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summer nightOne summer nightAlthough we both enjoy sex together, I have always had a fantasy about watching my wife Sue being fondled and fingered by a younger man. This fantasy came true this summer. One evening both of us had had a very trying day at work and decided that instead of cooking for ourselves we go to our local village pub for a meal and drink. After the meal we went to sit in the lounge as Sue wanted to stay to relax a little while longer. While we were there Sue struck up a conversation with a group of young men who after talking to us for a while said that they were studying at very well-known University in town.As the night went on Sue was starting to get a bit tipsy and very flirtatious with one of them who happen to be black and half her age. His name we soon found out was Robert and lived in the halls of the university. His friend begun to leave and I could tell he like my wife as his hands began to rub her leg up and down over her thin summer dress. He ask if we minded if he could joint us, as his friends were going onto a night club and he had to get up early and did not want to be late back to his lodgings.Sue look at me with a twinkle in her eye and for some reason I knew that something was going to happen this night, so I was eager for him to stay with us.By 9.30 we told Robert that we were going to make a move home and ask if he would like a lift back to his lodgings. He readily agreed and lent across to my wife a whispered something into her ear. She could not contain her shelf and enthusiastically agreed with me that he should travel back to his lodgings with us. As we got to the car Sue got into the back of bahçelievler escort the car with Robert, which she later told me that when he leant over and whispered in her ear, he had asked her to sit in the back of the car with him. Being very devious I decide to drive the long way back to town, as Sue had winked at me as she sat in the back with Robert. As we started to move off Sue started to slide her hand up and down his inner thigh asking him if he had a girlfriend. To our surprise he said he only like older women, all the while staring at my Sue large 38dd breasts. The devil in her had undone a couple of her button on the top of her dress before she had got into the car, so as he could get a better look at her cleavage. I adjusted the rear view mirror so I could see both of them better. To my surprise Sue was already resting her hand on his groin slightly rubbing her nimble fingers back and forth revealing a large shape in his shorts. From the way the rear view mirror was positioned I could just see the end of his cock sticking out of his shorts. I was well impressed just the end of his cock looked big.Robert started to kiss her neck and gradually with confidence move his hand to her breast squeezing them very soft. As he rotated the palms of his hands over breasts he gently stretch her nipples out and squeezing them making her large nipple stick out through her dress.With one movement he lifted with his enormous hand one of her breast out of her bra and over the top of her dress, by this time I had to pull over in a car parking area along the road that just happened to have trees blocking ayrancı escort the view from the road. He was suckling at her nipple like a very hungry piggle sucking for its mother milk, his pink tongue flicked the end of her nipple and gently biting the end of the nipple to encourage it to grow bigger and bigger.Her head by this time was aches back with her neck elongated pushing her breast further into Robert’s mouth. He wrapped both hands around her breast forcing the nipple out even more and looked over at me for reassurance at what he was doing was ok.He did not need for me to answer as I had my cock out of my shorts and was pumping it ridged; I was so hard that it felt as if it was going to burst through its skin.He leant over my wife and pulled out her other breast and suckled both of them alternately. His hand was now sliding up her bare leg to the edge of her silk see through panties. What surprised him was she has a very hairy pussy and the hairy was growing outside of the pantie line. Almost speechless he said to Sue that he loved hairy pussy as shaved pussy was a big turn off. Sue opened her legs wider so as I could see what he was doing. His hand was now pulling the top of her pants open so as he could get to her clit. He brought up his hand and Sue and Robert both sucked and licked Sue pre-cum off his fingers he had probed into her pussy, returning his fingers to her pussy he his three fingers slipped easy between her large pussy lips.I knew at once she was completely aroused her pussy becomes so wet it is like a wet autumnal day down there. And by the sound of her pussy her pussy she well balgat escort aroused as her pussy was making a sloshing noise as his fingers went in and out of her fucking her to a cosmic state.Sliding her hand down Robert’s chest, she slipped her hand into the top of his shorts cock. Luckily they had an elastic top. I could she her hand pumping his cock her eyes closed and a grin on her face that said it all. Robert told her to that it out and pump it in front of your husband. This made me even more excited as it sprung out it looked like a powerful piston as she pumped it up and down I could see from the ridiculous contorted At the same time Sue was screaming.‘Oh yessssssss finger fuck that pussy baby’ ‘you are going to make me come’. With inflame passion I had only seen with me With that he put his lips to her pussy and sucked and licked her franticly. Opening her legs even wider Sue spurted her cum all over his hand and his face. It was a fantastic sightSue pushed him back and leant forward taking his cock in her mouth. Licking the top of his mushroom shaped cock with her tongue extended like an ice-cream, her tongue begun to run up and down the 8 inch ridged cock. Holding her head in place he told her he was just about to cum also. Pulling her mouth that had engulfed around his the top of his cock, Sue wrap her large breast around his cock so as he could cum all over her tits.To both of our surprise his cock spurted spunk like a fireman’s hose putting out a fire, endless globule’s spurting over both of her tits and droplets dripping onto the crutch of her see through panties. Sue pulled them to one side so as Robert could Shaking the last of his cum onto Sue hairy pussy. Robert apologized. All I could do was to smile at him as I too had cum so much making my shorts look as if I had wet myself. Driving Robert back to his lodgings, Sue did not bother to put her breast way as he want to fondle them encase he never got to see us both again.

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