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Subject: Teacher and Slave Chapter 14 Disclaimer: This is a fictional story depicting consensual BDSM and authoritatarian sex between adults and students. If you are not interested in such storys, you shouldn’t read it. If you are not of legal age, please, also stopp reading. The story is a work of fiction so any resemblances to real people and/or events is purely by accident. Also this story is written out of my imagination, so I claim copyright to the entire story. If you want to give any feedback or have any suggestions, please write me a message ail) or follow me on Twitter (@PaisJB). If you want to help me proof-read the coming chapters, please send me a message as well. Please help support the work of Nifty and keep it a free site for all to enjoy. Consider making a donation today fty/. Help keep Nifty free and accessible for everyone. Summary: After a week of humiliation and servitude to John. Our hero went to the infamous sex party were he hopes to get his key back. But he meets a colleague ther, Steven. Teacher and Slave Part 14 Chapter 14 On our way I saw my body in a mirror positioned next to the door. My face was covered in cum and some other juices. Being unable to control who used my mouth and how, almost always leads to a mess. I spotted some towel on a stool before the mirror and grabbed one of them. “I think I should clean up a bit to look at least a little bit presentable.”, I joked and started to clean my face and upper body. When the towel ran over my nipples they were really sensitive and I noticed that they were redder and a little puffier than usually. “Don’t worry about that, you always look great. But avoiding cum dribbling into your drink might indeed be a wise idea.”, Steven laughed then helped me while we walked back to the bar as my knees were a little bit shaky still. A few guys at the door were looking disappointed that I was no longer on the sling, but went on looking for fun in the other rooms as soon as we had left. Some heads turned towards us as we entered the bar and I saw the guy with whom I had first left grinning at me. Steven guided me to one of the tables and I finally found myself being stable and almost comfortable again after I had felt a little bit clumsy after I got down from the sling. “I need something to drink. Maybe my beer is still at the bar, where I left it. You want anything?”, I asked Steven. “You’re feeling good again? Yeah I’ll have one as well!”, he answered. “Yes, it’s better now. I used to be fit after all.”, I joked back and walked at first still a little shakenly but quickly recovering. When I reached the bar, the barman immediately recognized me and handed me my beer, which he had retained while I was busy. I ordered another one and while I was waiting my post orgasmic bliss started to fade and it hit me that my colleague not only had fucked me while I was in bound on a sling, but he also found out that I was locked in chastity. The realization hit me hard and I needed to take a sip and think what I should do now. At first I just wanted to run but I knew that would be no solution as I would face Steven Monday the latest and it would be much more difficult to talk about it at school than here. I wouldn’t tell him about John but otherwise I thought I could be truthful (or close to it). After all Steven was in this gay sex club as well and seemed to be quite open about it. He had always been a good sport and I didn’t think that he would be judgemental about the kinks of other people. I took a deep breath grabbed both beers and made my way back to Steven. When I got closer to the table I saw him looking at me, almost checking me out and grinning while his eyes scanned my body. I’ve never been very self-conscious but this time I almost felt like I needed to blush. Shortly I hesitated but then continued put the beers on the table and took a seat while he still looked at me and before I could say anything he told me: “I always wanted to tell you that you look gorgeous but I never dared to at work. But when you walked back here, lean, fit and carrying our beers, I just needed to tell you that. Let’s toast to that, Jay!” He grabbed his beer and more or less dumbfounded he clinked on my glass while I was hurrying to grab it and drank, and I followed. It was weird, normally, I would not let anyone take over a conversation that easily but now Steven just made clear that he was in charge of our talk, something he had never done before. After he had finished his sip he continued: “You know, I never would have thought that I find you here. After all we are working together for 10 years already and I never saw you here and I come here often. How come if you don’t mind me asking? I mean I never would have guessed that you are more on the receiving side of things, either. But here we are.” He laughed a little and for the first time I thought I heard some nervousness as well. He was talking faster than usually. That helped me as it showed me that he also didn’t really know how to handle this situation. “Well it’s actually difficult.” I answered, scratching the back of my head. “I actually always was � how did you call it � on the receiving side, from the first time I’ve had sex until now. And as you might have noticed I actually enjoy that.” I laughed “But when I arrived at school I decided � at first that I didn’t want to endanger my job with too much sex. I have been out from the beginning as you know and I didn’t want rumours to spread. We are in a more rural neighbourhood after all. I mean I hadn’t known that you were gay until now, so I might not be the only one who decided to keep certain things more private, after all.” “Well you’ve never asked. But you’re right, of course. I was always careful not to have too much of my private life be known at school. Those horny