Surreptitious Love Ch. 145

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Dogging Wife

Chapter 145 – Unctuous

Last week, Nguyet and I had been at our young, blind masseuse Hanh’s parlor for a sensual massage. Nguyet and I were currently engulfed in a role-play, during which I was supposed to break her in, sexually, as she had lied to her suitor Huy that she was quite experienced. We were meeting once during the week, so that she could pick up new sensual techniques to prepare for a rousing Saturday evening with her beau. So far, we had completed a fairly coy missionary entanglement, a more intense fuck from behind and, actually, our very first time anal. A few days back at the massage parlor, however, Nguyet had passed her intercourse allotment to Hanh, as she had been keen to watch once, too.

During the rousing hour with our petite blind friend, we had stimulated Hanh’s anus quite a bit, but when I thought we were ready to go in, Hanh rescinded her offer and asked for a few more weeks of prep time. The plan was now to meet again the three of us, but this time at the older, charming bed-and-breakfast that Nguyet’s real estate company had recently acquired. Said small building was currently unused and, thus, the ideal venue for our sensual debauchery. However, Hanh’s disease – Neuromyelitis optica, which had already robbed her of the ability to see – wasn’t allowing her to be with us.

Well, hopefully she would be able to join us the following week, then. Nguyet suggested, of course, that I still come to the older guesthouse, where we could eat together and have another brief sensual session. I immediately conceived the idea of another round of backdoor sex; if not, she could blow me, while I would be licking her – something we hadn’t done yet either in our role-play. Perhaps she would wear a nice dress and stockings, which she knew I loved. Well, whatever we would do: I knew already it would be good.

After I had smoked a quick ciggie outside the cute, small hotel, I went in. Nguyet had heard me close the door and hollered from the second floor that I should come up. On the stairs, I was still hoping that Hanh would be here – lying naked on a bed? – as Nguyet had a soft spot for such ruses. But then, I knew that Hanh’s nerve disease was real and, every month, would cause her a few days of being rather unwell. I was convinced she really was out of commission.

Nguyet was standing in the kitchen; all by herself. She was preparing so-called summer rolls, which were, basically, unfried spring rolls, filled with tofu, greens, and carrots and to be eaten with peanut sauce. She was wearing the simple outfit that she used to sport back in the day when we were still working together: a simple black, knee-length skirt and a nice light top without buttons. She was barefoot and radiated youth and energy – pretty much like every time we met. I stepped behind her and put my hands on her small, slightly bony hips; a bit like previous week when we had been watching our young blind friend tap her bed with her cute little feet, wearing pink, see-through panties.

As I was still soaking in the fragrance of her pitch-black shiny hair, Nguyet had a confession to make:

“Oh, Mister Ben, there’s something I must tell you right away… I don’t know if that’ll change things, but… I got my period… I’m sorry…”

“Oh, don’t worry… that’s fine,” I whispered in her ear; surprised, but not repulsed at all.

To the contrary: Nguyet and I had had period sex maybe twice or three times during our long affair, and I began to wonder why we didn’t do that more often. I actually liked the mystery around a female body shedding a bit of tissue and blood. Once, Nguyet had played a part-time hooker, whose punter had purportedly deserted her at a café when he had learned that she was menstruating. I had cheered her up and, of course, we fucked later at her house (with her mother spying on us, as far as I remembered).

“Have you got any cramps, or are you hurting?”

“No, no, I feel fine… don’t worry…” she murmured, before she almost triumphantly told me that the food was ready.

She carried the plate over to the small table in the alcove, where we would eat, and I cracked the two cans of beer open that she had procured from the fridge.

“I could blow you a bit, instead…” she offered right way. “Or we do it in my anus again, but, frankly, I don’t wanna sit in the bathtub today…” she very pragmatically laid out the options for the next hour.

It would be hard to penetrate her sphincter, though, without softening if before, I mused.

“Don’t worry… that’s not a problem… we’ll have a good time, somehow…” I tried to alleviate the slight tension. “Let’s eat, first…” I distracted her, so as to not make it a bigger deal than it was.

