Teachers Pet: The Snow Job

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Benjamin couldn’t feel his face, fingers, or toes anymore. He had shoveled three driveways this morning.  But he had a warm feeling inside along with some butterflies in his stomach.  He was about to knock on the door of his third-period home economics teacher, Ms. Sterling, who just happened to live right next door and who he happened to have the biggest crush on for the last four years.Mandy Sterling had moved into the house next door about four years earlier, Benjamin’s freshman year. He had a crush on her the whole time but this was the first year he had her as a teacher. Benjamin loved that he got to stare at her for forty-five minutes a day in class now. Before this, he would only get a glance here or there in her yard or at a neighborhood gathering. There was the one time he saw her tanning in the backyard from his bedroom window. He watched her for an hour that glorious day and was almost certain he caught a glimpse of her nipple as she rolled over and unlatched her bikini top to get an even tan on her back. But now it was the dead of winter and he had no hopes of seeing any skin now. He was excited however, this was the first time he had ever visited her at her house. An older boy used to shovel her driveway but he went off to college and now Ms. Sterling was all his. He remembered watching from his window the previous year the other boy shoveling. güvenilir bahis Ms.Sterling would always invite him in when he was done for a half hour or so. He would leave so happy and it always made Benjamin so jealous. “Why should that goof get to enjoy her company and not me”?  But now was his turn he envisioned her offering him hot chocolate and telling him how good a job he did with the driveway. Besides what else could she do with a student in her house for a half-hour?As he rang the doorbell his heart began to race. What would he say? Would he look cool saying it?  Did any snot freeze on the end of his nose and make an icicle?  Before he could check, the door swung open and revealed a slender silhouette of an attractive woman in her mid-thirties. Mandy Sterling would not only be the object of lust for the boys in her class but their fathers as well.  Her slim figure looked great if not a little top-heavy. This would be from the full 36DD pair of tits she was sporting. She always tried to conceal them in class to appear more conservative, but the boys all knew she was staked.Only today Benjamin did not have to guess how big her chest was. He could see all of it in its stunning glory. Ms. Sterling was clearly in the middle of a workout. She had on a sports bra that wasn’t doing its job well and let the top of her breast spill out. She güvenilir bahis siteleri was also wearing a pair of tan yoga pants that hugged every curve of her lower body. At first glance, Benjamin thought she was naked but quickly realized that wasn’t the case when he saw the brand name written down the side of the leg. “Hi, Ms. Sterling, would you like me to shovel your driveway today?” He waited for her response. It felt like an eternity but was in reality three seconds.”Hello Benjamin, that would be great! I was hoping someone would offer this year now that Mark left for college. I’m in the middle of my workout but knock when you’re done and we’ll talk more then, ok?”Benjamin was in. ” Sounds good to me.” He said with a tone that sounded like he had just won the Super Bowl. The next twenty minutes Benjamin shoveled her drive like he was trying to win a contest for “Best Snow Free Driveway.” He didn’t want to go too fast and interrupt her workout, but he couldn’t wait to get inside and spend some time with his ultimate desire. And seeing her in her workout gear was almost too much for him to handle. He spent another ten minutes doing the front sidewalk with the same level of care and decided it was time to knock on the door once more. A few seconds later Ms. Sterling answered once more this time with a towel over her shoulder and a water iddaa siteleri bottle in her hand. “Wow! The drive looks great Benjamin.” She said with a big smile “Mark must have trained you well.” Benjamin tried to process what she said. Did she think that Mark kid trained me to take over the snow shoveling in the neighborhood?Before he could figure out what she meant he heard his voice speak out “He showed me everything he knew.” Uh, why did I say that he thought to himself?”Everything huh?” Ms. Sterling said in an inquisitive tone. “So you know about his payment too?”Not wanting to sound stupid Benjamin spoke up, “Yeah, that too,” with a big smile like he was in the loop. Benjamin was definitely not in the loop, for the next sentence to come out of Ms. Sterling’s mouth made his heart drop to his feet and his breath stopped cold. “Ok, then you can take your pants off and sit on the sofa.”  What did he just hear? “Just remember nobody can hear about this, that’s the rule, got it?”Benjamin was stunned but managed to dribble out a few words. “Ye, yeah no problem.” Benjamin began to feel sweat forming on his forehead, nerves yes but also his coat was still on. He started to take it off trying to comprehend in his mind what was going on. His zipper was stuck. He couldn’t get it off. Instinct kicked in and he pulled it off over his head but his arm got stuck. He knew he must look like an idiot. But one more good tug and it was off over his head. As his eyes readjusted to the light in front of him stood a blonde goddess with no top on and her hands each squeezing one of her large full breasts. 

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