Supriya Taking A Chance With Her Dad

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Supriya Taking A Chance With Her DadSupriya and her husband Jayesh were visiting Rajender (Supriya’s Father) after an year of their marriage. Rajender was happy to see them after a long time, especially his daughter to whom he dedicated his affection. She was just a c***d of 8 years when her mother expired in an accident. From then, he ensured Supriya got all the extra attention from him, he didn’t marry again although his relatives asked him from time to time to marry for his own sake. He was so protective of her. And now, his daughter Supriya (23) is a happily married woman and runs a successful boutique business of her own. Jayesh and her Dad always got along well, behaved more as friends than Father-in-law and Son-in-Law. It was a love marriage and Rajender didn’t oppose to it. He had firm belief in his daughter’s decision to marry Jayesh, who comes from an opulent and understanding family. Rajender couldn’t ask anything more for his daughter.The three of them were having a nice time for a couple of days, when Jayesh received a call to come office urgently due to a client visit. Although Supriya insisted on coming too, Jayesh told her to not spoil her vacation due to him. After all she met her father after a long time, and they both decided, its right for Supriya to stay back for some more days. From the day Jayesh left, Supriya was feeling a little bothered although she was trying to be cheerful. Rajender tried to bring smile to her face by taking her out, visiting relatives. But nothing seems to take her mind off into a lighter mood, Rajender felt really sad as because of him Supriya had to stay back.It was one night, when Rajender was in his study room and going through the sweet memories of his daughter’s c***dhood in an album. Supriya was replying to some mails from her assistant, when she got a call from her hubby. Jayesh always got naughty while talking to her on phone, he would eventually get her to talk about sex and excite her. They both used to indulge in phone sex since their college times. However Jayesh had to drop off in the middle of it as he had some other call to attend to. Supriya controlled herself blushing and asking him to wait until she comes there so they can have real fun. After she hung up, she felt thirsty and started downstairs to have some water. While she took the water bottle from the fridge in the kitchen, she saw the light still flickering in study room, wondering if her dad is still up, she moved towards it.Rajender was smiling to himself remembering the good old days and his wife whom he missed dearly. He heard a knock on his door. Turned around to see his daughter smiling at him, “Hi Dad”He smiled back and walked towards her, “Hi dear, Thought you were sleeping”“I was replying to a few emails of work that I’ve got over the day and couldn’t get sleep..” She walked with him holding his hand as she took a look at the album in his hand, “those days were fun with you and mom. am so grateful you were there to look out for me, even after mom. ” She felt sad as she thought of her mother. !They sat on the couch, she leaned lightly into his side and her Dad put his arm around her shoulders, “you know honey, Mommy always knew you would turn to be an honest and hardworking gal. I am sure she would be proud of you dear just like me..” and kissed her forehead.She looked up to him and blushed as she always did whenever her dad complimented her “Thanks, I always wanted to make you proud” and brushed her hair back wiping away her tears..He admired her whenever she blushed as she looked more lovely, “But, sometimes I worry if you overwork yourself..and I know I am not good at advises at this age when you are yourself a responsible woman, but you know how much I care for you”She smiled and gave a kiss on his cheek, giggling softly, “You’re sweet Daddy, but work is fine, it’s a job I really love and I only work as much as I’m comfortable with, so you don’t need to worry.”He kissed her cheek too in return, “That’s good. ” Taking a deep sigh, “I wish Jayesh was there to keep you company here, I could clearly say you miss him”Supriya adored the way her father could read her mind, his arm was still around zonguldak escort her, making her feel protected. But, When he mentioned her husband she tensed up a little, “Oh yeah! Wish he was here, you know papa. he has family business to take care of and..” She cut it short in the middle, “But we’re still in love, happily just us”Her Dad could sense there was something bothering her, “glad to hear it honey..” and slightly rubbed his hand over her shoulder to make her feel more comfortable.She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder, feeling soothed “Dad? Can I ask you something?”