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My name is Kacey Walker. This is the story of the night that I will never forget. I am 19 years old. I’m 5’10” with long blond hair. I have always been in great shape, but now that I was going to college on a cheerleading scholarship my body was very lean. I was 19 years old when this happend to me. My long muscular legs and 36C breast normally gained the attention of most guys (unless they were gay). I guess I should have been more aware of how the guys around me acted. Whenever I was in the gym I would notice at least one guy trying to hide his hard-on from me. It would always make me laugh.

It was winter break and I went with my boyfriend (Mark) to his house to meet his family. Little did I know what was going to happen? I was wearing a tight black tank-top and a pair of my tight jeans. From the second that we arrived at Mark’s house his family was really nice. Looking back I guess a little too nice. His mom was a heavy set lady with short blond hair. Mark’s dad (bob) was about 6’4” and other than his big beer gut he was a semi- muscular man. His balding hair and overly hair arms and chest made him look like a Gorilla. Mark was adopted so he didn’t look like either of his parents. During dinner Mark’s parents would make subtle remarks to each other. I could tell that they were not a happily married couple. Mark’s younger brother, Donnie was a skinny kid. He was 17 years old. Donnie’s zits and shyness made him seem much younger. Throughout dinner I would notice his eyes drifting to my breast. When I bent over to look into my purse for my cell phone I couldn’t help but smile, becuase I could feel Donnie’s eyes staring down my shirt. It made me luagh. I knew after dinner that Donnie was going to shut himself in his room and jack off thinking about me.

After dinner I went into the living room. I was bent over petting their dog when I noticed Mark’s dad in front of me. He was obviously staring down my tank-top. Man was I was thankful that I decided to wear my new Victoria secret bra. If I hadn’t been wearing a bra he would have had a nice view of my breast and my large nipples. “Kasey, I hope you understand, but you will be staying in a different room then Mark. We don’t want any grandchildren just yet”, Mark’s dad said. My face turned red with embarrassment. Mark and I had only had sex once and that was because I was drunk. Other than that Mark had only gotten a few hand-jobs and one blow-job. I couldn’t believe that Mark’s dad s had suggested that I was some sort of whore. Suddenly Mark’s mom came out of the kitchen. “Let me show you to your room for the night”, she said. I grabed my bag and followed her upstairs. The guest room was next to Donnie’s. “Great”, I thought now I am going to have to listen to him jacking off. “Let us know if you need anything”, Mark’s mom said. Mark came in and gave me a kiss. “Goodnight baby, sweet dreams I’ll see you in the morning. “Good night”, I said with a smile. Then Mark and his mom left the room.

It was around 9:00 so I decide to get some sleep. I took off my jeans, tank-top and bra. Standing in my white g-string panties I reached into my bag and pulled out my pink silk teddy and put it on. I pulled the covers down on the bed and laid down. It was long before I was asleep.

