Teen Titans +

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Teen Titans +
This story is by poss its not mine it on this site still so if you want you can check it out but I thought it needed a bit more and some things token out so I hope he and you like it.
If you want to leave me a comment to let me know what you think if I have dun a good or bad job of it. This it the first time I have put anything on here.

As they walked in the living room, Robin and Raven see Beast Boy’s new girlfriend she looks very atarteth “So what are you hiding?” Robin asks with a knowing look in his eyes. “What do u mean what is she hiding” “come on Beast how many girl’s did u ask out before she said yes?”, “Not too many” he said looking at the floor “but now that Tanya said yes you can stop this, the first time we met we talked all night long“.
“So when are you going to tell him Tanya”, “I will tell him when I’m ready good and ready” she says looking at him with evil eyes, “Tell me what” beast asks, she looks at Beast “you will still like me no matter what won’t you”.
“Tanya I really like you nothing will change that” “I have a… dick Beast“ “OH your like Raven”. “What do u mean I’m like Raven beast” “Raven is a hermaphrodite“.
“NO Beast Boy I’m not a hermaphrodite, I’m a shemale“ Beast Boy was just standing there thinking while Raven was laughing, “Do u hate me Beast” “No Tanya I just didn’t think you were a shemale“, “I still what to fuck you Beast if you still want to” “You mean that you want to fuck me and not me fucking you” “Yes I do Beast”.
“Let’s go to your room I want that virgin ass“she said into he’s ear ” I have never thought about being with someone like you before, but now that I have found out you’re a shemale its tuning me on“, Your not going to back out on me are you, you promise me sex after you’d shown me off to your friends”.
Raven was laughing her ass off. “I cant believe he thought she had a pussy when all this time he had been talking about me and you and now his new girlfriend has a dick too“,
“Let’s go to your room slut I’m getting hard thinking about fucking you I want that ass of yours“ says Tanya grabbing his hand. “Tanya their no way we are going to my room“ ,Raven shouts “Hey Tanya why don’t you take him into Robin’s old room“ “hay Tanya have you master your ability’s yet“ “Yes I have Robin“, “Then you are part of the team now so Beast show Tanya to her room“, “Where is her room then Robin“ “My old room Beast“, “Let’s go slut” as she pulls him into her room.

When there in her room she turns to beast and pushes him down to the floor on his knees in front of her and tells him she wants him to suck her cock, beast cant believe she is doing this to him as she is sliding her hand up her skirt and in to her panties to pulls her 7in uncut cock out, all beast can do is look at it as it come within inches of his face she looks down at him and tells him “suck my cock slut but mind them teeth of yours“, so for the first time in he life he open his mouth to take her cock, when he has his lips round it she moans and tells him to use his tongue so he starts to slid it under her bell-end and over the top and as she gets more of it in him he slides his tongue it all over her cock, she grabs the back of he head and starts fucking his mouth but stops Esenyurt Escort when she feels his teeth, so she pulls her cock out with his shiver all over it and goes behind him cock in hand rubbing it back and thorth to keep her hard and gets him on all fours she starts be sliding her finger over his blue hairy asshole he cant believe she is doing this to him and feels her push her finger in him and at this time he feels his cock jump as she sidles it in and out he mones and pushes back at her so she thinks its time for him to take all she has, he can feel the head of her wet cock at his ass and he can feel his own cock getting harder and pre-cum starting to come out of his piss-hole and that’s when she slams in to him hard.

Everyone in the living room could hear Beast screaming in pain, “Tanya please stop you are hurting my ass“ “I don’t care I told u at the bar that I wanted your ass and you said ok“ as she keeps up the hard pounding inside he’s ass showing no musy, “Yea but arr I thought you arr were kidding arrrrr,” Tanya just keeps slammed her cock into his ass as hard and fast as she could, Beast lowered his head and looked back to see her balls hitting his own whilst taking her cock in his ass “I have some rules for you slut” Before Beast could say anything he started to feel her cock getting bigger inside him then she started moneing and he could feel her cum shooting up inside filling his ass, “What do u mean rule’s Tanya?” as tears are running down his face, Your going to have to learn how to give a blow job without your teeth getting in the way, second we are going to be sharing a room so I can fuck you when I like, third now I’m in charge and not you, and last of all your going have to get use to me fucking your ass because it’s the only satisfaction your going to get because you are the only one who’s getting there ass fucked and the only one who will be giving the blow jobs around here.

Tanya came out of Robins old room “Robin I won’t be needing your room” “and why is that Tanya?” “Because I’m going to be sharing a room with Beast” “Ok then, Where is he now” “Oh he had to go to the bathroom to relief himself“ “we thought with all the noses he was making he wouldn’t be going anywhere this soon” “He’s got some stuff he needs to learn“ “Like how to give a blow job“ Raven started laughing after Tanya said that.

