Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare

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Dylan Cruz is by far the most attractive person Amber had ever met. Met, not seen, she’d like to emphasize, as a good handful of conventionally attractive people she’s liked looking at aren’t all that pretty anymore after she’s gotten to know them properly. That’s the thing about Dylan; Amber hadn’t paid much attention to him initially, and didn’t know much about him beyond what most people do when they meet him for the first time: loud, hilarious, witty, and fun to talk to. With a friendly sense of humor and the personality of a beagle, he’s definitely popular on campus for his charisma. It was only after he came up to her—asking for some help on an assignment, since he cut a class that week—that she started getting to know him well. Too well, actually. Admittedly, it was pretty weird at first, being able to relate to someone so easily—but now, she may just be as close to him as he is with his roommate Seth. Even though those two have been together for a longer period of time and harbor a special connection probably only reserved for soulmates or something, she’s managed to slip herself into their dynamic relatively easily. But what’s even weirder is how dear, he—and Seth, by extension, by fortune, by providence—are to her now, so much so she finds herself missing people she’s already with. As if she’d been missing them way before she even knew who they were. “Hey, where do you wanna eat?” Amber asks as everyone starts filing out of the classroom. “We could try that new Korean barbecue place?” Dylan suggests. His newly dyed blonde hair isn’t parted today. With his bangs swiping gingerly across his eyebrows, his face looks a lot rounder and younger than usual. Amber has to suppress the urge to take him into her arms (no matter how much she knows he wouldn’t mind). It doesn’t help that the cold air tickles his cheeks into a deep peach, as if his fluffy yellow sweater and bulky brown coat didn’t warm him up enough.“Ugh, but I bet that place is packed right now.”“Yeah, true,” Dylan agrees solemnly. Normally he’d be the type to go either way, but the dark rings under his eyes and stray sighs of exhaustion say otherwise. He’s told Amber that he’s been finding it difficult to sleep lately, despite how tired he’s been. Though she’s not sure what to chalk it up to—if it’s all the requirements and studying he has to do with finals right around the corner, or if it’s just the simple fact that he needs to eat more—he’s been hesitant to talk about it in detail, let alone why. The best Amber can do is brew his tea, stay by his side, and hope that’s enough to compel the universe to let him rest soundly.Suddenly, he perks up, brows lifting up the bangs across his forehead cartoonishly, “You could come over and I could make you something?”  “Definitely.” Her urge to embrace him is getting harder and harder to suppress as he smiles with all his teeth and his cheeks. Amber thinks to herself that this is better; this is the Dylan she knows, “All right then, it’s a date,” Dylan says with his cheekiest smile. He’s normally this flirty with almost everyone, so she tries not to think too much of it as she responds with a playful, “Oh, you spoil me too much, babe.” Dylan chuckles at that, looking down at Amber’s small frame, before taking her hand into his. He’s a naturally bahis şirketleri touchy person, and Amber doesn’t mind holding his hand for a bit since they’re pretty close friends anyway. But it’s the last thing she expects when he brings her hand to his lips, kissing chastely along her knuckles. “Anything for you, love.”That’s what shocks Amber into standing completely still for a few moments, brain scrambling to make sense of the action. Okay, this is just Dylan, her poor old frazzled brain supplies, So this must be some kind of joke, and ends up masking her denial with rationalization, Yeah! For sure, this is a joke. She decides to let out an awkward laugh, playfully nudging at Dylan’s chest. “Haha, keep that up and I’ll think you actually like me.”