Around 11:00pm Mark’s dad came into my room. Quietly he snuck up to the bed. Standing over my sleeping body he slowly pulled the covers off me. He began to get undress as he stared at my young helpless sexy body. With a quick move he picked up his knife and moved on to the bed. I felt something spread my legs apart. When I opened my eyes. I was in shock. I let out a quick Scream. “Quite bitch our I will cut your pretty face up”, Bob Said. “Please don’t hurt me”, I said as tears ran down my face. “Just shut-up and lay there, I’m going to have some fun”, he said. Then Bob slid his hands up my long muscular legs. Then he put the knife under my throat. He said, “look at me you cock tease”. I said, please no”. He just smiled as he placed his hand on my stomach. Slowly he slide his hand down under my G-string. I started crying as he begain to slowly slide inside my slit.. He sucked my nipples as he slide his finger in and out of me. “Damn you’re tight”, Bob said with his face touching mine. Suddenly he pulled some duct tape that he had placed next to the bed. “Don’t fight me Kacey, either way your tight little cunt is going to get on hell of a pounding tonight. I didn’t fight back as he tapped my hands toghter. After duct taping my hands behind my back he put the knife on the night stand next to the bed. I couldn’t belive that Mark’s dad was goeing to rape me. “please use a rubber, I don’t what to get preganate”, I bagged. “I don’t think so, I want your tight cunt to get a good hard fucking. You can count on me underloading my cum in your sexy young cunt”, Bob said. He then moved his hands slowly up under my silk teddy till he reached my breast. I said, “please no”. He just laughed and began squeezing my breast. “Damn you have some nice big titties. He said, “Lets get a good look young perk tits” and with a quick jerk he tour my teddy open. I was soo humilated. Bob leaned back and said ” I should have know that a sweet young thing like you would have big pink nipples to go with those big titties of yours”, . I couldn’t help but cry as Bob begain kissing Avcılar Escort my exposed large perky breast. He bent over and begain sucking my nipples till each nipple was as hard as a rock. Suddenly I looked over towards my door. I saw Donnie sneaking into my room. “Quick, lock the door and stay fucking quite dipshit”, Donnie’s dad said. If you keep our fun with kacey here in this room, you can give her a good fuck. Donnie’s eyes were fixed on my breast. He said, ” no problem”. ” dad can she please give me a blow job. I want to see this stuck up bitch swallow my cum.. I couldn’t believe that I was pinned down on the bed with this old man hairy man sucking on my exposed breast. I could feel his hard cock rubbing my leg.

Bob picked me up off the bed and pushed me to the ground. “Donnie please don’t do this. Help me, please”, I said. With a grin Donnie said, “I’ll help you get my cock in your mouth. I realized that with my hands tied behind my back and Donnie’s dad holding a knife I would have no choice but to suck on this skinny kids dick. Donnie walked in front of me and undid his pants. He pushed his pants and boxers down to his ankles. Donnie’s hard cock bounced in front of my face. It had to be 8″ long and 2″ thick. ” Open up and suck it, bitch”, donnie said as he grabed a handful of my long blond hair. Tears rolled down my face as I wrapped my mouth around his hard cock. As I sucked his cock Donnie used his hands to make my head bounce up and down on his cock. “Damn you feel good. I knew a big titty cock tease like you could suck a cock”, Donnie said. Donnie held my head in place as he slowly pumped his hard cock in and out of my mouth. I gagged each time his balls slapped my chin. Bob said, Hurry up boy, I want to show you how a man fucks a tight cunt like this one”. Donnie steped away and sat on the bed. “Come here and finish what you started”, he siad as he slapped my thong covered ass. After moving me towards the bed. Donnie bent over and begain sucking on my nipples as he slid his hand down the front of my G-string. “No, Please don’t do this, What would Mark think”, I said. Donnie just grabbed a handfull of my hair and made me look at him while he finger fucked me. “Damn your tight” Donnie said. “If Mark is going to let you be a little tease, I am going to teach you a lession” Donnie said as he placed me on the bed. Donnie laid down on the bed putting his legs on either side of me. “Please”,I said as he realized that I was in a doggie style position with my hands tied behind my back . I knew that Donnie would have complete control over my balance, thus he was going to put his thick cock down my throat. “Shut up and suck it bitch”, Donnie said as he grabbed my head and guided his hard cock into my mouth. He held my head with one of his hands and squizzed my large dangeling breast with the other hand. ” Ohh yeah baby, suck my cock! Look at me Kacey. Get ready to deep throat”, Donnie said. I opened my eyes and looked up at him as he unleashed a couple of deep hard thrust forcing his cock down my throght. I gagged everytime his tight hairy ball sack hit my chin. He started pinching my large nipples. Donnie used a handful of my hair to guide my head up and down as he begain to slowly pump his cock in and out of my mouth. ” Ohh yeah you feel good, when I cum you better swollow it or I will fuck you up that little tight ass of yours”, he said. Tears rain down may face as Donnie forced his hard cock deep down my throat. I could taste Donnie’s pre-cum leaking out of his cock. I couldn’t believe that I was being face fucked by a teenage boy. From the amount of pre-cum leaking from his rock hard ball sack I knew he was holding his cum back and that it wouldn’t be long before he came. His hairy ball sack had gotten really tight. I had never swollowed cum before and his salty pre-cum was disguisting. I couldn’t believe that this kid was about to cum in my mouth. I knew that I had to swollow Donnie’s cum to end this horrible experience. Donnie held my head in place with one hand while his other free hand squizzed my breast. I felt his body twitch as he let out a grunt and said, swallow my cum, swollow it whore”. Donnie’s cock twitched and spazemed as it shot stream after stream of warm salty cum into my mouth. I couldn’t believe that this zit covered kids was cumming in my mouth. It seemed like this kid could not stop cumming his cock keep pumping my mouth full of his warm cum. I closed my eyes and begain swollowing his warm salty load, only to realize that he was still cumming in my mouth. It felt like a gallon of cum was in my mouth, so I kept swollowing. Donnie held his dick in my mouth till I finished swollowing his load. Donnie slid his limp dick out of my mouth and rolled me on my back. “Thanks for the blow job Kacey. I hope you enjoyed my swallowing my cum”, Donnie said with a laugh as he steped back and pulled up his pants. “Good job son”, Bob said.

