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Subject: Summer with Gramps, Part 10 (gay/incest) This is adult FICTION. It is not intended to encourage or condone any similar activities in the real world. It is merely ENTERTAINMENT, for which Nifty could use your donations! http://donate./donate.html Don’t read this story if you’re not old enough for this stuff, if m/m stories offend you, or if “family fun” isn’t your kind of fantasy. On the other hand, if that’s what you’re looking for, then unzip and get busy! SUMMER WITH GRAMPS PART 10 One early morning, a very early morning, long before it was time to get up for chores, I was gently nudged awaked by a hard cock nestling between my butt cheeks. Slowly sliding back and forth in my crack. I’d given up wearing pajamas or anything else to bed, since Gramps liked easy access if he needed to have a midnight fuck. I groaned softly at being awoken, and the dick stopped moving. Without letting myself be drawn completely awake, I lifted one leg and reached between my thighs. I easily found the rigid shaft and guided the head to my hole, which was still filled with lube and cum from Gramps’ post-chores fuck the night before. “Get on with it, if you’re gonna do it,” I grumbled sleepily, and then I felt the cock begin to slide slowly through my fingers. The head of the cock pushed at my pucker, and I relaxed my butt muscles. I was actually trying to go back to sleep as the cock slid easily inside me. “Mmmm,” I sighed, pulling my hand from between my thighs and letting my leg back down as the cock slowly but steadily inched its way inside me. “Mmmm,” I sighed again as I worked my head into the pillow to get comfortable again. A hand reached around and pressed firmly on my belly as the cock finally reached full depth in my butt and the balls were pressed against my flesh. “Mmmm.” A soft moan filled my ear as a stubbly cheek was slowly rubbed against my neck. The hand slid slowly up my body until it found a pert nipple to play with. The cock remained motionless inside me so long that I was definitely in danger of falling back asleep. “Are you gonna fuck me or what?” I finally mumbled. “Joe said you wouldn’t mind if I shared your bed. He didn’t say anything about fucking you,” a deep voice whispered in my ear. “What?” I asked, trying to reason through the grogginess. I looked over my shoulder and saw a vaguely familiar face pulled back into the moonlight. “Who?” “Paul Geary,” he replied with a smile. “And you must be Charlie.” “You’d better hope I am,” I chuckled in spite of my drowsiness. “What are you doing here?” “Your grandma suggested it might be better just to plan to stay here, in case Pop changed his mind about letting me visit.” “And Gramps suggested you could share my room.” “That’s about it…after he fucked me and wanted to get some sleep.” “That sounds like Gramps,” I yawned, and then I tensed up, including my ass on Paul’s cock. “Relax,” Paul whispered in my ear, “Joe told me all about everything while he was breeding my ass. It was just like old times, only he was telling me about his grandson instead of his son.” He continued playing with my nipple, which was suddenly getting very sensitive. “You know about Dad too?” I asked, even though it was obvious he did. “Yeah,” Paul replied, sliding his hand down over my belly again and discovering my rigid cock. “The three of us had some good times out in that barn, until Pop ruined it all. Nice,” he added as he began slowly stroking my shaft. “Oh yeah,” I sighed. “So are you gonna fuck me or what?” “You want me to?” Paul whispered in my ear. “Oh yeah,” I repeated in response to his question and his tightened grip on my cock. “Joe said you would,” Paul laughed softly in my ear as he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass until only the head was still inside. Then he just as slowly slid it back in again. “Mmmm,” he sighed, “just as tight as your dad’s was.” “You and dad…?” “As often as we could,” Paul confirmed as he again slid his dick out and then back into my ass as he seductively stroked my cock. “We were regular sleepover buddies.” “Fuckbuddies,” I sighed. “Oh yeah,” Paul sighed. “You feel so good.” “So do you,” I replied, running a hand up Paul’s arm and then back down to his hand on my shaft. “So strong,” I sighed, feeling the sinewy, flexing muscles. “Just your average horny gym bunny,” he replied. “Tighter, Charlie,” he whispered, and I gripped his dick tighter with my ass. “Yeah, that’s it,” he sighed, slowly