Swinging Without You

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A knock on her office door brings Ms. E back to a different reality. Her best friend from work, Opal, sticks her head in. “Girl, I got something you are going to want to check out.”Opal closes the door behind and leans forward across Ms. E’s desk. “You know how you’ve been saying that here you are a single girl for a moment and that you needed some excitement?”“Yes.”“Wait a minute, let me think of your exact words, ‘O, here I am a single girl for the first time in too long. I need some excitement, something new, something edgy. If I can’t get any, surely there has to be a place where I can simply watch other people getting off! I just want to watch two people fuck. Is that asking too much?’ You recall that conversation?”“Stop messing with m,e Opal, of course, I do.”“Well, I think Ms. O has found the answer to your prayers.”Trying to keep her voice down while bursting with curiosity, Ms. E implores her friend to share what she has found.Opal describes a new dungeon she heard about while getting her hair done. “Live up-close fucking and you can sit right there in the room with them…if that’s what you’re into.”“I just might have to check it out. You want to go with me?”“No, I can’t. You know how it is: I can’t be sneaking out to no dungeon while I got a jealous man at home, but you should go and let me know what you find.”Ms. Erotica googles the spot—not a whole lot of info to be found online. Curiosity gets the best of her. Putting aside plans for a much-needed kicked-back Friday evening at home, Ms. Erotica decides to give this place a look-see.She’s met at the front entrance by a man wearing a terrible hairpiece. “Not a promising start,” she thinks to herself. A nice enough guy, but damn, that thing on his head has got to go. He takes her on a tour of the facility. “Our rooms are color-coded. They run from cool to hot,” he turns to face the stunningly decked out Miss Erotica and winks.Tell me he didn’t just wink at me. She offers a weak smile in response.“How about we start you off with a drink? It’s on the house. Allow me to take you to my favorite spot in our club. We call it the ‘Speak Easy’ and it’s in the back of the red room. As you might imagine, red means hot!” Again, he winks.A little self-talk struggles to bring Ms. Erotica’s anxiety levels down a notch. ‘If this man with his Halloween headpiece winks at me one more time, I don’t care what color room I’m in, I’m outta’ here.’She gathers Ankara escort herself, “That would be nice, thank you, I could use a drink.”“We all can…and what is your name?”“Miss Erotica.”Her host stands back and takes her in from head to toe, “Talk about a name that fits, you will turn some heads tonight, Miss Erotica.”Ms. E smiles and follows her guide through a labyrinth of rooms decorated with different color lights—white, blue, purple and finally, red. She manages to miss most of what he says. Against the back wall of the red room is a bar. Her guide pulls out a stool for her to sit. Once settled, she turns to take in her surroundings.“This is what we call our ‘Infinity Room’. As you see, we have different levels.” He points to her left, “That’s our semi-private area. Couples can go inside, do what they want and you can watch through the one-way mirrors on the wall. The rooms are equipped with most anything you desire. Now, over here,” he turns Erotica’s attention to the right side of the room and stairs that lead to an elevated platform. “This is our ‘not so private’ section. If you want to enter the ‘forbidden zone’,” he chuckles and turns to see Ms. E’s reaction. “You do so at your own discretion,” again a fucking wink, “and you do so without clothes, towels only. Yes, we have a dressing room with showers right through that door. Any questions Miss Erotica?”“No, I think you covered it all. Thank you.”“I hope I’ve inspired you to uncover it all my dear.” Fortunately, he doesn’t wink.Other than the guide’s headpiece and winking eye, Miss Erotica is very encouraged by what she sees. A few couples share drinks at Speak Easy tables. Good looking singles drift through to check out the scene. It’s cool. She relaxes and licks some salt off the rim of her slushy margarita.“First time?” asks the bartender, a rather nondescript middle-aged white fellow.“Not my first time in a club but, yes, my first time at this one, am I that obvious?”“Just from seeing you on the tour, otherwise, you look right at home. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything. I’m here to make sure you have a good time. OK?”“Thanks, I appreciate that.” Ms. E takes another sip on her drink. “One quick question, can I check out the Forbidden Zone before I decide whether or not I want to trade in my cute outfit for a towel?”He leans forward and says in a low voice. “Usually no, but it’s early, go ahead, take Ankara escort bayan a quick peek, and, yes, that is a very cute outfit.”