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Subject: The Tale of An Aussie Rugby Bottom – Chapter 7 Author: Richard Saw Categories: Adult Friends, Athletics I’ve been a long-time reader of Nifty, adoring fan of so many writers. This story: The Tale of an Aussie Rugby Bottom was a book that I published via Amazon. I no longer sell it, but I decided that people here might like to read it, and the sequel that I never published. Characters in these stories do feature in my Holmes & Watson mystery novels (available on Amazon, search Richard Saw), so if you like a little mystery novel (with lots of sex and humour), please do look them up. But I promise that all of the good stuff will be in these stories. And yes, do send me fan mail. And more importantly, please remember to donations to Nifty (using link fty/). Your erections are in their hands! In this Chapter our hero finds the cameo role in a 3-some can be fun… and a woman with a strap-on, well… The Tale of An Aussie Rugby Bottom, who also liked to Top – Chapter Moving in with Carlos was the beginning of some of the best years of my life. I didn’t really appreciate it at the time, I had thought it just a stop-gap solution to avoid the hideous embarrassment of having to beg to move back in with my sister’s straight friends in their dull Wimbledon flat and sending the weekend at bad pubs whingeing about how things were better back in Oz. Since I had escaped that once, I had sworn that I would live alone. But suddenly I was realising the simple pleasure of having a flatmate to come home to. To chat about daily issues, to let off steam to and someone who was happy to go out on a weekday night. Carlos had his own troubles as well. An overbearing Castilian family, a psychotic boss and a job that meant he had to travel to Latin America a great deal. Still, if anything cemented our friendship, it was the brilliant idea of having regular house parties. I can’t recall which one of us first came up with the idea, but the rules behind them were definitely by mutual agreement. The first was that it didn’t have to be for any apparent reason. All you had to do was say, “We should have a party!” And the other person would have to automatically agree. Secondly, we would supply the food, everyone who attended had to bring a bottle and the management of alcohol was strictly in my hands. After all, the surplus was there to ensure we had enough wine to last us through to the next party. And thirdly, the party would only be considered a success if one, but preferably both of us, got laid. Most of my shags as a result of this rule turned out to be of the Mike variety. Nice, friendly expats who were happy to fall into bed because they’d missed the last tube. They were mostly happy to bend over and take it, enjoy me opening their legs and riding them hard and then cuddling them through the night. And for whatever reason, we would never happen again. And then there was Peter and Paul. I call them that because they were a couple, I don’t seem to have had many shags whose names began with a `P’ and I never knew their real names. I’m not even too sure how they came to be invited to the party to be honest, but there was always a certain relaxed attitude towards the party invites. My great mate Holmes once told me that the first time he ever saw Watson was at one of our soirees. Which was bizarre because as far as I was aware, up until I met him in his role as Holmes’ boyfriend, I would have sworn that I had never met John Watson before. But I digress. Back to Peter and Paul. One was blonde, the other dark, they were both slim… and I don’t recall a lot more. Up until that point in my relatively young gay life, I had always thought that couples were off-limits. I never imagined that you could pull one! Peter, the blonde guy seemed very intent on flirting with me that night. As sweet as it was, I was keener on getting on with the task of securing a shag for that evening, but I was seeing the possibilities slipping away one by one. It wasn’t uncommon for the occasional party guest to end up staying the night on the sofa and this time it was Peter, Paul and two other guys. By about 2.30am Carlos and I declared it a night, gave them all some spare linen and pillows and we both disappeared to our respective rooms, sadly without anything to show for the night. About an hour later though, I was awoken as I saw a naked body opening my bedroom door and climbing into bed with me. It was so late, and I was so tired that all I could do was lift up the duvet and let Peter climb in. He cuddled up to me and I let him. It was only a little while later before I felt something hard stick into my back. Well, like any normal guy the only thing I could do was to reach behind me and start to play with it. My own erection wasn’t far behind and throughout the remainder of the night we kissed and played with each other on and off, without either of us coming. I was awoken at about 9am by my phone. There was a bit of an issue with a supplier at the restaurant I was managing, and I needed to pop over and sort it out. As I got up I felt a wave of guilt wash over me. Peter’s boyfriend was still asleep on the couch in the