increasing the speed of his fucking. “Oh yeah,” he growled as he rolled me over on my belly and pinned me to the mattress with his body. I moaned and lifted my hips slightly to make sure his cock stayed inside my ass. “Mmmm, fuck me,” I groaned softly. “A boy after my own heart…or ass…or cock,” Paul chuckled as he entwined his fingers in mine and spread my arms wide. The weight of his body pressed down on me as his cock pressed deeper into me. “Joe said you were a good boy.” “I am,” I agreed softly as I flexed my hips to show Paul how much I wanted it. Wanted him. Wanted cock. I didn’t have to do the flexing for long. Paul had the same thing in mind and started doing more of the work to slip his dick in and out of my tight hole as he licked and kissed my neck. “So tight,” he sighed as I felt his thrusts becoming more urgent. Sharper. Harder. Deeper. “Yeah,” I moaned. “That’s it, Paul. Give me that dick.” “That daddy dick?” he growled in my ear. “Yes, daddy, yes,” I moaned. “Damn, you’re fucking hot,” Paul grunted. “So are you,” I moaned. “No wonder the guys are all after you.” “How would you know that?” Paul laughed, halting the assault. “Uh, sorry, I read your letters.” “My…?” “To your mother,” I added. “I didn’t mean to, but then I couldn’t stop. You sounded so…nice.” “Damn, you are just like your dad,” Paul laughed softly again. “What? Why?” Paul chuckled and then said, “Just shut up and let me fuck you, Charlie.” “Yes, sir,” I agreed. “Yes, who?” he laughed. “Yes, Daddy.” “That’s better,” Paul replied as he resumed his slow but deep and hard thrusts. “Yeah, that’s better,” he groaned as I ass-gripped his cock as tight as I could. “God, your ass feels so good.” “So does your cock,” I moaned, thrusting my ass up to meet his plunging cock. Again and again and again. “You like daddy cum as much as you like daddy cock?” Paul panted. “More,” I moaned. “I can’t get enough.” “I guess Joe wasn’t lying,” Paul grunted, thrusting more urgently. More rapidly. More frantically. “You gonna breed my ass, Paul?” “You want me to?” he puffed. “You know I do,” I groaned, flexing my ass on his pumping cock. “You think you can take all of daddy’s cum?” he panted. “I’ll try.” I couldn’t help laughing. “You’re gonna have to do better than try. You’re gonna take it all,” Paul grunted in rhythm with the deep penetrating thrusts. “I’m ready, Daddy,” I moaned. “So am I, boy, so am I,” Paul groaned. “So close.” “I can take it,” I assured him. “I’m sure you can,” he grunted as he began power-fucking my ass. Sharp, hard, quick thrusts. In and out. In and out. Urgent. Hectic. Frantic. “Oh, Charlie.” “Do it, Paul!” I growled. “Fucking gonna cum,” he panted. “Do it. Breed my ass.” “Oh, Charlie,” he growled between gritted teeth. His chest pressed against my back and his hips frantically worked his cock in and out of my tight hole. His fingers tightened their grip on mine. “Fuck me, Daddy!” “I’m gonna cum,” he panted. “Do it. Do it. Do it.” I grunted with every thrust. “So close,” he warned. “Fill me with daddy cum!” “FUCK!” he moaned with a clenched jaw as he drove his dick as far as it could get inside my guts. “Shoot that load,” I egged him on. His cock throbbed, and he moaned, “I AMMMMMMMMMM!” “That’s it. Shoot your load in my ass,” I ordered, thrusting my butt up and down his throbbing, spasming, erupting cock. “Oh, Charlie,” he grunted as his hips reflexively darıca escort pulled his shooting cock out of my hole. I felt a shot of cum fly up my back before he plunged the head back into me. “Yeah, give it to me,” I begged as the cock pulsed and pumped more cum into me. Paul gave my ass a few random jerky fucks and then he paused. “Oh shit,” he sighed as I felt his body begin to relax and weigh down on me. “You are as hot as your dad,” he moaned before kissing my neck again. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” I laughed. “Oh, it is,” he sighed. “You’re the first one who has ever come close. It was like stepping back in time.” “So, you and dad…” “Well, it’s not something you would have read in my letters, but he was my first love.” Paul trailed off as he slowly and gently pulsed his cock in my ass. “Not that I ever told him so in those words.” “Mmmm, that feels nice.” “Sure does,” Paul agreed, kissing my neck again. “And then your dad kicked you out.” I couldn’t help searching for more information. “Yeah,” Paul replied. He stopped fucking me, and I figured I’d gone too far. After a brief silence he rolled us back over on our sides with his cock