I was laying on the bed in shock. I couldn’t get the taste of his cum out of my mouth. All my boyfriends had tried to get me to let them cum in my mouth, but I had never let them. I was so embaressed that this zit coverd kid had just forced me to suck him off. I coudln’t believe that I had swallowed his cum. I was in such a level of shock that I didn’t fight back as Bob grabbed and spread my long muscular legs. “Damn you’re Escort Bayan one sexy bitch Kacey”, Bob said as he begain sucking on my breast and rubbing my legs. ” Donnie, Get the KY out of my pant pocket and throw it to me”, He said as he placed both of his hands on my large breast. Donnie handed his dad the KY and sat down in the chair next to the bed. “Please don’t do this. I’ll suck you off too. I promise it will fill good. Please, just don’t do this in front him”, I said. It was bad enough that I had been forced to suck Donnie’s cock and swollow his load. I couldn’t bleieve that this fat, hairy, middle-aged man was going to rape me infront of Donnie. Bob said, ” Kacey the problem with teases like you is that you are stuck up bitches that rarely get fucked by real men like Donnie and I, now shut the fuck up”. Bob placed his hands on the side of my G-String. He violently tore it off my body and stuffed my thong into my mouth. Donnie cheered his dad on as they both admired my thin line of Blond pubic hair. ” Nice Kacey”, Bob said as he poured KY all over his large penis. Bob’s penis was easly 12″ long and 2 1/2″ wide when it was hard. There was no way he would be able to fit that thing in me. Bob pulled my panties out of my mouth and said, have you ever had a dick like mine inside of you”. “No, please don’t, please” I said. Bob then covered my slit with KY.