lounge and there I had been, fooling around with his boyfriend. As I was leaving, I went in and roused him, telling him to go into my bed and I’d be back in a couple of hours with breakfast. I got to work, sorted out the problem and then stopped off at a bakery for some croissants on the way home. It had been about two hours since I had left and in that time, the other two overnight guests had disappeared, but Peter and Paul were still in my bed. Carlos — a late sleeper — wasn’t going to be up until about 2pm. “Com’n boys,” I said. “Breakfast.” They sleepily looked at me but instead of getting out of bed Peter signalled for me to join them. I wasn’t sure about this still, thinking this was all about Peter. But Paul seemed quite keen on the concept too and he got out of bed and nakedly walked around to me, kissed me on the lips and started to undress me. Well I didn’t need much more guidance than that. I stripped the rest of my clothes off quickly and slipped into bed with them, finding myself sandwiched between them. My only experience of threesomes had been from watching porn and I presumed that I was the one going to be sandwiched in between these two. But this wasn’t the case. Firstly it was just the pleasure of feeling four hands all over myself. And anywhere I wanted to move, another warm, izmit escort bayan hot body was there to embrace me. Right then I found myself shedding further inhibitions. I would have turned against this idea if someone had expressed it before, but I was suddenly coming to realise that sexuality was a complex thing. It wasn’t always just one-on-one. Then I found Paul rolling a condom on me and Peter positioning himself above me. With the careful help of his partner, Peter was guided onto my cock, and I found myself being the ultimate living, breathing pleasure tool. It would be several years later before an American friend explained the concept of taking on the `cameo’ role in a threesome. But I must have been brought up right, because even here I knew that this wasn’t really about me, it was about Peter and Paul. And if Peter wanted this pleasure then his boyfriend was more than happy to ensure he got it. And then it started to make me wonder if perhaps it had been Paul who had sent Peter into my room. The pleasure was all over Peter’s face as he rode me to his own orgasm. Paul then fed him his own cock which Peter — seemingly a better slut than I could ever be — took all in one go. I presumed that my role had been completed and that I would get myself off later. But Peter and Paul slid back into bed with me and continued the assault from either side. For once I just lay back and let it happen, hanging on for dear life as I found every erogenous zone in my body, touched, tweaked, fondled, licked and oh fuck yeah… as well experienced of a man and his cock, Peter was in the driving seat, edging me over and over again until finally he did what few men had been able to do, wanked me off. I came in a tremendous fountain, shooting straight up and actually feeling it rain down on my stomach. Paul moved in and licked it all up and drained the rest from my twitching cock. It was one of the most perfect ends to a drinks party that I could ever remember. And as I struggled up from the bed, Peter and Paul dressed, kissed me again and again and disappeared without eating any of the breakfast, never to be seen again. As things in my life seemed to be moving on, I’d almost forgotten about Max. He was a story from the past and I thought I would never hear from him again, but it was something that I was about to learn. Bad guys have a habit of coming out of the past. He texted me very casually one day and I might have thought I was over him, but as soon as I got the message, I felt a stir of excitement rush through me. Obviously I still felt something for him, and I started to think that maybe if I tried to give him what he wanted, then there would be the real chance of a relationship. I was enjoying being `out’ and sharing a flat with Carlos has opened me to a great new world. But I felt I had left enough time between me and Jonathan that I could start looking for someone a bit more long-term. Max suggested we go out for a drink after the gym, even though I didn’t go to the same gym where we had met at anymore. My key indicator that this was all a bad idea should have been his inability to hear what I was saying. But I didn’t. We met up at the old gym again and after an awkward fumble in the sauna we retreated to a local pub. I was keen to discuss maybe having a real date as he seemed a different guy from the one I had sex with all that time ago. And I was different too. Max was willing just to talk, for the first time sounding honestly interested in me as a person. But while I was trying to suggest that we get to know each other better, he seemed to have something on his mind. He started asking me about when I’d had sex with woman and talking about how he was thinking of having a threesome with me. Denying to myself the obvious truth that he hadn’t of course changed at all, I thought this might open things up between us and it gave me a renewed sense of confidence. After all, this was something I’d