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Subject: Summer of Submitting, Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fourteen: The Cum Dump With a cock in my mouth, a cock in my arse and cocks all around me, I knew it was about to be a special evening. As soon as he pushed his dick in my mouth the man at the back (which I could feel was well lubed up) slid into me. I guessed the others were watching as entertainment because as soon as he slid into me there was a loud of cheer and clapping. Even though I loved the theatrics of it I wasn’t really use to doing both jobs at the same time so while I was sucking deeply on the dick my arse started to clench a little bit and resist. Steven must have noticed (who was on the sidelines) and knew exactly what I needed. “C’mon Princess, just breathe don’t disappoint me”. He owned my mind, that was clear enough, because as soon as he mentioned disappointing him I did everything in my power to push through the pain and make him proud. I arched my back slightly more pulled forward a little so I was taking less of the dick, then after a second of adjusting unclenched and let it slide all the way in. “That’s my girl, keep it up.” And I did keep it up, I impressed. After barely a few minutes the first guy started slamming into me harder and harder making me choke on the dick in front of me. Then I felt the deep lean into my ass and a big groan. There it was, the familiar feeling of seed inside me. There were the expected jeers and banter coming from the sidelines, `first in with a bad performance’ `just like his batting; explosive start, swift exit’. And the barbs back, `just needed to get my eye in, looking forward to trying the other end of the wicket’. As soon as he slid his cock out and stepped escort away the man from the front rushed to the back to start plowing. And as soon as he was out of my mouth another dick was there to take his place. My favourite part was the unknown of how long it would last, I didn’t know how many men there were really, I didn’t know who they were and I didn’t know how many turns each of them wanted. All I could do was submit and take every dick that came my way. Load after load, cock after cock went in my ass and into my mouth. Over and over for what seemed like an hour, I was exhausted but cock drunk from all the cum that was spilling out of both ends to then be shoved back into me. Every now and again a surprise cock would slap me in the face or cum on my back, from what I could tell once everyone had a go they all stayed undressed from the waist down and kept themselves hard or jerked it to the view. After a while I was carried through to the bedroom (wherever that was) and laid on my back, hands bound to the bed somehow. By this point the evening slowed down. I was left there, laying, legs open, just waiting for the odd visitor after 10 minutes or so to come in and have his way with me solo, missionary. I was feeling the gaping by this point from all the breeding, I felt completely used up and yet they still kept coming back for more. This had to by my favourite part, because even though the spit roasting was fun it was hard work and I was exhausted. This way I could almost just lay here and be taken like a bitch, rented out like a whore. Asshole open, copious amounts of cum running out of it and more along the way. And every now and again I’d hear the door open, and a gebze escort man would enter from a room full of drunk old men laughing and bantering with each other to give me some more. Then, when I was all but spent I heard the door open again, unknown to me this time would be different. This time it was the sound of two men, they closed the door behind them, and I immediately knew who had come to join me. “Daddies?” I asked “It’s us princess, we’ve got one last surprise for you.” Suddenly my blindfold was slipped down, it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust even to the low light in the room. Looming over me was Steven and Derek. Steven started. “Now you’ve properly been primed by our friends, here’s where the real fun begins” Begins, I thought. “We’re going to both fuck you, the difference? We’re both going to fuck your ass, at the same time” “I don’t know if that’s possible” I sheepishly admitted. “Trust me, your ass is primed, it’s possible”. And with that I was untied from the bed. Steven laid down beside me, naked from the waist down. I looked at him eagerly waiting for him to give me a sign of what he wanted, that was cut short when Derek grabbed my head and shoved it onto his semi erect cock. My tongue caressed his helmet while my lips sucked the top of his cock with passion, it wasn’t long before he was standing proud just like I remembered. Derek lifted one of my legs to suggest what I was supposed to do, I didn’t need any verbal instruction. I climbed on top of him and slowly slid down onto his cock. God I forgot how big he was, even after all those other dicks he could still noticeably stretched me a little, even when it felt like gölcük escort I was gaping wider than ever. I felt Derek shuffling behind and with a little adjusting and a little shimmying he started to poke his dick into the top half of my arsehole. There was no way this was going to work I thought, I felt him trying and failing to make an entrance. “Follow my voice, breathe deep and push back, let him in”, Steven guided through soft tones. I breathed deep as instructed and dipped a little higher to bring his massive cock just a little further out of me and used my hands to spread, suddenly I felt his tip push in. The euphoria was beyond anything, not only with the success of it, and they’re excitement as he started to ram it deeper into me but I’d never been stretched like this before, I thought I was seeing stars. He put both hands on my shoulders and began to breed, properly breed. I couldn’t help but yelp out loud while he ploughed into me and Steven slowly but methodically sliding me up and down at the same time. Steven’s hands around my neck, Derek’s hands on my shoulders and two dicks in my ass I’d never felt so controlled and so out of control. I was a play thing, for them to see how far they could push me, and I could be pushed. And then, thank god, Derek came. He came long and deeply and rested inside me for a little while. He slid out. Steven, I suppose, needed a little more time so he pounded my ass while holding my neck, I buried my face into his collarbone and moaned loudly. After furiously ducking me for about thirty seconds he came so deep inside of me it probably ended up in my stomach. When he pulled his dick out it let a flood of cum spill onto the bed. I lay out on the bed in a pool of cum, defeated but victorious. Cock drunk, delirious, I just lay there motionless. They ruffled my hair, turned off the light, closed the door and barely a second later I was asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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