“Aweee, thank you.” Ms. Erotica steps down off the barstool and walks up about three-quarters of the way to the Forbidden Zone, just high enough where she can peer over the edge of the elevated floor. She looks back at the bartender who motions her to go further. She blows him a kiss and walks to the top of the stairs. What Ms. E sees astounds her: a variety of beds from a plush canopy style to a swinging red leather hammock suspended at four ends by heavy chains and lots of interesting choices in between. Hanging from one wall is the most diverse set of sex toys, implements and devices she has ever seen accumulated in one location. Floor to ceiling mirrors run the length of the other full wall.Erotica returns to her spot at the bar, drains her drink and asks for another. The bartender quickly obliges. “Pretty amazing, right?”“I’m speechless, and rarely am I speechless.”“Think you’ll try on that towel?”Ms. E’s eyes sparkle with mischief, “I might have to.”The bartender lowers the lights a bit and turns up the electronic music. Just as Ms. Erotica is about to ask another question, a gorgeous couple emerges from the men’s bathroom wearing nothing but towels and heads up the stairs to the Forbidden Zone: a tall, blonde, very white athletic woman and a ripped, quite dark Black man about the woman’s same height. He lets her ascend first; a short towel barely covers her petite tight ass and lithe runner’s legs. He follows, taking off his towel about halfway up to the elevated floor. An erect dick swings back and forth between his legs with every step.Soon, more couples follow. Satisfied moans drift down from the elevated playroom. Her curiosity aroused, Ms. E turns to ask the bartender her question but before she can say a single word he says, “Women only in the female parlor; the male side is co-ed.”“Can I take my drink with me?”“Only if you let me fill it up for you first.”Drink in hand, Ms. Erotica heads for the women’s locker area. Not surprisingly, it’s red, decadent red, French bordello red with large prints of naked women adorning every wall. Thankfully, it is very clean. Ms. E chooses a plush white towel from the middle of a stack off in one corner of the dressing area and hangs her clothes in a wooden locker. The thought Escort Ankara of being naked in a strange place with people she doesn’t know sends chills up her body causing her nipples to get hard and a brief moment of hesitation. I’m gonna do this. She follows through on her promise.The bar is more crowded than when she left to get naked. With one hand securing her towel and the other holding her drink, Ms. E works her way through a gathering of well dressed mixed couples to the stairs. Before climbing up the first step she tries to figure out how to hold her towel up over breasts and down over her bootie without spilling a drop of her margarita. She knows that every blue eye in the house is going to be checking out her black ass. Fuck it! I’m just going to have to give them a little show. Ms. E strides up the stairs, slowly, deliberately, with her perfect round brown bottom on full display.Her courage is rewarded by what awaits her at the top of the stairs—the white woman on her knees in the canopy bed, hands bound and extended behind her back up in the air at a forty-five-degree angle lashed to a thick rope that runs from one end of the canopy top to the other. Her feet dangle over the edge of the bed, her ass extends up mimicking the angle of her arms, her swollen pussy hangs between open thighs ripe for the black dick that is just about to find its way into the pink recesses of her vagina.OMG! You got to be fucking kidding me! Erotica is instantly wet. She must sit. The only available seat is a bench adjacent to the bed, almost too close to the lovers and their passionate fucking. She gathers herself, claims her spot and watches a black dick slide in and out of a tender pink pussy, watches the woman’s bound hands strain against their restraint, hears her muffled moans of ecstatic pleasure emerge from the pillow that supports her head, sees the man’s strong hands clutch her hips and pull her up and down his erect cock, smells the sex, feels tingles from her own aroused pussy, wants to touch herself but just watches. Ms. E’s towel comes undone. She sits partially naked next to two nude strangers fucking, focusing on every detail of their lovemaking. The couple is so engrossed in their world that they seem to not notice her presence, until the man turns to her mid-stroke.“You like?”Ms. E nods her head, “very much.”“Care to join?”“No, thank you, I’m good.”“No, from what I see, you’re better than good.”He stares at Ms. E whose mouth is slightly open, lips moist, dark brown nipples erect, thighs parted, pussy peeking out from behind the white towel…his dick gets harder with each detail of her naked body. He imagines how good she must taste, imagines her fit body riding his dick, imagines her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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