Surprising the Mistress at Work

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The day starts out cold and wet. Again. With tons of work piled up on her desk. And more on its way. Plus, the phone just will not stop ringing. And the people on the other side of the line, well, they’re rude, badly spoken and idiots. In other words, the day appears to be a total write off. Head in her hands, Kate stares at the reception phone, willing it to stop ringing before she answers it… .

Suddenly, a hand appears from no where, over the counter and picks up the phone from the cradle. Startled, Kate sits up straight, mouth beginning to form an “O” of surprise. The hand doesn’t life the phone up the it’s owner’s ear, however, it just places it back in the cradle, cutting the call!

“Hey, you can’t do that!” Kate exclaims, genuinely upset, “the idiot will call back and complain, and… .” Her voice dies out. She recognises the person! It’s James! Why is this a surprise? And where does she know him from? Well, Kate is James’s mistress. Except, he’s supposed to be in South Africa, while she works in London. Effectively a World apart.

“James?!” Kate squeaks, confusion dulling her anger, and causing her to stumble her words.

“Oh, you know my name. Well, good first impression… your boss must have sent you a picture, and alerted you to my arrival,” he said. “Well, that is a good start, Miss… um Miss?”

What on Earth was he playing at, Kate thought. “Kate, it’s Kate, for goodness – ” but she was cut off mid sentence, when James reached across to cover her mouth with his hand. Again, that misbehaving hand! He held his pointer finger up to his lips, and said, “shhhhh!”

“Oh, what?!?” Said Kate, now thoroughly confused.

“I’m sorry, Kate, but you must have me confused with someone else… I’ve never met you. Still, good effort, I’ll mention your enthusiasm to your boss.” He carried on, “And mentioning that, could you please call her and announce my arrival?”

“Ah, of course. Um, please have a seat,” Kate motioned to some chairs near the desk, as she reached for the telephone. “Hi, yes, James is here to see you…?”

“Of course… yes, I’ll send him through.”

“You can go through to her office, just through there.”

Getting up, James waved his thanks and walked into the Dragon’s den. What the Hell was he up to, Kate carried on thinking?!!! Her heart was beating faster, and her breathing was heavy. This is ridiculous! Shit, where’d he come from, and how did he know the Dragon? Her thinking was cut short, when the phone ran. An internal line. The Dragon lady herself. Oh shite… here we go, thought Kate.

She answered the phone, and was curtly told to report to the den. Sighing, she stood up, straightened Şerifali Escort her short skirt, checked the seams of her stockings, and pulled her shirt straight, checking the deep plunging neckline – yip, perky boobs very mush still on show. Good. Show the bitch.

She walked off to the den.

“Kate,” said the Dragon, “I have to go off and take care of something… it’ll take me a couple of hours.” She continued, “while I am gone, please settle James in, and make sure he gets what he wants. Since your colleague is off sick, you’ll be the only one here, so… if you need to, James comes first over the ringing phone. Understand? Just this once, okay?” She finished off needlessly… of course Kate bloody understood. That damned phone, it was like a holy damned relic – you couldn’t ever just leave it alone! Except this time. Interesting.

With that, the Dragon bitch got up, collected her bag and coat, and moved past to the door, “I’ll be back with the documents you requested in about 2 hours, and then we can discuss your proposal, James.”

Standing still, Kate realised that she was alone with James… in the bosses office. Oh fuck.

Tinkle, plonk! A pen rolled across the table and fell onto the floor.

“Oops,” said James, ” my pen fell onto the floor. It’s the oldest one in the book, I know, but still… a classic. Could you pick up my pen, please?” James asked, his eyes showing just a hint of mirth.

Kate rolled her eyes and bent down to get the pen.

“You could of at least warned me -” Kate started. But again she got cut off.

“Um, I’m not sure why… my itinerary is of no concern to you.”

“But -” she started to say, getting angry now.

“And you didn’t do that properly, Kate. Drop the pen back down onto the floor, turn to face away from me, and then bend over, slowly, and pick it up again.”

Kate, paused. Then she dropped the pen, rotated around a bit, so she had her back to James, and started to bend over to get the pen. Suddenly she realised what he was up to. Oh fuck… that’s all it took, just the thought, and she could feel herself get instantly wet. Her pussy clenched tight, and she felt the wetness release. Oh god, he’s going to look at my ass, she realised. And he’s making me do it on purpose. And she bent over slowly, running her hands down her legs, to reach for the pen. She thought of the fact that his eyes were looking at her bum, and that he knew that only two thin pieces of material – her skirt and her panties – separated her now moist cunt, pussy lips and ass from his direct sight. The thought made her even wetter, and she caught herself clamping her thighs together at the thought.

Oh Üsküdar Escort fuck, oh fuck! She got the pen and straightened up.

