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Subject: Taboo Encounters (Three unusual gay encounters) I think most of us have done something sexually in our lives that perhaps wasn’t the wisest thing to do. A case of letting your cock rule your head even though you know it’s not wise. Something like making a drunken pass at a neighbour’s wife or worse, husband! I think when it becomes more of a dilemma is when you know you shouldn’t be doing something but you just can’t help yourself. Let’s say your best friend’s daughter starts flirting with you and you know that touching her would be the end of a beautiful friendship if he found out but she IS attractive! These are three short gay stories that explore events such as these. I have decided not to take them to the “what happens when they get found out,” stage as it might just spoil the fun. 1. The Teenage Rebel. So, I’m gay, living in a really lovely little house, all alone at the end of a cul-de-sac in a small town in Southern England. I’m 28, one failed relationship, decent job, small detached house and quite happy with the odd bit of casual sex and occasional trip to the city for night life. I get on well with the neighbours who are mainly married couples with kids. My house is in a great location, I think. At the far end of the road there is no passing traffic but a footpath just beside the house, cuts down behind my garden to the main road nearby and the main bus route to town centre. There is a bit of pedestrian footfall but nothing to worry about. My story concerns Jack. He was the grandson of an older couple across the street who after falling out with his stepdad on a regular basis had taken to living on and off with them. They were struggling with his ways. Recently of the age to drink he had taken to that hobby like a duck to water and was always coming in late and drunk which seemed to affect them. They had talked to me about it and even asked if I could help, I assume, being unaware of my sexual status. I had made a loose attempt which had been received with positive responses from Jack which he promptly forgot the following Friday night. Now though he was an obnoxious human being, as is often the case with teenage rebels, he had a certain sexual attractiveness. He was well-built, around 5 feet 9 inches and tattoo-free. His dark hair was wildly curly and framed his face in a jagged and wild way. His eyes were a dark blue and had a slightly “knowing look” about them. I assumed he had twigged my sexuality but apart from a half smirk while I spoke to him, he didn’t acknowledge it. From time to time I would see some of his friends who all seemed to be of a similar type to him, but he loved to be Mr Big. It’s not like he was getting into trouble with the law, he was just annoying his poor old grandparents and ruining their quiet later years. When sober, he would carry a quite civilised conversation but the amateur big-headed thug appeared after the first few drinks. This whole scenario had been rumbling on for about 6 months and when it got worse, the grandparents would send him home and then after a few weeks he would be kicked out and return again. One afternoon in late September, I was pottering about in the back garden, taking advantage of a week’s holiday at home when I heard a commotion over the high fence which bordered the footpath behind. I could hear what sounded like a young teen boy’s voice, and an older voice. “Leave me alone!” “You love it you little poof,” I heard. “I’m not a poof,” said the higher voice. “Well you look and act like one,” said the older voice. “Get off!” I realised I needed to intervene so jogged out of the garden and round to the path to find Jack, with a schoolboy who looked to be around 14, still in uniform, pinned to my fence by his shoulders. I recognised the boy. He was a pretty little thing, who indeed, looked gay, possibly due to his longish hair and very long eyelashes. “What’s going on Jack?” I asked. “Oh nothing, Mr Semple,” he said, and I noted he hadn’t use my Christian name of Mark. “It doesn’t look like nothing to me Jack. It looks like you are harassing this lad and from the tone of your conversation, breaking the law in the process!” “Naw, just having a laugh,” he said. The young lad was distressed so I went over and checked he was all right. He nodded he was and headed on his way. “I don’t like bullies, Jack and I don’t like homophobes either. Unless you want to take on people your own age, I suggest you grow a pair of balls. Now piss off!” He shuffled off mumbling something that sounded like, “faggot,” under his breath. That was it and I decided that it wasn’t worth pursuing further. He had been sober which surprised me as he had always been pretty well mannered unless he was drunk. It was about 3 weeks later, further into Autumn and also around 10pm at night when