her class. John looked up at the girl and became exasperated. They looked at each other for about a minute in shock.

“Mary!” John exclaimed in surprise.

“John!” Mary found herself shocked as well.

John quickly got up trying not to further embarrass himself in front of a fellow former classmate. Mary looked down at the obvious bulge in John’s shorts. She flushed a bright red and couldn’t look away. John quickly figured out where she was looking and lifted himself off of her and sat down, unsure of how to hide it.

They sat on the beach both in deep thought of what to do. John’s stomach began to growl. It was loud enough for even Mary to hear.

“Would you like to get something to eat?” John asked. Hopefully it would be enough to change the situation between the two of them.

“Sure. Um, but are you sure?” Mary said, looking back down at his hidden excitement. “Don’t you think you should get rid of that first?”

John looked at her with shock and awe. He began looking back and forth between his excitement and Mary. Obviously John had taken what she said the wrong way and began moving towards her slowly. He was surprised, but felt that maybe she was going to let him get lucky.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” She stammered as she pushed him back. “Do it yourself!” Even though she said that, something inside of her wanted to do what he was going to do.

John turned even redder and slowly started to take off his shorts. Looking around to make sure he was only revealing himself to her. Before he could even grasp his own cock, Mary watched it sprang out stiffly as it fell out of John’s shorts. Mary marveled at how much bigger it looked naked.

As Mary watched John grip and start to stroke his throbbing cock, she could feel her own dampness becoming apparent. John took notice of the dampness becoming visible; this turned Mary on even more from being looked at while she was wet. She reached down and dug underneath her panties. She then began rubbing at the lips of her pussy.

John’s throbbing cock became harder at the sight of the Mary rubbing herself to the sight of him jacking-off. He started stroking even faster. Mary took two of her own fingers and inserted them into her pussy. She began to moan louder as she fingered herself. She sped up to match the pace at which John was stroking himself so she could imagine him inside of her.

“Just you doing that is going to make me cum all over you!” John said, leaning in towards her.

As she heard him say this, she removed her top and took her tit with her free hand and began sucking on the nipple. She moaned and squealed with pleasure and delight. Mary looked back down at John stroking his dick and moved her bottom to the side so he could get a good view of her sex.

“Oh my God John, I’m going to cum!” She moaned. “Oh, fuck!” Mary closed her eyes and screamed in orgasm as all her sticky juices overflowed and moistened her pussy even more.

John watch as Mary came; amazed at how sexy she looked when she did this. He wanted so much to be inside her at this point. Just imagining it made white cum start to shoot out from the tip and land on Mary’s stomach.

Breathing hard, they looked at each other with a want. They both quickly reached for each other and began sucking at one another’s Şerifali Escort mouths. Their tongues tangled as they swirled within each other’s mouths. They kissed continuously, only breaking off to catch their breaths.

John, still young, became hard once more and began moving his cock against the entrance of Mary’s pussy. Moving his shaft back and forth, he could feel her wetness being squished against the underside of his cock. As John moved back and forth, Mary matched his rhythm with her hips. Her own want of him made her grab the sides of John’s shirt and pull him in closer.

All their actions at this point became subconscious. As they continued kissing furiously as their sexes continued to rub against each other. With each stroke of John’s cock gliding across, Mary’s moans became more drawn out and louder. Both their tongues became more entangled as well.

John grabbed Mary’s tits with both of his hands as he began squeezing and kneading them. Their bodies began melting together, Mary started to squeal and moan louder and harder. As she gave out a lewd and erotic moan she came from the sheer contact. John at the same time shot his load of hot cum onto Mary’s stomach once again.

He collapsed and laid beside her, she took her left hand and began rubbing in John’s cum as if it were lotion, watching some of it fall into the sand. She took some of it between her fingers, examining the milky white substance closely. She took her fingers and sucked John’s stringy load into her mouth. She felt herself almost begin to overflow a third time from the salty taste and smooth texture.

Once they were both calmed down, they went into the ocean to clean off. Mary scrubbed away the white cum off of her bikini. John washed off his shorts and stepped out of the water to dry. She looked over at John standing in the sun to dry off; his dark brown and green eyes, lightly tanned skin, fit/athletic body, short hair, and surprisingly large dick. She looked down at herself; C tits, nicely rounded ass, long dark hair, and even waist.

Mary got out of the water and stood next to John. She smiled at him letting him know that he had one the prize that was worth killing for.

They grabbed Mary’s things and began heading to the other side of the beach. Mary looped her arm around John’s and held his hand as they walked. John thought of this as being a little cliché, but smiled anyways.

The sun was already going down as they walked into the burger joint just up the cliff from the beach. They attracted attention from many of the other graduates. Mary wore a tight pink shirt to keep herself warm from the wind. She giggled to her friends watching her as they walked to the counter, hanging onto John’s left hand.

They turned and continued walking towards a vacant table at the back of the restaurant. They made themselves secluded from everyone else, and because of this distance, the other students got bored of watching them and soon turned to pay attention to their conversations.