“I couldn’t care less what Beast boy need’s to learn Tanya“ said Raven “Well I do care“ says Tanya, “good for you” says Robin, Raven get up head to her room and looks back at Robin “Let go Bitch” Robin following Raven right on her heels, When they got into her room Raven screamed at him “Raven why are you so mad?” “I can’t believe this“ “Why what’s wrong?” “She is trying to turn Beast into you“ “ she want what you got Raven” “I don’t care their is no way she is going to turn Beast into you“ “Raven why do you even care what she is doing, You’re the only one who will have me“ “Your right bitch I am the one who owns you“.
Robin drop’s to his knees and pulls Raven panties to the sides and start licking and kissing her cock “OH that feels wonderful, but that’s not why we came in here“ “we came in here so that I can yell and scream at you Oh but don’t stop now, you’ve Escort Bayan got your own way of calming me down slut and I like it“
Robin was kissing and sliding his tongue all over her bell-end then closes his mouth around her cock and she grabs his hair and shaming her cock in and out of him mouth bring her close to an orgasm “Oh you are a good Bitch“ Raven start Cumming and pulls her cock out and shots it all over him, Robin looks up at her with her cum over his face “See Raven Beast could never do that to her“ “I see what you mean bitch, you can please me in all different ways” “Yes and she’ll only fuck and get sucked” “she goes down on Robin sucking his cock till its nice and hard then stands back up your not Cumming till I have cum again now keep sucking that cock slut and get it hard so that I can fuck you in that nice tight ass of yours” so Robin goes back to sucking her getting the last of her cum out of her cock hes loving feeling her getting hard in his mouth to let her know he loved it and her by looking up at her and mones and she looks into her eyes and smiles and then pulls her cock out of his mouth and gets him on his hands and knees and goes behind he and rubs her cock over his asshole and he starts to push back to let her know he wants her in him so she thrusts her cock into him, At the same time his own cock gets hard as she hits his prostate,
As Raven is pounding the hell out of Robin ass, Tara is watching her fuck Robins ass from the backdoor Tara then dropped her pants and thong, She starts to rubbing her pussy making it all nice and wet then slowly slides two fingers in and out of her pussy.
While Raven is fucking his ass she looks over to the door and see Tara masturbating whitest she is fucking Robin hole, Tara is sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster. “come on over here you hot little slut” Raven says to Tara.
Tara come in to the room keeping her fingers in her pussy, “Do you like watching me fuck Robin Tara?” “OH yes Raven don’t stop fucking him I love seeing your cock sliding in and out of his ass“ Tara start to have an orgasm looking at Ravens fucking Robin, just as Raven started to fill Robin ass with cum “So Tara want to watch me fuck him again some time“ “Oh yes Raven but not right now” “I will leave the door unlock so you can come in anytime you want to watch“ “ok id love to see you fucking him a lot more” “ok then any time you want to see me fucking his ass come and get me and ill fuck him there and then” “Thanks Raven, But the reason I come here was because I am wanting a place to sleep and I don’t want Beast to know I don’t have a place to stay“.
Raven started thinking of what to do, “Tara I’m leaving the door open for you anyway so why don’t you just stay in here with us” “Thank you Raven I will see you guys tonight“ “Tara I can fuck robin again when you come here tonight if you want”, “Great I will get to have a second orgasm before I go to sleep, bye for now guys“ “Bye Tara“ “I can’t wait for tonight bitch when Tara’s going to watch me fuck you“ “Raven I don’t want anyone watching while we are having sex” “I don’t care what you want, Your mine and that is that” “So I have to give it up to you no matter what as normal” “So you know your place istanbul Escort bitch“ as she pulls her softening cock out of his ass. They both fell asleep of about an hour and when Raven is getting dressed whilst smiling at him and then she walked out of her room.

“What are you smiling about Raven?” “I just got done fucking my bitch Beast“ “ok Raven” Tanya was laughing because she didn’t hear Robin, “What is so funny” “Well Star-fire and I think our leader is out cold from the fucking you have given him, sound like he can’t handle a cock“ Just then Robin walked into the room” “Tanya I can handle Raven dick without any problems“ “Oh yea I bet she has a small dick anyway“ Raven turns around “so you think I got a small cock do you“ “Yes I do“ so Raven stands up and dropped her pants and shows everyone her 9 inch cock” “So you got a bigger cock than Beast“ says Tara, All Tanya could do was stare at Raven cock as it starts growing and it was long enough to put any man to shame. “so now who has a small cock” Tanya just sat there staring at her dick “I never seen a dick that big“ “Well I give it to Robin when ever I’m horny“.

Raven walked over to her “There is no way you can get Beast Boy to do the things what I got my Bitch to do“ “Raven do you want me back in the room“ asked robin “Yes get in the room now bitch“ “See as soon as I get hard he knows to get to my room so I can use him“ Tanya didn’t say a thing she just stood there looking at her cock getting bigger,
Raven walks into her room smiling “You had to show off your huge cock didn’t you Raven“
“and I see you started drooling after it started getting hard“ Robin didn’t say anything and drop to his knees and started sucking her cock, Raven was smiling as she watched Tara come in the room Robin looks up whiles still sucking her cock.

“Want to watch me fuck him again Tara?” “mmmmm Yes I do Raven” so she bends Robin over and rubs her bell-end over his asshole then Robin slams his ass back onto her cock she’s smiling “that’s my bitch fuck my cock” and than looks over at Tara playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy as she watches Robin pushing back on Ravens cock and moaning in pleasure as her cock is sliding over his prostate and at that point he begs her to fuck him harder. So Raven starts diving her cock into him as hard as she can and he cums without anyone playing with his cock when Tara see him Cumming she hits her climax and goes to the bed to pass out Raven seeing that cums hard inside his tight ass he moans because he loves her cum inside him and they both passes out from all the fucking they have had today.

As Raven wakes up and finds Tara has left Robin starts to wake up as soon and he feels Raven long cock sliding out of his ass. “Raven what is wrong?” “Why do you ask” “You normally fuck me for half an hour after you wake up” “I would fuck you but Tanya is bothering me.” “Why is she bothering you, you got me and I want your cock pounding my ass now“. “Because she is trying to turn Beast into you and that’s why its bothering me.”
“Raven Beast will never be me, he could never handle your cock up his ass just look at it its huge, and your the only one who’s getting there cock inside my ass“. “Robin I’m going for a walk when I get back breakfast better be ready and don’t you dare get dressed.” “Yes Raven“. so Robin went into the kitchen with his cock and red ass on show to fix them something to eat.

I hopped you liked it

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