things moved up a step. I had been out for a jog, returned and showered and put on shorts and t-shirt to settle down and watch the news on television. I had some recycling to go out so stepped into the garden and heard a commotion in the back footpath. This time it was just scuffling and grunting. I ran around again and saw two people in the half-light, up against my fence. “Come on, give me a kiss. That’s all. You know you want to!” “No, stop it!” I recognised the higher voice immediately. It was the young teenage boy again. Thankfully the incident had just started and from Jack’s unsteadiness, he wasn’t in a position to do much as the kid slid out and ran off past me. I walked up to Jack. “Do you realised that sexual assault on an underage boy means a prison sentence Jack? Do you have some kind of sexual deviation you need to take care of?” He looked at me, staring for a moment as I faced him. “I just fancied a kiss,” he said. I was right up against him. He looked at me, lifted his two hands to the side of my head, grasped it and pulled me towards him, his lips crashing down on mine. It was such a shock, that his tongue was in my mouth and the pressure of his head on mine, stopped me from an immediate response. I broke free and was about to ask him what the fuck he was doing when he looked at me, strangely and did it again. The kiss was hungry, very hungry. There was a taste of beer and even in my annoyed and tense state it had some effect. Jack’s hand dropped casually and the back of it brushed against my shorts. My cock, though not hard, had slightly reacted to the sexual attack. Jack took this as a come on and put his arms completely around me, pulling me towards him. We were of equal height but I was so stunned, he had an advantage at this moment, or perhaps, the situation had made me drop my guard. Again I pulled back. “Jack we need to talk. If that lad tells his parents you are in deep shit!” He stood back and looked at me. “Ok, I’ll talk.” He started walking towards the cul-de-sac and I followed him. As he reached my house he turned and walked up my path and into my house. That wasn’t quite what I had meant so I ran up behind him. “I meant in the morning, Jack, not tonight!” “Gotta be now!” he said. I closed the door and we went into my lounge. As we entered, he turned again and as I almost walked into him he grasped my head and again kissed me. This time I actually let him. This lad was one of the best kissers I had ever met and even I have a melting point. Once he realised things were being accepted he pushed me against the wall and his hand stroked my shorts and my much firmer cock. He started pulling off his jacket, his rugby shirt and unclipping his jeans. I threw his back on the sofa and dived on top, this time with me doing the kissing. Jack was like an animal, responding and panting to my every touch. My hands explored his half-open jeans and the inviting hardness within the tight briefs behind. I stood up and dragged his jeans off, pulling trainers and socks almost in one swoop then put my mouth down to the promising hard bulge in front. There was a slight masculine odour as my nose nudged around the hard piece of hidden flesh behind. Jack wasn’t hanging around. He pulled back the elastic on his briefs and a deliciously hard cock sprung out. It was a little bigger than 7 inches, uncut and so hard it arced backwards and upwards away from his body. The tip was dripping with pre-cum. I pulled it free exposing his balls which were slightly hairy. I engulfed his cock with my mouth and he gasped for air as I sucked. I almost choked, so desperate was I to get as much cock in my throat as possible. He wriggled free, stood up and stripped naked. I followed and stood in front of him. Our body sizes were similar though we was probably slightly more muscular than I was, with his light coating of chest hair. I was smooth, including my cock and balls and I noted that my cock though just under 7 inches and uncut, was slimmer than his. “Bed?” he asked. I nodded down the hall and he took my hand and half-dragged me there. I was thrown on the bed and Jack pounced on top of me with another kissing assault. His lips traced my body, licking and sucking and he finally got to my cock. He hesitated, looked at it, licked the tip, then engulfed it. “Ouch, watch your teeth,” I yelped. “Sorry!” He went back to more licking and sucking. This boy’s oral skills were artistry. “Have you done this before?” I asked. “Nope,” he said without missing a moment of kissing and sucking.. I lay back and gave him my body to play with and he took his time roaming all over with hands and lips, gripping and stroking my cock, then sucking. “Do guys like you take it up the arse?” he asked. “I have been known to,” I replied. “Ok how do I do it?” I pulled out the drawer in my bedside cabinet and tuzla escort