Taking One for the Team – Chapter 3: Steamy Fun

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Taking One for the Team – Chapter 3: Steamy FunThis is Chapter 3 of an ongoing true story, while the story has a start and finish, it would help to get a feel of the character by reading the former chapters before proceeding.———————————————————————————-It had been about a week since I went to James’ house and had my fun with his father. I never brought it up James, and I was hoping Mark didn’t tell his son either. It was something I would prefer to keep between Mark and myself, as a straight man, I don’t want my best friend getting mad that I fucked around with his father. It could get weird, though i’d seen James fuck around with Dan. Swim practice went on as normal, there was no over the top sex going on the showers lately, and Dan had learned not to mouth off to James or myself. There was always the occasional guy jacking off in the showers, but nothing like what i’d seen with James and Dan, but boy did I wish I could see that again. Everyday after school I would hit up the local gym for a good workout, keep myself in shape for swimming class. In the last couple of days I decided that since the school showers weren’t giving me anything to see, I would hit up the sauna, steam room, and GYM showers if necessary to see if I could catch a glimpse of any hot action. After about three days of cruising around the locker rooms i finally found what I was looking for. I was just walking into the locker room when Mark, James’ father, was walking out. He was dressed in a business suit with a duffel bag in one hand, and talking to another one of his friends who was just walking into the locker room, sweaty from just finishing his workout. I said hello to both of them to be cordial and made my way to a urinal to take a piss. When I had finished i noticed Mark had gone, and I walked back into the locker room. I found his friend undressing in front of a locker. I watched from a short distance away as he slowly slid down his gym shorts, revealing a jockstrap that was soaked with sweat. He then proceeded to pull off his wet tank top and rub it on his head to clear his hair of some of the sweat. He was a gorgeous specimen. I dont know if he saw me, but he turned around for a moment and I was quick to look away so that he wouldnt catch me. When I turned back he was pulling his jockstrap off from around his ankles and bending over to pick up a towel to wrap around him. Wow. His ass was smooth and tight. Hairless, unlike his friend Mark. His back was ripped with muscle and his cock was so large it was hanging below his ass, I could see it from behind him. My mouth started to water as I istanbul escort began think about the things i’d like to do to this man, who was physically bigger and stronger than me, but who i’d like to show who was in charge. Me. I walked back into the bathroom to kill some time without him seeing me, as I saw him walk into the sauna. I didn’t want him to think I was stalking him. I wanted to walk into that sauna and make like we ended up in there by chance. So that’s exactly what I did. I waited around the locker room for a few minutes before stripping down, butt naked, and throwing a towel around my waist and heading into the sauna. When I opened the door I was blasted with the heat and squinted into the darkness to see the man I was looking for sitting on the third bench up, alone, with another man a few feet to his right. I took the third bench up on the opposite side of the sauna and tilted my head back against the wall, opening my legs slightly more than normal and letting him get a good glimpse of what was underneath. I didn’t look at him for a few miutes, keeping my head tilted back towards the ceiling, but occasionally I would grope myself, hoping he was looking, and I heard some rustling which seemed good to me. I tilted my head back forward to see that he was staring at me across the sauna. His body was dripping with even more sweat than before and it was turning me on. It was doing the same for him also, because I saw a tent start to pitch underneath his towel. We started winking and licking our lips cautiously across the sauna, when finally the third person left, leaving us alone. As soon as the door closed and we were alone, he ripped his towel open and his cock sprung up and smacked him in the stomach. His abs were tight and that turned me on even more. I threw my towel open and began to play with my balls, making myself rock hard. He brought his right hand to his mouth and spit into his hand before starting to beat off. I watched him closely as he stroked his big cock up and down slowly, making faces of pleasure as he did so. I was doing the same right back at him. This man was hot and I was so happy he was putting on a show for me right now. Without missing a beat he suddenly flung his legs up in the air and wrapped an arm around his ass, slowly twirling his middle finger around his asshole before bringing it up to his mouth, sucking on it for a second, and then fully inserting it.I sat back with my back against the wall and watched as he toyed with his prostate with one hand, and stroked his cock wit hthe other. I was clearly someone he was avcılar escort enjoying watching. As I watched, I noticed he struggled slightly with his ass, it must have been tight. Before I even realized what I was doing I was