“That better,” she asked?

“Oh, you have no idea, Kate…” he said, still not calling her by her nickname “Mistress”, still playing the game of being an anonymous business man, simply visiting her company. If he gets my panties, they’ll be sodden, she realised. Her thighs spasmed together with her vagina.

“Your boss said anything, correct? Anything I want?”

“Yesss,” Kate whispered, the reality sinking in. She realised without knowing how or why, that she had just decided to do what ever he asked. Somehow he had the control. She swallowed. Fuck, why did this turn her on so. She’d wanted to fuck him for so long, of course… but here in the office… it was suddenly getting hot. And she was dibbling from her cunt, she was sure of it. I want to do what he asks. God. Oh God.

“Can I get you something to drink?” She asked – why on Earth did she say that?! What silly question, when all she wanted was to say “fuck me”. He had her rattled.

“I can think of something better,” James said. “Lean forward over your bosses desk and lift up your skirt. I want to see your underwear… you always wear such gorgeous panties.”

She turned around and bent forward over the desk. And then reached back to lift her skirt right up past her hips. She spread her legs wide, to make sure he could see.

“Mmmm, reach back and pull them tight between your bum… into your fanny.”

She complied, with another vaginal muscle clench betraying her lust. Her hand grabbed her panties, bundled a fist full of material, and then pulled them hard up, to graphically divide her ass in two. So rude. She could feel her pussy lips slip to either side of the taut underwear. He’s looking at my cunt, and my ass! And my cunt is wet! He’ll see it.

And he did… reaching forward, he ran his fingers over her ass and pussy lips. Pausing long enough to force a finger past the taut material, so he could slide it up and down her wet slit. She was now breathing hard. Hands flat on the table, moaning.

“Pull them down – take them off,” he commanded.

She stood up, and then bend down to the ground, taking her panties down with her. She knew that she would be showing her bum, that luscious, hot, curvaceous bum, and her arsehole… pink and inviting, as well as framing her cunt with her thighs. She took her time. James made sure he got a good long look. Pink pussy, fine downy hair… that bum. Grrr.

Kate stood back up, and resumed her position across the table. She knew what he’d do next – or at least she Ümraniye Escort hoped she did. Take me – put your cock in my pussy, it’s wet. Fuck me.

James didn’t disappoint her imagination – she heard the rustle as he undid his jeans, slide them down and then stepped out of his boxers too.

“Spread your legs, Kate. Wide.” She shifted her feet further apart. Oh God, how slutty!

James moved closer, held her left hip, then slowly, achingly, slid his cock into her warm, moist cunt. Kate’s back arched, and she sucked in her next breath. Fuuuuck… so good. James placed a hand on Kate’s back, pushing her back down onto the table. The he started to thrust deep into her. With each push, Kate could feel his hard cock sink into her. Oh, oh, oh… so good, fuck me!

Back and forth they slid, fucking on Alison’s desk, papers smeared left and right, sweat marks too. Kate could feel an orgasm building. It was too much for her to last. James paused, grabbed both her arms, and put them behind her back, with his one large hand pinning them to her. He grunted with pleasure, and thrust harder, deeper, faster into her now sopping fanny.

“Oh, don’t stop, so good, don’t stop…” Kate was lost in the moment… her legs spread wide, tummy pressed to the table, milky smooth bum pushing up against James’s tummy each time her thrust into her… with his balls banging against the top of her pussy.

“Move back a bit…” James asked, “so you can finger your clit and cum… I’ll let your arms go.”

With that, James released her arms, and pulled her back a bit. Kate quickly snaked an arm down between her legs, so she could get at her hard clit. It wouldn’t take long, she was shivering from the desire to cum. So was James, if she could feel correctly.

James resumed his fucking, and Kate rubbed her clit… “Oh, oh, hmmmm! I’m. Gonna. CUUUUUUUUUUM!” Kate bucked and twisted, an orgasm ripping through her, spread across a table, at work, in Alison’s office. Seconds later, she felt James’s cock harden even more, as he leaned forward onto her back and came inside her pussy, grunting in her ear, hot breath through her hair.

They both lay like that for a time, before he slid out of her and collapsed into a chair.

“Come, sit on my lap, Mistress mine – you were wonderful. As ever.”

“But what about Alison?”

“Her? Ha, I’m here investigating a massive fraud ring, they compromised the company’s VPN system. I’ve told Alison that I’ll implicate her in the dealings; we know that there had to be inside help… could be her? In that case, she be off to jail, fucked forever. Don’t think she wants that… ha ha ha – she’ll be no trouble at all. We can send her to answer the phone in reception, till we feel like going out. She can occupy her time figuring out how to promote you.”

That brought a smile to Kate’s lips. Practically purring, she relaxed into his big arms, and fell against his chest.

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