“Well, I feel bad, you know… my reticence… my resistance made you so angry back when we were working together… I had promised myself to allow you to do anything you want today…”

“That’s all water under the bridge, Nguyet. I’m not angry with you anymore…”

Three weeks ago, while Didim Escort I had been banging her from behind, we had discussed what we could do together here at the hotel over the next few weeks, and then somehow she had asked me about my feelings five years earlier, when she had repeatedly refused to even go for coffee with me. I wasn’t even quite sure myself if I had been upset with her but bearing grudges wasn’t my thing. Definitely with her. I loved her immensely and was grateful that she had changed her mind four years back and offered herself to me. Anyway, I liked that she had prepared food again that we could eat with our hands, which had led to us eating in the bathtub a fortnight ago and, ultimately, anal intercourse – which I took as a good sign. Knowing Nguyet, she had it all planned out.

Yes, she was a masteress of arranging erotic lead-ins and situations. She had her right thigh over her left and was tapping her leg to some silent music, which of course reminded me again of our lovely young friend Hanh, whose little ass and pussy under her pink panties had driven me up the wall the previous week. As Hanh was blind and had been listening to music with earphones, she hadn’t noticed us. We had watched her for more than ten minutes, during which time I had had my hands under Nguyet’s skirt, with her panties pulled down to her knees. Eventually, of course, we had stepped close to our blind buddy and touched her shin.

Thinking again of that little scene, plus looking at Nguyet’s light – now uncrossed – legs under her black skirt had me aroused so much that I pressed her knees apart now. Quite demandingly. Well yes, sure, I had been infuriated that she was refusing to even go for coffee with me – as her divine virgin pussy and young healthy body had just been covered by an 150th of an inch of fabric: all there had been between my thirsty cock and her juicy, fragrant virgin snatch back then had been two layers of thin material, but no: the damsel on her swivel chair in her office had insisted that she wanted to wait for Mister Right. Good God, how often had I envisioned myself pulling her panties down and then burying my keen nose between her labia. A thousand times? Every day again and again.

At least, those miserable days were gone; Nguyet and I had savored the sweet fruits of sensual love and carnal debauchery several dozens of times by now. I took another big bite of my roll, like I was taking in provisions, since I would now need both hands to caress and fondle her enticing lithe body. I flipped her skirt up and admired her panties, which were – very pragmatically, again – of some sort of dark mauve color, which reminded me of the bra that I had once bought with and for my niece-in-law, Giang. Yes, I could see a Kotex-pad under the fabric, but Nguyet didn’t seem surprised that I was making my advances already during lunch. Well, we both remembered how awesome our previous period-sex experiences had been. Oh, no, there would be no surrogate sex today: her unctuous pussy it would be.

“Nguyet, I know that many women get rather horny during their period… you too?”

“Not always… but, yeah, sometimes…” she admitted semi-frankly.

I could have asked how she was feeling right then, but the whole situation plus the look on her face told me that she wasn’t going to budge – whatever we would do. I probably could even take an unctuous, fat, red blob and lubricate her ass with it. And she looked so stunning again: her beautiful dark eyes, diamond-shaped face, shiny black hair, and her seagull-silhouette shaped upper lip, which hadn’t snapped up yet onto her gums, as it was wont to do. Her simple skirt, man, and her slim firm thighs, which would make most teenage girls envious. As I knew that at least one of my hands would be covered in tissue and blood in a minute, I stood up to take off my pants und underwear, and she blushed, looking at my twitching cock.

Interestingly, she didn’t say anything, nor did she cover herself. She knew roughly what was coming but didn’t suggest I should hold back. No, the way she was sitting here with her legs open by more than 60 degrees, self-confidently offering me her body: she wanted to get banged. She literally reeked of fucking; partially, since our last time was more than two weeks ago, as she had passed my cock on to Hanh the previous week. What I found rather stunning, though, was that she didn’t wait for me to pull her panties down but had enough moxie to relieve herself of her underwear – not ashamed to show me her soaked, dark-reddish, aronia-berry-jelly-colored pussy. In a second, she would. Before, she dabbed her snatch and wet pubic hair a bit with the Kotex pad, while her panties were still across her knees like a banner.

Eventually, she dropped the pad next to her chair, on the other side, where I wouldn’t be able to see it. Unfortunately. She slid forward a bit and opened her legs a tad further, completely confident that I would love what she had to offer: a massive bush that was slightly wet and reddish at Didim Escort Bayan the bottom and a perfect boat-hull pussy that was trembling and eager to open. I had already heard subdued yet efficacious church bells for a few minutes but now the crescendo was swelling, and I knew it was the intro of Metallica’s For Whom the Bell Tolls. Good salacious Lord! After she had watched me look straight at the center of my universe, she even managed to remove her panties gracefully, before she pulled her skirt up to her bellybutton to offer me an even better look. Goodness gracious!

