Texas Heat

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It was one of those moments when you curse your job and your luck. Sure in life there were many such times but up until this moment Shelly hadn’t really come across them much. Cute and petite she was the one people equated to dynamite. She was perky and energetic, always the one to have that winning idea and the gumption to carry it through. At twenty seven she had risen through the ranks of her company fairly quickly. A born people person she had the knack for reading people and knowing just what sort of product they needed. This facilitated her rise through the ranks of other sales people while maintaining a good natured rapport with coworkers.

However, it was on a business trip that her luck took a sudden turn for the worse. Insisting on driving through the vast empty spaces of west Texas was probably her first mistake. How was she to know that even on immensely long stretches of highway you could still get lost? Flat landscapes look all the same no matter how you turn. To add insult to injury her rental car decided to break a leg and give up the ghost at the same time.

A flat directed her to the side of the road where habit led her to turn off the car. Getting out and checking for a spare led to yet another indication that luck had turned it’s back on her… no spare. Standing there along a deserted looking stretch of road, no town in sight, no other car in sight she cursed and kicked at the ground with high heeled pumps.

The sun beamed down upon black tar highway as it always did in Texas… hotly. She soon was shrugging out of pale blue dress suit jacket and tossing it into the back seat while she sat in the driver’s seat contemplating. A turn of the key had left her with the knowledge that the car had become a complete turncoat. One hand lifted up the mass of dark red curls while the other held a client folder to fan pale skin under the lacey camisole blouse she wore. Afternoon was slipping into evening though the heat didn’t seem to notice.

At one point a car happened down the lonely stretch of road only to pass her by without a care. She gave no thought to the dangers of being alone, female, and stranded. All she cared about was getting to the nearest town since out in the middle of no where, cell phones take a vacation.

An hour or so after her only sighting of what could have been a human behind the wheel of that lone car she heard the approach of another. Getting out of her dead shell of a vehicle she stood by the road and waved until the beat up old farm truck rolled to a slow stop. Dangers? She wouldn’t let herself dwell on those despite her run of terrible luck. The truck halted behind her dead car and she stood patiently while long lanky expanses of jean covered legs and booted feet appeared to climb out of the cab. Plaid red shirt, mostly unbuttoned revealed to her what she could have pictured to be a romance novel fantasy “cowboy” or “farm hand”. Chiseled chest devoid of hair, deeply tanned skin, just a hint of shimmer of sweat… she could hardly remove her eyes.

“Howdy M’am.” her reverie was broken and her attention jerked up to his face. It was equally nice to look at. A strong jaw, nice lips and pale blue eyes that danced and twinkled as if constantly in a humor about life. He was running fingers through shoulder length brown hair and making his way to her.

Shelly came to her senses and began to gush words, “Oh I’m so glad to finally see another person! My car decided it was quitting time before it got me to where I was trying to get which in itself seems like a comedy of errors in getting lost. Is it always so hot this early in spring? Do you know anything about fixing this pile of junk? Oh but that probably wouldn’t help anyway it’s got a flat and no spare.” Bubbly rambles accompanied by a sweet smile on a curvatious vivacious woman…. it was forgivable.

He’d be bombarded by her questions and sort of explanations but he took it all with that laid back stride country people were famous for. A deep rumbling chuckle, a killer smile and he waived off the issue of the car with a large calloused hand. “I imagine it’d be simpler to call for a wrecker in town. I’d be happy to give you a lift if you wish and yes, heat and Texas go hand in hand nearly all year in these here parts.”

He had come to stand just before her not but a few feet. To him she looked hotter than the sun could ever compare. She was diminutive to his six foot three height but that made her all the more attractive. “I’m Rick Swanson.” he did the polite thing and offered his hand.

Looking up to him, well she looked up to a lot of people since she was graced with enough legs and height to get her to a modest five foot five, she smiled brilliantly to his offer of a ride to town. “Oh that would be perfect!” He was offering his hand and a name to go along with looks that had already pulled her in. She reached out and placed her delicate looking hand in his. His fingers closed around her hand swallowing it up in a gentle hold as she spoke, “Thanks aydınlı escort for stopping Rick. I’m Shelly Kauphman.” She gave his hand a squeeze but failed to pull it away.

