Teaching Sally part 1

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Teaching Sally part 1I am a high school teacher in a small town. I consider myself average looking. But for some reason it seems a good number of the female students in my classes delight in teasing me. There are days when some of them would wear low cut tops and low cut bras. Occasionally (if I am lucky) one or two would “forget” to wear a bra. These are the days I would spend time in class walking around checking their work and peeking down their blouses. It made me so hard and I know some of the young ladies noticed. Other days some of them would wear short skirts with cute panties. And again sometimes one or two would “forget” to wear panties. Those were the best days! Wanting to keep my job and freedom I never acted on these flirtations from the hotties in class even though I am pretty sure one or two would have acted on it with me.But one summer day my doorbell rang and there was Sally, one of the hottest girls that had been in my class the year before. She had graduated that year. I was surprised güvenilir bahis to see her at my door. I invited her in. The air conditioning was going strong and her nipples were standing out. Sally is about 5’10”, slim, with nice sized breasts (from what I could tell)I said to her, “ I am glad to see you Sally, what can I do for you?”She responded, “The whole time I was in your class and I had the biggest crush on you and I kept teasing you but you just looked and I knew you got excited. I could see it grow in your pants. But you never did anything”I guess I blushed having been caught.She then surprised me with, “I am not in your class and I am 18 now.” She looked down and said, “I am a virgin and you are such a good teacher I want you to teach me about making love. I want to know how to please a man.”To say I was very interested would be an understatement. “Are you sure?’Sally said, “Yes, please I want you, I want to learn all about sex.”“Ok, but I want to do this right.” I told her to meet me at a güvenilir bahis siteleri motel in the next town the next day.The next day I went to the motel and rented a room and waited for her to arrive. I was sure she would not come, but I was pleasantly surprised when there was a tentative , soft knock on the door. There she stood, so sexy in a white blouse and skirt, her long legs showing below her skirt. I could tell she was nervous. I told her to come in. She looked so sexy when she smiled at me. I went to her and took her in my arms and kissed her gently. She moaned softly. I kissed her again this time my tongue teased her soft lips, she open her mouth slightly and we touched tongues. Her breathing became faster and I was getting harder. We started French kissing more and more.Sally looked me in the eyes and said, “ I want to make love to you, show me how, teach me.”I led her to the dresser in the room in front of the mirror. I stood behind her and reached around her and held her close. kaçak iddaa My erection was pressing into her hot ass. I whispered in her ear how beautiful and sexy she was. I kissed her ear and nibbled on her ear lobe. I told her to watch in the mirror. I started to unbutton her blouse, one button at a time, exposing her soft skin and her bra. “You are so sexy and your body is so hot” Her breathing got faster. I then unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing a sexy red thong. I ran my hands over her stomach and her ass. She said, “I want to touch you”“Not yet, in time”I reached up and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. She had the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. I ran my hands up under them just grazing them. Then I cupped them feeling her nipples get hard in my hand. She sighed and them moaned and leaned back into me.“OOOH, she said, “you are so hard”“Yes I am you make me so hot”“Watch my hands caressing your breasts, doesn’t it look so good?”“It feels good too”I reached down and pulled her thong off. She had a little patch of pubic hair. I teasingly ran my hands over her mound. I could tell she was turned on and so wet.“Now the lesson will start, Sally. Lay down on the be face down”To be continued….

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