done that he hadn’t. How could this go wrong? I changed my routine and went back to the Old St gym first and then came over to his place on the proscribed night to find him on the couch, wearing a baggy short-sleeved shirt, shorts and with a beer in his hand. With him was a woman in a flowing dress also holding a beer. “Hey what’s up?” I casually said, never having felt so confident in Max’s presence. If this was what he wanted, I’d give him the whole `straight boy’ thing and then maybe we’d have a future. Max just smirked at me and as the girl looked me up and down and my whole body seemed to lose control. I’d not ever felt like I’d been undressed by the eyes of a woman before but this one was definitely doing it. It made me appreciate there and then that I’d only dated girls, not women. Well to be honest I’d basically only ever had sex with one girl too… my old girlfriend back in Oz. “This here’s Cindy,” Max explained. “We’ve been thinking of a threesome for a long time, we just had to find the right lad.” Before I had the chance to say anything, Cindy undid the back of her dress and peeled it off her shoulders before letting it fall to the floor. She was naked now and I could see she was a real stunner. I realised that it had been a while since I’d even thought of a naked woman’s body, but I wasn’t repulsed. I found them beautiful, just — as I now realised — not very sexual. Her breasts were firm with bright pink nipples. I remember the breasts most of all. If I didn’t know that I wanted cock so much these days, I would go as far as to say that I missed them. My old girlfriend hadn’t liked me playing with her breasts and so it had been the one thing I’d always got in trouble for looking at. Of course she’d never seen me checking out other guys, so she’d really missed the ball on that one! The rest of Cindy was pleasantly curvy. I couldn’t believe that a woman like this really wanted to participate in such shenanigans. “You like?” she said, though there was no coyness in her voice. I spluttered and found all I could do was nod my head in response. She walked up to me and put her hand right on my cock. “Max he’s getting hard,” she laughed. “Are you sure you haven’t blackmailed a straight boy? I mean that’s hot, but you said he was a real pussy! I thought you meant he was a real gay bottom.” Max laughed in response and took another sip of beer. “Strip!” he ordered me, and I did, ripping off my tank-top and pulling my shorts and jock strap down in one go. “Tell me knob jockey,” he izmit escort said, “You like the look of Cindy don’t you? You wanna get inside that pussy? You wanna try and relive what it was like when you were straight dontcha?” I nodded, halfway between arousal, desperation, and the need to impress Max. “That’s good because she likes you and the two of us have always wanted to spit-roast someone.” It took me a few seconds to realise that he wasn’t talking about Max and me doing the roasting. In addition it was that tone of voice — harsh and dominating — that made me worried. My eyes couldn’t stop watching Cindy as she smiled wickedly and played with herself. “It’s a pity,” she said as she walked away for a second to open a box that was sitting on a spare chair. “That I don’t need to get fucked with that,” she pointed at my erection. She opened the box and removed what looked like a plastic cock with ribbons flowing from it. I was confused and it wasn’t until she placed the cock in front of her vagina and started to tie the ribbons around her waist that I realised what was going on. I’d never seen a strap-on before — thought I’d heard about them in folklore — and now I realised where it was going to go. I gasped and this time I couldn’t stop myself from blushing. “I think he’s worked it out Maxxy,” Cindy smiled wickedly. “I can’t … I can’t,” I protested. I tried to get up and walk away but Max held onto my clothes. “I don’t think you wanna do that lad,” Max said. “Look it’s just not my thing,” I protested. “Really?” Said Cindy as she walked over, touching her nipples with big round, circular motions of her fingers. “Sure you don’t want to play with these?” She almost purred the words out. It was silly, it was crazy, but I had no control over myself. At this point in time I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was a sexaholic. Because if I was, I would have gone out and sought it every day. But I seemed to have little resistance to suggestion. I think it had something to do with my childhood, doesn’t it always? Somehow I felt that if I backed away I was being a wuss. And so here we were… Plus of course, Max was still hot. Cindy came close to me, and I felt mesmerised by her breasts. I reached over to touch them, feeling the tight, warm flesh. I had to have them, I had to play with them and so I took the first nipple in my mouth, sucking on it. She let me enjoy it for only a moment before she pushed me away. “Go down there boy,” she chuckled. I imagine that most gay guys are horrified by vaginas and the smell. I must admit going down there now, I was beginning to understand the horror even though before, I’d been more than happy to sample it. I suppose it had been the one thing that I did to prove that I was straight, the one thing that I could say with a shrug to all the other guys on the rugby team, `So what? I go down on my girl all the time. She’ll do anything for me once I do that.’ Part of Cindy was covered by the strap-on, but if I sat on the floor underneath her and pushed myself up with my arms, I was able to slide my tongue into her pussy. “Mmm,” she laughed as my tongue made its first exploratory moves. “Oh yeah gay boy, you lick that cunt.” I don’t think she really believed I had ever been straight and hey, come to think of it, I was having trouble believing that these days too. But there was still that aggressive, competitive desire within me, and I wasn’t going to let her have the last laugh. I pushed the ribbon holding the strap-on in place to one side and I slid my tongue towards her clitoris. “Ohhhh…” she suddenly moaned. She went to say something snide, but I wasn’t going to let her have the chance. My hands grabbed her legs, anchoring myself into the perfect spot. I kept at it, lapping at her, opening her up. “Ahhh!” she yelled. “No, no…” she threw her head forward, her long hair cascading out of place in front of me, suddenly obscuring my vision. She opened her legs further and I could tell that she was trying to push the strap-on out of the way so that I would have access to more of her. As amusing as this scene was to Max — I could hear him chuckling — I imagined that he was feeling left out and determined to get his desires seen to. “Get away you deprived dyke,” he laughed. “My turn to get some attention.” Cindy stumbled away ungratefully, and I found myself presented with his throbbing cock. I happily inhaled it in one go, choking on it at first but then regaining my self-control. To be servicing both of them at the same time seemed to be fantastic and I was finding myself quite turned on by it. “Oh yeah,” Max sighed. “Lick that cock lad, get it nice and wet.” Then he slowly stepped away from me, forcing me to chase after him. I ended up on all fours, greedily slobbering all over it. “Keep your eyes on the pretty prize,” Max ordered me, and I found myself unable to think of anything else. I didn’t even hear Cindy get behind me, completely addicted to Max’s cock I had stupidly forgotten about the entire purpose of the evening. I felt Cindy’s hands on my arse, softly stroking it. I moaned happily, rejoicing in the pleasure of the attention. And then I felt it. She at least had the decency to slather it with lube, but that was about it. “Uhhhnnn,” I opened my mouth, desperate not to scrape Max’s cock with my teeth. “No, no, no…” I thought I had pleasured them enough. I thought I had shown that we could have a great time without this part. But I was deluding myself that Max and Cindy cared about me. “That’s it bitch,” Cindy snarled. She’s certainly never heard about the `wiggle’ concept. She pushed in with all her energy and though I was able to hold her off for a few moments, the lube and the force of her hips wore me down. “Fuuucckkk!” I squealed. There was no denying it, this was incredibly painful. I would have yelled more abuse, but my pain capillaries had exploded. I was gasping for every bit of air I could get, desperate to try and restore my equilibrium. My eyes looked pleadingly up at Max. But all I could see was a sneer on his face. He shoved his cock back in my mouth and snarled, “Keep sucking, ya pussy. Lick it like a lollipop and you’ll feel better.” I must have made another pained expression because he continued with his instructions. “Go on, now wrap your lips around it big man. I’m not going to tell you twice.” I hesitated until I could see the anger start to well in his eyes. Then with trembling lips, I izmit kendi evi olan escort slowly tightened my lips around his cock. As I did, Cindy took it as a signal to push in again. “Aargh!” I screamed. “No, no, no…” “Fuck he whinges a lot,” she fumed. “Listen boy,” her tone was horrifyingly mean. “I’m gunna fuck you with this cock and you’re gunna take it and take it all. Right?” I would have sobbed, I knew I was close to it, but I couldn’t. I hadn’t cried in years. I hadn’t cried at my grandmother’s funeral, I hadn’t cried when my dog had died. I was damned if I was going to cry now. The spare moments I had from this assault was enough for me to gain control over my body. Even if my arse was still tight and not ready for any further intrusion, the defiance in my mind was enough. I snarled back at Cindy and nodded my head at the same time. “Do we need to tie him up?” She asked Max. His laugh was brutal. “Naww. He’ll do what we tell him. He might look all scary but he’s a total pussy inside.” The strange thing was that I wasn’t anymore. Well not a total one. The thrill of being dominated would always be with me as it is quite frankly with most people. But Mat had opened my mind to possibilities, and I was beginning to like the variety. For the first time in my life I suddenly thought this was a situation that if I could just get through it, would be an amusing story to tell. One day. Now I recall it, at first I didn’t understand why they didn’t just enjoy it. I wasn’t going anywhere so why did they have to be so aggressive