boys Erzincan Escort would have tried something on me � I’m certain of it. And I never wanted my sexuality to play any role when I talked to people. I kind of envied you a little, however, being able to be open about your sexuality without making it the central topic of your attitude. But how come that you’re here now?” “It wasn’t always easy because we had some colleagues (especially some female ones) who wanted to define me through my sexuality. But they quickly learned.” I took a nip from my glass gathering my thoughts how I would answer his question. “As you might imagine it gets boring after a time just beating your meat without some real action. I mean I always tried to go on vacation to places where I would get some action, but I needed more. I actually didn’t even know that this place existed until a few weeks ago, or some things might have went differently…” My voice trailed off and he looked at me quizzingly until I continued. “Well, you see I was on this fetish app looking for someone to have fun with and I talked to someone on there for quite some time. He finally suggested meeting here for last weeks party. That was themed “chastity” so he told me to wear this cage and send the key in. But regrettably he didn’t show so I’m still locked and I’m here today to earn the key back � or that’s what the clerk at the reception told me. Not that I complain but I actually want to get rid of the cage, it’s annoying and dangerous as we don’t have our private showers.” He looked at me in disbelief when I finished my story. “Holy shit, man. I didn’t expect something like this. I never would have guessed that the cage was not entirely your idea. That explains why you erupted that hard on the sling. But don’t worry we will get your key back. I know the owner of this place.” “Well the eruption was for sure partly because I was horny as hell but also a big plough was rearranging my entrails hitting every spot there is. Let’s drink to that!” I joked and grabbed my beer trying to get our conversation away from my cage and the reason I was wearing it. He laughed again and I saw him visibly relaxing while he grabbed his beer to toast with me. “My cock has also been a curse. I can’t wear any normal clothing because it does bulge obscenely so I always have to wear those baggy clothing which I actually don’t really like. But you should see the eyes of anyone who sees me in the shower at school. Sometimes their mouths just drops open so wide that I could easily shove it inside. But of course I never did. You just can’t start something at the place you’re working especially not with students. That’s just unethical. I also had dates already who just refused to let me fuck them. And I have to say you took it like a champ. Even though there had been at least two dicks before me I know that my dick stretches every rosebud to the extremes.” I almost swallowed hard when he talked about sex with students but I managed to keep my face straight. “Well its not that I had a chance to prevent you from fucking me. Not that I complain. It was hot as hell and I rarely get an anal orgasm so you can be proud of yourself!” I leaned forward and continued: “I hope everything is good between us. I would hate it that this episode today would ruin our friendship.” “I don’t think that will be a problem, if you’re ok with what happened. I think that our escapades here should stay between us. It’s not good if it was known at school that some of us are kinkier than others. It might poke bears where it is not necessary.” “To be honest I enjoyed getting ploughed by you and then rimmed by your tongue was really nice after all that action. But I agree with you, I don’t think this should be known at school.” “Believe me, it’s better that way. But let’s toast to having fun and enjoying ourselves.” With that Steven grabbed his glass and we both drank another sip. “I don’t want to be too nosy or so, and I totally understand if you don’t want to answer, but you know me. I’m a curious guy. I understand that putting on the cage was not entirely your idea, even though you did it on your own. And then I’ve found you here bound on a sling getting � well � used by guys one after another. So I can’t help but wondering if you like it like that. Because from how I got to know you at work I would never have guessed that you would be, as I said before.” I think I blushed. “Well, you know. I actually do like getting used. That’s how I learned about my sexuality in the first place after all and it was always good fun…” Then I told him some anecdotes from my school-life and how I learned that I liked to be dominated. It felt good talking about it with someone I had learned to be a good friend before. And now, we had even more in common. While I talked I looked at him more thoroughly then before. And he was fitter than I would have guessed from what I had seen before. Not that he was having a Six-pack, but his baggy clothes had not shown his actual physique. A full bush of dark black hair was framing his still enormous dick. I guessed it was about 9” soft and still so thick that I guessed I wouldn’t be able to put my hand around it entirely. The hair continued up his stomach and onto his breast and while I normally don’t like chest hair I thought that it suited him quite well as it looked soft and fine and not stubbly hard. He also had a little bit of a stubble on his face which had tickled a little when he had eaten me out earlier. His look fitted his personality perfectly from what I could tell. He was a daddy type. Steven was following my adventures with Markus, Philipp and Emir closely and I noticed that his dick was swelling a little bit while I was talking. “Holy cow. I am kind of jealous of your Erzincan Escort Bayan adventures at school to be honest. At school I didn’t dare messing around with classmates and I only started