Bob said, “look at me Kacey” as he grabbed my head forcing us to make eye contact. Then I felt the head of his cock begin to stretch my slit open. I grunted as he slowly pumped his cock into me. I felt my young slit stretch to accomidate his large penis. ” Oh yeah Kacey, let your tight little cunt take my cock inside. I could feel his fat hairy chest and cock rubbing my against my young naked body. It felt like he was going to rip me in half as he contenued to shove his cock inside of me. He maintained eye contact with me as he slowly sunck his cock deeper and deeper into my unwilling body. “Damn your tight Kacey”,Bob said as he pumped my young athletic body up and down. He bent over and sucked my breast. He was sucking my nipples so hard that I turned my head away from him. That was when I noticed that Donnie was filming this. “What are you doing please stop, don’t just let me be”, I said. Bob leaned back and slapped me. Shut up bitch, if you make any more noise I will cut that pretty face of yours up. We’re just making a tape to remember you by. I apogized and begged bob to not to cum inside of me.Then with one violent thrust Bob sunck his cock all the way into me. He begain kissing me. Forcing his tongue down my throat as my slit warpped tightly around his thick hard penis. I couldn’t believe that my rape was being turned into a porn for these two bastards. Bob rested his large hairy body on top of me and his hands cupped my tight ass as he started fucking me really hard. It felt like he was fucking me into the matress. Bob made sure to pump his penis as deep into me as he could with each thrust. “Damn Kacey, you are soo fucking tight. You want my cum don’t you”, Bob said. “Please ,pull out. I have never had anyone cum inside of me and I am not on the pill. Please pull out” I repeated. Bob let go of my ass and leaned back. He placed his hands on my thighs as he pumped his penis in and out of me. Each time he pumped me my breast would bounce up and down. Bob bent over and sucked on my nipples. The sound of his hairy ball sack slapping my ass was all that you could hear other than my occasional sobb. “Look at me Kacey”, Bob said. I knew he was close to cumming. “Please pull out Bob”, I said. He just laughed. “You sucked my son off and swollowed every last drop of his cum. I’m going to pump you full of my cum. I haven’t gotten off in weeks and your too tight I can’t hold back much longer”, Bob said with a sense of urgancy in his voice. “Please I won’t tell anyone I promise, just pull out”, I begged him. Bob said, ” I know you wont tell anyone, becuase if you do This video will make its way out to the web and hard copies will be sent to all of your neighboros. I bet there are are a lot of boys at your school who would love to watch their cheerleading captain get her tight cunt fucked nice and hard”, Bob said. ” come on dad pump that tease full of cum. do that bitch”, Donnie started saying to his father. Bob was in a rythm. He was slowlying sinking his hard penis in and out of me. He slid his hands down to the inside of my thighs. Bob begain forcing my legs wide apart. This allowed him to go even deeper inside of me. I stared at his disgusting face as his sweat dripped onto my exposed breast. My slit was wrapped tightly around Bob’s rock hard penis. Bob started breathing really hard. “please pull out, I begged. He had pushed my legs so far apart that they were nearly doing a full split around his hairy body. “Oh damn Kacey here I cum. I want you to remember what it feels like to have a man cum in you. I fucked your little tight cunt, don’t ever forget it” Bob said. Then with one final deep thrust he forced his cock all of the way inside of me till his tight ballsack was hanging against my asswhole. I was wrapped so tightly around him that I could feel his penis pulsing and twitching. “No!”, I cried as I felt his penis twitch and shoot his warm cum shoot inside of me. ” Please pull out”, I begged as I cried. Bob just sat there holding istanbul Escort my legs apart shooting stream after stream of his warm cum inside of my 19 year-old body. “Oh damn Kacey here is some more”, Bob said as he unleashed a secound wave of cum inside of me. I could feel his warm cum deep inside of me. I couldn’t help but fear that he had just knocked me up. Bob, bent over and sucked my nipples and a few minutes his cock begain to go limp. Icould feel Bob’s limp cock sliding out of me. His cum was leaking down my leg. Then with a quick POP his cock slide out of my young exposed 19 year-old body. I could feel my slit begaining to close and tightenup after releasing his Large penis. I just sat there in disbeliefe as Donnie slapped his dad a high five. Donnie told his dad that I looked like I was in shoock as he was comming in me. “You never thought that you would get it like that did you bitch”, Donnie said. Bob bent over and gave me a kiss. “I always new I would fuck the captin of the cheerleading squad. You know that you liked having your tight cunt fucked by a real man. Now you can tell all your friends what it feels like when a man cums inside of you. I begain crying. “it’s your fault Kacey you shouldn’t dress so sexy and be so tight. You know that you enjoyed it so stop crying, besides we’re not done yet!”, Bob said. My young 19 year-old body just laided there on the bed my long blond hair laid on my shoulders as my hard nipples pointed straight up like to large pink corks. While I could still feel Bob’s warm cum swimming around inside of my body I noticed that some of his cum was leaking out of me and down my legs. Donnie zoomed the camara in for a close shot of the cum bubbling out of my young slit.