While I was stroking my cock, I suggested she remove her skirt, and top as well, so that it wouldn’t get soiled, and as she was already presenting me her lush cunt, she knew that she didn’t need to be sheepish about her little bra-covered boobs. I thought that the rules of our role-play had been suspended today, but she had one more concern:

“Mister Ben, I mean… you don’t have to… don’t feel obligated…”

“Fiddlesticks!” I interrupted her, chuckling, and reached for her moist curls, which I then ruffled with spread fingers, like a comb.

I got the first whiff of her slightly sour and metallic aroma, which I sucked through my nostrils deep into my lungs, like an eager hoover. Sure, the combination of discharge, blood, tissue, and all kinds of other juices could smell fishy and unpleasant – but so far, so good. Everything was hot and lovely, at least from the distance of 15 inches. Nothing could stop me to swoop down on her orifices.

While I was still fondling her labia – squeezing everything like I wanted to milk more juicy goodness out of her – she reached for my bitten-into roll and dipped it into the peanut sauce to feed me. Had she offered her own sauce, instead, I didn’t know what would I have done. While I was chewing, I kept fondling her pussy and then passed my middle finger through her wet cleft, the sound of which reverberated off the walls. That’s how quiet it was here in our abode. Oh, yes, her unctuous aronia-berry entrance would drive both of us insane in about twenty minutes.

“There must be dozens of old towels here that we could put underneath,” I suggested, panting, after I had slugged down my food.

Nguyet waited with her answer until she had swallowed as well, and then nodded: “Yeah, upstairs in the laundry room… I brought some down already…” she added.

Of course, she had. She knew we would fuck properly today – period. Perhaps even twice. And then there were other varieties of sensual pleasures, with which we could intersperse our erotic dance. Since her sheath was wonderfully velvety and moist, I let my middle finger crawl up inside her, while my thumb kept gently rubbing her clit. After a few rounds, Nguyet slid further down on her chair and completely relented, closing her eyes.

After about three minutes of dreamy, languorous stimulation, I put her hand on my cock. I saw that there were some red spots on the chair, underneath her perineum, but that wouldn’t ruin the vinyl. As there were three summer rolls left, I asked Nguyet if we shouldn’t take them to the room and eat them on the bed. She opened her eyes and nodded barely noticeably, before she got up. She quickly took off her bra, after she had gotten up, and I followed her to the room she had picked for today’s rather special fuck.

Somewhat counterintuitive, she suggested that we wash ourselves, first, after she had put the plate onto the mattress. While in the shower, I kept caressing her, while she pretty meticulously washed herself. As I wasn’t making any strides to rinse my hands properly, she soaped them at some point, but while she was playing with my cock, I just peed. She giggled as the liquid was hitting her belly and bush, which wasn’t a problem, though, here under the tepid water of the shower. In fact, she peed on my feet just one minute later, but then we were ready for our adventure.

We dried ourselves not particularly carefully and then built a nest, using four older but clean towels. While she was still busy, I caressed her back and butt and noticed that I, somewhat surprisingly, wasn’t too keen on her anus, for a change; perhaps, as I had been looking forward to rimming Hanh’s little bunny snout, but we would take up that thread the following week again. Charlie had sent me a message, too, as he was back in town. Since his noodle was slimmer than mine, perhaps he could deflower Hanh’s sphincter. Oh, yes, we would get a good ass-fuck foursome together soon.

Nguyet had lain down on her back at first, but now she turned onto her side, perhaps as that allowed her to eat more easily. When I reached for her pussy again, she put one foot onto the other knee to offer me her treasure. She looked absolutely divine, with her light skin, black hair, eyes, and bush, and her two vermillion mouths. Her boat hull pussy was swollen and bulging nicely towards me, while her dense, pitch-black triangle and her light skin providing the starkest contrasts possible. I ruffled my favorite Escort Didim bush once more, before I focused back on her inner and outer labia and the groove in between.