still firmly planted inside my ass. “I shouldn’t have asked,” I said as Paul absentmindedly began rubbing my belly. “No, it’s fine. You’re the one who got me here. It’s only fair you know what you’re stirring up…besides my cock,” he added with a soft laugh. After another brief silence, he continued. “It wasn’t that Pop kicked me out. He just made it clear that if I was staying, I was changing. And I didn’t want to change. I couldn’t change. This isn’t something I can change.” “So you left.” “I was ready to head off to college anyway. I just went and didn’t look back.” “Not even for Dad?” I asked, not sure what new can of worms I was opening. “It was complicated. He went to a different school. We wrote each other for a while. Then, the next thing I knew, Mom was telling me he was engaged. So, I moved on.” Paul pressed his cheek against the back of my head and continued to rub my belly absentmindedly. I decided not to press him for more details. I also decided not to tell him that the reason for my parent’s sudden marriage was that dad knocked up mom in college. Not with me. They got married quickly and then she lost the baby. I came along a few years later…as the result of a New Year’s celebration. At least that’s the family story. There was a sudden knock on the bedroom door. “Chore time, boys!” Gramps called out. “That means you too, Paul. Gotta earn your pleasures on this farm,” he added with a laugh. “Guess I’ve got a lot of chores to do, then,” Paul whispered to me, “because I’ve just had a lot of pleasure.” “Me too,” I assured him. “You sure?” he asked, finding my hard cock and slowly stroking it. “I’m sure,” I replied. “Besides, the day’s not over yet.” “I doubt visiting Pop will be much of a pleasure.” I wanted to tell him just how pleasurable it could be to visit Mr. Geary, but I didn’t. He could find that out on his own…if he was going to find it out at all. ***** Gramps made it clear he wanted some pleasure of his own out in the barn after the three of us quickly finished all of the chores in record time. “I see you two got acquainted this morning,” Gramps chuckled as he slipped his own dick into my cum-filled hole. “Just being a good host,” I replied as Gramps’ dick slid easily into my ass. “It’s the best accommodations I’ve ever had,” Paul laughed as he watched Gramps fuck me. “If Charlie is anything, he’s accommodating,” Gramps laughed. “Damn, this brings back memories,” Paul said after he watched Gramps work on my butt for a while. “Sure does,” Gramps replied. “You’ve been away for far too long.” After another long pause, during which I got a steady pounding of grandpa dick, Paul finally asked, a bit nervously, “How’s Marty?” “Horny as ever,” Gramps laughed. “You know what I mean,” Paul persisted. I looked at his face, and it obviously wasn’t an easy question for him to ask. “Still married, son,” Gramps replied seriously. “But still up for cock,” I guaranteed him, which made Paul laugh. “Good to know.” “So am I,” I persisted. “At both ends.” “Like father, like son,” Gramps laughed. “Then we’d better keep him happy,” Paul laughed, stepping around in front of me, unzipping his jeans, pulling out his hard cock, and feeding it too me. “Mmmm,” I sighed as Paul’s dick slipped between my lips. “That’s it, boy,” Gramps grunted. “Suck that cock.” “Yeah, suck that daddy cock,” Paul growled. Gramps let out a huge laugh. “That’s it, Paul. That’s what he likes.” “Then he’s gonna get it soon, because watching you two and thinking about old times has me fully primed.” “I’m ready when you are,” Gramps assured him. And before I knew it, I had cum being pumped into me at both ends. Filling my gagging mouth. Overflowing from my already-cum-filled asshole. “TAKE IT, BOY!” Gramps yelled as he slammed his cumming cock into my well-used asshole and continued shooting his load. “EAT IT, CHARLIE!” Paul ordered as his throbbing cock continued coating my tonsils with jizz. “UUUNNNNGGGGHHH!!!!” I roared as my own untouched cock suddenly started spraying my cum all over the barn loft floor. “Feels like we’re fucking the cum out of him,” Gramps laughed. “Like father, like son,” Paul laughed. ***** “What are you three so cheery about this morning?” Gran asked as she served us up some breakfast after the chores. “Just nice to be back in the country,” Paul replied innocently. “Wouldn’t have killed you to come back while your mother was alive,” Gran replied casually. “Mary,” Gramps warned. “You know the boy wrote to his mother. The rest isn’t your