In the shock of what had just happned to me I passed out. I woke up to Bob kissing me. I had been out for about an hour. I said, “please you both raped me now please just leave me alone”. I noticed that the camara was still on the tripod facing the bed. Bob walked over to the video camara and pushed a botton that made a red flashing lite appear. ” Your turn son, take that bitch for a ride”, bob said to Donnie. Donnie grabbed my shoulders and flipped me over face down on the bed. Donnie grabbed my long Blond hair as he forced his way between my legs. ” Get off me you little shit”, I said. Donnie grabed the G-string that his dad tore off my body. “Get off me, your just a kid. Get off me now”, I said. As soon as I finished talking shoved my thong in my mouth. ” Shut up bitch. You stuck up bitch, guess what this kid, is going to fuck you”, Donnie said. I couldn’t speak with the thong in my mouth. I didn’t know what to do as Donnie slide his hand up my leg and began fingering my slit and buttwhole.” Thanks to my dad I won’t need to use any KY on this tight little pussy of yours”, Donnie said.

Then Donnie Pushed my head down into the matress. My eyes were looking at the camera. I couldn’t believe this kid was going to rape me. If anyone found out I would be the laughing stock of the campus. I didn’t know what to do so I just begain crying as I felt Donnie forcing his penis inside of my body. “Damn you have some sexy muscular legs bitch”, Donnie said. Then I flt Donnie slap and cup one of my ass cheaks. As donnie’s penis begain to pump in and out of my body I felt my slit wrap tight around his throbing penis. “Damn Kacey, you are tight as shit. I bet you’ve never had anyone fuck that tight ass of yours have you”. I just laid there as he contenued to pump my body full of his penis. Donnie’s dad handed him the KY and said, Why don’t you break that ass of hers in. After all you were the first man to cum in her mouth, maybe you should be the first to cum in her ass”. Donnie grabbed the KY and covered my asswhole. He used fingers to get some KY inside of my buttwhole. He slowly pulled his penis out of my slit. He quickly lined the head of his penis up to my buttwhole. I tried to get him off me, but the wieght of his body held me in place. I felt my buttwhole stretch as he slowly sank the full length of his rock hard penis up my butt. “Oh shit, Kacey your ass is not only sexy but tighter than your little pussy”, Donnie said. After a couple of deep hard thrust the full length of Donnie’s Penis was inside of my ass. I could fill my ass checks shake as his body slapped against it each time he pumped in and out of my ass. I was so humilated. This kid was raping my ass and it was being recorded. I looked over to the side and Donnie’s dad was strocking his large thick penis. “Oh god, not again”, I thought. After a few minutes of stuffing his penis in and out of my ass Donnie’s ball sack was hard as a rock. I couldn’t believe he was going to cum in my ass. “oh damn Kacey, Next time you are cheering infront of everyone I want you to think about how I fucked your little ass”, Donnie said with a luagh. “Oh shit, I can’t hold back much longer. Fuck this I want to cum inside of your cunt”. Donnie Pulled his penis out of my ass and violently thrusted it into my tight slit. He laid on top of me slowly pumping away. He pulled the thong out of my mouth and said, “Shut up and take this, I hope we knock your tease ass up. Now lets make some babies. ” No please I cried as he covered my mouth. After a few more pumps, he let out a couple of grunts and I felt his penis pulse inside of me. Then he stopped pumping and I felt his warm cum filling pouring into my slit. Donnie colapsed on top of me. “Damn Kacey, I never thought I would fuck a girl like you”. I just laided there in shock as his cock went limp and slide out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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