showed him the KY, thankful for my earlier shower. Subtlety was not his strong point as he squirted some on his cock. “Me too,” I said. He handed me the tube so it looked like there wasn’t going to be any foreplay. I lubed my hole and he stroked his fiery looking cock with KY jelly. Lifting my legs in the air he attempted to penetrate me. “Your not shagging sheep,” I said. “Take it a little at a time. It’s my bum, not a fucking tunnel.” He slowed and went at a slightly better pace and his cock soon slid beautifully into my hole. He was really keen to get going and was soon pumping into me, holding my cock I his right hand as he did so. The sheer rawness of the sex, the amateurishness of his approach and the possibility that he was a gay virgin, all helped heighten my excitement. I wasn’t sure about him but this was not going to be a long session for me. Soon he was hammering quite violently into my arse and, to be honest, I was loving it. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” he groaned. I grabbed my cock off him and wanked frantically managing to coincide our orgasms perfectly. I half expected him to withdraw, pull up his pants and go but he didn’t. He rolled over on his back, the remnants of cum dribbling down his cock and gasped, “That was awesome. I’ve wanted to do that for weeks!” “Can I assume you’re gay?” I asked. “It would seem so,” he said. “I’ve been really confused recently. All my best mates are slowly pairing off with girls and I was finding myself alone more and more. They kept telling me to get hitched but I knew I didn’t want to. In this arsehole of a town there’s not exactly somewhere to go and find like minded guys so I just kept pretending.” “And the incident with the young lad. The dangerous incident with the young lad?” “Thank God you came along. That was drink, frustration and annoyance that he looked like he knew what he was and I didn’t.” “Ok, I suggest you keep a low profile for a few days and maybe head back to your parents, just in case. I’ll keep an eye open for the lad and tell him I’ve sorted you out and he won’t ever have problems again. You’d better hope he didn’t run home to mum and tell all!” Well Jack did just that, and I saw the young lad two days later and told him it was just a drunk guy and I had warned him I would beat him up if he every attempted anything again. The lad thanked me, with a big smile and a wet handshake. Jack was probably right! Jack’s gran told be he had turned over a new leaf and thought he might have finally found a girl to steady his bad behaviour. He hadn’t but I had an amazing stud to keep me occupied on Friday nights so I wasn’t going to say too much! 2. The Quiet Public Toilets in a Quiet Town. Gay, 34, single and living in a town with a population not much more than 25,000. That’s a town with one hotel 4 bars, 3 restaurants (and one of them is a fish and chip shop) a playing field/park and one way in and out. Oh and there are a few shops. Why am I here? Well just down the road is the main distribution depot for a major grocery chain and I’m the distribution manager with a bloody good salary. So I’m paid well still mid-thirties and have the social life of a nun. The neighbours are all as you might expect, married with kids or retired. Not one visible gay, trans or lesbian to be seen as far as I know. When I switch on Grindr, it shows the nearest person about 25 miles away and he’s a middle-aged transvestite! The neighbours have some social life and are really nice, and I even get invited to the odd social event. Across and diagonally from me is a slightly older couple. He’s an all-trades builder, called Gary who runs his business from his house and double garage. A fine looking guy in his mid-forties with his equally fit wife and a son who works and lives with them. The son, called Craig was about 25 and easily has his dad’s looks but dad’s grey hair is replaced by dirty blonde hair on his son. Nice to look at on a hot day stripped to the waist though. The incidents happened all on one day which made them all the more incredulous. The playing fields had a small building about a third of the way across. They housed a small changing room and public toilets within the wooden framed building. The main road through town passed by and there was lay-by with signs to the toilet but the toilet location meant that only those caught short could be bothered with the walk to them across the open park area. On the odd occasion when I had seen people “trawling” they would park and sit in the lay-by watching the toilet door for any movement. Usually this only happened on a warm summer’s day when there more people about in the park to offer “camouflage.” When bored and off work I would sometimes wander over there and sit in one of the two cubicles wishing and hoping but usually ending up wanking myself off. The glory