Summertime: Gina and Sean

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The first thing I do when I get back home from work is take my dog out. I put the leash on her, walk out the backdoor and start my daily round. It’s not a very big round. Big enough for her to do her business and to get some exercise, while I just want to go home, eat and relax after a day at the office. I just moved to this apartment complex. After my girlfriend and I broke up, I needed to have something and this was the first one I saw that I could afford. It’s not a bad place, the apartment is quite big. One bedroom, one bathroom, 1300 square feet, and it includes free heat and water. All for $1100 a month. The buildings are set in a U-shape figure. Three buildings, each with ten houses, form the U. In the middle is a big parking lot, crawling up the hill. I asked for the downstairs floor, so that I have the basement as well. The other apartments have only one floor and are a lot smaller. The whole complex has eight of those ‘U’s and I guess it houses around 750–1000 people. I came here during springtime and my work time makes it hard to get in contact with the other folks. Normally I start at six in the morning and won’t be back until six or seven in the evening. If it weren’t be for my dog, I would hardly see anybody at all. The dog was the only thing my ex and I fought over. She wanted to keep it, just to piss me off. She knows how much I love that dog. Ruby (the dog) became my savior and I think she was the only reason that the relationship lasted as long as it did. Whenever we got into a fight, I took Ruby out and wandered through the woods for hours and that seemed to be the only solution for our fights. Of course, it only made it worse. We should have talked it out or something, but I shut down when there is an argument; I have no idea what to say and just want to get out of that situation. Yes, running away from it might be a good description. I am in building seven and when I leave my apartment I turn right. Behind the apartments is a forest surrounded by a fence to keep the deer in the forest and out of the complex. I walk to the end of building eight where the fence is damaged. It looks like a buck or something just smashed the fence down to make it easier for them to get into the complex. It sure works, you will find them everywhere on the compound in the early morning and late afternoon, eating everything that escort izmit they can find. I dive into that little forest with Ruby and stroll along the banks of a little stream. I unleash her, sit down on one of the rocks and watch her run around like a maniac. She sniffs everywhere, follows trails and tries to hunt down the squirrels, that are smart enough to run into the trees just before she can catch them. After thirty minutes or so, I call her again and we slowly make our way back to home. Things started to change in our daily routine about two weeks ago. It was the first week of July and temperatures were slowly climbing to reach the mid-nineties on Saturday. I got up around eight that morning and saw how beautiful it was outside, so I took Ruby out. That was when I met Gina. Gina lives in apartment 818. I had never seen her before but that morning she was sitting on her deck having a smoke. I said, “Good morning,” as a friendly neighbor should do, even nodded, and continued my walk. “Good morning,” she smiled back, “Nice day for a walk, right?” I stopped and turned my head around while Ruby tried to get over the damaged fence. I took a few steps back, and Gina had gotten up. She was leaning over the railing that surrounded her little deck. Gina’s deck was about five feet higher than the sidewalk, so I had to look up. “Oh, it’s awesome, I love it,” I replied and took a good look at her. I estimated her to be early thirties. She had dark brown hair that was tight in a knot on the back of her head. One piece however wasn’t tied in and hung along the left side of her head. When she moved her head it swung a bit and covered her eye. She wore a long, light brown cardigan that seemed to be made of wool. It reached almost down to her knees. She looked cute, adorable, but her smile showed a glimpse of naughtiness. “You’re new, right?” she asked. She stood there looking down on me, and it felt like she was checking me out. “Yep, moved here about a month ago,” I answered. “Well,” she smiled, “welcome to the neighborhood. I’m Gina.” I courteously nodded my head. “Thanks, I’m Sean.” “Nice to meet you, Sean,” Gina said before flinging her cigarette over the railing and going back inside. From that morning on, I would meet her almost every day. Every morning and evening, she would be sitting there having a smoke, wearing izmit escort that cardigan. And every morning and evening we would have a small talk. I