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Arab Booty

Subject: Tenting with Sammy (Adult/Youth his soft warm butt cheeks mashing into my cock over and over again. I tried to take my mind off of it, but it was impossible. Talking was difficult too. I had to shout if I wanted to talk to Tom, which meant having to basically shout in poor Sammy’s ear. I couldn’t sleep either, because as soon as I shut my eyes, it only highlighted my senses to the feelings around my cock. I sat there, tortured, suffering in bliss, trying to remain silent. I held back a moan as my cock became harder, slithering down my pants leg. Each time Sammy landed, I could feel the contours of what I would guess was his butt crack lining up with my thickness. Sammy had barely spoken a word in the last few minutes, probably noticing my aroused state underneath him. “Hey Tom, any chance for a pitstop?” I blurted out, desperate for a reprieve. “Already? Jeez, Joe. Didn’t you go before we left? ” Tom replied. It had only been an hour, but I needed Sammy off, or else I might have creamed the back of his shorts! “I did,” I replied. “But it’s pretty cramped back here. I just need to get out and stretch my legs. ” “Okay, I’ll pull into the next gas station. We could do with a refill as well, I guess. ” I really had to grit my teeth again as we bounced a bit more, slowing to a stop. The second we were stationary, I burst the car door open, almost shoving Sammy off of me. Tom went to go pay for some gas, leaving Sammy and myself standing next to the car, easing our stiff muscles. Sammy was looking at me sideways, and I wasn’t exactly sure what I should say. He definitely would have been able to feel my erection under him for the last few miles, which was quickly softening now that he was off of me. “Joe… uh… you’ve got a big one.” He finally said, almost in a whisper. “A big what, Sammy?” I asked, trying to seem oblivious. “A big willy,” he gulped as he pointed to my pants. “I could feel it getting harder when I was sitting on it.” “Oh!” I said, clearing my throat, “I think all of the bouncing up and down got things moving down there. Sorry about that. ” “That’s okay. My one got hard too, but it’s not as big as yours. ” “Well, that may well be the case, but adults and boys shouldn’t talk about those sorts of things. Look, here comes Tom back. I’ll go use the bathroom, then we’ll get going again. No speaking of this, okay? ” He nodded in acceptance. I didn’t need to use the bathroom; I needed an opportunity to rub one out! I blasted out my load in record time, dumping my seed down the toilet. At least blowing a load might keep my cock down for a little while. “Might” being the operative word. I just hoped I could keep it together for the rest of the way. I squished myself back into my stuffy prison that was the back seat. Sammy joined me once more, slipping me an innocent smile as he plonked himself straight back down on my family jewels. I could have sworn he was wiggling his butt deliberately now, and we hadn’t even started moving yet. I would have thought that by jerking off, it would have helped keep the beast in my pants at bay. I was wrong. His ass easily teased my cock back to life again, and not 10 minutes later, my cock was throbbing again. As we motored down the highway, I realised the smooth parts of the road were no better than the bumpy parts. When the roads were bumpy, he would be going up and down on me, but an even surface was just as bad. With no aggravation, his warm buttocks would nestle down completely against my manhood, smothering it in the warmth of his body. Sammy gasped as my cock twitched underneath him. As I was growing back to full size, my balls started to churn. Geez, he is just a boy; why was he making me feel this way? I am a man, and he is just a kid! I willed myself to ignore it, trying to force my brain to think about something else. Staring straight ahead was no good, as all I got was the view of the soft little blond downy hairs on the back of his neck. The tiny blond strands reminding me that this was a little kid I was getting horny over. Looking out the window or shutting my eyes was no better, only making my senses focus more on the gooey feelings and the contact of his bum. But then my genius brain came up with the brilliant idea of looking down. I fluttered my eyes open, looking downward, but that turned out to be the worst choice of all. No sooner than I had cast my gaze south, my eyes went straight down the back of Sammy’s shorts. While