Suzanne and Kait head to State

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Suzanne and Kait head to StateKait kept in pretty close contact with me over semester break that year. Early in January she asked: “Has Jin gotten ahold of you at all?””Not since the holidays. Why?” I replied.”Well, it seems she has some friends over at the state college in the city that would like to meet us…” She said. I could hear the smile on her voice.”Well, I’m game if you are.” I said. “Get the details and let me know where and when.” “Oh, that’s easy. First Friday back at their house. I’ll text the address.” Kait couldn’t suppress a giggle here. “I knew you wouldn’t turn down a chance to show off for a new crowd.””Then I’ll make sure I don’t disappoint…” I purred at her.My heart was unexpectedly racing with excitement as I thought about all the things waiting for me once I got back to school.When the day finally arrived, I got ready like always: fresh shaved everything, an ass full of lube and a nice wide plug to hold it in. Nipple clamps would show through my top, and I probably squirt with every step, so I attached them to the inside hem of my skirt. If you could call it that. It was more of a pleated belt, 6″ long so that it barely covered anything while I was standing. I finished it off with knee-high socks and braided pigtails. I even took the time to do makeup, which I never did before. A look in the mirror let me see the sluttiest school girl who was going to get used like the cum dumpster I wanted to be that night.Jin and Kait came by to pick me up around 6 that evening, and we headed into the city. Kait had worn a near identical outfit to mine, the exception being her skirt was actually functional and covered her. In place of knee-high socks, she wore thigh high sheer black stockings with a lacy design and bows at the top. Against her pale, pink skin the contrast was amazing. Her nipples, erect from the frigid air, were visible through her tight white top, her areolas showing slightly darker through the stretched fabric.Jin has put her long black hair into a single braid that almost reached her ass. Opting for comfort over fashion, she wore a lose fitting school hoodie and matching sweatpants. I knew what she looked like under there, but her petite Asian frame was swallowed by her clothes.”So what’s the plan?” I asked. “How many people are we expecting?””Well….” Kait beganJin cut in. “42. That’s how many guys I could verify for bracelets.” She looked back at me “is that too many?””Not as long as you plan on doing more than fluffing this time…” I smiled at her.”Oh! I will! Just you wait, you’ll like this group. They’re fun…” Jin said, somewhat cryptically.Kait and I just exchanged a glance and shrugged at each other.”I’ll introduce you to James when we get there,” Jin told us. “He’s the head of house and our go-to. If either of you need anything, he’s your guy.”We got to the house on campus around 6:30. It was a massive old Victorian converted to student housing for a fraternity. James met us at the front door, and Jin made introductions. He was tall and well muscled, with deep ebony skin. He invited us in, and as he turned to go, Kait whispered to me “Holy shit! I hope they’re all built like that!” Her cheeks were starting to flush red and she couldn’t take the smile off her face.James asked us if there was anything we needed, we both asked for a drink which was brought to us as we talked. Jin has disappeared upon entering the house, probably to get ready, we figured. James continued to chat us up, making sure he knew what was off limits (nothing, really we told him) and how we wanted the night to flow. As we were wrapping up and he proceeded to show us to the central room, I heard a the very distinct sound of “grrllggrrllggrrllggrrllgg” followed by ” Yeah, son! Get it!”We rounded the corner into the main room to see Jin, completely naked with two tall, black, very well built guys spitroasting her for a small crowd. Standing with her legs spread wide, the guy behind her was using her arms to hold her up as he fucked her pussy deep. The stud in front held her head between his hands and he ruthlessly fucked her throat. The onlookers were giving mild cheers and shooting videos and photos. “Oh, FUCK YES!” Kait exclaimed.The guy throat fucking Jin stopped long enough for her to turn to us and say in-between thrusts from behind: “You’re…unh… missing…unh…all…unh…the…unh…fun…unh, unh, unh, unh, FUCK YES!”She turned back to the cock in her face, swallowed it down, and proceeded to let them use her holes.Kait looked at me, smiled, and at the same time in one swift movement, dropped her skirt to the floor and whipped her shirt off over her head, her fantastic tits bouncing as they were unleashed. I followed suit, though not so elagantly. Remembering my nipple clamps on my skirt, I quickly affixed them and followed Kait to the gathered crowd.Purring