He stood there with his hand wrapped around hers again loving how small she was in comparison. Her voice was just as sweet as her smile and the good natured bubbliness about her was intoxicating.

“Well Shelly… how ’bout we get your things and head to town?” He continued to hold her hand as his mind thought about anything but driving to town. His eyes couldn’t help but sweep over that lacey thin slip looking shirt she wore which did little to hide the lace bra and ample breasts underneath. Her skirt was tight to her shapely hips and ended mid thigh which gave her legs a chance to be showcased down to those toned calves and small feet in high heels.

Reluctantly she pulled her hand from his and turned to her former rental car. She crossed the small distance to the driver’s door and began to fish out her purse, her jacket and replace that folder turned fan back into her briefcase. “I’ve only got the one bag.” she called from the car before exiting the driver’s door, opening the back door and bending in to retrieve that small suitcase. With her belongings in hand she thought it would be a pleasure to leave this car behind.

He was thinking the same thing but with the words rearranged a little as she bent over into that car giving him such a nice view of her behind. He stepped up to her so that when she straightened and pulled that case to her he was instantly there to take it from her in that old school chivalrous way. She smiled up to him and felt her breath quickened due to his close proximity. Shelly swore she could smell that manly scent of soap and sweat on his skin.

He took her bag and led her to the passenger door. Opening it for her he tossed her bag in the long bench backseat of the truck cab then replaced the seat back so she could sit on the front bench seat. This wasn’t one of those fancy new trucks with the bucket seats and console in the center. It was one of the old well built machines that kept you in enough comfort to get you from place to place.

He offered her a hand to help her climb into the cab which she took with her own. His other hand instinctively went to her hip when she stepped up on the running board to steady her. Just the feel of her curves sent a shiver down his spine. When she was all seated he closed the door and headed around the truck.

Watching him round the front of the truck she tried to breathe slower and calm herself down. He was a stranger after all and she should keep her defenses at the ready but that touch to her hip had nearly melted her into putty. Now it was damn near impossible for her to hide the fact that her nipples had reacted and were straining against the pale cream lace of her bra. She had to wonder how long this trip to town would be.

Rick climbed in and the truck rumbled to life. They took out leaving that renal car behind with her thoughts of telling off the customer representative in some colorful phrases. Ambling down the road now at a nice clip she looked ahead in the waning light of day. “How far to that town you mentioned?” she cast a look over to him and was caught again in staring at his profile.

He had noticed her nipples giving a show and had wondered if it was for the same reason his cock had decided to really wake up. There was something about this Shelly that had his interest more than piqued. He wasn’t the type to just pick up random women and have his way with them, no, he had too much honor and self pride for that. He was a gentleman, helping a lady… a lady he could picture with her legs wrapped around his waist.

Clearing his throat to help clear his mind from that crotch hardening mental image he sounded as if just preparing to answer her timely put question, “Should take about an hour. This ol’truck is faithful but not a speed train.” he met her look with an easy laugh only to forget laughing the instant their eyes locked.

An hour. An hour alone in this small space with a man that was the answer to many women’s fantasies. That instant in which she held his eyes she was sure he could see the rise of desire, a feeling which took her eyes to be cast back out the windshield and her tongue to quickly kill the awkward silence, “An hour huh? Wow… good thing I didn’t try to hike it.” She tried her own version of light laughter even though her mind was being devious and sending her images of his body rising and falling over hers as he pounded into her. She lifted a hand to fan at her flushed face.

That instant was gone but her laughter made it worth it. He smiled and nodded to her comment then noticed she was fanning herself. Reaching to adjust the flow of air from the nearly non-existent air conditioning he had to suggest, “Sorry it’s not much cooler and you might want to scoot to the middle. The vents over there don’t bağdat caddesi escort work as well as they should.” Would he silently thank the truck-gods for the fact that the ducking to the passenger side air vents had crumbled long ago? Most likely.

