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Subject: Summer of Submitting, Chapter 5 Chapter Five: A Surprise Visitor It had barely been 5 minutes of sitting there reliving the moments in my head, when I heard approaching footsteps. Was it someone from the team to check I’d done the job properly? Was he back already? I couldn’t be sure so I pretended to be busy organising the helmets when the door swung open and a sweaty middle aged man stepped in, ducking underneath the smaller door frame. “Oh hello, Stephen’s new friend I take it, wow it’s hot out today isn’t it” He immediately shut the door, what is going on? “Yeah” maybe he was backing up part of his story, explaining to his team that he’d been helping me earlier, easier to get away with a small lie within a bigger one I guess. “Those cheers were for me you heard, or should I say against me, by your team. Bowled out for 30-something, miserable.” “Oh right sorry to hear that.” I studied him for a second while he collected himself, that had obviously been true. He was sweaty and breathless, as if he’d just come off the field from batting, he was slightly shorter than Steven (which made me realise I never actually got his name…) but much wider and older. Whereas Steven had had a beer belly, this man was just fat, he was completely bald as well with a red face and a smallish head. The personification of a Football hooligan was the best description I could think of in the moment, the kind of guy you’d rely on being down the pub every Sunday to watch Arsenal and avoid the wife for as long as possible. We both paused while he assessed the shed and then looked me up and down, I knew that kind of look. “So can I help you with anything?” I said awkwardly after the silence went on too long, I had a little of teenage sarcasm in my tone, but enough sincerity to sound like a genuine question. “Ha, well funny you say that, seems like I deserve some cheering up I’m sure you’d agree. So take your clothes off”. The bluntness of the statement caught me completely off guard. There was no easing into it like Stephen did, just blunt instruction. It all seemed to click into place at this moment for me that they knew what they were doing, almost Diyarbakır Escort like good cop bad cop. These two were friends, Stephen would seek the submissive boy or girl out and ease then into it, and when there completely indoctrinated this guy would come along and give them a seeing to. “Well… I don’t even know you, what’s your name?” “Derek… listen we both know what you just did for Stephen and how much you enjoyed it, we can play cat and mouse for a little if you like. Or we can get to it, have some fun, take your clothes and suck my cock.” I was starting to feel nervous about this one, he seemed less gentle and caring than Stephen, more just an opportunity to get his end away. But then again Stephen turned into a bit of a breeding bull once we got going, all that warmth dissolved away, maybe it’s the opposite with Derek? Also, wasn’t that exactly what I wanted. I’d always written in my bios on these forums and dating sites that I’m a complete submissive boy looking to please real men, so what did it matter if he was gentle or rough, my job was to make him cum. That settled it in my mind. I turned on a beat from being awkward to seductive. “What do you want to see first, front or back.” “There she is, the slut I’d heard about. Back, but the clothes need to stay off, it’ll get me hard.” I turned around as instructed and took my t-shirt off with no flair, but my trousers I dipped and wiggled my hips a little bit when I slid them down my legs and stepped out of them with a girly flick of my ankles. Then while looking over my shoulder I brought my pants down to rest my butt cheeks on the elastic and made them jiggle just a little. Eager to see his reaction, I twisted my neck more intently and saw he was now naked from the waist down and stroking his cock at the sight of me. “C’mon, Keep going” Bending over I brought them to floor and again stepped out of them with a girly flair. And did a little spin to face him. “Knees, now” I walked quickly over to him and dropped to my knees where I was again was met with a cock in my face. I can get used to this view I thought to myself. His cock smell was much stronger, Diyarbakır Escort Bayan he was sweaty and musty but I didn’t mind, just reminded me of the manly nature of him. I obviously had to compare the two first real life dicks I’d seen in the space of twenty minutes. His was slightly shorter but maybe a little wider, his bush was dark brown and considerably more hairy, his balls were small and pink and his dick seemed to be slightly softer than Stephen’s which was as straight as an arrow, where his dipped a little bit towards my lower lip, maybe he needs more than suggestion to get fully hard, which is understandable. I can empathise with that, now knowing what the real thing was like imagination would never be enough again. I didn’t have much time though before he grabbed the back of my head, looked down at me and said “open.” I did as instructed, opening my mouth wide with my tongue out looking directly up at him. He looked into my eyes, paused for a second and spit straight onto my tongue. It was so unexpected, and so hot. I never felt so degraded, before I had time to really think about it he did it again and this time it hit my top lip and again hitting my cheek. He then presented in front of my face his cricket box, I guess he’d taken it out of his trousers before getting half naked, and I suppose he’d been holding it behind his back waiting to present it to me. “Here, smell that boy” He pushed my face into it and I took a big inhale, it smelt pretty foul. Full of cock and ball sweat that had been cooking up for the last hour or so. “Lick it” I looked up at him hoping he wasn’t being serious, there was degradation and then there was this. He shoved my face back in and held it there until the only thing I could do was take one long brush of tongue across it, it was as rank, all salty sweat. As I was coming back to my senses suddenly his cock was in my mouth and I was being relentlessly face fucked. My theory about him being gentle was completely wrong. He tasted just as salty and sweaty as his box but I much preferred his cock to the box, I loved the feeling of a dick’s shape in my mouth, Escort Diyarbakır it’s so fleshy and soft whilst hard at the same time. The helmet is the perfect shape to suck deeply into and I did it with passion. The more purposely I threw myself into the blowjob the more I was able to wrestle back some control from just being face fucked when I was doing a better job. The immediate gratification to sucking something deeply and hearing the pleasure it brings someone it what I loved the most about the whole thing, I can literally bring pleasure through doing something I enjoy. It wasn’t long before I felt his hand tighten around the back of my head and with a few stifled gasps he was cumming into the back of my throat. Rope after rope of salty cum hit my throat and the inside of my mouth, so much more cum than Steven that I chocked a little whilst trying to swallow it while he was still cumming. I pulled him out of my mouth to breathe and he ended up coating my chin as well. A big smile wrapped around his face, followed by almost a `phew’ sound. “Now that we’ve been properly introduced, I’m a friend of Steven’s…obviously. So your secret is safe with us, he gave me the heads up as I was coming off the field. “Me and him have a shared passion for young sluts. We’ve had a few joint trips to Amsterdam, Thailand, snuck off together on other bigger trips. We like them young, legal but young, and naive like you. Lots of girls, but we prefer boys, you’re dirtier.” He explained all this while pacing around the shed and finally ending up where the pile of my clothes were. “Now we don’t know if we’ll see you again, so we’re not done with you yet.” He bent down and scooped all of my clothes up into his arms. I went red, what on Earth was he going to do. “You belong to us now, and so do your clothes. So here’s the deal, I’m going to take these and put them in the back of my truck. It’s the big black Ford with tinted windows. Number plate BR64 SMY, I’ll repeat BR64 SMY. It’s parked way at the back of the field. Its going to be unlocked, all you’ve got to do is get there, get in and get your clothes. “Probably want to make sure no one sees you making the naked run but I guess that’s all part of the fun isn’t it. “I…well…you’re joking right?!” I couldn’t believe what was happening, how did I let this happen, how could I have been so stupid. “Don’t worry lad, it’s just abit of fun, nice to meet you” and with that he shut the door behind him.

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