business.” “I’m just saying,” Gran replied innocently. “I should have,” Paul agreed. “You’re right. But what’s done is done.” “Well, at least you’re finally gonna mend fences with your dad. That’s something,” Gran replied. “More than that old buzzard deserves,” Gramps grumbled. “Didn’t know what a good son he had.” “Thank you, sir,” Paul replied with a smile. “Better than Dad?” I asked with a smile. “Paul was like a second son to me,” Gramps replied with a wink. “He sure spent enough time around here,” Gran agreed as she finally sat down with us at the table. She looked at Paul and finally smiled, “And it’s good to have you back.” “It’s good to be back,” Paul replied with a smile at Gramps and a wink at me. “Say grace, Joe,” Gran ordered. “Grace,” Gramps said quickly and began eating. Paul and I laughed, but Gran didn’t look too amused. ***** When I pulled up in front of Mr. Geary’s house a few hours later with Paul in the passenger seat, Mr. Geary was sitting on his porch. “Wish me luck,” Paul said with a nervous smile as he opened the passenger door. “Good luck,” I said. “Here goes nothing,” Paul replied, then he got out and walked up to the porch. I watched as Mr. Geary stood when Paul reached the steps. They exchanged a few words that I couldn’t hear, then Mr. Geary tentatively held out his hand. Paul hesitated and then shook it. That was it. No big tearful reunion. No angry screaming. Just a handshake. I wasn’t sure whether that was a good sign or not, then Paul turned and waved for me to join them. I raised my hand to acknowledge the invitation but to decline it at the same time. Mr. Geary looked right at me and said loud and clear, “Might as well come on in, since you’re apparently the one who started all this.” That made me a little nervous, but I got out of the truck and joined Paul at the foot of the porch steps. “You need me to do any chores while I’m here, Mr. Geary?” I asked politely. Paul rolled his eyes at me, but Mr. Geary said, “I expect Paul could use your help packing up his stuff.” Paul hesitated and then finally said, “The more, the merrier.” “You know the way,” Mr. Geary said as he stepped kocaeli eve gelen escort aside. “I put a few boxes on the bed for you.” “Thanks, Pop,” Paul replied, and I thought Mr. Geary stiffened up a bit. His backbone, not his cock! “I suppose you’ll be wanting some lunch,” Mr. Geary said as I followed Paul into the house. “Don’t go to any trouble,” Paul replied casually as he headed off to his old bedroom. “You want me to make something?” I offered. “I think I can manage a few sandwiches myself,” Mr. Geary grumbled as he headed off to the kitchen. “That didn’t go too bad,” I said when I joined Paul in his old bedroom. “Could have been worse. I guess I should thank you for whatever you’ve said to him.” “Don’t mention it,” I replied, then I rubbed my crotch. “But now that you have…” “Damn, you really are your old man,” Paul laughed. “He always wanted to start his visits here with a blowjob.” “And…?” “And he usually got his way,” Paul grinned. “Well, like father, like son, as you said yourself,” I replied, undoing my jeans. “I can’t, Charlie,” Paul replied nervously. “Pleeeeeeeeeeease,” I mock whined as I released my stiffening dick from my jeans and gave it a few slow strokes. Paul grinned and rolled his eyes before dropping to his knees. “You really are as horny as Joe said you were,” he laughed as he took my shaft in his fist. “Just making up for lost time,” I replied with a grin of my own. “This better be a quick one,” Paul said right before his lips slipped around the head of my cock. “Whatever you say,” I said, putting my hands on my hips and relaxing into his mouth. “Mmmm,” he moaned as his lips slid down my shaft, and I could feel him exploring my flesh with his tongue. “Save room for lunch,” I said, and he gagged when he laughed. He pulled off and said, “I always have room for seconds.” Then he swallowed my cock again, quickly and eagerly. All the way to the root. His nose was buried in my pubes and my balls were resting on his chin. He gulped a few times and worked his throat on my cock while his tongue slipped between his bottom lip and my cock and searched for my balls. “You’ve done this before,” I said. He slowly slurped his way off my cock and smiled up at me. “A few times. You dad and grandpa taught me well.” “They sure did,” I replied as he swallowed me again and began slowly sucking my cock. With his fist gripping the lower half and his mouth engulfing the upper half, he began