hole was big enough for a decent cock. I should know, I made it! It was the week after Easter with the kids still not back at school so there was a lot more coming and going around town. I had spoken to Gary who told me they had finished one job a bit early with another big one starting the following week so he was having an “easy” week just doing odd jobs here and there. I went for a long walk around the small town and wondered if the warmer day and the closeness to holidays might just have brought an odd stray van driver, or passing motorist to my little “private” glory hole. Probably wishful thinking but there was now a bit of graffiti in there so someone was buying the idea of a local glory hole. There were no cars in the lay-by though there was a bit of activity on the fields. It looked like some amateur football team practising. Just kids with a few adults looking after them. There was also some mums with prams and a sprinkling of single people walking. I found a bench and sat with one eye on the wooden toilet block/changing rooms. It was a nice enough day to relax whether sex came my way on not. Way off on the distance and right across the field I noticed Gary’s rather garishly coloured pick-up. It was parked on the verge and across from some of the houses. Both he and his son had odd transport. Gary had the metallic red utility and his son followed on a motor bike that looked like a bright blue track bike and sounded like an out of sorts lawnmower. The sound was unique and a bit annoying. My assumption was that Gary was dealing with one of the “odd jobs” he had referred to. My mind drifted away again but I noticed someone walking on the path behind the kids playing football and to the back of the toilets. I initially assumed it was a parent or referee. The lifted their head in my direction and looked straight at me and I realised it was Gary. I don’t know if he recognised me or not but he soon just disappeared behind the block so I waited for him to arrive at the other side and I was going to wave. He didn’t appear. I waited around 10 minutes and there was still no appearance so my curiosity was definitely raised. I didn’t want to walk in and find him in a compromising position but equally I was curious. I decided to “casually” go in for a “pee.” On entering there was no one at the urinals and one of the two cubicles was locked. I could hear shuffling as I entered like someone had jumped on hearing my entrance to the block. I stood for a moment then entered the other cubicle. The hole was uncovered. I dropped my jeans and underwear and sat, tucking my cock between my legs and my hand casually covering my rising erection. I sat for a moment or two and then looked casually through the hole. My neighbour, who I assumed was Gary, was doing exactly the same thing except I could the see the head of an erection peeking out from under his hand. Now this was a dead straight, happily married man who had never ever shown any gay tendencies at all so if anything was going to happen, he had to take the lead, especially as he may have already guessed who was next door. It took him 5 minutes before his hand moved back to reveal more of his large uncut cock. I gave him a better view of mine. He was now leaning forward for a better view. I did likewise, keeping my face back in case he hadn’t guessed who it was.. He stood and presented a rather large, thick cock. It was at least 7 inches but very, very thick. The thought of what it would feel like in my nether regions, made my cock drip! He faced me and started to feed it through the hole. It didn’t come too easily as it was just smaller than the circumference and no more. I helped it through the thin partition and soon it was in front of me in all it’s glory. The tip was leaking profusely so he had obviously been stroking himself before my entry. I took it in my mouth and made every effort to swallow as much as my throat could accommodate. I heard him gasp. He hissed a long slow, “Yesss!” I gave him the full benefit of my oral skills and was pleased that they were being appreciated. I licked, I sucked, I gripped tightly and focussed on the head, pulling his foreskin back to reveal a beautifully formed knob. I could feel him tensing so thought it might be time to get him to do some work, so I took my mouth off him. I left his cock, waiting for his service to be finished. I tapped his cock to hint, that I wanted something in return and grudgingly, or so it seemed, he pulled it back again. As he bent down to see what had happened I gave him an eyeful of my manhood by sticking my slim 6.5 inches straight through the hole. It stayed waving in mid air for a few moments before I felt a tentative grip and then a very amateurish half wank. It sat a bit longer, then I felt some tuzla escort bayan warm breath. “Would he?” His mouth covered my