he was wearing underwear, bright yellow ones in fact, the elastic had slid down, giving me a birds-eye view of his perfect milky white butt crease. I quickly tore my eyes away, but the vision of his cheeks was already stamped in my mind. My cock lurched again, causing Sammy to inhale as he felt it. Of course, I already knew he would have a butt crack, but now I had seen it in the flesh. The very edge of his creamy soft buns, a place an adult like me should never see. I had seen it, and it looked like heaven. I tried to wrench my mind away. Men my age weren’t meant to see boys that way, and certainly not think about their naked butts, even if it was just a slice. My treacherous brain begged me to look again. It begged me to look more, and with my curiosity getting the better of me, I just couldn’t help it. I took another look. There it was again. His skin was so clear and pure. I could just make out the curves bending towards his butt valley straight down the middle. His underwear was horizontal against his back but had slipped a couple of inches lower than where it should be. How could someone as little as him have such a rounded Diyarbakır Escort ass back there? I pondered, just for a moment, at the light, pale skin between them, leading down further still, towards his most secret, dirty place. With his running earlier in the day, he would be moist and sticky down there. My cock ached. “Ohh nooo!” Sammy suddenly yelled, “I forgot my bag!” “What bag?” I asked, jolting out of my hypnotised state. “My bag I brought with all my stuff in! It’s still sitting back on the road where we started! It’s got my tent and my clothes and everything in it! ” Both Tom and I groaned in unicen. There was no way we could go back for it now. We were 2/3 of the way to our destination, with the last phone reception at least 20 minutes away. We would just make a few arrangements when we got to camp, and hope that his things had been found. “Mom is going to kill me!” Sammy whined. “There wouldn’t have been any space in here for it anyway,” I said, trying to reassure him. “You will just have to borrow some clothes from some of the other boys.” “Ew, I don’t want to wear someone else’s stuff! Gross! ” “Well, you can’t wear the same clothes all weekend, Sammy.” Sammy just groaned. Despite his protests, we weren’t going all the way back again. Looking around at the local scenery, I knew we must have been getting close. Recalling his buns before, and the fact that our journey was almost over, I took one last opportunity, taking a look back down into his stinky little abyss. His tight, humid crease. I don’t know if it was because we weren’t going back for his gear, or because he felt my penis move underneath him, but Sammy went silent again as we drove along the home straight. — The campsite was super simple. It was essentially a large green field, framed on three sides by large trees, sloping down to a lake. There were no buildings, with the only structure being an open-air trailer holding half a dozen kayaks, covered by a tarp. I’d been here before; it was a common place we used to throw the kids back to the bare basics. No electricity, no cell phones, just them and nature. There was a massive tent in the bus which would serve as the dining and cooking areas. Beyond that, each boy had been told to bring his own tent to sleep in, which they knew they would have to put up themselves after they arrived. All 3 of us clambered out of the car. Tom got out nice and easily, where Sammy and I almost tumbled out, rubbing our stiff limbs. It was quickly decided, once we had recovered from our journey, that Tom would drive back to cell reception to check whether Sammy’s belongings had been found. “Sounds like a plan.” I agreed. “Sammy and I can set up my tent and some of the supplies while we wait for everyone else to arrive.” “When does everyone else get here?” Sammy asked, looking around at the sparse open space. “Probably about an hour, so we’ve got plenty of time.” That said, it didn’t take Tom and I long to get the car unloaded; even Sammy helped here and there. Tents, tables, and chairs were strewn across the grass, and only minutes later, the car pulled away again, leaving Sammy and I behind. “So, champ,” I said, turning to Sammy, “Just you and me here for a bit. Want to help me sort this stuff out? ” “Sure! This weekend is going to be so much fun! ” “Glad to hear it. Let’s put my tent up quickly, then we can spend the rest of the time by the lake. ” “Cool! And this won’t