a few dirty istanbul escort “want to fuck my holes?” to the surrounding studs and stroking a few prominently hard cocks through pants as we walked through the crowd had is both surrounded in rock hard dick looking for a wet hole in no time.Kait and I were both promptly positioned similar to Jin, and it was off to the races. In the first half hour, six guys each had finished in Kait and I. My butt plug was still in, but that wouldn’t last much longer. I knew by now my makeup must be a disaster from being throat fucked, but it didn’t seem to slow anyone down that I noticed. My knee-highs were sodden from me squirting and the cum already running down my thighs. I got a lot of comments from the crowd about how much I was squirting: “she’s mad wet, bro!” and “yo, make her squirt again!” and my absolute favorite “fuck that juicy holed bitch! Get it! Get it!”From next to me, in-between having a guy fucking her throat I heard Kait say to them: “Fuck her in the ass and she’ll squirt all night!” From the corner of my eye, I could see her turn to me and smile right before she swallowed down an enormous cock. With little more promoting than that, my studs vacated my holes and led me to an oversized ottoman where I was placed doggy style. The butt plug was removed with a loud “shuck” and I felt myself involuntarily spasm as I gushed a stream from my pussy.”Oh, Fuck YEAH!” someone exclaimed, and in the next breath, my asshole was being pummeled and my dripping wet pussy was issuing an almost steady stream of jism. All I could do was cry out in ecstatic pleasure as they took their way with me.From here, I could see that Jin had made the move to riding guys on the couch. Almost comically, her small, honey skinned frame astride these huge guys two at a time. I watched as she lowered herself reverse cowgirl to take a shaft full in her asshole. After a few strokes up and down, another stud came to the front and buried his massive cock in her now yawning cunt. As they plowed away widening her cum soaked holes, her voice soft and quiet as ever urged them on: “Mmmm, yessss. Fuck yes. Fuck my cunt, fuck my ass. Cum for me? Can I have that treat? Can i?” On and on. I’d never known her to be so depraved. Guys would finish in her and right away, her hand would dart to that hole to get a few fingers of the seed leaking out and then to her mouth. They’d finish in her ass and before they could get up, she’d turn around and swallow their cock to the hilt, milking them for every last drop.Kait was having just as much fun. She started like Jin, reverse cowgirling a massive shaft up her asshole. If her intention was to catch a second cock in her gaping cunt, it went awry, because in short order two studs were pummeling her ass, their thick, meaty cocks stretching Kait to extreme. Taking it completely in stride, she leaned back and began rimming a third guy and intermittently sucking and jerking him off. He finished with a huge load on her perfect bouncing tits and she began to look around for another stud she could work on.A guy with a good sized cock blew his load in my asshole, which I promptly felt run down my thighs as he pulled out.As the next two guys took up position, they rolled me onto my back. As I made to take the one cock into my mouth, he smiled and said to me: “Just squeeze them big ol’ titties together for me, ma. I been wantin’ to titty fuck the shit out you all night, girl!””Well I sure won’t stop you…” I coyly said as I leaned back and shoved my tits together for him.As his cock slid between my soft, mountainous tits, my mouth and tongue searched for and quickly found his balls, swinging free with each thrust. I took them into my mouth and hummed low as he and his partner filled me out.In short order, he exclaimed: “God DAMN, girl!” as I felt his warm explosion of cum on my chest. As he began to pull back, my hands found his still hard cock and led it to my mouth, where I swallowed it to his balls, much like I’d just watched Jin do. He stood in mild shock as I used my throat to continue jerking him off while his friend finished up. He finally got free and I squeezed my tits together again for him as I said “come again soon…” With as devilish a smile and a wink as I could muster.”Aight..,” he said without pause, “roll over.”My surprise at his comment must have shown, because he followed with: “I ain’t playin’, lemme fuck that pussy, ma.”Recovering quickly, I purred “yes, Sir!” with a smile and took up position on my hands and knees.I felt his thick fingers run down my wet slit and a few slip inside me probing.He said: “Yeah, you wet as a mothafucka…” and sent the full girth of his cock into my hungry pussy. Working me with full strokes, his hands fell to my hips as he began using my momentum avcılar escort against his thrusts. His balls and my tits slapping against me were all I could hear as he barreled away into me. At some point, he’d spread my