Taking the Neighbor

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I had moved into a new neighborhood about 3 months ago. It wasn’t anything super fancy, just a good decent middle-class neighborhood. Being a single guy, I was always on the lookout for any nice looking women. While I was moving in one of my neighbors from across the street came over to introduce themselves. Sarah and Brett Wicker were their names. Brett was about 5’8″, 38, dark hair, kind of skinny, and a nice guy it seemed. He gave off the feeling he thought he was handy but he was kind of a doofus. Sarah was 5’5″, 36, blondish hair about to her shoulders and a little plain. Still attractive and a nice body, but if she put some more effort into her hair and makeup she would be instant boner material. Her tits were a good handful and her legs were nicely shaped along with a nice tight ass. She might have been plain but I’m not saying I didn’t rub one out to her a little later in the day.

We chatted a little bit and they asked if I needed help and I told them I was good, it was a good workout. Really, I had stairs to go up, and I was afraid that Sarah would be in front of me and I would pop a boner to her in front of her husband. Not the best way to start off with the neighbors. We talked about our jobs real quick. Brett was an IT guy at a company in town and Sarah did some type of consulting stuff for a company where she worked from home most the time. She would go into the office a couple of times a week. I told them about my job as an engineer for an engineering firm. I asked what their names were again and they told me, and I told them my name, Jake, again and we parted ways.

Over the next couple of months, when I would be outside they would come over and talk, but mostly wave when they were both outside. Sarah, seemed to always come over and talk when she was a lone, not that I minded at all. She was friendly and easy to talk to. I had my bench press in the garage and she would always comment about how I didn’t need to work out that much. If I was working on something she would talk about how her husband, Brett, wasn’t very handy around the house. I tried to play it cool that if they needed any help, I was more than willing to help out. I really wanted to tell her how handy I could be with the tool in my pants, but figured I should filter my thoughts. As the visits from Sarah became more frequent, my lust for her became stronger.

One day we both pull into our drives at about the same time. I get out of the car and wave at her. She yelled, “Hey Jake, do you have a minute?”

I yelled back “Yeah.” She comes walking over. She had obviously been to the office as she was wearing a long flowery skirt that came a couple inches above the ankle, black heels, and a white satin button down blouse.

“Hey Jake, do you think you come look at my garbage disposal? Brett will try to fix it, but he’s not very good at that type of thing.”

I told her I could and we walked across the street over to her house. Now I’m getting nervous, because I’m thinking is this a ploy to really hit on me. I’m also walking behind her and though the skirt is kind of loose, you could still see some movement of her ass as she walked. It wasn’t the sexiest outfit you could think of on a woman but it was turning me on because of my wondering mind. Do her bra and panties match? Are those stockings or pantyhose she’s wearing? Does she even have Ataşehir Escort panties. Now I’m starting to feel my dick stir.

We walk into the house and go into the kitchen and I ask “So what’s wrong with the garbage disposal?”

“Well, it just makes a humming noise, but doesn’t seem to really be working when stuff goes down it.”

I open up the cabinet and the wiring is all messed up. “Has someone been messing with the wiring?”

She laughed and said, “You remember I told you Brett isn’t good with this type of stuff, right?”

I laughed and said, “Oh yeah, at least he tries.” I didn’t want to dog on the old smuck.

“Well, ever since he got results from the doctor a couple of years ago about his testosterone levels dropping, he thinks he needs to try to fix everything, which leads to them being more messed up.” She start to proceed about how when he got the results their sex life tanked and he had no drive to do anything really.

Now, I’m really starting to wonder if she brought me over here to fuck her or if this garbage disposal really needed fixed. Maybe she messed up the wiring. Thinking about the fact that she might just want to fuck me was starting to make that stirring in my pants even stronger. I got on my hands and knees to conceal the erection starting to form from my thoughts. I start looking under the sink again, and ask Sarah to turn on the switch to the garbage disposal. It made a humming sound but not the sound it should. Now though, she is standing right next to me so she can reach the switch. I’m looking down at her left leg, leg closest to me, and really starting to wonder if she is wearing pantyhose or stockings under this skirt. I love a woman that wears hosiery, especially pantyhose. My mind is racing now, do I make a move on her? What would it be? Is this smart? How does she sound when she orgasms? Finally, I decide I will place my hand on top of her foot and see what happens, if she reacts I’ll just make it seem like I was trying to balance myself and misplaced my hand.

I put my hand down on top of her foot, and immediately I notice how silky her pantyhose feels. There is no movement from her, so I kind of grab the inside of her leg just above the ankle to act like I’m trying to support myself. Still no reaction from her. So my male parts start taking over my thinking fully. I slowly move my hand up the back of her calf onto the lower part of her thigh. I finally look up at her and our eyes lock onto each others, where she has no expression on her face. Now I’m not worrying about her husband coming home or anything else. I just want to devour this woman. I slide my hand up further until I get to her left ass check and slowly massage it, appreciating how well shaped her ass is along with the feel of her silky nude pantyhose coating that firm ass.

My dick is now at full attention, so I unzip my fly and my dick pops right out. I give it a couple of strokes and then get back to Sarah’s legs. I drop my head down to her right foot and start to lick the top of her foot, around to the ankle, and then slowly up her calf. As I slowly lick the soft silky pantyhosed legs, I raise her skirt up. Now I’m just above her knee and I lower the skirt over my head so my head shoulders are between her legs fully covered by her skirt. I continue to lick up her leg, then Kadıköy Escort over her crotch, where I feel the gusset of her pantyhose as my tongue runs over it. At this point I’m fully intoxicated by her smell, along with the smell of her pantyhose, and her pantyhose rubbing on my face. I start to slowly lick down her left leg. I make this journey with my tongue a few more times. Then I return my mouth to her pantyhosed covered pussy. I run my hands up the back of her legs, and then grab an ass check in each hand. I guide her to the counter where her back is against the counter of the sink. Then I start licking her pussy through her pantyhose, at first long powerful licks and then more tongue flicking.