“Ben, I gotta confess something…” Nguyet suddenly said. “I dis-invited Hanh today… I didn’t want her to be here during this mess… I mean, she couldn’t see it, but she would probably be able to smell something…”

“Did you tell her, honestly, why?”

“Yeah, but do you know what’s funny: she’s menstruating too, today…” Nguyet giggled. “Of course, I promised I’d bring her here next week… and you know what she wants…” she said with a smile.

Yes, that was backdoor sex, and another week of prep time was perhaps for the better, anyway. Oh, yes, I would pierce that sweet little bread bun butt of hers, I thought to myself, and took another bite of the last summer roll, which Nguyet was holding in front of my mouth. I had my upper body propped on one forearm, like I was on the beach, but now I moved closer to her and a bit further down. My glans was touching her skin, and when I suddenly felt exuberant, I caressed her boobs with my bloody hand. Well, the other was under my torso, anyway, but Nguyet took it with humor. Yes, after all, it was only a bit of tissue and her own blood.

“Nguyet, can you imagine having sex with two men at once?” I inquired, in line with our role-play.

“Do you want me to bring Huy here?” she asked, sounding a bit concerned. “He can’t during the week…”

“No, perhaps not him. But I know a young man who likes women who are 15 or 20 years older than him…” I remarked, referring to Charlie of course, who Nguyet knew.

Just not in our role-play. Since Nguyet was done eating, she began to play with my cock now, while she still seemed to be thinking.

“Well, let’s enjoy this filthy mess, first,” she giggled again. “And next week it would probably better, too, if we were only the three of us… you know…”

“Sure, definitely… but, in principle?”

Instead of answering my question, she turned on her belly with her ass protruding nicely up in the air, almost like she did want us to do it in her backdoor. But her little brown, leathery anus was on the backburner today, although the thought of excavating aronia jelly from her snatch to lubricate her sphincter did arouse me like only a few others. One day. Perhaps. As I was still mulling the issue over, she tucked up one leg, with her knee extending towards me – a lot like Hanh had the previous week. Well, yes, Nguyet had watched us fuck, and now it was her turn to receive a keen decent-sized cock in her menstruating unctuous sheath. Oh, man, how much I loved how she was presenting herself: coy, bashful, and shy but demanding at the same time. And so I got in position behind and on top of her.

I caressed her hot flanks a bit, before I fumbled my glans between her well-oiled black, beveled slug lips and pressed in. Perfectly greased as she was today, the first few inches were just delightful: no chafing, no resistance, no effort: just cheerful, heavenly smooth sliding in, which was accompanied by an ever so slight pumping and pressure of her birth canal. I saw that the towel had several blotches of blood and tissue on it and felt that now, as my glans was fairly high up, some more juice wanted to squeeze past my rod. I still began to thrust to see what would happen. I asked how she was doing and felt the pressure increasing just above the opening of my urethra.

“Oh, Ben, this feels so good…” she was smacking her lips.

And so I massaged her little elastic titties, whose stiff nipples ended up between the upper digits of my index and middle fingers. Then I let my hand crawl over her flat belly like a big, fat Amazon rainforest spider, thrusting harder and more demanding now. I could hear how she was sucking air past her perfect, clenched teeth and her divine seagull-silhouette upper lip. When the pressure inside her kept mounting, I pulled out briefly, and then watched her aronia berry juice swoosh out of her, onto the towel. Oh, man, how beguiling! While her snatch kept pumping, I had again the thought to use the unctuous concoction to lubricate her anus. One day, we had to do that.

As Nguyet could feel that she was free to move, she placed herself completely flat onto the bed. I kneeled over her little butt and then lowered my body, until my cock was lined up again with her sheath. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and slowly pushed my glans back inside her. Judging by the color of her juices, pussy nectar proper seemed to have been mixed in during the last ten minutes, and so I lowered my butt as far as I could and began to thrust forward again.

This whole slight change of position had been so effortless and smooth, and her wet sheath was now as velvety as before. Tight, but also flexible and elastic. Everything was a bit different from all our normal fucks, and of course, I had also smelled the somewhat intense odor: sour and quite metallic, for the lack of better words. And yet, I still didn’t think it was repulsive, but – apart from Nguyet – I could only imagine fucking Hanh during her period. And Anna, of course. Had Nguyet requested I licked her today, I probably would have done it. And what about Anna? Definitely. Emphatically. I would request it from her.

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