“Yes sweety” He was attentive. !She moved her arms around his neck and moved closer to him as if she is a k** in his arms, “You know dad all seems well but..” She felt reluctant to say. When she felt her dad pull her closer to him hugging her as he said “honey its ok, you can tell me. i know something’s bothering you..its alright, will you not share it with your daddy?”She hugged him tightly feeling the warmth of his affection and sighed quietly “We’re trying for a baby, we’ve been trying for 6 months now but we haven’t had any luck. I know it can take some time but we’re both really keen so I’m just feeling down about it”He heard it all out and smiled at her, “oh I should’ve known dear. I know you’d make a great mother.. I totally understand why it can make u down ..but dont you worry c***d, you will succeed ok?” and tried to make her calmer as he moved his hands over her back up and down soothingly.She nodded slowly, “I know, and I hope I’ll make a good mother, it’s going to happen sooner or later, we’re just, umm, trying enough and I want it bad” her words sounding more relaxed due to his movement of hands.He could feel her heart racing, he thought she was really nervous about it, “you will dear after all you are my lovely gal” he slightly broke the hug, his daughter still in his arms as he bent down and kissed her on cheeks, “I wish I could help you in any way. you just ask ok?”Somehow the hugging and kissing unknowingly was increasing his lust probably due to feeling a young lady so near after a long time. He found her fragrance of body doing effects on him.Because she was pretty close against his chest and she could feel it move against her as he breathed, she always liked a bit of strength in a man, “Thanks Daddy, I dunno if there’s much you can do to help though,” she giggled softly, snuggling up to him, not sure if he always hugged her this tightly before.Although he was feeling a little uncomfortable but he liked it as he looked down at her face and gave a couple of small kisses on her lips in impulse before he realized. he smiled awkwardly if his daughter would say something about it. but didn’t let her go.She looked up at her Dad, blushing deeply and a little confused after he kissed her. She didn’t try to move away, “Umm..that was nice dad” she whispered and returned the favor in the similar way battling her eyes innocently..He was surprised to her reaction and somehow the taste of kiss after a long time with someone, that too someone so young even though it was his own daughter was making his mind wild, “yeah . umm well.. your lips felt nice . ” and again kissed her this time a little more lingering on them and smiled at her, keeping his forefinger on her cheek and drawing a line till her chin, “you are so beautiful dear, remind me of your mom in her young age. ” He couldn’t believe he just said that with his daughter.She liked it more as she felt naughty and a little guilt, filling her head with confusing thoughts. She trembled a little feeling his finger along her cheek, and couldn’t stop teasing by biting her lower lip “You always said I’m beautiful”His mind was feeling guilty to lust after his own daughter as he pulled her more closer and felt her as a woman moving his hands all over her back, His body seemed to have a mind of its own as he started giving kisses on her neck slowly running his hands through her hair, “Yes, but more beautiful and gorgeous dear. ”She moaned softly, tilting her head to give him space on her neck, “Ahh Daddy. Please don’t kiss me like marmaris escort that. its making me crazy ahhh” saying it quietly she blushed as she couldn’t believe she was melting to his kisses.He looked up at her winking, “I know this is wrong baby, but right now I feel so good to be with you. and I will ensure nobody will ever know this” and slid his hand under her top and pushed it above her head as she helped him remove his shirt too.. they threw them on the floor as he started pressing her breasts with his hands over her bra. kissing her full now on lips.She nodded and kissed him back too in passion, “Ahhh Dad. Mom must have been so lucky. you are such a wild lover” she giggled as she felt his length growing and pressing against her thighs, “I never thought we would be in this situation Dad.”Reaching for the clasp of her bra, he pulled it off continuously kissing her down the chin to the neck to her bosom and made her naked above her waist. he admired looking at her like that and smiled, “Didn’t realize my daughter would turn so sexy..Do you want to stop honey? We can if you want to.. But I don’t want to” he crushed her boobs to his chest and smooched her passionately. slowly moving down on her to her boobs as he ran his tongue on her nipples grabbing them and squeezing them hard until he started sucking on them.She moved like a snake giving in to her bodily pleasures although at the back of her mind feeling what would her husband think of her if he knew about what she is upto with her Dad. She was quite shocked herself as she was letting him do it and she was feeling it real good. She continued to let her father’s lips smooch her and she returned it with equal lust..the idea of her dad going so crazy about her was making her wet in between the legs. She bucked her hips feeling his length in his shorts as she moaned feeling his mouth on her boobs, “Dont stop daddy. hmmm ahhh ohhhhhh daddyyyy. yes daddy. suck on them like that daddy. my goddd!! ahh ohhh”He moved down on her as he laid her down on the couch, he could feel his hardness growing more in his pants and struggling to come out. but he was so lost in his daughter’s beauty that he moved down on her tweaking her nipples with his fingers and started kissing her navel. Teased her by slowly biting her on her waist saying, “Honey, you are venus. such a juicy body you got” He wasn’t caring what he was doing was i****t and sinful.Her pussy was wet oozing out sweet juices as she shivered to his kisses on her navel. Her nubile young body was being tested, all she wanted now was for her father to fuck her nice and good, “Ohhh Daddyy” she squealed like a k** and giggled, “Ohhh maaaa, how good you are to me daddy. ahhh . ”He slowly put his hand in between her thighs and touched her wet pussy over her bottoms, when she jumped up to him and hugged tight. He kissed her on lips again and again taking advantage of her whole body and whispered to her, “wet for daddy baby?”She nodded and seductively