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I hope you enjoy this latest installment in my * Me series. I really enjoyed writing this goofy, spontaneous, and daring duo’s story. Happy reading! -SWE

~ ~ ~

Ben pulled into the parking lot of The Golden Chopstick restaurant and let out a deep sigh. He was so done with the week. His new group of contract tech writers needed a ridiculous amount of handholding, and management was up his ass about a deliverable that was running off the rails. He needed to decompress, and what better way than to sit down with a big spread of Chinese food and copious amounts of beer. It was a weird combination he supposed, but at that moment, he didn’t give a fuck.

“Lee, hello!” He greeted the petite Chinese hostess enthusiastically. “How are you doing, pretty lady?”

She grinned from ear to ear. “Better now,” she teased. “How was your day?”

He shook his head. “Nothing a little General Tso’s chicken and a few beers can’t cure.”

“So General Tso’s chicken, and what else?”

“Beef and broccoli and pork lo mein.” He saw Lee raise her eyebrows. “I’m stocking up for the weekend,” he explained. Lee’s soft giggle made him smile.

“To go, right?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll just wait right here.” He took a seat on one of the modest chairs lining the front window. As he checked his email, the restaurant phone rang. It was only then that Ben noticed how uncharacteristically quiet things were at The Golden Chopstick.

Lee repeated the order and then asked for the customer’s name. Mallory. He had never met a Mallory before. She then asked for the customer’s phone number and repeated it for confirmation. That was when Ben nearly dropped the phone. Mallory’s number was just one digit different than his. His ended in 2, and hers ended in 3. So weird. What were the odds?

Ten minutes later, a tall blond with her hair in a messy bun entered the restaurant. Ah, that must be Mallory. She was stunning. She turned to him and smiled. It nearly took his breath away. “Is that your Porsche out front?” she asked.

A woman who appreciated cars. Very impressive. He nodded proudly.

“Very nice! I bet my R8 could take ya though.”

Ben let out a little laugh. Her feisty spirit was endearing. “I don’t know…it’s a turbo…”

“Zero to sixty in 3.2 seconds,” she bragged. “Unless it’s a Turbo S, I think I can take ya.”

“Ben,” Lee interrupted, “here’s your order.” She handed him the heavy paper bag and turned her attention to Mallory. “Yours should be ready in five minutes.”

Ben would love to have continued chatting with Mallory, but hanging around letting his food get cold would be a dead giveaway of just how captivated he was by the spirited mystery woman. “Well I’m off. Good evening, ladies!” He cringed at how formal his words sounded until he remembered that he’d likely never see Mallory again. As for Lee, she’d just tease him about it later.

~ ~ ~

“Does he come here often?” Mallory asked Lee.

“Oh yes! Usually once a week.”

“Good. I plan to race him; he just doesn’t know it yet.”

Lee chuckled. “I bet he’d like that. He’s a good man.”





“Well you just made my night, Lee.”

Lee handed her the bag the cook just ran up to the podium. “I think you made his night. He seemed very smitten with you if you ask me.”

“Really?” Mallory’s eyes widened.


“Thanks for saying that. This has been a day from hell. I plan to curl up with my sweet and sour chicken and a bottle of wine.”

“I’m sorry.”

“it’s okay. I read that Moscato pairs well with sweet and sour chicken. I plan to test that thoroughly tonight.”

“Let me know how it goes,” Lee smiled.

~ ~ ~

Ben exited Worlds of Warcraft and polished off the last beer of his six-pack. He was feeling no pain. No matter how hard he tried to focus on the game though, he couldn’t get Mallory off his mind. She might be able to get her car from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, but she could probably get him from 0 to 60 almost instantly. His cock stirred. In fact, she was already doing it. Ben rubbed his tired eyes. He desperately wanted to see Mallory again, or at least talk to her. Her phone number was only one digit off from his; he could text her… That’d probably be creepy. But then again, she initiated contact at the restaurant. Fuck it. He grabbed his phone and typed her number into the texting app.

Ben: Hello, Ms. R8. Please don’t block me! I’m the guy from the restaurant. You know, the guy with the slow Porsche ;).

Mallory: Hey you! Did that rust bucket get you home okay :p?

