Surprise at the Front Door

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Lying naked on the bed, she waited for him. He wasn’t home from work yet, and she had a surprise for him. She ran her hands up and down her freshly shaven legs, marveling at the feel. She shaved her pussy as well, but she didn’t want to touch herself there, for fear of becoming too aroused before he was able to join. She looked over at the alarm clock, noting that he would be home in 15 minutes. She had just enough time to get dressed before he came home.

She put on the outfit, fluffed her hair, and went into the living room. The couch faced the front door, so she decided to start her seduction there. She sat on the couch, and draped one leg over the arm of the couch. Not a moment too soon, for she heard a key in the lock. He walked in, and stared in surprise. Quickly, he shut and locked the door behind him, and moved over to the couch.

“Hey big boy, you look like you could use a little loosening up,” she purred at him. He just stared at her breasts straining to get out.

“Oh, baby,” he stammered. “I love that outfit on you, sweet one. It looks so sexy. I want to see how it looks from every direction.”

She stood up and turned around slowly, giving him a chance to see her whole body, the way it conformed to her large breasts and was short enough to see her sexy ass. She stopped when she was facing away from him, and leaned over the couch a little, to give him a better look at her round ass. She felt his hands softly massaging her, making her moan in delight. She stood up, turned around, and looked him in the eye.

“So, where else would you like to rub me?” she asked with a devilish grin on her face. He groaned, and she took him by the hand, leading him to the bedroom. They would be more comfortable for what she had in mind on the bed.

The minute they stepped into the bedroom, he pulled her towards him and planted his lips on hers. They kissed for all they were worth. His tongue licked along her lips, then parted them. Her Bostancı Escort tongue fought his as they kissed deeply. Her hands were on his back, and his were making their way down hers to her ass. As his hands met bare flesh, she moaned in his mouth.

“Baby, I love this outfit on you, but I love your body naked even more. I have to take it off you.” With that said, He grabbed the bottom of the babydoll dress, and pulled it up and off. “You have the most beautiful breasts, sweet one, with the most perfect nipples.” He took one nipple in his mouth and sucked, while pinching the other with his fingers. He switched back and forth, causing her to moan loudly and her knees to get weak. He led her to the bed, and pushed her back. He got down on his knees between her legs, and sighed his appreciation.

“Mmm baby, you shaved your pussy just for me,” He said with excitement in his voice. “You know that gets me hard when I see your bald pussy.” He touched her pussy, finding her wet already. “I can see that it gets you wet too.” He stood up for a moment to adjust his cock in his pants, and then knelt back down. “I’ve been waiting to lick your sweet pussy all day, ever since that phone call you made to me, telling me you had a surprise for me. I had a hard on the rest of the day.”

Using his thumbs to open her lips, he flicked his tongue over her little clit, making it stand up. She shivered in excitement, and moaned. He licked farther down, from her clit to her ass, and back up. With each trip, he licked harder and faster. She moaned louder as He flicked his tongue on her clit. He took her clit in his mouth and sucked on it like he did her nipples, causing her to moan louder and her hips to thrash. He continued to suck, listening to her moans get louder the closer she was to cumming. Using one hand to hold open her pussy lips, he inserted first one finger then two into her waiting hole. The thrashing got wilder and He had to hold her down while Kadıköy Escort he kept licking. He felt her tense up, and sucked harder on her clit while fingering her pussy faster.

“Oh, my god I’m gonna cummmmmmm!” she screamed as her hips bucked off the bed. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss!!!” His tongue moved faster, licking up her sweet juices.

He took his fingers out of her pussy and stroked down to her ass. Using one finger, he rubbed the opening to her little hole, while sucking her clit. As she came again, he stuck his finger all the way in her ass, moving it in and out like a little cock.

“Omygod omygod omygod,” she chanted as her orgasm rocked through her body. He kept licking and sucking her clit and pussy while pumping his finger in her ass. He felt her tighten up again, and she came again. On and on he sucked, licked, and fingered, and she had one orgasm after another. With one final spasm of pleasure, she passed out.

When her eyes fluttered open, he was lying in bed next to her, his arms around her. He was softly kissing her lips, her chin, her forehead, her nose.

She looked around in confusion. “What happened, my love?” she asked.

“You passed out for a few minutes, little one,” he answered. “I lost count of how many orgasms you had in a row. I would ask if you enjoyed yourself, but I think I know the answer to that.” He chuckled. “I had your juices all over my face and hands. I licked off what I could and wiped the rest on a towel. How are you feeling, my angel?”

“Mmm, I’m feeling pretty good, my love,” she said. She rolled onto her side, so she could wrap her arms around him. “I’d ask if you liked my new lingerie, but I know the answer already.” She giggled at him. He smiled and kissed her lips.

As they kissed, she could feel something poking her leg. His cock was standing at attention, waiting for her. She reached her hand between them, and lightly stroked it. He moaned into Göztepe Escort her mouth.

“Oh yes baby,” He moaned. “You know just how to stroke me. Your hand feels so good on my cock, but I love the feel of your mouth even more. I want you to suck on my cock and make me cum in your mouth.”

She crawled to the end of the bed, between his legs. She looked at his cock, watching it grow. She licked her lips as it twitched in anticipation. Slowly, she leaned over until just the tip of her tongue touched the head of his cock and tasted his pre-cum.

“Mmm, you taste good, sweetheart,” she purred.

She reached her tongue out again, this time licking further down. Slowly, she licked her way up and down his hard shaft, pausing at the head to suck a little. He moaned his enjoyment, so she kept it up. The next trip up his shaft, she sucked a little harder on his cock, and heard his moan get louder. She moved her mouth down lower and lower, until his cock was all the way in her mouth, down her throat. She kept it there for a moment, and then slowly moved her mouth up and up until she had just the head in her mouth. While sucking him, she was massaging his balls with one hand.

She repeated this a couple times, until she heard him moan, “Oh sweet one, just like that. Oh my god I’m gonna cum in your mouth. Suck me baby. Suck on my hard cock and make me cum.” She smiled and willingly obliged him.

She took his cock as deep in her throat as she could, continuing to massage his balls. She felt his cock and balls tighten, the sign that He was going to cum. She pumped her mouth up and down his cock, feeling the first spurts of cum shoot into her mouth. Greedily, she swallowed as he came more and more. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, and licked the last of his cum off the tip before licking her lips. All he could do was lie there and moan as the last of his energy was drained from his body along with his cum. She crawled back up the bed, into his open arms.

“Oh, sweet one, you are so good to me,” he said as he kissed the top of her head. “Tomorrow is my day off. Let’s go lingerie shopping so you can model for me like you did tonight.”

“Mmm, my pleasure, my love,” she purred.

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