even be the first tent we’ve put up today, right? ” Sammy said, grinning at me, like a Cheshire cat. “Hey, not a word, remember?” “I know, I know.” I indicated to Sammy where the equipment was, sending him back a few times to grab the pegs, a hammer, and some rope. Truth be told, I was just being lazy and wanted to check out his bum again. Getting to watch his tight butt bend over time and time again to pick things up was irresistible. I’d watch him walk back and forth, bend over at the waist, only for those snug little shorts to hug that little bubble tush of his. The seam running up the middle seemed to scream “This is where my butt crack is!” as it rode up each time. “Hey, what are these?” He called out on a final trip to one of my bags, pulling out a plastic container. I immediately recognised it as one which I had prepared for Tom and I, something laced with an ingredient a little less legal in most parts. “They’re nothing, leave them there.” “Ohh, yum, they are brownies!! They look just like the ones my mom makes. Can I have one? ” They were brownies, alright. Adult brownies. A little quiet treat for my friend and I to munch on and get high off of when the moment comes. “No, put them back.” “Pleeeeease?!” “No. ” I stated strongly. “Put. Them. Back. ” With all the pout his little face could muster, he pushed the box of baking back into its hiding place. I finally dragged my ass to do some work, as we got started on putting up the tent. It was hot fucking work. Even with the kids’ help, in the middle of the afternoon, with no shade, the sun blasted down on top of us. It felt like its heat just reflected off of everything. A quick dip in the lake afterwards cooled us down as we waited for the bus and Tom to return. With a job well done, we laid back in one another’s company. “Joe… why does no one like me?” Sammy asked, breaking the silence. “What do you mean? Lots of people like you. I like you. ” “You only like me because that is your job. None of the other boys want to be friends with me. I always end up on my own.” he replied glumly. I tried to come up with a sympathetic answer, but he wasn’t Diyarbakır Escort Bayan wrong. Being the newest kid in the troop, and the smallest, he had basically been all but rejected by his peers. They had all made their own friendships and connections amongst one another already, but Sammy was just a bit different. He was more sensitive than most his age, a little more delicate. While most boys in the troop were at least a little bit solid in frame, Sammy was fairly skinny and dainty. “First of all, I like you regardless of my “job”. Second, I understand what you’re going through, and I know it’s hard. All I can really suggest is to keep trying. They’ll see the cool little guy inside you eventually. ” God, I was useless at this stuff. “Yeah… I guess. Can I have a brownie now? ” Sammy asked hopefully. “No.” “See!? You don’t even like me enough to share your brownies with me! ” “They’re special adult brownies, not meant for little boys. Just like what happened on the drive over, you aren’t to tell anyone about them, okay? ” “Fiiine,” he sighed, burying his head in his folded arms. — It wasn’t long after that, that the bus arrived. A dozen or so kids piled out, all suddenly running around, joshing and playing with one another. Even after the scout masters were able to pull them all back together and create some order, it was quite a battle to get everything ready before it got dark. Most of their wild energy was spent shouting and screaming rather than putting up their tents, causing a few arguments before it turned to night. Of course, Sammy, once again, sat by himself in the corner of the grass. He had tried in earnest to help the other boys where he could, but each one had turned him away. I glanced over at him a few times; his head was still buried in his arms. I even tried to find a boy for him to spend the night with, but each one just flat out refused. I couldn’t force him to spend the night with someone who didn’t like him, so with no other choice, I decided he would sleep with me. Thankfully, we were able to scrounge up a couple of spare blankets and a pillow for him, though it looked like it would be a relatively warm night anyway. “I told you nobody liked me.” Sammy said as he sadly clambered into my tent first, his little butt disappearing inside. It was a tight squeeze to say the least. It was only a one-man tent, and I wasn’t exactly small. With a little coordination, I was able to arrange myself