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taking susan doggingI had managed to get home nice and early from work last Friday and decided to take Susan out for a meal, and afterwards out to a nice little pub out in the country which was miles from anywhere and also meant that I would once I had got Susan drunk be able to take her to a very active dogging site just off junction 17 on the M4. I knew that it was mostly frequented by gays but the thought of Susan getting arse fucked by total strangers really got me turned on.The meal that we had was superb and in the course of the meal Susan managed to get through 3 glasses of wine and then I bought her a bottle of wine which she soon managed to get through, as I was driving I couldn’t drink/. But what I had planned more than made up for it.Before we went out I had chosen what Susan was wearing which was a fairly short skirt which was split all the way up her thigh and a white see through blouse, and with the make up she had put on she looked absolutely gorgeous.After the meal we went on to the pub, when we walked in a lot of admiring glances were cast in susan’s direction, by this time Susan was already well on the way to being drunk.I bought Susan a double bacardi and coke and had a shandy myself, the drunker Susan gets the quicker she drinks, and I soon had to get her another drink, this time I bought 2 double bacardi and cokes which Susan soon polished off, closely followed by another 2.Susan was now completely pissed out of her head and I knew that the next part of my plan was going to go well.We left adiosbet yeni giriş the pub with the assistance of a young lad who helped me get Susan out and into the car I noticed that he was having a sly feel of susan’s tits which gave me a raging hard on and I couldn’t wait to bury it in susan’s cunt and mouth.It took about 10 minutes to get to the dogging site, I pulled in and said to Susan that I fancied having some fun with her in the open air, she managed to slur a reply saying that sounded like fun. She was so drunk she didn’t have a clue that other people were about, I started kissing her and at the same time I was feeling her tits and her gloriously hard nipples, I soon moved down to her soaking wet cunt and soon had her knickers off and started fingering her. I then told her to get her clothes off and follow me into the woods,by this time we had quite a few people watching us from a discreet distance, Susan struggled out of her clothes and managed to get out of the car and with some help from me we managed to get into the woods,by now there must have been 10 or 12 men following us, as soon as we got in the cover of the woods I pushed her against a tree and started fingering her with I finger and then 4 fingers were noisily sliding in and out of her cunt, Susan was soon cumming and to say that she is noisy when she cums is a massive understatement.The men who had followed us into the woods had by now come a lot closer and at least half of them had there cocks out and were wanking adiosbet giriş away as they watched me finger her cunt, I then pushed her to her knees and pushed my hard cock into her mouth and began to face fuck her, I continued to do this for a while and then got behind her and rammed my cock into her soaking wet cunt and began to fuck her as hard as I could, as I was fucking her I beckoned the men to come closer, which they did and almost straight away a couple of them started mauling her tits, and another guy knelt in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth, and holding her head began to fuck her mouth, on seeing this I soon filled her cunt up with my cum.One of the other guys who so far had not touched her asked if it was ok if they fucked her to which I replied that they could do anything they liked to her, and that they could use all holes. They needed no second invitation and her second cock of the night was soon invading her cunt, Susan was loving it and was begging me to fuck her harder, quite how she thought I could fuck her up her cunt and in her mouth at the same time was beyond me.Susan is one stupid bitch once she is drunk, which suits me fine as I love watching her getting abused, and this evening she was defiantly getting abused as one cock after another was fucking her sloppy cunt, at this stage I remembered that the vast majority of guys that were surrounding Susan were up there with the express purpose of having fun with another guy.I was standing next to one guy adiosbet güvenilirmi while we watched Susan being fucked from both ends when he said to me that he came up here to have sex with other guys, and would I mind if he fucked her up the arse.I readily agreed to this and he was soon mauling her tits and fingering her cunt which by this time was soaking wet , there was cum running out of her cunt which was acting as a natural lubricant.He slid his very big cock into susan’s cunt for a few brutal strokes and then he pulled out of her cunt and rammed his cock right up her arse. She screamed like a stuck pig but she soon got used to the big cock that was fucking her arse, he continued fucking her arse for a couple of minutes and as he came he filled her arse with cum which as he pulled his cock out of her arse it was running down her legs. Once he pulled his cock out of her arse one of the guys there got on his knees and began to suck him off.Susan soon had another cock up her arse and was grunting and groaning with pleasure, this guy lasted a lot longer and before he came he pulled out and covered her back with his cum.This seemed to be to much for the other guys there and they all stood around her wanking there cocks I turned her over and very soon she received the first cum bath, by the time they had all cum her face tits were completely covered in cum.I then helped Susan up and thanked the guys that had cum in her and all over her, and told them that I would bring her up there again in the near future so as they could all have some fun with her again.I got Susan back to the car and made her put her top on which soon had cum soaking through it.I took her home and put her to bed after I wanked myself over face, she didn’t even notice as by this time she had passed out

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