“You know, I wanted you to ram your rod deep inside me.” Mary whispered, delighted to see John get caught off guard.

John forced himself to stay calm, all the while taking glances at Mary’s bosom. He wanted to feel the warm softness again.

The waiter stepped up to the table. Holding her notepad, and pen. “Hello, what would you like to order?” she asked with a happy façade.

“I’ll have a burger with fries.” Mary said keeping her eyes on the menu.

John looked up at the waiter. “Same.”

The waiter scribbled the orders down and looked back at them. “Would you like anything to drink for the two of you?”

“Strawberry soda’s for the both of us.” Mary said again, this time looking up at the waiter.

The waiter scribbled the drink orders onto her notepad. “They’ll be right-out.” she smiled again and walked off

John looked around the restaurant. It had a family owned feel to it, and it felt like he was at home in his oddly shaped dining room. The dim light and closed blinds kept a night like feel in the place. When looking at other tables, he realized that he couldn’t see underneath any other table since there wasn’t any light reaching underneath the tables. He could almost make out the silhouette of their legs, but that was all.

Mary looked around for anyone coming and she rested her head against John’s shoulder. As she did so, she traced John’s thigh towards his crotch. With one squeeze she had John’s dick stretching his shorts. She ran her hand along the length of John’s bulge and continued to do so.

John himself couldn’t let her do this by herself. So, as a gentleman, he moved his arm behind hers and started to rub Mary’s quickly moistening opening. The fabrics of her bikini thin enough for him to touch her almost directly. She moaned quietly in pleasure, responding to his touch. John moved his head down and furiously locked lips with her.

As Mary had her eyes closed from the blinding pleasure, John had his Ümraniye Escort open watching around the restaurant. He saw their waiter walking over with the food, just as he was about to remove his hand he had an idea. As the waitress was about halfway towards their table, he slipped his hand under Mary’s bikini bottom and slipped his middle finger in. She began to moan a little louder.

“Here are your orders, I hope you find everything alright!” the waitress said, putting down their meals on the table. John smiled and thanked her before she turned around and went back into the kitchen.

John looked back down at Mary and smiled at her erotic expression. He worked her inner moistness and thought of other ways to make her climax. He figured it out quickly when his thumb rubbed against a small little bump on the hood of her slit. She jumped and quickly inhaled.

“Do you want me to touch right there?” he whispered to her. He rubbed her clit again and she gasped again. “I guess that means yes.” John slipped his ring finger in as he continued to rub her clit.

Mary let out little squeals that were almost loud enough for those at the closest table to almost hear her. John felt Mary’s pussy overflow with juices. He continued to move his fingers in and out of her until she was completely done. He pulled his hand out from her bottoms and looked at the clear wetness slipping and sticking in between his fingers.

Mary lifted her head off of him and watched him marveling at her fluids. She felt her face go red from embarrassment, but the fact he was doing so made her pussy tingle. Mary felt herself go numb as John sniffed his fingers than put both in his mouth. She gasped as he raised his eyebrows.

“I want a taste of the real thing!” John looked at her as he swished the sweet fluid in his cheeks.

She smiled and turned to her meal. John watched her nervously pick up her burger and take a small bite. He picked up his own and took a large bite out of it. They ate together setting down all the things that had just happened that day.

“So, what are you going to do tomorrow?” Mary asked John, wanting to have a normal conversation.

“I don’t know yet,” John stopped eating and thought about it “maybe I can do it with you, if you don’t mind?” he smiled at her reddening face.

“Sure, which hotel are you staying at?” Mary asked, wondering if John was staying for the whole week.

John smiled at her, “Whichever one you’re staying at.”

“That’s so cliché. Alright I’ll go to where you’re staying.” Mary said, laughing at John’s cliché joke.

They paid the check and walked out of the restaurant hand in hand. Curious eyes followed them until they were out of the restaurant. They walked to where John’s car was parked.

“You have a car?” Mary asked once John had brought it up.

“Yeah, I’ve had it for a while now.” He smiled down at her.

“What kind of car is it?” Mary asked, now aroused at the subject.

“It’s an old car, I had to buy it and fix it myself.” John pulled out is car keys, they had an electronic pad on them. At seeing the modern design she thought his car would be the same.

When the lights blinked on the car Mary found herself half right. She watched John walk over to the car, it was old, but carried a cool atmosphere around it. Mary saw the model GT-0 and she found the cherry red paint to be enticing. How John remained single was beyond her understanding, just looking at it got her heart racing.

“You can throw your stuff in the trunk if you want to.” John smiled casually. Noticing the surprise and admiration plainly written on Mary’s face. He watched her pop open the trunk and set her stuff inside.

John waited for her to get into the passenger seat before getting in himself. He put the keys in the ignition and the car responded instantly. Mary looked around the interior and everything seemed to be so advanced and new. He even had a heads-up display set up on the dashboard. The engine sounded smooth, and the leather interior was comfortable unlike other cars.