walking towards him, and got down on my knees on the second bench, at the perfect height that made my mouth reach his ass. I went to town tonguing and finger his asshole. I was right, it was tight. I wanted to fuck it so badly, but I hadn’t brought any condoms into the sauna, and I was too horned up to leave right now. I stood up and rubbed my cock around his hole, careful not to push it in. His moans became louder.”Fuck Mike,” he said to me, “Mark told me about what a little fucking straight whore you are”He knew my name. And Mark must have told him all about the fun we had together. He wanted me right now just as much as I wanted him. I didn’t even know his name, and I didn’t care. He rolled forward on the third bench and I stood up, giving him the perfect position to just lean over slightly and suck my raging hard cock. He started slowly at first, only taking in the head.”Fuuuuckkkk,” i let out a muffled moan, “fucking suck that straight cock,” I told him as I pushed his head down further, “You like that young fucking hard cock?” He was moaning loudly and I took his muffles for a yes. As he continued sucking my cock I tugged on his balls with one hand, keeping his head down with my other one. Slowly twirling his balls in my hand seemed to drive him wild as he started sucking faster and faster. I spit into my hands and started stroking his cock. It felt so hard and large in my hands and it drove me wild. I slowly released his head and let him up for some air as I said “You want to cum b*o?” as I began to furiously stroke his cock towards orgasm. “Oh fuck that feels so fucking good” he said to me, “fucking make me cum, shit i’m going to cum” and then I said, “Too fucking bad, i’m in charge,” and I released my grip on his cock, grabbing his head and slamming it back down on my cock for more.”You’ll cum when i’m good and ready” I said to him. This drove him wild. After another minute or so of deep head I laid down on the bench next to him and made him crawl on top of me. “Stick your fucking cock in my mouth,” I said to him, and he obeyed. I grabbed his cock and sucked hard and as deep as I could. I was still new to this, so I couldn’t deep throat it all the way, but I did the best I could.”Fuuuuuckkkkk Mike,” he moaned, “suck my big fucking cock b*o.”I slurped away at his cock and reached around his back, spanking his ass occasionally as he drove me wild with mouth on my şirinevler escort cock, occasionally going far enough to lick my balls.After a few more minutes he backed up and pulled his cock out of my mouth. As I laid there on the hot wood bench, him hovering over me, he reached his hands under my ass and pulled me up and dove his face into my ass, his tongue lapping away at my tight hole. The sensation was incredible and I let out a sigh of intense pleasure.”Ohhh fuck man,” I moaned, still not knowing his name, “fuck b*o, your tongue feels so fucking good, ooooohhhh fuck,”He was doing things to me I never dreamed of in my life. And I was enjoying every minute of it. When I felt that I might want him to fuck me, I fought the urge and flung my legs back down. I pushed him down onto the bench and stood up on the second bench of the sauna so that my cock was once again near his face and chest. I grabbed his head with both of my hands and slammed it back down on my cock as deep as it could go and held it there for a few seconds until I saw him turning red and released him, his mouth attached to my cock by a thick layer of saliva. My cock was soaking wet and I grabbed the underside of both his legs and pulled him towards my cock so that I could see his asshole. It was beautiful, tight and pink. I moved in closer as if I was going to fuck him, but instead grabbed his cock, and pulled it together with my cock. I encased our cocks with my my hands and began to stroke them both together at once.We both were moaning loudly, and i’m surprised noone outside the sauna had heard us. If they did, they ignored it. I continued to stroke us until I let out a loud cry and yelled “Fuck me, oh fuck i’m going to fucking cum all over you”With that, I released my grip on his cock and stepped back a few inches, making sure I could see his tight hole. Damn I wanted that. Next time I swore i’d bring a condom. “Fuck here it comes,” I yelled to him, “Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, oh god, oh fuck fuck fuck fuck,” I yelled before my hard cock erupted, twitching and shooting multiple strings of white cum all over his tight little pink hole and all over his balls and even getting some on his cock. He let out a moan of his own when the cum splattered all over him, and I quickly grabbed his cock and began to furiously stroke it again, even using some of my cum that splashed his cock, as lube. After a few seconds time he let out cries similar to my own and unleashed his cum all over his own chest, both of us panting and sweating in the hot heat of the sauna. I looked over at the sauna door to see through the foggy glass that someone was quickly coming inside. I threw my towel around my waist and walked towards the door. The man quickly wiped down mine, and his cum with his towel and threw it across his lap.I walked out into the locker room and quickly got dressed, satisfied that something had finally happened in the locker room. I was definitely going to come back every day.

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