cock and I soon felt him suck. Not the most professional blow job but the fact that it was my straight neighbour did give it bonus points and I certainly could have emptied my balls within seconds. The thought of what that might do to him dampened my ardour though, so I let him play around for a little longer before pulling my cock back. It was obvious though, what Gary was looking for, and his monster soon filled the hole again. I decided to give him my full, á la cárte service. I slobbered my lips and tongue over as much Gary cock as I could, working my hands around the shaft and using my saliva as lubricant. I then worked both my hands up and down before focussing my tongue and lips on his exposed head. He was groaning like a wounded animal. I intensified my sucking, faster and faster. Knowing what was about to hit the back of my throat. I wasn’t disappointed and with a gasp and loud grunt, the liquid hit my throat like a cannon ball. Spurt and spurt hit my throat and though I usually collect and spat, this was not an option. I had to swallow. After jumping and spurting for some time, I felt the hardness reduce slightly and his cock was withdrawn, still dripping, back through the hole. It was immediately apparent that I wasn’t going to have any reciprocal pleasure as he started to pull up his pants, leaving me with an unfulfilled erection. He bolted from the toilet like scalded cat, guilt replacing his horniness. I say back, wiped my mouth, and spat what little was still in there out. I smiled. “Well that was a turn up for the book. Definitely a golden moment for the memoirs,” I thought. Not sure what to do next I sat a little. The chances of more sex seemed unlikely but I was still horny. Should I walk around the park again? I decided I would return to my discreet look out spot, give it 20 minutes and if nothing happened I would slip back in for a quick cubicle wank and then go home. That’s exactly what happened. I cautiously went back in, 20 minutes later and dropped my pants for a long, slow wank. As I stroked, I thought I heard a familiar and annoying sound, Craig’s bike, out on the road. I smiled with the thought of what would have happened if he had passed 20 minutes earlier and seen his dad coming out of the toilet. I went back to wanking and realised the sound had stopped suddenly. “Could it be in the lay-by?” The door opened, too quickly really for someone to have walked from the lay-by to the toilet. Someone went to the urinals. I peeked through a hole in the door and saw jogger in his forties standing there. He peed and stood a little longer, stroking his soft cock in his hands. I wasn’t sure if he was aware I was there or was just absent-mindedly stroking his cock. The door opened again and the guy jumped as Craig appeared. He walked over beside the guy and stood. My thought immediately was that Craig had seen the jogger from his bike, stopped and followed him in. The jogger stood awkwardly in the very close position, as there were only two urinal spaces. The look on Craig’s face was one I had never seen before, one of lust! I couldn’t quite see Craig’s cock but assumed he was showing it to the guy, then I saw Craig’s hand move to touch the guy. The jogger jumped again and then put his cock back in and left the toilet, quite quickly. My thought was that the jogger wasn’t trawling, but had only come in for a pee and a possible quiet wank and Craig’s ministrations had scared him. I needed to get my hands on Craig but knew if he saw me he would run. I cleared my throat and the response was immediate. It would seem it hadn’t dawned on him there might be someone else there. He looked at the closed door and then the open one and walked over to look in the empty cubicle. I assume at this stage he saw the hole and must have thought it would allow him to look at who was in the second cubicle. He closed the door and bent down to look through so I presented my hard cock for display. There was some shuffling and I realised his jeans were dropping. He stood and showed me an absolutely delicious cock. I would have guessed about 6.5 inches but wonderfully thick. In fact it was very thick. The foreskin, slid slightly back and his piss slit was gaping and ready to supply some sperm. I tapped the hole and his cock came to it. I had again to help it through the hole and I had a thought to make sure and do some widening works with it’s structure in the near future. Soon I had it to myself and as before I took the whole cock in my mouth. This time I managed the whole length down my throat. The width was really something though, and I realised that somewhere in the future, I had to let him know my sexuality and interest in him as I really fancied getting it inside me. He was enthusiastic for a supposed anonymous partner, his cock pushing as hard as the hole limits would allow. I rewarded