dating during university. And to be honest some of the guys I have been with couldn’t even handle my dick at all. Going here is quite relaxing for me as I don’t have to think too much and the guys are often really hot for � what do they call it �my elephant dick.” He laughed again and we finished our beers. “It’s really impressive but I also understand that it will not fit every hole!” “Yeah there is always preparation necessary but it’s good that I always loved rimming. That helps unbelievably for preparation. And again I can only tell you: you really took it like a champ. I’ve not often seen someone taking my dick without wincing. And you moaned and even came.” “Well, I can reassure you that I still feel your treatment. And to be honest I need to use the restroom. See you soon.” “Don’t get lost.” He winked at me as I stood up feeling really good for the first time during the last couple of days as my life seemed to be getting better again. When I reached the restroom I hear loud moaning out of one of the stalls. A small figure with a hood on which fully hid his face was kneeling next to and bound in between two urinals on his knees. I could only see part of his mouth in front of which was a funnel and it was pretty clear why he was there on his knees. His body was wet and his dick was hard. I couldn’t help but wonder if I should try and feed him my piss. In the end I decided against it because I just didn’t feel like it. After I finished I went back to the bar to see our table deserted. The barman waved me over and told me that Steven had gone back to the rooms and had left a message for me to find him if I wanted to. I grinned, said thanks and turned around to walk to the back section. I was starting to feel horny again anyway and I needed five more marks anyway to have a go at all keys. When I opened the door I heard someone moaning loudly. The back area was obviously busy, which was not really surprising. When I came by the room, where I had been bound earlier, someone else was occupying the sling and getting railed by someone quite tender. I quickly realized that the moaning came from the guy in the sling. I briefly thought about eating the tender figure out while he fucked the guy in the sling but decided against it as I wanted to find Steven and see what he was up to and maybe get some more action. I already felt my ass twitching for more. The orgasm had reduced my horniness not as much as I had thought before. I glanced into each open room, some of them empty some of them occupied, to see if I could get some action. But Steven was nowhere to be found and none of the rooms looked really exciting. Some of the rooms were closed, which called for privacy, and I always respected that. Walking through the hall I saw some heads turning when I walked about, but as I was searching for Steven I didn’t really take notice. At the rear part there was a steam-room as well as a darkroom, which I knew from my previous visit. Both had been quite busy. Maybe Steven had went into the steam-room to enjoy the heat, steam and some action in this damp room. I opened the door and a cloud of humid fog already smelling of sex was wavering towards me. It was almost impossible to even see your own hand in front of you. I knew from my last visit that it was a quite large room with three rows of banks running along the three other walls apart from the one where the door was. I heard some muffled moans but could only imagine some figures, shapes more to the rear of the room. Slowly I stumbled forward trying with my hands to sense any obstacles. After a few steps before my eyes were done adapting to the difficult my left hand accidently brushed onto something softer, which was also quite hairy. Before I could say sorry, I heard a deep voice: “Are you looking for something, boy? I could use a good mouth.” While he was talking he had grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. He was sitting on the middle one of the banks. His leg hair was thick and dark, I felt because he was pulling my hand along his left thigh. The closer I got I noticed that he had an even thicker bush all around his dick, which hang soft on an impressive set of balls, which were also covered in black hair. If I hadn’t known better I could have believed him to be a real bear. I still couldn’t make out his head, even though right now he had pulled me right in front of him. He opened his legs further, his dick slowly hardening in anticipation. I wasn’t able to truly resist and hadn’t even said a single word, after he had spoken. I was mesmerized by his dick, almost intoxicated by the steam, the smell of sex and testosterone and sweat inside the room. Then he let go of my hand after he had guided it on top of his dick, which I grabbed and started to slowly jerk more out of reflex. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me even further towards him. As the lowest bank was in my way I moved so I could kneel on it. He let go of one of shoulders just to grab my hair and pulled me into his groin, on his dick. He smelled of testosterone and sweat, manly and fit at the same time. Before I had been hesitant blowing him, still looking for Steven, but being so close to this dick, the smell had woken my submissive mind, and I just wanted to feel the cock deep inside of me. But this man was holding my head not so close to his groin that I could not get to it. “Boy. What do you want? Tell me!”, he said in his dark stern voice. “Please, Sir, let me feel your dick inside of me. I want to serve you!”, I answered meekly. He laughed and let go of my head and already while he said: “Then go Escort Erzincan ahead, boy, and show me your skills”, I was immediatly licking along the shaft, which was covered in salty sweat. His dick was quickly getting hard which did not get much bigger. I guessed that it was maybe 7” but