inside my sleeping bag, with him alongside me covered in just a couple of blankets. The young voices of the other boys could be heard all around us from the other tents. Boys chattering with one another, mostly in gibberish, with the occasional shriek or burst of laughter. Confined in a small space together, his active boyhood scent was quite apparent; a mix of stale sweat and dirt from the day’s activities. I did wonder why he was turned away by all of the others. Sure, he was smaller than the rest, but he was a good kid. I lay awake with my thoughts, thinking he must have been long asleep when I started to hear him softly sobbing, breaking the silence. He probably thought I was long asleep by now as well. I listened. “Why… why does no one like me?…” he cried to himself. “I’m a good boy. I do all the right things. Why won’t anyone be my friend? *sniff* I wanna go home. I miss you, Mommy. And you, Darren. Why did mommy send you away? You liked me. *Sniff*” Oh, my heart. The little guy was homesick. I felt a wrench in my chest as he mumbled to himself. His body was shaking as he sobbed. Every so often, he would wipe the crying tears from his eyes, only to bury his head back into his pillow. “Did I do something wrong, mommy? Is that why you sent me here? Sent me away to all these mean boys who won’t be friends with me. I’m sorry if I did something wrong, Mommy. I just want to go home. Everyone hates me here… *sniff* “All the boys hate me. Tom hates me because I left my stuff behind. Joe won’t even let me have his brownies. *Sniff* I just want a friend. ” I carefully, slowly reached my arm over us, placing it gently on his shoulder. He suddenly stopped, my hand on him making him realise I was there, listening. “Are you awake, Joe?” he whispered. I remained silent but kept my hand in place. Perhaps I could pretend to have just moved in my sleep. “Hey, come on. I know you’re awake. Did you hear that stuff I said? I didn’t really mean it.” I remained as still as a mouse. I felt a little guilty, having now heard his most vulnerable thoughts. “I know you’re not asleep. I’m sorry I said those things. I’m just really sad. ” His voice continued as a soft whisper. I could feel him moving. He leant on his elbows beside me, pushing my hand away. His warm breath washed over me like a fog as he spoke to me once more. “I don’t care if you’re hearing me or not, but… the reason I wanted a brownie is because my mom usually makes some for me. She gives me milk and cookies before I go to bed, and they look so much like the ones she makes. Please can I have just one?” My fake sleeping was wearing thin. If I don’t reply now, he might even grab a cookie for himself if he thinks I won’t notice. “Who was that Darren person you mentioned?” I asked, opening my eyes at last. “Was he a friend of your moms?” “Oh um, yeah. He was my friend too. He would even sleep in my bed with me sometimes, kind of like we are now. But one day, my mom caught us and kicked him out. I never saw him again after that. ” Now Sammy had really piqued my interest. Now it was my own turn to get up on my elbows. “Did Escort Diyarbakır he ever… do anything to you?” “Yeah. He used to rub my wiener a bunch. And he used to rub his thing against my butt, kind of like what happened in the car today. ” “Did you like him doing that to you?” “Yeah. I loved it when he felt me up. His hands were so big and warm and rough. I used to get so hard when he touched me. ” My brain was pulling all the pieces together. I wondered… I wondered if I just asked if it would be okay. It certainly didn’t sound as though he would freak out. We were alone, so no one could ever know. I could even use the brownies as an excuse if anything backfired, making him think it was all a dream or something. “Sammy, if I give you a brownie, would you like me to do things to you like Darren did?” “You can do stuff to me if you want.” “Hold on a second. I want to be clear about this. Would you LIKE me to do that? ” “Um, yeah. But what I would really like is for you to stick it in my butt though. ” Now that was magic to my ears. I had been getting to know his tush all day, and now I had an open invitation for more. I let him have his damn brownie. As he dug through my bag once more, his cheeky round butt was sticking up, not far from my face. This is what happens at scout camps, right? The opportunity for boys like Sammy and men like me to do things like this without anyone ever knowing. I could treat myself to his butt and no one would ever have