to suck and stroke at the same time. Working my entire cock. Sucking the head while gripping the shaft firmly. “Oh yeah,” I sighed, finally running my fingers through his thick hair. “Mmmm,” he moaned back, and I could feel him pressing his head into my hands as he pulled off of my cock and then slid back down it. I slid one hand around and cupped the back of his head while the other hand rested on top. I held him firmly in place as I slowly began fucking his mouth. Paul moaned with pleasure as I took charge, pulling his head forward as I drove my dick into his throat. Slow and steady. I felt his hands gripping my ass and pulling me forward. Urging me on. Deeper and faster. I wasn’t going to object. I fucked his mouth good. Felt his spit oozing out around my cock and running down over my balls. His hands worked my jeans down over my hips and then began massaging my butt cheeks as he pulled my cock into his mouth. “Damn, for someone who wasn’t sure he wanted to do this, you sure changed your mind.” Paul replied with a horny moan of pleasure as the tips of his fingers slid into my sweaty crack. “Oh yeah,” I groaned as his fingers inched closer and closer to my asshole. “Finger me,” I encouraged him. “Mmmmph,” Paul grunted as I continued feeding him cock and his fingers finally discovered my pucker. “Do it,” I begged, torn between fucking my cock between his tight lips and wanting to push my ass onto his fingers. “Oh god yeah,” I moaned when he finally eliminated the dilemma by working a finger into my asshole. “More,” I begged, and he worked a finger from the other hand in beside the first. “Oh yeah, that’s it,” I panted as he opened me up and swallowed me in. “Mmmmph,” Paul grunted again as I began fucking his face more eagerly. “Oh god, Paul, I’m gonna cum,” I grunted in warning. “Mmmmph,” he replied, redoubling his sucking efforts and working a third finger into my hole. “Oh fuck yeah,” I groaned, completely on the edge. The bedroom door opened, and Mr. Geary asked, “What kind of sand–?” He froze when he saw what was going on. Paul heard his dad and pulled off of my cock to look over at him. I couldn’t stop. As soon as the fresh, cool air hit my wet cock, it erupted. The first shot of cum hit Paul on the cheek. The splatter drew his attention and he reflexively turned back to me. The second shot of cum splashed across his nose and the other cheek. The third shot hit him on the chin and immediately started running down. Paul quickly scooped up the chin cum before it could drip off and automatically slipped it into his mouth. He then wrapped his lips around my cock again and sucked eagerly as more cum shot from my balls into his mouth. I expected Mr. Geary to leave or yell or something. Instead, he just watched the scene, and then I realized the outline of his own cock was becoming more and more prominent. “Don’t stop, Paul,” I begged, looking right at Mr. Geary, who began rubbing his crotch. I then licked my lips and mouthed, “Suck me, Paulie.” I was disappointed when Mr. Geary turned quickly and closed the door behind him. “Oh god,” I moaned as my throbbing cock finally began to give out. “That was hot, with your dad watching.” Paul slurped off of my dick and looked around to see the closed door. “I guess some things never change.” “From what I hear, it’s not the first time he’s seen your face covered in cum,” I laughed. “Yeah, well,” Paul said as he wiped the cum off of his face and then licked his hand clean. “Better get this stuff all packed up. I doubt I’ll be coming back now.” “I’m sorry,” I said, suddenly feeling really sorry. I’d meant to get the father and son back together, and now it looked like I’d driven them further apart. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Mr. Geary growled, “Lunch is on the table.” Paul gave me a surprised look as I tucked my spent cock back in my jeans. “You heard the man. Are you still hungry?” I asked with my spirits rising and a new plan developing. ***** The three of us sat at the kitchen table and ate in silence. Paul gave me an occasional glance, but Mr. Geary never looked up from his plate. He didn’t eat much. He only managed to finish off half of a sandwich while Paul and I wolfed down two or three each. “I guess we should get back to it,” Paul finally said. “Packing,” he added quickly. “Sure,” I agreed, “but I have to help your dad with some chores in the barn first.” Mr. Geary finally looked at me with a lost and wondering gaze, but Paul didn’t seem to mind. “Okay, the