“Oh… ok.. thanks.” she nodded to the suggestion of moving where the air could hit her better without even thinking of anything but how he was being helpful. He was too, he hadn’t said it with any ulterior motives. The facts that she was now scooting to be right beside him, her skirt was riding up higher in that move and that now he could smell her feminine floral perfume were all bonuses for good living.

Closer to him she bit the fullness of her bottom lip and tried to think of anything but his bare chest peeking from that plaid or his tight jeans outlining a certain large bulge. It wasn’t like her to think so carnally but how could she not? The eventful day had finally taken a turn toward some good luck in at least she had a ride to town and a hunk to spend that ride with.

They passed some of the time with good natured conversation, each telling a little about themselves in the process. Some light flirting went on but it was natural for her to give little touches to his arm along with brilliant smiles and winks.

Night fell upon their trip with a bright moon to light the absence of street lamps and sparkling stars to cause her to lean over him and look out his window. “Wow… the stars at night are big and bright…” she giggled with her pulling out of a line from a customary Texas song. He couldn’t respond. He was too breath taken by the petite red head who’s body was pressing to his in that lean to look out the window.

A second later she realized her position and instantly looked up to him. Funny thing was she forgot to sit up first so this left her with her breasts pressed to his chest, her torso half turned toward him and when he inevitably looked down, their faces very close. For a moment he forgot he was driving. For a moment she forgot he was supposed to be a stranger. That spark between them had ignited.

“Shelly…” his voice barely above a rough whisper, “… if I don’t pull over and kiss you… we’ll have a wreck.”

She didn’t even have to reply. The fact that she wasn’t moving away from him was answer enough. The truck came to a more abrupt halt than it had earlier in the day and was thrown into park. His hands flew from the steering wheel to thread fingers in dark red curls. Tenderly yet with that strength of his grip he pulled her mouth up to meet his. Lips were pressed then crushed together.

Eyes fell closed as sensations were sought. She mewled a soft moan at the feel of his hand gripping her hair so possessively. He growled a quiet moan at feeling her sweet lips so pliant to his advances. Their tongues met and tasted in a dance. He was going insane with desire at the feel of her silk and lace covered breasts letting hard nipples rake over the bare portion of his chest.

Finally the kiss broke just for the sheer need to breathe on both their behalves. Both sat there panting and flushed with desire, eyes locked in that moment of time. Neither moved until both moved at the same time. His hands went to her hips and her body lifted to turn. Her own hands guided her skirt up past her hips so that thighs could part and knees could straddle his legs. She sat on his lap facing him now.

Without the communication of words they were speaking their shared desire. Shelly caressed his face then leaned in to kiss at his neck and work fingers over his shirt to part the remaining buttons and pull it off his shoulders. Together they worked until he was free of that material and could return his hands to her back.

Silently he urged her lips back to his for such a heatedly passionate kiss that they put the Texas sun to shame. Large hands ran fingers up under that silk lifting it until it was necessary that they part the kiss so she could back away enough for him to lift the shirt up over those swells of her breasts and off her head. Arms willingly raised to aid in this then lowered to undo the clasp at her back.

His fingers moved in synchronized timing to slip the straps from her shoulders and bare her breasts to his view. She tossed her bra to the other side of the cab while keeping her eyes on his as he stared at such perfectly full round mounds and their pink tipped nipples.

As if in awe his hands slowly moved up her sides. Thumbs met the undersides of her breasts and stroked lightly. Large hands moved up, thumbs found the desire to draw circles around her areolas before both breasts were captured in his palms. She was a petite woman but her breasts filled his hands. Small kneading movements before fingers stroked the length over them to end up at her nipples with a gentle pull of each. Shelly was moaning and arching her back for more. No one had ever taken such time to explore and touch bostancı escort her breasts, she was in heaven.

Rick saw how delighted she was with his attentions to her breasts and so ignored the painfully hard throbbing of his cock within the confines of his jeans, for now. He ran fingers around the fullness of her breasts and admired the way they moved in the moonlight. She had tilted her head back giving him a delicious view and a tempting pose.