learned that she was married and had a little kid. Her daughter was a real, little brat, thirteen years old, with trouble written all over her. Gina had a hard time controlling her, but her husband took care of that. Gina didn’t have to say anything. I met the guy a couple of times and, although I hate to judge people and try not to be prejudiced, this guy was too obvious. Long, greasy hair, arms covered with old school tattoos and a belly that grew bigger with every six-pack he poured down his throat. He was a rough guy that knew how to use his hands, and I felt sorry for both of them, but I learned not to stick my nose in other people’s business a long time ago. Gina slowly told me her story and every day she told me a bit more. Bright college girl starts dating a local, white trash metal head. At first, because it was cool to do, and Jim was quite a character. He was a good looking guy but came from a totally different background than she did. Gina’s parents found out about Jim, heard that he had recently been arrested for stealing a car, and tried to talk some sense into her. Of course she didn’t listen. When parents forbid you to do something, you are going to do it, no matter what. Gina had already had enough of Jim and only stuck to him because it was upsetting her parents. “But hey, life throws a curveball once in a while,” she shrugged, “And then you gotta do what you gotta do.” The curveball was Melody, her daughter. “I got knocked up when I was seventeen,” she explained. “My parents were furious and insisted on an abortion, but at that time we didn’t get along at all.” “I ran away from home,” she smiled. “Well, sorta. I ended up living with Jim and his parents for three months. The worst months of my life; what a bunch of losers.” By the time she got home again, it was already too late for an abortion. Her parents washed their hands of her and Gina saw no other option than to marry Jim and have at least some kind of security. Melody was born and both Jim and Gina slowly slipped in their devastated lives. “I always dreamed about being a pianist and I still have the confirmation letter from the New York Conservatory,” she grinned. izmit kendi evi olan escort She didn’t have to say any more, I got the picture. Two teens, with totally different dreams and expectations, ending up together and taking care of a newborn baby. It didn’t surprise me that both of them had given up. Our talks were not as bad as it may seem; we talked about everything. I guess we both were glad we had found someone we could talk too. However, I am a man, and Gina is a woman, a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body, and a great mind. That is, for me, a deadly combination. It didn’t surprise me that I developed feelings for her, and if it had been any other situation, then it would have been perfect. The only thing I could do was ignore those feelings. One morning I was a bit late. It was my day off and I woke up around nine. I took Ruby for her morning walk and when I passed Gina’s apartment, I saw her sitting in her chair. She was wearing her cardigan and her legs were curled up and placed on the edge of the chair. Her arms were wrapped around them and her chin rested on her knees. It looked like as if she was waiting for me. “Hey, G.” I waved and stopped. “Hey, you.” She smiled and leaned back in her chair, laying her arms on the armrests, “How’s it going?” “Not bad. Got a day off to relax a bit. How about you?” “Oh, I’m fine. Melody is at school, so I might take a day off myself,” she laughed. Her eyes locked on mine and I saw a subtle change. I am not sure how to describe it, but something changed in her eyes. She placed her feet on the little wooden deck again and my eyes followed her every move. Slowly she began to open her legs and at first it seemed totally innocent and unintentional. One leg just happened to swing casually to the side a bit. She grinned when she saw how my eyes grew bigger, and she kept spreading them slowly, until she had spread them as far as she could. I stood there totally frozen and mesmerized; I stared right in between her legs. If she hadn’t been wearing panties, I could have stared right inside her pussy. “Any ideas on what I should do today?” she sighed, while she closed her legs again. I blushed and quickly looked up, pulling my eyes away from her crotch. “Euh… well… ” I stuttered and mumbled like a damn school kid. “Maybe you can show me where you always walk Ruby?” she smiled and got up from her chair. She walked down the steps, took my hand and lead me to the broken fence. We walked into the woods and I honestly had no idea what to do, what to say or what to expect. Gina was still holding my hand, and it was obvious she was just as nervous as I was.

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