about it? It’s only now that I realise how much of this was about them and their own issues. And by now I was working my way through mine, but they still hadn’t. I took a deep breath and pushed out my arse to accommodate Cindy. And then I turned my attention back to Max. They thought I was being compliant, and I guess, to some extent, I was. But only so far as it would get me through this encounter. I was almost able to block out their whooping and cheering as they spit-roasted me. Cindy — like any person with a strap-on — had no physical connection to the sexual act she was undertaking. For her, it was all in her mind. And that fantasy, whether she was taking it out on men, on gay men or just the sheer joy of having a dick and using it, was more than enough for her. The anger in her voice left and she began to rejoice in the act, “Oh yeah, oh yeah… oh baby yeah. Let momma ride you. Come on, feel that big dick inside you. Tell momma how much you like that.” I made appropriate noises in response — I was still sucking on Max’s cock so much that everything down that end was beginning to ache — and thankfully that seemed to serve a dual purpose. Max didn’t like the idea of anyone getting more attention than him, so he insisted that they swap over. Cindy very ungraciously pulled out, the shock so hard that I fell, rolling on my back, panting like a dog. Max laughed again and sat back on his sofa. “Come sit on me bitch,” he demanded. I obeyed immediately, actually happier since he was smaller than Cindy’s strap-on had been. However in the `reverse cowboy’ position — as I’ve since learned it’s called — he was able to reach deep inside me. The feeling of his head hitting me beyond my prostrate sent pleasurable stabs of pain right through to my head. I was a broken toy now, unable to decide one way or the other what I wanted. Anything Cindy and Max wanted to do to me I could barely resist. Cindy turned her back on both of us and Max forced my head into her arse. At that point I didn’t appreciate that women too could rejoice in the pleasures of a tongue eating them up down there. But I was quick to learn. Cindy then decided it was time for the next stage. She lay on the ground and insisted that I slide onto her. For the first time I felt comfortable and luckily my big, strong thighs were able to control my descent. Hey, I was even beginning to enjoy this. At least I didn’t have Cindy’s random pummelling now and I was in control of the game. But it was about to go to another level, and It would be a long time before I even thought about doing this again. Max had knelt behind me and had started to position himself. By this time I was getting loose, and it took me a few milliseconds to realise what was happening. By that stage his head had pushed its way into me as well. “Ah, hah…” I started to say but Max unbalanced me, my feet slid, and I fell forward. He grabbed hold of my shoulders and pulled me up, at the same time pushing further into me. It was the first time in my life I had been double-penetrated, and it was going to involve a lesbian. Veins throbbed in my temple as Max continued to plough me. I couldn’t even look down at Cindy to see if she was enjoying this, I was too far gone to appreciate it. Apparently though, the pleasure was too much for Max as I could almost hear the rumble before he came. He then insisted I get off Cindy’s strap on and go down on it, licking up all of Max’s load. As I finished, Cindy pulled my head down further and ground it into her vagina. “Get me off boy. Show us what a good dyke you can be!” Max laughed again at the situation he had forced me into and for the very last time in my life, I went down on a woman, eating her out until she came, moaning in pleasure. Neither of them seemed keen on getting me off and quite frankly I was too tired to care. They got beers for each other, and I slunk way, putting on my shorts and my torn singlet and running all the way back to central London, my arse itchy and sore every step of the way. I got home that night, never so glad that Carlos was out of the country on a work trip. I felt embarrassed, dirty, and confused. I deleted every number I had of Max’s and made sure there was no way I could contact him. Ok, he could still reach me but that would be a lot easier to resist. I looked at myself in the mirror. `I don’t need this shit,’ I thought. I needed someone just a little bit normal. As some sort of reaction to all of this, I went on to one of the gay encounter apps I had on my phone, and I looked at the conversations I’d had and the ones I hadn’t bothered with. There was one that immediately caught my attention. Rocco his name was. He was cute, I couldn’t deny that. Blonde … I didn’t know Italian’s could even be blonde. He had been very friendly, not just interested in sex, he seemed to want to go out on a date. He’d even suggested going to one of my favourite places. He was online right now… my fingers hesitated over the keys and then I thought, `What the hell.’ `Hey dude’ `You still up’ `Yeah… what you doing?’ `Just packing for a trip. Back on Tuesday.’ `Fancy a drink then?’ `Sure’ And that was it…

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