He had been so tender and gentle with his caresses and even the pulls to her nipples that when she felt the sudden jolt as his index finger thumped her nipples both at the same time she jumped. The volt of electricity that raced from her nipples to her pussy was intense. Wide eyed she looked down to him with the surprise at how good that felt.

Rick grinned up to her with her bolting upright at his flicking her nipples hard like that. She looked so hot with her skirt hiked up and her thighs parted over his lap. A grind of his hips had his hard shaft rubbing up into her jeans and all. He could feel the outline of her nether lips as they ran their lace covered length over his crotch.

The returned grind of herself down on his hard-on made him groan with want and the slight pain of it. Still in wordless silence Rick reached a hand between them and tugged that lace to the side. Instead of his crotch it was his fingers that now ran over in caresses to her moist hot folds. Shelly was gasping and wiggling her hips to get her pussy on his fingers more. He’d never seen nor felt anything as hot.

Before Rick knew it her small hands were between their bodies as well and her hips had raised off his lap to give her access. She fumbled a little, cursed under her breath a second then managed to free his long hard cock. It was about then that the silence they had maintained was broken, “Ohmygod…” she gasped while looking down between them. There in her hands rested the heavy feel of his ten inch cock. She could barely wrap fingers around it’s width. Fantasy didn’t begin to describe him now.

The look she gave him while her small hands fondled his cock was enough to make him want to shoot his load right then. It was as if she wanted to devour his cock in one gulp. Lust and admiration, desire and disbelief. Shelly found herself directing Rick’s cock to the depths of her folds. She managed to run her pussy along his length before positioning that large bulbous head at her entrance.

Petite woman meets monster cock and it was all her doing. She rose up, she dropped herself down and they both screamed at the feel of it. Rick bellowed due to his incredibly hard self being impaled into her incredibly tight heat. Shelly screamed due to being stretched and forced onto something way thicker and longer than her body had ever had inside it.

His entire length was wiggled onto until she was breathless and having to pause to get used to being so completely and utterly filled. When she looked up to Rick it was as if the entire world faded away to nothingness. There were no more meetings, no more business, no dead car, no old truck, no miles and miles of Texas landscape, no moon, no stars… just two bodies locked as intimately as possible.

His arms came around her and crushed her body against his. Plump breasts were smashed against hard muscled chest just as her plush lips were taken by his in a heated kiss. It was his attempt to pause and not shoot off inside of her too quickly. He wanted above all to hear her scream again with the reason that he was giving her the orgasm of her life. That was his goal.

His kisses left her mouth and trailed down her neck to let lips and tongue swirl around her nipples. He teased her mercilessly until she was panting and begging with whimpering moans before he took a nipple in his mouth. While his tongue flicked and swirled his other hand was busy tugging and rolling the other nipple.

Both mouth and hand became gradually rougher eventually leading up to teeth biting and pulling while fingertips pinched and pulled. This had it’s desired effect of her moans filling the cab of the truck and her hips moving so that her pussy stroked at his cock.

Shelly had never been with a man who cared so much about pleasing her. Maybe it was just the position they were in with her locked on top of his lap between him and the steering wheel or maybe, just maybe he was that great of a lover…. what luck!!

She rolled her hips against his and felt his monster cock stroking ever bit of her insides. She felt she couldn’t be more filled even if there were two cocks inside of her. Fingernails dragged down his chest then rose to bite into his shoulders as hips could not help but move harder on his length.

When Rick felt his cock sliding out then back into her pussy and womb with her movements he groaned a long moan. He could feel his head rake along her hot slippery insides like no woman he’d had before, she was so tight. Together they began to find a rhythm of hips and sexes.

He pleasured both of her nipples until she was panting and wanting to slam her hips into his. Lifting his mouth he tilted his head back and put his hands to her hips. Pale blue eyes watched her as she began to bounce on the length of his cock. To him it seemed like he barely moved out of her before she was plunging back down due to his length and her petite size.

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