him with the full skills of my oral dexterity and his groaning suggested I was doing something right. As with his father just a short few moments before, I stopped and left his cock projecting in mid-air and, after a few seconds it withdrew, allowing me to offer mine. He was an eager sucker. His mouth was over my cock in a second and he sucked like a pro. This was no gay novice. Craig knew what he wanted and what he was doing and I was amazed my “Gaydar” hadn’t noticed anything about his manner that may have given the game away, before now. I pushed my cock as hard as I could against the partition to give him as much as I could and he sucked and slurped on me noisily. I was near to cumming but the devil in me wanted a matching set of sperm so I pulled my cock back and tapped the hole for his to come through. I was through instantly. This time I was going for broke to I sucked for all it was worth. I rolled my tongue, I gripped and sucked gently on the head, I used my tongue on the open slit then plunged his whole cock in my mouth, and repeated. His guttural groaning suggested I was getting him to a point of no return and I was right as a jet of cum hit the back of my throat with some force. I pulled my mouth back as it continued to spray cum over my face. This guy had been holding on to his supply for some time, I guessed! My other hand was working on my own cock, and timed his climax with mine perfectly as I shot on the toilet floor. The usual shuffling and jean zipping suggested my time was over so I also got my self ready. I heard the bolt slide back next door and Craig quietly slipped out. There was a sudden silence and I assumed he was still in the toilet. Then a piece of paper slid under my door. On it was a mobile number and his Christian name. It confirmed what I knew, it was Craig! I assumed he wanted to meet his anonymous partner again. Of course that might open another can of worms. Should I meet him anonymously in the cubicle again or come out and let his know who has swallowed his cum. Well that was a decision for the future, or at least the next week as I certainly wanted that cock in my mouth again! 3. My Daughter’s New Boyfriend. When I was a confused 16 year old, I assumed that the only kind of relationship was with a girl. I wasn’t madly keen on girls but since all the banter from my mates seemed to be dominated by talking about them and their private parts, I assumed that was the way of the world. Secretly, my private thoughts concentrated more on my naked pals having sex that the girl who might be on the receiving end. So all this naivety ended up when the only person I had ever had sex with became pregnant with my baby while I was still at school. I hadn’t even enjoyed the event and now I had this life-changing scenario. There was no chance whatsoever of a relationship, but my parents were massively supportive and I was able to become some kind of father to my daughter who was christened Emily. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but took jobs after school and did what I could could pay for things for her and help her mother, Jessica. Her parents also helped enormously and were not vindictive. This helped us both and also Emily as she grew up. This consumed my life from age 16 to 19 but a chance encounter with a van driver and a quick trip into a car park, changed things for me. I discovered what I really wanted to do sexually in life! I came out to everyone within two years. It was a surprise to many but the initial discovery had also been a surprise to me!. Over the year that followed I had managed to use further education to get myself a decent job and moved into a small detached bungalow about 30 minutes drive from Jessica and my daughter, Emily. In the years that followed, Jessica found a partner who became her husband and Emily ended up with a younger sister and brother, 7 and 9 years her junior. My connection with her was unwavering and Jessica’s husband was both welcoming and friendly. Far from isolating me from my daughter, the fact that I was her “real” dad, made her even closer to me and she always asked my advice about things. She called us “dad one” and “dad two.” Obviously I was “dad one!” As she was now close to her nineteenth birthday and training to be a specialist nurse at a hospital across town and close to her home, she was more of a woman than a girl. Boyfriends were brought to see “dad one” and I quickly realised that Emily had an odd taste in men. They seemed to range from intellectual geeks, to slightly hippy, long haired protesters. None were on my radar from an interest point of view. Few lasted long anyway, probably due to Emily’s shift patterns. When I received the text to say that she was coming escort tuzla over the following Sunday with “her latest boyfriend,” there was a certain “deja vu” moment in my head. I made some snacks and treats and waited out back in the garden. