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SUMMER SEMINAR – Part 6Thursday night, I am laying about reading an old Playboy magazine and there is a knock at my door. It’s Les. I am glad to see him and give him a big hug. That leads to kissing and groping and hot damm, we are soon naked on the bed. We are laying side by side and kissing earnestly and our hands are busy with each other’s privates. I eschew 69ing, get on my knees at the end of the bed, get between his spread legs and wrap my fingers around his cock with one hand and fondle his nuts with the other hand. I kiss the end on his cock and lick up and down his shaft and pulling his foreskin back behind the ridge, I kiss his cockhead and lick all around his hood, savoring his sweet nectar. I take his erect cock into my mouth and suck it down as deep as I am able too. My tongue relishes his sweet hot flavorful juices. I bob up and down on his cock, sucking slowly and deeply with each plunge and backstroke. My hand is also active around the base of his cock. It squeezes him gently but steadily and pumps up and down in rhythm with my mouth. Soon his breathing has quickened and he is gasping and thrusting his hips up and down in tune with my movements. He shudders mightily and cums. His sweet joyjuice blasts down my throat. I swallow greedily and keep on sucking him until his erection subsides. I lick all the jism from his knob and then all around his cockhead, ahhh, it is so damm sweet and tasty. I raise up and join him on the bed and get on top of him and kiss his sweet mouth, his eyes, his neck, his earlobes. My tongue reaches into an ear and he giggles.”That tickles” he chuckles.I hold him and we cuddle for a few sweet moments.Then, it is his turn. My cock has gone soft in the interim but it soon responds to his ministrations. He lays on the bed between my legs and I raise myself up the headboard to accommadate his positioning. His mouth envelops my dick. My dick feels so wet and slippery and hot in there. His tongue is under my foreskin and swirls all around my cockhead. Gawd, that feels so good. His mouth stops to kiss my nuts and my shaft and then he engulfs me again. His lips and mouth and tongue are torturing my cock so deliciously that I don’t last long and all too soon I cum, quickly but enjoyably. He licks my pecker clean and we hold and cuddle each othersome more afterwards. Suddenly, I can sense that he is sobbing. He is heaving big breaths and I can feel his tears on my cheek. “What’s the matter?” I ask.”Sorry, I am just feeling istanbul rus escort down right now. I miss you guys. Lucy’s pissed that I don’t have a job yet and I’m running out of money. It sucks!”I hold him tight and offer my sympathies.”Les, I have been there and done that buddy. Your luck will change and this situation shall pass and your young life will be so good in a short while, you’ll wonder why you ever worried about it!”.”Well I sure miss our 3sums. I liked sucking cocks with you while Travis fucked me”.I chuckle and ask “How did it cum to pass that you like to be fucked?””Well, since I know you won’t tell anybody, here is the scoop”.Seems as a teenager when he first started jerking off, his anus was of much interest to him. He would rub his fingers over and all around it and slip a finger or two inside. He luv’d poking his fingers in and out. It added to his ejaculation.His next door neighbor’s k** came on to him a couple of years ago. They would jerk off and suck each other and one day he asked Les if he could fuck him. Les agreed and they did that a dozen times or so. He had a small cock and it slipped in as easily as Les’s fingers and it felt really awesome. The first couple of times Les was on all 4’s to be fucked but then the k** fucked him once on his back with Les’s legs over the k**’s shoulders. That way he could jerk Les off while he fucked him. The k** really liked it that way so they always did it like afterwards. The k** liked the way Les’s anus clutched and gripped his cock when Les came. The pressure felt terrific and the spasms got him off more intensely. However, just before Les left Detroit, a guy had fucked him and he was way too big and it hurt like hell. Therefore, he hadn’t been fucked until Travis did. Travis’s cock was just the right size, big enough to be really satisfying but not too big too hurt.”Has Lucy heard from Travis?” I ask.”Yes”, he’s got a job driving a truck for some moving company”.”So you have not been able to find work?””No, seems most guys think I look too young.” “Are you in high school yet?” One asshole asked me. Another says “come back when you’re old enough to shave.”I feel bad for Les. He’s a terrific young guy and …….suddenly a light bulb goes off in my head!!.