farm comes first.” I stifled a laugh and the urge to say, “No, I did.” Instead, I asked, “You’ll clean up the dishes?” “Sure, no problem,” Paul assured me. “Okay, then we’d better get to it, Mr. Geary,” I said cheerfully. Mr. Geary still looked at me as if he was completely at a loss, but he did stand up and follow me out of the house. On the way to the barn, I thought about asking what he thought of seeing my cum all over Paul’s face, but I didn’t. We just walked in silence. “What chores?” Mr. Geary finally asked when we were alone in the barn. “This one, Pop,” I said softly as I stepped up and unhooked a strap on his overalls. “I can’t stop thinking about how quickly this stiffened up when you saw all that cum,” I added, giving his crotch a gentle rub. Mr. Geary closed his eyes and let out a soft moan as I felt his cock start to harden. I undid the other strap on the overalls gebze escort bayan and slowly lowered the bib to expose his bare chest. I leaned forward and gave one nipple a slow, sensual lick. “Oh, Paulie,” Mr. Geary sighed. I looked up to see that he still had his eyes closed, and then I lowered his overalls to reveal the tent in his underwear. “That’s it, Pop,” I whispered as I pulled his underwear down and released his hard cock. “Just the way I like it,” I added as I slowly pulled the foreskin back down the rigid shaft and exposed the head. “Mmmmm,” I sighed as I bent over and licked the slit. As the head slid between my lips, I heard Mr. Geary revert to the prays that he’d mumbled the first time I serviced him. I sucked Mr. Geary’s cock a few times, then I let it slip from between my lips. “Don’t stop, Paulie,” Mr. Geary moaned. “We’re not stopping, Pop,” I replied. “I just want you to fuck me.” “Oh, Son,” Mr. Geary whispered as I turned around and backed up toward his oozing cock. I leaned over and reached between my legs to guide his cock in. I hadn’t been sure what the day would bring, but like the Boy Scouts, I was always prepared. Mr. Geary’s cock slid easily into my lubed and relaxed asshole. “Mmmmm,” he sighed as his dick worked its way deeper into me. “That’s it, Pop. I like your cock in me.” “Oh, Paulie,” Mr. Geary groaned when he was balls deep inside me. “Fuck me, Pop,” I whispered. Mr. Geary finally gripped my hips to help me balance as he started fucking my ass. “God forgive me,” he moaned, and then he resumed his urgent mumbling while his cock slid steadily in and out of my grasping asshole. He was really slamming his meat into me by the time he groaned, “I’m sorry, Paulie, but I need it so bad.” “All you had to do was ask,” Paul replied. “Paulie!” Mr. Geary yelled in surprised when his eyes flew open and he saw his son watching him plow my ass. Mr. Geary froze and feebly objected, “It’s not what it–” “It looks like what I fantasized about almost every time Joe fucked me,” Paul replied. “Nine times out of ten, I pretended it was you.” “Paulie,” Mr. Geary replied. Partly an objection. Partly an acknowledgement. His cock, which I’d felt soften a bit on our discovery, was hardening again. “The day you caught us,” Paul continued, “I was imagining it was you shooting your load all over my face, not Joe.” “Son,” Mr. Geary sighed as he unconsciously began a slight fucking motion in my ass. “I wanted that too. I did. I felt so guilty for what I was thinking. I wanted to protect you…from Joe and from me.” “I didn’t need your protection,” Paul objected. “I needed your love. You’re approval. You’re appreciation.” “Oh, Son,” Mr. Geary whined, and I was sure he sniffled a bit as well. “I still want it,” Paul added as he began to undress. “Will you give it to me. Will you fuck me, Pop?” Mr. Geary froze again with his cock buried deep in my ass, but I felt it throb with excitement and anticipation. We watched as Paul finished undressing and exposed his naked body and hard cock to his dad, then I silently pulled my ass off of Mr. Geary’s cock. “Thanks, Charlie,” Paul whispered as he took my place. He must have come prepared as well, or was just more practiced at taking cock, because either way, his ass slid easily onto Mr. Geary’s pulsing rod. “Forgive me, Paulie,” Mr. Geary moaned as he gripped Paul’s hips and watched his own cock disappearing into his son’s ass. “There’s nothing to forgive,” Paul assured him. “I want this as much as you.” “I doubt that,” Mr. Geary grumbled, and I stifled a laugh at the look of pure lust on his face. “Fuck me, Pop,” Paul whispered, and that was all it took to set Mr. Geary in motion. I