Ben: Why yes it did, thank you.

Mallory: Did you know Moscato goes realllly well with sweet and sour chicken? You need to try it…

Ben laughed. Well at least he wasn’t the only one who’d been drinking.

Ben: I’ll remember that.

Mallory: How did you get my number anyway?

Ben: When Lee repeated your number at the restaurant. I’m not a stalker though; your number is just one digit above mine.

Mallory: Bizarre.

Ben: I know, right? I have to confess that I’ve been thinking about you all night.

Mallory: bornova escort Mmmm. Then I guess it’s safe for me to admit that I’ve been thinking of you as well. When I drove home with my hand on the stick, I imagined holding your hard cock in my hand, and

Ben: Whoa! And here I was just gonna ask you to race ;).

Mallory: LOL Did I scare you off?

Ben: Hell no! I’m very pleased with this unexpected development. I still wanna race though.

Mallory: I think we can arrange that.

Ben: You have a beautiful smile. Your tits are pretty amazing, too. LOL Did I scare you off :p?

Mallory: In the words of a sexy guy I met at the Chinese restaurant tonight, “Hell no!”

Ben: Just the thought of you made me hard. I wasn’t going to text you because I thought it’d be creepy.

Mallory: I’m glad you did, or I wouldn’t know how to find you. Lee thinks you’re smitten with me *giggle*.

Ben: She’s not wrong. I want to brush your hair back from your face and kiss you.

Mallory: I’d press my body against you, and bend my knee just enough to tease your cock.

Ben: I’d run my hands down your sides and cup your ass, to pull you in even closer.

Mallory: Fuck, if it weren’t Thursday night, I’d make you get your ass over here pronto.

Ben: Damn work, LOL.

Mallory: God, I’m so wet. Holy shit, I barely know you!

Ben: And I’m so hard…

Mallory: We need to take care of this little, uh, problem.

Ben slipped his hand beneath the waistband of his briefs to free himself while Mallory slide a finger over her wet pussy.

Ben: Mmmm, yes we do… I reach up and caress your cheek as I stare into your eyes.”

Mallory: Can you just fuck me already? We ain’t got time for pleasantries!

Ben: Where do you wanna fuck?

Mallory: I’m not picky. Please, I may cum before you can type another message.

Ben: Damn, girl!

Mallory: Hey, the engine’s been primed so to speak since I saw you at The Golden Chopstick. Please…

Ben: I see, you want me to make you beg for it…

Mallory: NO!! Wait, what’s your name?

Ben: You’re about to cum, and you’re asking me my name? Shouldn’t that have come BEFORE we reached this point ;)?

Mallory: STOP! I mean, don’t stop. Fuck, I don’t even know. NAME!

He loved how hot and bothered he made her. It’s almost as hot and bothered as she made him.

Ben: It’s Ben.

Mallory: Oh my god, Ben…! I’m touching myself…does that turn you on?

Ben: Very much so. I’m jerking off as we type. I want to pound your pussy from behind as I grab your tits.

Mallory: I whimper and wiggle my ass against you. Deeper, harder, I beg.

Ben: My thrusts get deeper and faster

Mallory: Fuck…I’m gasping for air

Ben: I’m close…

Mallory: Me, too…damn…

Ben: You can’t hear me, but I’m groaning.

Mallory: I’m…I’m…!!

Ben: Shit, that was fucking insane!

Mallory: Good, I hope?

Ben: The best! You?

Mallory: Heart’s still racing.

Ben: *Sigh* It’s getting late…

Mallory: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Meet me at Berklee Corner at 5:30 tomorrow night. I want that race, damnint!

Ben: And The Golden Chopstick after?

Mallory: Sounds like a plan! Good night, sexy!

Ben: Sleep well, beautiful!

~ ~ ~

Ben slept through the entire night, which was rare. His sleep was usually interrupted by needing a drink of water and checking email. Not this time. He stretched as he reached for his phone. He’d had one hell of a dream about that hot woman he ran into at the Chinese restaurant. Fuck, it wasn’t a dream! Holy shit, he was never that assertive. Luckily, their talk seemed to go exceedingly well.