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining so I was in shorts and t-shirt. Emily arrived at the side gate and came in to the back garden. “Hi dad, how’s things?” she shouted as she ran across and gave me a hug. “This is Josh!” My draw dropped and my heart missed a beat as I suddenly saw the apparition standing just behind her. Let me try to describe. He was slim but not skinny. Formed where he had to be, with a pale skin and the most piercing blue eyes I had ever seen. He was wearing beautifully tailored shorts, and an obviously expensive, designer casual shirt. His hair was golden blonde and curly. It wasn’t wild curly, but trained curly and the overall impression was more “Angel Gabriel,” than “Harpo Marx.” I realised that Emily was talking and I just caught the words, “modelling and television commercial!” Shaking his firm hands, I managed to ask about the commercial. It seems to have been one about an online clothing company and I pieced together that he was doing different types of modelling work. My mind was numb. I couldn’t string words. In all my 14 openly gay years I had never responded to another human being with such an impact. This lad was Adonis! When he smiled, he confirmed his God-like status! Over the next couple of hours he chatted warmly and each time he looked at me, he held his gaze long enough to make my stomach churn. It was as though I was the only person in the room. It seemed that Emily had been introduced to him at the hospital when he was visiting his brother. His mother had taken a shine to Emily and coerced him into asking for a date. “If I left it to him, he would never get a date,” she had said to Emily. The modelling was limited and even Josh was aware that unless he moved up to London, and soon, he would never make a living out of it. He had signed with a London agency and though still living locally in The Cotswolds area of England, at the moment he could still travel the 100 miles to London when work called. The afternoon was over all too soon. Emily took some pictures of us all on her phone and then bade me farewell. One hour later, my phone pinged with the pictures and the one of Josh and I together gave me a massive erection. These responses had never happened since my teen years and I have to admit I went to my room and wanked off to him, feeling instantly guilty afterwards. Their relationship seemed to be doing well and from time to time he would come along when Emily came to visit. Always he was interested in what I had been doing and the hints in conversation suggested that Emily had explained my sexual leanings though we never discussed her gay father openly while he was there. I suppose to Emily I was no different to what she had always known. A phone call one Wednesday from Emily asked if she could meet Josh at my place after work at the hospital as they were meeting a couple of friends on the Thursday closer to my place than her home. It meant she could come over to me, shower and change then have a coffee before they both took a taxi to the restaurant. She was off on the Friday so would come back and stay at mine’s before going home on the Saturday morning. At 2.00pm on the Thursday afternoon, I received a phone call to say they were massively busy and understaffed and she had been asked if she could work on. She had agreed and had already called Josh and her friends to postpone until the following week. I was disappointed as any opportunity to ogle at Josh was welcome. I settled in to a night at home, poured some wine and popped a pizza in the oven. I changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. It was Josh. “Oh, hi,” said I. “Emily cancelled, didn’t she call you?” “Yeh, she did but I realised both our nights had been ruinedso thought you might like some company.” As I said before, any opportunity to look at this guy was worth it. “There is wine and beer in the fridge and some pizza in the ovenand that will be ready in ten minutes.” “Sounds good to me,” he said heading for the fridge and popping a can of lager. He was wearing pale cotton trousers which clung well to his frame and showed a lot of promise at the front. His cotton shirt hugged his frame and I could make out the dark circles on his nipples through the pale fabric. “Excuse the casual wear,” I said, “I wasn’t expecting guests.” “No that’s cool. It suits you anyway,” he replied. We finished off two pizzas and he was on his third bottle of lager. “I assume you took the bus here?” I asked. “Yes and I’ll probably taxi home.” We were sitting opposite each other, him on my sofa and me in my recliner. My eyes kept getting drawn to his crotch and I had the feeling he caught me doing it. “When did you decide to announce you were gay?” he suddenly asked. “I think I knew it always but the