suggested, “why don’t you make your daughter fully naked daddy?” she laid back and raised her hips. Without a minute’s hesitation, he forgot the boundaries and pulled down her bottoms along with her panties making her totally naked. His eyes were glowing with lust when he saw her in the most erotic form..she was looking like a rose ready to blossom .. Her pussy was glistening with her own sweet juices..She moved her feet to his cock that was standing in his pants and pressed it slowly, making him get more hard. He closed his eyes feeling the wonderful sensation until he felt his daughter’s hands pulling down his pants and exposing him. His cock sprung against her face, as she took it with her soft hands and looked up at him smiling, “Dad such a lovely cock you got, cannot wait for it to enter me”“oh yess baby, stroke it like you like it doll?”“I love it daddy. its so nice”He bent down and reached for her pussy pressing her clit with one thumb and inserting one finger into her, “Kiss it baby, kiss your daddy’s cock”She kissed it, slowly rolled out her tongue and licked it all along its length, “do you like your daughter’s tongue alsancak escort on it daddy?”“it’s amazing love. you are so good at it, ah so beautiful cock sucker you are” he continue to finger her by inserting one more finger into her cunt and whispered to her, “I want to taste you down there”She was licking her father’s cock desperately and slowly took it in her mouth listening to his exciting words. She was sucking it hard, moaning and stroking it with her hand, as her dad groaned feeling the tension build up. he slowly put his hands on her head and started fucking her mouth hard and deep till it reached her throat, she gagged unable to take it surprised by her father’s ruthless fucking of her mouth but she enjoyed it and continued to suck on it. He slowed down a little bit and removed it from her mouth, raising her up to him.They hugged each other with lust and kissed with desires burning inside them, their father-daughter relationship was taking new turn and they didn’t bother to commit i****t as his wet cock was rubbing along her slit of pussy . she moaned,, “ohhh daddy. i could feel your sweet cock against my pussy”He made her lay on the floor as she widened her legs, he got in between them and started licking her pussy, probing his tongue along the insides of it. She was lusting for more as her father teased her inner passions of pussy muscles contriving to ooze her womanly juices. running her hands through her father’s hair, she pushed his head more on to her pussy, “ahhh dad. lick me good dad. yesss daddyyy. ahhhh ohhhhh my sweet daddy.. taste your sweet daughter’s cunt daddyyy . ahhh daddy. ” Unable to bear the sweet pleasures she cried, “dad please don’t tease me anymore, please fuck me. fuck me now. ahhh ” She pulled him on top of her and guided his cock into her pussy..It was tight for him, but their wetness made the trick as he stretched his daughter’s pussy as his cock exploited the forbidden fruit..He kissed her hard, crushing her boobs against his chest and started moving his cock in and out of her pussy, “oh my god baby. i am fucking you. my own c***d.. ”The room filled with her moans as she breathed harder, “ohhh ahhhh ahhhhh yessss. fuck me good daddy. Fuck your daughter. I am all yours . ”He raised one of her legs and drove his cock hardly and deeply into her, “fuck you dear, fuck you slut. You are such a sweet daughter..”She was enjoying her father talking to her in raw manner, she encouraged him, “fuck me bastard, you daughter fucker. fuck your daughter’s cunt hard. make me your whore. fuck me daddd..ahhhh ohhh”Her moans were driving him more lustful towards her, he continued to fuck her hard and she was bucking her hips equally to let him thrust her deep. she never felt so good with Jayesh, “oh god you are fucking better than Jayesh. ”He smiled at his daughter under him kissing her, “Your pussy is so sexy dear, I love you baby. ”She giggled, “I love you too daddy” taking his assault of her young body. She felt the sensation building up in her as she moaned harder, “ahhh ohhh dadd. Yes right there. fuck me daddy. ahhhh am gonna cum daddyyy aahhhh”His cock couldn’t take it neither as he ravaged her young pussy so strong with his cock, that he pushed in and out with great force.. Sometimes slower and sometimes faster. When he felt it near he groaned, “Oh baby, here I cum too. fuck you dear. fuck you babyyy..Take your daddy’s cum. ”“Oh I am cumminnnn ahhh dadddy, make me pregnant ahh daddy go on fuck me hard you bastard. ” she squirmed under him as she felt a gush of cum shooting inside her with her own juices mixing with it, he fucked her faster and harder. thrusting it so deep in her, “I am cumming too my slutty daughter, fuck you sexy bitch” He jerked his heavy body on her as his cock cummed again and again inside her, filling his daughter’s wet pussy, that was squeezing his cock to its last drop. As his cock went limp and her hard breathing slowly got back to normal“I love you daddy. That was so much fun”“I love you too sweety, never thought I would fuck you like this”“I can’t believe too dad, we did fuck each other..” she kissed him and said giggling, “this is our little secret”He winked and kissed her, “Yes sweety, I am always there for you. ”“You are such a sweet dad..” she watched in between them as she felt his cock pop out of her pussy with her juices mixed and they both started laughing when he said, “Seems like you are gonna be a mother for sure”P.S. Thanks for reading it. Send in your comments/suggestions

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