“That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?” is his response, quirking his lips into a smirk. “Only because you’re a good cook,” Amber says, before realizing her hand is still in Dylan’s hold. She quickly releases to pick up her bag, trying hard not to remember the sensation of his lips against her skin. “Anyways, let’s go.” —  The thing about Dylan is that it’s not a slap in the face how attractive he is. He’s more of like, a relaxing massage, really. There are times when Amber’s just casually talking to him and she’s focused on how his gaze is sinking into her slowly, allowing her to focus on just how deep brown his eyes are, until she’s struck with the intense need to look closer, and find out just how much deeper they go. Until the color sinks into her, and she’s already lost track of what he’s saying. Other times, it feels like the puncture of a needle. Like when she watched him slip out of all of his thicker layers of clothing, leaving him in a thin black shirt that embraced his torso too well. It worries her to think that he’s been working out lately, for a myriad of complicated reasons that mostly boil down to him losing some of the roundness in his cheeks, and on the other hand, Amber losing her general sanity. But if he enjoys it, then she doesn’t say anything about it. Amber likes Dylan in any way he wishes to present himself. “Want some tea?” he offers, looking through some cabinets. “Sure,” Amber says, sinking easily into his and Seth’s squeaky couch, making herself comfortable as she brings her knees into her chest. “Where’s Seth?” “Sleeping,” Dylan says as the water begins to settle down from its boil. “That’s good—that’s something both of you need to do right now.” Then Dylan walks over to her, holding an enticingly warm mug of tea that wafts into her nose like incense. He sits next to her, “I think it’s what you need to do too.” “Mhm,” Amber hums in agreement. When she takes a long, satisfying sip from her tea, she feels her eyelids get heavier. Instantly, the liquid spreads across her chest and relaxes her muscles. Damn, where did Dylan get this tea? She wonders, as her vision slowly eases into the dark blur of slumber. —What stirs Amber awake is a warm weight clinging on the side of her body, calming but heavy as it stalls her movements. It’s difficult, then, to discern whether she’s awake or not, but when she blinks her eyes open, she’s met with a mess of blonde hair and sleepy eyes. It’s Dylan, all cute and puffy from his nap. As if on cue, his cheeks tint a peachy color as soon as she wakes bahis firmaları up fully and focuses on his face. “I—Uh—I’m so sorry, I just got cold and the heater is jammed so it isn’t really doing its job as a heater” Dylan starts explaining, already scrambling to get off of her. (At the back of her mind she wonders how the heck she managed to get to the bed when she was on the couch just a moment ago). But, that aside, she does like laying with Dylan. So, she holds him tighter by the waist, keeping him still against her body. “It’s okay, we can still cuddle a bit.”“Oh,” his cheeks blush deeper, “All right,” he says, before he gets closer to her with a satisfied hum. “What about me? I’m pretty cold too,” Dylan says from the edge of the bed, and wait. What? She looks at the Dylan in her arms, who simply blinks at her with sleepy eyes and a kissable pout, then raises herself on her elbows only to see. Another Dylan. Whose hair is a clean black, parted at the right and swept to the side, and stands there clad in the fitted black shirt and jeans from earlier. It’s a stark contrast to the blonde Dylan in her arms, whose hair is a fluffy mess of bangs, all bundled up in a baggy sweater. She blinks her eyes heavily, once, twice, thrice. “Surprised?” they both say at the same time. Blonde Dylan’s voice is accompanied by a yawn. Dark-haired Dylan’s voice was accompanied with a quirk of his lips. “Huh.” By the time she realizes that the edges of her vision are slightly blurred, and that the control she has over her body is slightly hazy, she concurs that this must be a dream for sure. A very lucid one. “Well,” She lies back down, confident that she’d processed everything correctly. Black-haired Dylan simply chuckles, as the Dylan beside her wraps his arms around her torso and curls into her.