Tangled Attractions Ch. 01

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My friend JB was a year older than me and I was now eighteen. We got together when we were younger when JB worked as a janitor at a business that my aunt was a co-owner with.

JB used to come over to hang out in the garage at my mother’s house. We would spark up and toss back a few cold ones. I never locked the door on the garage so sometimes I would go out there and he would be waiting for me with a doobie while watching the TV.

My aunt was my mother’s older sister by a few years. The business plan did not work out and my aunt ended up working with my mother at a civil service agency. It was complicated and although my aunt owned a house across town, she basically lived with us. My grandfather was also with us and she helped to take care of him in his addition to the main house. She was a widow for a number of years now.

One night it was raining and JB said that he had to go to his car to get something. He never came back so eventually, I walked outside to see if he was still around. His blue car was still parked across the street but he was nowhere in sight.

I thought that I smelled some reefer smoke but I could not place the source.

Walking into the house, I heard nothing, not even a TV on. I stuck my head in my grandfather’s area and he was already in bed, snoring lightly.

I was going to head upstairs to search all of the rooms when I heard JB’s voice coming from the screened-in front porch. There were no lights on but the street lights lit the upholstered chairs up on the porch.

It took a few seconds but I saw my aunt on her knees in front of JB and he had his cargo shorts down around his ankles. She was definitely blowing him from what I could tell. Her wriggling blue jean ass was facing me and she did not seem to realize that I was standing there.

JB waved me off and I walked out of the room for a minute to collect my thoughts. In the kitchen was a cannabis edible wrapper that was empty and the packaging claimed that the edible also had a “Spanish Fly” additive. My aunt’s tea mug was half empty next to the wrapper on the kitchen table.

The rain kept coming down as I entered the porch again. My mother was away from the house for the next week or so Burdur Escort as she visited my younger brother at college so no further visitors were expected for the night.

I looked closely at my aunt. JB was feeling her tits up but she was still wearing her tee-shirt and jeans. She remained in a kneeling position before his groin.

Thunder stuck down the street and my aunt raised her head, showing her glasses were off, so she could not have seen me very easily anyway. JB pushed her head back down to his cock. She took him back in her mouth without saying anything.

I then got down on my knees and got behind her. I ran my hands over her ass and she barely reacted. My left hand crossed around her and felt her left breast through her tee-shirt. Her nipple was already hard from what I could feel. The bra was tight across her chest as JB had her right boob pulled over the bra that she still wore. She was about a 36 C with some sagging going on but not too bad. More like a 37C…

My hand left her tit and got around her waist and unhooked her jeans button. She shifted her position on her knees eventually and I managed to get the zipper down enough that I could pull her jeans down to mid-ass. The panties were grandmother-like linens. My aunt kept blowing JB and he was kind of lying back in the chair now.

I reached up under my aunt’s tee shirt and unhooked her bra from behind. That was enough for her to stop what she was doing but JB again pulled her head back onto his cock.

The bra was rearranged and both of her breasts spilled out of it underneath the tee shirt. I was able to reach back around with my left hand and quickly located her hard nipple there. Rolling the nipple around in my fingers made it even harder than I thought it could get.

JB must have enjoyed the external stimulus since she increased how she was bearing down on him. He groaned a little and kept his hand on her head.

I managed to get her jeans down below her ass and then below her knees. One leg came off and one of her slippers also was removed. She sat there with her pasty white legs in the near-dark.

My hand slipped underneath her kneeling legs and found the bottom of her Burdur Escort Bayan panties, which were somewhat wet. I slipped a finger underneath her and got it between her panties and her chunkier thigh. The wetness that I found was soon wetter and her breathing increased. She sat forward to go deeper on JB and when she did I slipped her panties off down below her waist and began to finger her from behind.

I pushed her forward with my fingers and she indulged JB with a lively mouth fucking in response.

He came first and then I got her to orgasm. I latched onto her tits and pulled the tee-shirt up as I played with the nipples with my fingers.

I could tell that they both were kind of spent so I stopped what I was doing. JB got up and went down the hall to use the nearest bathroom.

Pulling her shirt down, I did my best to pull up her panties and then her jeans. She then sat in the chair where JB had just been sitting and kind of lay back in the dark.

I walked out the back door and went into the garage. JB eventually came out with a smile on his face and sat down as he lit up yet another joint.

“She saw me walking to my car and I grabbed one of the edibles that I had in it and gave it to her,” he told me in a follow-up. “She would always say hello to me when I came by but tonight she was chatty.”

“Her boobs were kind of bouncing as she walked out to the porch. I lit up a joint and she surprisingly took a few hits off of it. The next thing that I knew, she sat down in front of me and looked a little out of it. I thought she was trying to stand up but then she pushed me back into the chair and started to grab my balls with her hands. I asked her if she was alright and she said yes and then she pulled down my zipper and pulled out my cock. I had just pulled my shorts down when you walked in and interrupted that,” he said.

I told him to settle down and reminded him that he had just blown a load into her mouth in my house.

JB asked if he could come in and fuck her. I said that was not likely since it was still my house.

He finished smoking with me and kind of grumbled as he stood up and walked out to his car before driving off. JB Escort Burdur had a steady girlfriend at the bar and she would get impatient if he lingered anywhere for long.

After I turned off the lights in the garage I went back inside the house. My aunt was still on the porch on the chair. I brought out a warm wet washcloth and wiped her face a bit and also some edges of her hair. She smiled at me.

I kneeled next to her chair and put my hands back up under her shirt where I again felt up her breasts for a while with her nipples responding accordingly. She leaned forward to kiss me and then she called me JB in her garbled present voice.

The lights were still off in the house as I led her into the living room. I pulled her jeans and panties down and then leaned her against the couch. A little more fingering underneath her pushed her forward and I entered her with my hardened cock from behind.

It did not take me many cock strokes to bring myself to the brink of an orgasm. My aunt also was responding as I reached around her and pulled on her breasts and nipples. Her breathing faltered and her voice was broken. I pushed into her hard one final time and blew a load into her.

She leaned forward into the couch. I used the warm washcloth to clean her pussy up and then I quickly dried her off and pulled her panties and jeans up one final time.

I knew that she would wonder about the bra so instead of trying to re-hook it, I managed to pull it off her through the neck of her shirt and placed it in the bathroom in the clothes hamper.

Covering her with a light blanket, I walked up to my bedroom. More than once I thought of going back downstairs and seeing where else this might end up, but I too fell asleep. The dawn greeted me through my window as the sun rose higher.

I came downstairs and found my aunt in the kitchen showered and dressed. She smelled quite nice.

She asked how I was doing and I looked at her boobs as I spoke to her about how much I enjoyed seeing her with my mother gone and how she took such good care of us in her absence.

My aunt beamed to hear this and said that she had errands to run and that she would be back later.

She had a little wiggle to her as ass she walked out the front door. My grandfather came into the kitchen and asked how everything was going. I told him the best ever for a long time and he nodded and smiled at me without any further questioning on the subject.

(End of Chapter One)


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