quite thick. His foreskin had retracted a bit showing the top of the glans. I ran my tongue along the border between the foreskin and the glans which made him moan and shudder. I felt him moving, leaning back, while I was licking his cock. Now, I wanted to taste his dick even more. I took the foreskin between my lips and pushed it back so his glans went into my mouth. I ran my tongue along it. It was also a little bit salty but this time from pre-cum and maybe dried cum from earlier. I was in heaven and licked and tasted him as much as I could. Then, I pushed down further and further until I had all of it deep inside of me. His pubic hair tickled on my nose and skin while his dick reached a bit into my throat but not really making me gag. I pulled out just do dive in again, trying my best to get him off. He moaned and I noticed his breathing getting faster already. After a few more deepthroats I felt him move again. He grabbed my hair and pulled me off his dick. I groaned out of disappointment but before I could say anything. He told me to sit on him. I struggled to get up wanting to oblige with his wishes, before I turned around and positioned myself above his dick. While I lowered myself on it I grabbed it so I could guide it inside my ass. His thick dick pushed me open and when I finally felt his hips on my ass cheeks I felt whole and full again and moaned. When I didn’t start immediately, he grabbed my hips and started to bounce me on him. Even though I had already been fucked three times already before today it just felt right and I moaned and groaned all while my locked dick was flopping all around while he was handling me. After a while he stopped, let go of my hips and grabbed me beneath my knees, pulling them up so now I was only resting on his hips deeply impaled by his dick. Then he started to use me like one of those fuck toys using my entire body pushing it up and down on his dick, getting deeper into me each time. It was so hot and I was moaning obviously quite loudly, because after a few seconds some shadow appeared to my side on the second bench. It was a slim figure without much hair which I noted when he grabbed my head and pulled it around. His hard dick was directly in front of my mouth which I gladly opened. He pushed in without any hesitation and started to fuck my face hard and fast. The guy fucking me increased his speed as well. I felt his breath becoming faster as I felt it more often on my back. After a few more seconds he pulled me down harder than ever, groaned and moaned loudly before he shot his load deep into me. The (I supposed) younger guy fucking my throat didn’t last much longer and came down my throat moaning equally loud. Soon after the young guy pulled out and bowed down, while he pushed my head up. He was blond and couldn’t be much older than 20 I guessed, with shaggy hair. Then, he spit in my open mouth, slapped my face once not very hard and said: “Good, bitch!” Then he turned around and went back further into the room. I noticed my dick aching in his cage now after it had flopped around and it felt as if some pre-cum had leaked out of it. Suddenly the older guy pushed me off of him and I was barely able to keep my balance and not fall. He grabbed me again and turned me around and for the first time I noticed his face. He had curly thick dark hair, and a full beard framing his face. He must have been around fifty at least, as there were already some grey hairs as well. “Clean my dick, boy, then get going. You did well enough!”, he told me and again I obliged without thinking, licking his dick clean. Not expecting anything anyhow I obliged and after a few moments licking him clean and running my tongue along his dick and balls and through his pubic hair I pushed myself up and followed the younger guy deeper into the steam room still looking for Steven. While I had been used by the older guy my eyes had adapted better to the dark and steamy light and I could make out more shadows. After a few steps deeper into room on the right hand side an older guy was on his fours getting railed from both sides by two mates probably his age. I envied him not only because I enjoyed getting both my holes used but also because he was not locked and I saw him play with his stiff dick. I walked by getting closer to the end of the steam room. The younger guy which had just used my mouth was now kneeling in front of someone who looked like a bodybuilder, with his arms crossed behind his back, his head being between the paws of the bodybuilder moved up and down apparently on the bodybuilder’s dick. He looked slender and fine and I was happy for him but also for me that he had decided to top me. On my right a guy with quite a belly was playing with himself. When he saw me he tried to get me over, but I decided to decline as he was not really my type. Well, I might have sucked him, if he had made me but when I didn’t react he shrugged his shoulder and continued jerking. I now had reached the end of steam-room, when someone ran his hand along my back, then between my ass-cheeks and my legs, where the hand grabbed my balls. At last then the guy behind me who I hadn’t seen yet at all felt my cage, while grabbing also my balls with his right hand. As the cage will have confirmed that I was a sub ready to be used (I guess he could have known it from the marks on my ass cheek), he pushed my upper body down and moved directly behind me. —————————-End chapter 14————— I hope you liked this part. Any more suggestion are always welcome. And please if you have sex please use condoms and/or PREP to avoid getting STD’s. This story is fantasy so there are no repercussions for barebacking. Thanks to my “pervy new editor”, who helped proofread this chapter ;). If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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