I can tell she has panties on by the feel on my tongue. I can’t see very well under her skirt. I take my left hand from her ass and start pulling the pantyhose and panties to the side so I’m directly licking her pussy through the pantyhose. While I’m engulfed in her pussy, I’m pressing my dick that shot out when I undid my pants, against her left leg. I was pressing into her calf, basically trying to hump her leg like a dog while eating her pussy. The feel of these expensive silky pantyhose gliding across my dick and balls was the most amazing feeling ever. Her right hand reaches down and pushes on my head, through her skirt. Pushing me more into her pussy. I hear her panting get louder and louder.

Her legs are starting to tremble and she starts yelling “Yes, Yes, YES!” louder and louder, until I hear her go “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!” and her body goes limp. She would have fell down on the floor if my mouth wasn’t pushing into her pussy keeping her pinned against the counter.

I grabbed her hips with my hands, still under her skirt and continued to kiss and lick her thighs, pussy, and part of her abdomen that her pantyhose covered. After a few minutes I pull out from under her skirt and stood up. As I did this my shorts slid down, so I just stepped out of them, so I’m only standing there in my boxers and a t-shirt. “I think it’s time that I get off now, it only seems fair.”

Sarah looked at me, and said “take me to the bedroom.” I really wanted to bend her over right there, but I figured I could wait a minute to put her on the bed. I grab my shorts, and then pick her up, like I’m caring her over the threshold. I start to walk down the hallway, when she says “the last door on the right.” I walk in, and can see this is her and her husband’s bedroom. I’m about ready to fuck this woman on the very bed that her husband and her sleep each night. I lay her down on the bed and quickly disrobe my clothing. I crawl on top of her and start to undo her blouse, it was all I could do not to rip it off of her. She slid her arms out of the blouse and she lay there with a white lacey bra with her 36C tits on display. I quickly buried my face between those beautiful mounds of flesh, while undoing her bra. Once I freed those globes, I popped up to admire them. Nice perky round tits, with quarter size areolas. I quickly dived back down on her tits, sucking and mauling these wonderful globes of flesh. I started working my mouth down her chest to her stomach. I reached around, and unzipped her skirt. I stood up off the bed and pulled it off Sarah’s body.

There she lay, in nothing but her black heels, nude control top Bostancı Escort pantyhose, and some skimpy white panties. I pulled her body towards me so her ass was on the edge of the bed. I raised her legs so they would rest on my shoulder. I reached down and ripped a small hole in the crotch of her pantyhose and moved her panties to the side. Then I slid my hard dick into her sopping wet pussy and started to thrust in and out of her. After a couple of minutes, I got into a good rhythm, and her heels dropped off from the rocking motion. I grabbed her feet and started to suck on her pantyhosed toes. She started whimper, she was starting to get into the fucking as she was meeting me with every thrust. I really wanted to grab that ass while I fucked her, so I pulled out and flipped her over. I pulled her hips back so her ass was in the air, for the perfect doggy position. Just as I was about to mount her, “Jake, I want to face the door that way you can look at the mirror over the dresser and see yourself fuck me.”

She turns around and I climb over behind her. I grabbed the sides of her ass, and piston into her pussy. Now my lust for her was fully taking over, full powerful thrusts into her. I’m completely in the moment when I hear, “What the hell Sarah?”

I come out of my trance and there is Brett standing in the doorway. Now, part of me is saying to myself, I just want to finish fucking I need to cum, I’m close should I just finish? Another part is, I’m going to get shot. She looks up at him and says “Let us finish dear, I really need this.” She looks back at me says, “It’s okay, lets finish taking me.”

With that I start to thrust back into her. Looking at Brett, seeing what he was going to do. He just stood there, watching as I take his wife, while she is just wearing some ripped open pantyhose with her panties pushed to the side, and the neighbor (me) fucking her. I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, and I can feel my body getting more sensitive to her pussy squeezing my dick and my balls rubbing against her pantyhose . Then I hear her scream, “I’m going to cum!” and with that she lets out this squeal. That queues me to fuck her harder, almost in a frenzy, until I feel my balls squeeze, and then it felt like a string of marbles trying to shoot out of my dick. I had never shot so much cum at one time with such force. It was blast after blast of cum, filling Sarah’s pussy. Quickly my sperm started leaking out of her pussy. I collapsed on top of her, with her husband still watching us. Part of me wondered what would happen if I laid there and tried to fuck her again in a few minutes. Part of me just wanted Brett to leave so I could grab my clothes and go. It was starting to get more awkward, I didn’t think it could get any more so, but Brett just kept standing there. So I pulled out, got off the bed, and put my clothes on.

I started to walk out of the room and then came back to Sarah. “Can I have those pantyhose as a trophy?” She looked up at me and smiled. She flipped over on her back and peeled them off and handed them to me.

“Jake, thanks for that! I really needed it.” Brett stepped out of the doorway and I walked past and out of the house to mine. One evil thought was, would it have been funnier, if I would have blasted my nut on her face instead of cumming in her? For the next few days I tried to avoid them. It had to happen sooner or later, I saw Brett outside about a week later after the incident. He waved real big to me as if nothing had happened.

Now all I could think about was fucking this woman in front of her husband that obviously couldn’t satisfy her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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