“Hey, no going back to sleep now,” dark-haired Dylan says, as he walks toward her beside. She cranes her head up at him, and suddenly feels a wave of bleary heat course through her as he looks down at her. She thinks she’s seen this kind of Dylan plenty of times before, at the library, when she’d rounded a corner and spotted him gazing out of the window. She couldn’t guess what he was thinking, but in that moment he appeared so profound he struck her as captivating. As if he could take one glance at her and know her entire story. But there’s something different this time—something more intense and more hypnotizing. A darkness in his gaze that dominates her senses. He drags an elegant hand up her chest, “You see, I’m an incubus. And I’ve been starving these past few weeks,” then wraps his fingers around her neck, drumming a gentle beat into her veins. “Since I wanted to wait and try tasting you at your ripest.” He tightens his fingers, as the blonde Dylan beside her hums and draws circles into her stomach (she can hear him faintly whispering, “so hungry”). “Do you understand?” Dylan’s hands move up to grip her jaw underneath strong fingers. Amber gulps under his grip, not knowing how to respond. “Let me ask that again, all nice and clear.” He grips just that bit tighter, threatening to choke her throat, “Will you behave for me?” At that, he tilts his head in the direction of his smirk. Suddenly Amber’s compelled to do anything for a man with a gaze like that—so, she nods once, kaçak bahis siteleri but slow and cautiously. His fingers loosen at that, but at the back of her mind she admits that she misses the electricity of his deeper touch. But in less than a moment, the blonde Dylan slips a hand underneath her shirt, “Hmm, wanna have you now,” he says, before nuzzling his face into her neck and pressing his lips against her skin. The line of warmth he draws from her jaw down to her clavicle coerces a breathy sigh out of her—but before she can make any more noise, the side of the bed dips down at the weight of the other Dylan who bends and angles her face to his. He commands her into an intense kiss, catching her lips and inviting them open with a slip of his tongue. The deepness of the kiss has Amber sitting up to get even deeper, craning her head to the side to slot her tongue against his more decadently. One of them pulls her shirt over her head, and both of them run their hands feverishly across her bare body. Going infinitely dizzy at the stream of distinct sensations that surge through her, she tightens her hold into someone’s hair—just too hazed out to figure out whose. Either way, both Dylans let out sounds: one easy sigh, and the other a deep groan. Still, though, despite the haze, there’s a question dangling at the tip of her tongue. So as soon as the black-haired Dylan pulls away, she asks breathlessly: “Uhm….so…why are there two of you?” At that, he laughs. “I was wondering when you’d ask that.” He smiles as if amused by her curiosity. “You see, incubi specialize in materializing what you desire the most,” His hand drags up her waist to squeeze at a breast, “As for me, I’m particularly good at constructing desirable personalities.” He kisses down her face, while the blonde Dylan kisses down the shell of her ear. “Usually though, my victims stick to one version of me. But based on my observations, you seem to long for two varieties.” “Cute, innocent, and friendly,” the blonde Dylan mutters by her ear, and his needy voice is too hard to resist playing around with—so Amber turns her head and slots her lips into his, savoring the sweet moan she manages to draw out of him. “Mature, smart, and dependable,” the black-haired Dylan adds, before biting at her neck and sucking, fingers pulling at a nipple to coax a noise out of Amber. “D-Dylan—” she gasps out, as another hand slides in from behind to dip in between her legs, palming at her wetness. Pulling off of her neck he looks at Amber with a strict gaze, before harshly tugging at her stiffened buds, and ordering, “That’s Sir to you.”On the other hand, behind her, the blonde Dylan says kindly, “You can just call me Dylan if you want,” as he draws gratifying circles around her clit, his lithe index fingers pressing so deliciously into it that it makes her thighs twitch. “Kiss me?” Dylan asks, and who is she to deny him? Amber captures his lips into an easy kiss, and another, and another, as if she can’t get enough of the flavor and the sensation. All the while, someone is kissing down the planes of her thighs, critically near her wet core. “How about you get more comfortable—here, lie down,” Dylan suggests as he guides her body back down on the bed, her head resting upon his thigh. In this new position she has a dangerously handsome face in between her legs, kissing at her abdomen and purposefully avoiding where she needs him the most. “Sir, please,”  she gasps out desperately. “Please what?” he asks, before blowing at her wetness. 

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