===========================Yesterday, after the 3:00 PM seminar, our group had gone to the bar for a beer. When we broke up it was after 7:00 and I was hungry. I decided to eat at the istanbul rus escort bayan cafe across the street. Before I sat down though, I had to piss. My back teeth were afloat. There were 3 urinals and a guy was standing at the left one so I took the one on the right. I unzipped, whipped out my pecker, pulled back my hood and proceeded to piss. My stream was heavy and I splashed it about like a garden hose. I could feel his eyes looking over at me. I looked over at him and while he was holding his cock with his right hand, I could just see the end of his cock. He was slowly rubbing it and rolling his foreskin back and forth. Then he put it away and zipped up and I asked him “how’s it hanging?”He answers as he’s walking to the sinks “pretty good actually.”Then he comes back to the urinal, unzips and pulls out his pecker. He rolled his hood back and shook his cock around a bit and then pushes his foreskin back and forth a few times. I said “you got quite a beauty there”.”Thanks” he says. Then he comes over and stands beside me in front of the middle urinal. He offers his cock for me to touch. And touch I do! I jerk his cock and roll his foreskin back and forth. He gets hard right away, hell I think he was half-hard when I came into the washroom. His cock was good-sized. Not really thick or long but very very nice, a very nice fistful for sure.Then the door opens and we separate and he quickly zips up, washes up and leaves. When I am finished washing up at the sink, I leave and enter the cafe. He is sitting alone at a table and motions me over.”Care to join me?” he asks.”You bet, I am ready for a nice big piece of meat?”He laughs “down boy, all in good time.”We order and conduct conversational intercourse as we eat. His name is Ben North, he’s 45, married and has 3 girls, twins in grade school and the oldest is 17 and graduates next year. He is the office manager for a nationwide catalogue order firm. He gives me his business card. He supervises a staff of 75 telephone order takers. Their office building is located in the suburbs and he has been in town buying supplies. He gets into the city alone every so often. I tell him that I am staying at the hotel across the street and that I am from Denver and have been attending a 6 week seminar that will soon be over. He asks “are you the kind of guy that can keep a secret?””That would be me” I tell him. “Why” I ask.”Wll, if you’re so inclined, I’d like to rus escort istanbul come to your hotel room and suck all the cum out of that magnificent pecker of yours!”I chuckle. But he doesn’t. “I’m serious” he says.”Well, I am horny as hell, guess you are too and the truth is, I’d like to blow that beauty of yours too”.”Gawd, that would be terrific, the wife’s been on the rag for weeks it seems and she won’t even touch my cock these days, let alone suck me off.””Oh my” I say “sucks to be you” and we both laugh uproariously. “You know why wives have both a pussy and a mouth right?” “So they can piss and moan at the same time.” Again we both burst out laughing!”Give me a few minutes to shower. You can pay the bill, hah hah, then come over ok?””Ok” he agrees.I go to my room, shower quickly and have just put on a hotel robe when he knocks.When he comes in I ask him “do you want to shower first?”Thankfully he does. Truth is……he needs it, lol.He comes out naked, sporting a tumescent pecker, a clean tumescent pecker!We get at it right away. We embrace, kiss and hug for a couple of minutes and then get on the bed in a 69 position. When my mouth engulfs his cock and sucks up and down on his cock a few times, I hear “ahhhhhhhhhhhh, that feels so damm good.” I release his cock for a moment and chuckle “feels good to me too.”Then we resume sucking, slowly jerking each other’s shafts and fondling our nutsacks. You’d think we had each done this before, lol. He is the first to cum. Whether from my skills (haha) or his need. He shoots a good load down my throat and I swallow it all and drain his cock until no more jism is forthcoming. His cock goes limp and I give his shaft and cockhead a final lick.Meanwhile, back at my crotch, his head is bobbing feverishly up and down. I commence thrusting my hips rapidly, panting and gasping until I reach my goal. My cum spurts out into his hot mouth and down his throat. Being the good cocksucker that he is, he cleans it all up with his eager tongue and hot mouth and swallows it all down.”Ahhhhhhhhh, I needed that” he hums.He has to leave right away to get back home before the wife gets to wonder why he’s not home yet. “Care to meet me again sometime?” he asks before he opens the door.”Sure, call the hotel and leave a message at the front desk to meet for supper. I’ll join you at the cafe. My treat this time.”====================================So here, Les and I are in my hotel room and I put two and two together. Les needs a job. Maybe Ben needs a new guy. I open the top drawer of the dresser, grab Ben’s business card and hand it to Les. “I met this guy at the cafe across the street last night where I had supper. Call him and see if he needs a new guy to answer phones.”Les is very happy and grateful for the referral. How grateful……tell ya later :))

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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