pressure in my area and in my circle to have a girl friend were enormous and marriage was expected so I kind of let it run, hoping I would change. I was able to have sex with girls so assumed I would be fine. By the time Emily was born and around two years after that, I had an encounter with a young guy my own age and the sex was explosive. I realised what I really wanted and came out. It wasn’t easy but we got there!” “What was it about gay sex that got you so turned on?” he asked. “It was more about wanting a man rather than a woman and men have some extra things women don’t….like cocks!” The words were out of my mouth before I thought and I saw Josh blushing slightly. My cock was starting to rise. I assume my subconscious had an idea where this might be going. I saw Josh’s eyes glance between my legs. There wasn’t far for an erection to go in the shorts I was wearing. “Do you have interests other than my daughter?” I asked, the words sticking slightly in my throat as I had never thought of myself as being in sexual competition with her. He nodded, almost imperceptibly. “Have you had sex with my daughter?” He shook his head and said, “I really like her but not in that way.” “Good,” I said, ” Cos even I would find that kind of weird!” He wasn’t going to move to I went across to him, lifted him off the seat by the hand, and kissed him. He relaxed instantly and went almost limp in my hands. We kissed and I felt his hard cock pressing against me. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” I said and he meekly followed. “Do you want to shower?” “I did that already,” he said with a smirk on his face. “So this was a plan,” I asked. “More a hope,” he answered. It didn’t take too long before I had a naked Adonis lying before me on the bed. His uncut cock was as stiff as a poker and standing straight up in the air. I knelt between his legs and took this tender piece of meat in my mouth, swallowing as deeply as I could, before licking back to the top and sliding back his foreskin to lick around the tender head. It reacted by going even harder in my mouth. I went between his legs and licked his balls, allowing my tongue to stray deeper to his hole. He gasped. “Have you done much of this?” I asked. “A bit, but probably not as much as you,” he smiled. He stood and pushed me back on to the bed to repeat what I had just done to him. My cock was just over 7 inches so was about an inch longer than his but a little thicker, though still with foreskin. He licked and sucked hungrily and I let him, relaxing while watching this angelic face performing lewd acts on my cock and balls. We spent some time taking turn about orally, kissing, licking and sucking. He frequently had to stop me as he was on the verge of cumming. “I want to fuck you!” he said. That came out of the blue! I was versatile but recently all the younger guys I had met wanted fucked and I was so used to spreading young legs in the air and fucking their brains out that it came as a shock. “Sorry, have I offended you?” he said. “No, I am versatile in sex but it’s a long time since someone wanted to fuck me. It’s usually the other way around.” “I’ve never taken a cock before but maybe next time?” he said. I was already lubricating. I was looking forward to this. I offered a condom and he stretched it over his cock. I never failed to be excited watching a young man stretching this latex over a very hard penis then knowing where it would be going very shortly. I suggested starting face down first and he mounted me that way. There was an element of safety from my buttocks so I didn’t want this rod of steel sliding straight to the hilt in one go. It slid in surprisingly easily and he was soon humping. After just a few minutes we rolled so that I was on my back with my legs in the air and his hard cock was fully inside me. The look of sheer joy on his face was a pleasure and it was good to know I could still create that ecstasy in a younger male. He held my cock and wanked as he fucked. “I’m not going to last long,” he said. “Go for it,” I answered. He went for it, hammering my hole hard before groaning with pleasure as his cock pumped into me. I grabbed my own cock and in a few strokes ejaculated over my chest. He slid out and the quantity of cum was impressive. “Next time, I want to taste that,” I said nodding to it. “So I’m good enough for a next time,” he said. “I haven’t even started,” I replied. “What do we do about Emily?” he asked. We decided on him telling her he only wanted a friendship and see how she took it. We also decided our relationship would have to be discreet, at least until he sorted himself out with my daughter. He stayed that night and more than once, I woke up and wondered how I was going to reconcile this. One thing was sure, I wasn’t letting him ail

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