watched in silence as he bit his lower lip and began plunging his cock in and out of Paul’s hole. I expected him to close his eyes and start mumbling his prayers, but instead, he stared down at where their bodies met. Enjoying the sight. Appreciating every sensation. Fucking his boy! “Oh god, Paulie,” Mr. Geary finally grunted. “This is better than I ever imagined.” “It’s what I always wanted,” Paul assured him. “That’s it. Fuck your boy, Pop.” Mr. Geary smiled and plowed Paul’s ass. Again and again and again. “Feels so good,” he moaned. “Sure does,” Paul groaned in reply. “Don’t stop.” “I couldn’t even if I wanted to,” Mr. Geary panted. “And I don’t want to.” “Then just keep fucking me, Pop. We’ve got a lot of time to make up for.” “Not sure I can last that long,” Mr. Geary laughed. He was a completely different man. A relaxed man. A happy man. “Then I hope you have a quick recovery,” Paul laughed back. “I’m not sure about that,” Mr. Geary panted, “but I’ll do my best. I knew I should go and leave them alone, but I was honestly too fascinated watching a father and son fucking for the first time. I even started stroking my own cock as I watched. It didn’t matter to Paul and Mr. Geary. As far as they were concerned, they were in their own little world. I didn’t even exist. “Yeah, that’s it, Pop,” Paul groaned. “Right there. Just like that. Oh yeah.” “However you want it, Son,” Mr. Geary moaned. “Just like that. Don’t stop. Harder, Pop. Harder. Joe fucks me so hard.” I was surprised at that comment, but I smiled broadly when I saw the effect Gramps’ name had on Mr. Geary. He began really pounding Paul’s hole, like he was trying to show his son how much better he could fuck than Gramps could. Taking possession of his son after all of those years. “Fuck Joe,” Mr. Geary finally grunted. “As long as you’re fucking me,” Paul grunted back. “That’s all I need.” “I love you, Paulie,” Mr. Geary panted. “I love you too, Pop,” Paul panted back. “Oh fuck, Son, I’m gonna cum!” “Do it, Pop,” Paul replied eagerly as he gripped his own cock and began pumping it rapidly. As I watched, I sped up the jacking of my own rigid, drooling cock. “Wanna last,” Mr. Geary groaned. “Cum, Pop. It won’t be the last time,” Paul assured him. Mr. Geary leered down at his cock plunging into his boy’s butt and said, “Gonna fill you, Paulie.” “That’s it, Pop. Give me the load I’ve wanted all my life,” Paul grunted, thrusting his ass back to meet his dad’s cock. “Gonna cum,” Mr. Geary panted his nearly inaudible warning. “DO IT, POP!” Paul yelled. “OH, PAULIE!” Mr. Geary yelled back. “I’M CUMMING!” “FILL ME WITH CUM!” Paul begged as Mr. Geary began thrusting wildly. “FEELS SO GOOD!” Mr. Geary roared. “THAT’S IT, POP. BREED YOUR BOY!” Paul roared back, and suddenly I saw his cock start shooting its load all over the barn floor. “YOU COMING, PAULIE?” Mr. Geary asked with obvious surprise. “I SURE AM!” Paul laughed. “THAT’S MY BOY!” Mr. Geary replied as he continued thrusting and pumping. Filling Paul’s ass with hot daddy cum. And that’s the moment when my balls tightened up and my cock began spitting its load all over the barn floor as well. It was the quietest cum I’d ever had, but I didn’t want to distract Mr. Geary and Paul. I just pumped my cock and spewed load after load on the floor as Paul did the same, but Paul was looking over his shoulder at his dad, not at me, which was fine. “Oh, fuck, Son,” Mr. Geary finally panted as his body began to relax. “Thanks, Pop,” Paul replied. “I needed that.” “So did I,” Mr. Geary assured him. “It’s been a long time coming.” “We definitely have a lot of time to make up for,” Paul agreed. “We sure do,” Mr. Geary replied softly as he began gently rubbing Paul’s lower back. Paul didn’t show any signs of pulling off of his dad’s spent cock. I tucked my cock back in my jeans and quietly left them alone in the barn. ***** I was stretched out on Paul’s bed when he finally came back from the barn. I watched as, instead of packing more things, he started to unpack what was already in the boxes. “Thanks, Charlie,” he finally said softly without looking at me. “Welcome home,” I said as I got up and started to help him unpack. ——————- I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun. I always enjoy hearing from satisfied readers: hoo Remember, always play SAFE in the real world. You never know where that thing has been! You can check out my other stories fty//authors.htmlhotfordads

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