to know. “Turn around,” I said, after he had practically inhaled his food. He did just that, presenting his underwear-covered rump towards me. I unzipped my sleeping bag and pulled out my aching cock. “Pull down your undies for me, Sammy.” “Yes sir,” was his reply, his golden bum cheeks finally coming into view. His ass was as smooth and innocent as I had imagined, perfect and pure. I hovered my hand next to it before breaking through my mental barrier and touching him. His butt was delightfully warm and soft. Soft and just a little bit squishy as I kneaded my fingers into his spongy flesh. Sammy remained still and quiet as I explored him, no doubt his heart racing as fast as mine. I ran my thumb down his centre line, stopping when I felt the silky texture of his skin change to that of the knot of his asshole. This was Sammy’s asshole. His tiny virgin rosebud, not touched by anyone else but me, and perhaps Sammy himself in a moment of curiosity. I pulled my turgid cock from its confines and shifted up, placing the head of my cock against his tight anus. I felt him tense the moment my cock and his hole kissed. “Just try to relax, Sammy. It will sting at first, but then it should feel good. ” I held his hips, then pushed my knob against his little entrance. There was some resistance there, but with only a small shove I was able to insert my cock into his hole. “Ouch,” he murmured into the pillow. “Shhh. You’re going to have to be brave, okay? We can’t have anyone hear what we’re doing. ” He nodded slightly as I pushed more of my cock inside, feeding about half of my length into him. His body twitched and rippled wildly around my girth, trying to repel my invading penis. I could hear him breathing harder as he endured it, his hands balled into fists. His tight hole strangled my cock, holding on for dear life. All I could think of was that this was Sammy’s asshole. I had my cock inside his young, vulnerable hole, and there was no taking that away now. I glided my cock in and out of his tight passage, stretching him. I’d never felt a hole so tight. His soprano-sounding huffs and puffs as he took me only made me grow harder, wanting to fuck him more. “You make me feel so good, Sammy. I’m going to turn you over and put the rest in, okay? ” “Uh huh…” he said into the pillow. I turned him downwards so he was flat on his stomach, his bum sticking up like a pair of rolling hills. I set myself up behind him and stuffed my cock back into his snug boyhole, causing both of us to grunt. With him now flat on the ground, I pushed the rest of my penis inside him. His butt had been calling to my cock all day, and now it was time for revenge. My crotch met the perfect skin on the bellow of his ass, as I buried myself to the hilt. I thrust into him more desperately now, feeling his sex tunnel stroking the length of my cock with each passing. His breathing was becoming faster and shallower as I fucked him harder, feeling my cum approaching. He was just a boy, but he was going to take my seed. My own breathing was increasing as I drove into his tiny asshole, one that was secret to all the world except for me and my new sex thing. “Your ass feels so good, Sammy,” I whispered rasily into his ear, “I’m going to cum in your ass. I’m going to dump my mancum in your hot little ass. ” “Okay…” Sammy replied, though I wasn’t sure if he even knew what cum was. I didn’t really care. I humped at him, everything down there seeming so small. Even the way his legs were pressed together, caused a narrow channel of pleasure for me, as I drove myself into him again and again. My balls slapped on the back of his fleshy thighs. I felt my balls contracting, the point of no return. My cock grew to top gear before pulsing, and then my cream started to pump. My cock was like a stinger, depositing its venom deep inside its prey. “Fuck yeah… you feel that, Sammy? That’s my cum inside you. You did that. ” After my cock stopped throbbing, I pulled out, examining the damage. There was Sammy’s anus. It was a little red around the edges, a little inflamed, but he would be okay. “Thank you, Master Joe,” Sammy said wearily. “No, thank you, Sammy.” I carefully tugged his underwear back up, covering his buttocks again, a small wet patch quickly forming where my cum was leaking from. The contented boy turned to his side once more, and promptly fell asleep. *** feedback always welcome to ail ***

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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