ass wide and sink his thumbs into my gaping hole. His thumbs turned into two fingers, and then three. It was about here I started to hear a few voices around me saying “Rodeo that slut!”,”Get it, son!”, and just plain “Rodeo!”Taking a guess at what was coming, I turned my head and asked him, breathlessly: “Well?”Three fingers turned into a thick four. I started pushing my weight back against him with each thrust. A few seconds later I was rewarded with the feeling of his last, thick thumb knuckle being swallowed into my hungry, stretched asshole. The surrounding onlookers gave a cheer of approval. I felt his hand ball into a fist inside me as he started using it to pull me back against him as he shoved his cock into my now dripping wet and sloppy cunt. I gave up control of myself and let him use me completely; breathlessly exhaling in squeaks, my tits swaying and slapping with each mighty thrust and pull until his balled fist finally pulled free of ruined asshole.Without turning I tried to shout, but more whispered: “DON’T STOP! PLEASE! PUT IT BACK!” He obliged by shoving his fist into my ass again. Then pulling it out. Plunging it back in, and free again. Building up speed until he was well and truly punch fucking me. I cried out unintelligible words of pleasure as his hand widened and ruined my asshole into a sloppy, gaping crater. I don’t know how much time passed, but he slowed down and stopped well past when it started sounding like someone trying to get the last bit out of an empty ketchup bottle.Legs shaking and every hole pleasantly sore from overuse, I turned around and found his cock with a shaky hand. As I swallowed it, I felt someone else take up position behind me. I turned to face them and he looked at me a little guiltily. “Do that again.” I said to him. “Make me a Rodeo slut again.” I turned back to sucking his now semi hard cock as I felt another hand fill out my asshole and a cock slide into my hungry, dripping pussy. Again, I let my body ragdoll as he used my holes. I was a sweating, cum leaking mess when I rolled over to see Kait looking down at me in absolute surprise.”Holy fucking fuck, Suzanne!” She exclaimed.”Wh-wh-what’s wrong?” I asked, my voice and body both shaking uncontrollably.”Wrong?!” She said in complete disbelief. “It’s a disaster over here! You just got punch fucked by two guys, you squirted almost 10′ across the room, and you’re shaking uncontrollably!””I know, it’s amazing…” I said lazily. Kait looked at me quizzically and just laughed. “You’re amazing, you slam pig whore. Just wait until you see the video of yourself tonight…””There’s a video?” I said, honestly surprised.”No. There’s probably a dozen. All of you getting “rodeo” fucked.” She was mildly upset, I could tell because her tits kept jiggling as she made hand gestures to accentuate her point. Which just made me laugh. “You’re impossible sometimes,” she said in final exasperation. “Why don’t you take a break and finish a few with me? Some of these guys are ready for round two and I could use some help…””Sounds great,” I replied, again, lazily. Everything throbbed in a good way, but I knew I’d be sore tomorrow.As her black stockinged feet straddled my head and she began to lower herself over my face, I could see her holes had already been pretty well used tonight. As she raised her ass to accept the next fucking, the remnant of some previous work ran out of her asshole and slid down her pussy lips onto my face. I couldn’t help but laugh. As a thick black shaft filled up her pussy, I took his balls in my mouth and began to hum again. Kait took to throwing herself back on him, riding almost the full length of his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Between the two of us, it wasn’t long before a torrent of cum ran out of her pussy onto my face. As she leaned forward, his semi hard cock fell from her and into my waiting mouth. I swallowed it greedily and again used my throat to milk him of every last drop. As the next stud took his place and buried his cock in her asshole, I could hear her starting to get throated by another. My only view was of her sweat drenched chest heaving as she was spit roasted, her cum drenched stockings on either side of my head, and her yawning cunt, opening and closing with each deep shove of his dark shaft up her ass. After a few intense minutes of him long dicking her tired asshole, he shoved hard and deep like he was finishing, and then with one hand, shoved her forward with an audible “ttbbbbhttt” as his cock pulled free of her, and with his other hand and a few swift strokes, unloaded a massive, hot, salty shot right şirinevler escort onto my face. It covered my eyes, nose and mouth. Some of it running down my cheek, I used a free hand to move the bulk of it into my mouth, smiling up at him as I did.”Thanks for that…” I purred at him.With my other hand I led his shaft into my mouth and milked every