Mary looked up at John and felt her heart throb at his coolness in this car. His masculine chest slowly rising, his strong arms gripping the steering wheel, and his toned legs working the pedals all sent a shiver through her inner-core.

“You have a nice body yourself.” John said frankly as they drove to the beachside hotel. Feeling Mary’s eyes travel over his body.

Mary jumped, caught off guard by John’s sudden comment. She flushed and felt her heart skip a beat. She quickly looked away and clasped her hands together. She almost had a heart attack as she saw John’s hand gently stroking her thigh. Feeling herself get moistened and wet just from the close contact.

“I can feel your heat on my hand.” Mary quickly looked up at John; his eyes were hypnotically looking into hers. All she could do was moan in delight from his comment.

John smiled, but underneath his smile his heart was racing. Trying to Üsküdar Escort keep his hand from shaking as he reached for the damp region between her legs was proving difficult. He so much wanted to feel the wet and squishy part that he recently inserted his fingers into.

Without thinking, Mary reached over and pulled the front of John’s shorts down. She unbuckled her seat belt as she put her face close to his hard cock. John was caught off guard and almost ran off the road. He got the car back into control and looked down.

Mary had her hand on John’s shaft and watched how her hand moved up and down it. She remembered John licking his fingers sticky from her juices. Curiously, she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip and tasted a sweet pre-cum that felt like it was melting in her mouth. Her mouth began to drool as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.

She swirled her tongue around the head, and tasted his salty sweet pre-cum slowly pour out of his cock. She sucked it in and the feeling made John twitch and moan a little. Mary started putting more of his cock into her mouth and continued to lick and suck it into her soft and wet mouth.

John let out quick moans as Mary started move her head up and down. He felt himself begin to let go. They were nearing the hotel as she took his whole rod into her mouth and tormented it with her tongue.

“Mary, it’s coming out!” he said through his teeth.

She didn’t care, she liked the taste of his cum, and the salty sweetness off it was imbedded into her memory. Mary cupped John’s balls and felt them tighten. At the same time he emptied his load into her mouth. She kept her mouth on his cock and tried to keep it all in, but a few drops escaped.

Mary allowed his cum to swim around in her mouth as she drank it down with pleasure. She left just a little bit to keep a fresh taste in her mouth, as she licked up the drops that had dripped out of her mouth.

John felt like he was going to die just by watching this erotic scene that she was displaying. It was difficult to keep his eyes on the road as he watched her clean and lick off his dick.

“God, that was so hot!” John complemented her.

“Thanks,” she licked the tip, “it tastes so good.” She said it with an erotic moan.

They sat in the parking lot getting their composure back. Mary checked to see if there wasn’t any cum left on her. John had his eyes closed, thinking of the most disgusting thing to get his dick down. It was more difficult than he thought it would be, the damn thing kept going up.

Mary patiently waited, even though her pussy screamed for her to jump on his cock, she wanted to lose herself somewhere more comfortable. She watched and waited for him to go down, as it did she said good bye to her other friend.

Once John hiked up his pants he was ready, he leaned over and gave Mary a wet kiss. She responded by opening her mouth and letting his tongue roam inside and twisting her own around his. They unlocked and took deep breaths.

They looked around before getting out making sure no one was watching. Mary stepped out of the vehicle and opened the trunk. She grabbed her bag and walked hand in hand with John to the front of the hotel. She gripped his hand tight.

John stepped up to the front desk with Mary close behind and the lady checked them in. The blood was rushing through her so fast that Mary couldn’t recall the elevator ride in which she had her back up against the wall as John’s lips attacked her.

Once they got into the room it was her turn. Mary quickly launched herself at John and forced him back against the door, giving it a nice slam. Next she slipped her hand into John’s shorts and grabbed onto his cock.

“Your cock,” she breathed, “I want you to fuck me with it.”

John pushed off of the door and forced her onto the bed. She gave a playfully mild resistance as he took over. He held her wrists as he trailed down onto her breasts, he tore off her shirt and bikini top and devoured them in his mouth. Sucking and teasing her nipples with his tongue. He was rewarded with her moans.

“C’mon,” Mary moaned, “John, fuck me!”

John wanted her to wait a little longer. He left her breasts and went further down. Pulling off her bikini bottoms and kissing her clit. She screamed out, as he licked the lips of her pussy with his tongue. It tasted sweet and bodily, he felt her legs wrap around his neck as he continued licking her.

“God John!” she moaned, “Lick my cunt!”

John smiled at her change of mind. He sucked and tongue fucked her sopping wet pussy. She moaned and grabbed the bed sheets.

John pulled off his shorts and shirt and trailed his way back up to her mouth, making her taste her own perverted juices. She moaned in one breath as John guided his hard cock into her. She threw her head back and moaned in delight as it filled her insides.

“Fuck me!” she moaned with lust for his cock.

John started rotating his hips back and forth into her soft and slippery pussy. Mary moaned as slid along the walls of her pussy. She felt her tits being grabbed as John placed his hands on them. She looked down and watched his cock coming out and then quickly disappearing back into her love hole.

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