sweet drop from his tip before I let him go.Kait handled two more studs before she headed upstairs with James and two other guys. Jin came over and asked the same as Kait. “Give me a hand finishing off a few guys?” She smiled.”Absolutely!” I responded, feeling reenergized.Jin was substantially smaller than I, easily a foot and change shorter and less than half my weight. It was amazing to watch her petite frame being pierced my these massive hogs, but she did it with ease. Three guys came and went, and Jin, too, was done. She headed into another room with a small coterie of followers. Leaving naked, gaping, cum drenched me alone with a room of about a dozen guys.”You good, too, ma?” One of them asked.I sat up looked them over with a smile and asked: “Anyone else want to try to Rodeo this fuck pig?” Two more did. The first stud did an admirable job; he started with three fingers in my asshole and had his hand buried to the wrist in under a minute. Unfortunately his dick wasn’t in it for the long haul, and he blew his load in five minutes.As I rolled over to give his cock a throat milking, the second stud didn’t waste any time waiting. His rock hard shaft drove deep into my asshole, followed by four fingers into my pussy. Using his thumb to work my clit, he began a steady but easy pounding into my asshole. When his thumb got tired, it slipped into my cum filled crater of a pussy and the ride began in earnest. His fist was easily 4″-5″ across, and when he kept it balled up, he was pulling the full weight of my body into his cock as he buried it in my gaping asshole again and again. He fucked me from every angle imaginable, widening me until every thrust was just his cock making fart noises with me. The other guys were taking their turn either fucking my throat or just using me as their jizz rag as they beat off while watching and blew their load on my tits, face, belly, everywhere. That’s when the fisting got full swing. Taking his glistening paw from my ruined pussy he began to plunge it in and out rapidly. Then he sent it up my asshole. Back up my pussy. Asshole. Pussy. Asshole pussy asshole pussy asshole pussy….”OH MY FUCKING GOD, YESSSS!” I screamed. At some point, I’d grabbed both of my slick, cum covered tits and had my nipples pinched tight between thumbs and forefingers. The result was me arching my back hard and squirting harder; a literal flood was sent shooting ten feet across the room as he continued to pound his fist into my asshole.Pulling his hand free, he grabbed me by the hips, my legs splayed akimbo in the air and began to fuck both holes with ferocious vigor using full, deep strokes. I had slid to the ground on my shoulders, fuckholes in the air begging to be filled. With no rhyme or reason, he was just stabbing me with his cock; ass or pussy made no difference. A soft, warm, wet hole was all that was needed or desired. Words barely came to me; I was just emitting sounds of absolute pleasure as he used me up.Finally, with a few deep, slow strokes, he pulled his throbbing cock free and a few loud grunts later, he dumped an absolutely massive load of cum on my chest, tits, and face. I sat up as best I could; literally every part of me was shaking uncontrollably. I grabbed his ass cheeks in my hands and forced his cock down my throat. Swallowing and bobbing my head, I must have looked insane trying to get any more from him, until at last he sat heavily on the ottoman while I finished.”You’re really fucking good at that…” Was all I could think to say, still catching my breath and shaking.”You’re damn good yourself.” He replied, equally as winded. “Go again?” He asked, breaking into a wide smiling, silent laugh.I smiled and said: “Give me a few days until I can walk again and you’re on.””Fair enough.” He said. “If you’re staying the night, why don’t you spend it with me? You can take a hot shower and share my bed…””That actually sounds magnificent right about now.” I sighed. “What was your name by the way? I don’t stay the night in strange men’s beds..” He chuckled. “It’s Emmitt, but most people just call me Mitts on account of these..” he held up his hands. They were absolutely massive. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed. “You fucked me with those things?!”One of the stragglers broke in here: “Ma, he fucked the SHIT out you with them things. That shit was wild!”I turned back to Emmitt. Smiling, I caressed his melting cock with one hand and asked, “You said something about a hot shower?””I did.” He stood up shakily. ” C’mon upstairs, we’ll get you all set up.””You’re a prince.” I said offhandedly.He turned back at me with a smirk on his face and said: “Save that judgement until after you see a video from tonight.”I followed him upstairs. After a long, hot shower, I collapsed in his bed, which would become a very common experience in the weeks to come.

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