He scrolled through the conversation and smiled. Ben grew harder with each sentence. His shower was definitely gonna be more interesting this morning. And his Friday night…wow. A race, followed by dinner with a sexy lady, a sexy lady he couldn’t seem to get off his mind no matter what he did. This morning’s meeting was going to be a major challenge.

Ben typed a quick “Good morning, beautiful” text as he sat up in bed.

It was quickly followed by a “Back atcha, sexy!”

They expressed their mutual enjoyment of the night before as well as their anticipation of the night to come. The need to get ready for work cut their conversation short, but they agreed that it was gonna be one hell of a night. Much to his amusement, she signed off by talking trash about the upcoming race. He’d better not get beaten by an Audi, he returned jokingly.

~ ~ ~

Ben pulled into the Berklee Corner convenience store parking lot at 5:25, shortly followed by Mallory. She looked stunning in a short black dress with a deep v-neck to show off her ample cleavage. Ben hopped out of his Porsche to greet her. It was a tiny bit awkward. A passionate kiss seemed over the top, but a hug seemed woefully inadequate. He settled on a prolonged hug and peck on the lips.

“So, here’s how this is going to go down,” Mallory began. “See the traffic light wayyyy down the road?” buca escort Ben nodded. “When it turns green, we hit the gas. There’s a big oak tree on the right side of the road about a quarter of a mile down there. That’s our finish line.”

“Got it.”

“How about a little wager, big guy,” she teased with a little shimmy.

“Mmmm, I could go for that,” he smiled.

“Okay. Winner gets to decide what we do tonight.”

Ben’s heart rate kicked up a few notches. Suddenly, winning the race had even greater stakes than mere pride. He could think of all kinds of things he’d like to do to her and with her.

“Deal!” Been held out his hand to shake on it.

“Let’s do this thing,” Mallory called over her shoulder as she walked toward her car.

Damn, she had a great ass. And those legs… Ben whistled softly to himself.

What they were about to do was highly illegal—drag racing on a public road—but that heightened the excitement. They took their positions on the road and stared at the traffic signal intently. Ben revved his engine a few times to show off. Mallory just giggled at him as she tightened her grip on the steering wheel.

At last, the light turned green, and they were off. Mallory took an early lead despite Ben flooring the gas. Fuck. He didn’t want to lose his chance to orchestrate the events of the evening, but it was looking more and more like that was going to be the case. His turbo charger kicked in, and the car lurched forward, but not fast enough to beat Mallory to the oak tree. He hit the steering wheel lightly with his fist in disappointment. Please let Mallory be adventurous, he begged the powers that be.

They turned around and returned to the convenience store parking lot. Mallory parked and walked over to Ben. “That old Porsche turbo lag’s a bitch, huh?” she teased with a wink.

“Indeed, it is,” he chuckled. “But you won fair and square. Congratulations. I guess this means you get to have your way with me.” His wink spoke volumes.

“Be careful what you wish for…”

“I can’t wait.”

Mallory rounded the car to the passenger side and got in. “You’re going to drive us to The Golden Chopstick,” she ordered.

“Yes, ma’am.”

They had only been driving for three minutes at the most when Ben felt Mallory’s delicate hand on his thigh. He shivered in anticipation of where her hand was going next. He smiled as she moved her hand to his inner thigh. He shifted in his seat as he felt his cock start to harden. Normally, he would have been preoccupied with finding a way to hide his hard-on, but Mallory knew exactly what she was doing, and Ben didn’t mind rewarding her with the view for her efforts.

Ben was disappointed to see that they had already reached the restaurant.

“Keep driving,” Mallory commanded.

She clearly seemed to be enjoying herself. Ben willingly obliged and decided to drive toward a nearby lake. Maybe they could part and make out like teenagers, he joked with himself.

Somehow in the cramped quarters. Mallory managed to free him from his pants. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and teased the sensitive head with her thumb.

“I think I need to park before we crash,” Ben said, already breathing heavy.

“Keep driving.”


She squeezed his cock gently to let him know that she meant business.

He obeyed as she proceeded to give him the most fabulous hand job. She twisted, tugged, ran a finger beneath the rim…pretty much drove him crazy. It took every ounce of concentration he had to keep the Porsche in his lane.

Once the traffic had dissipated, he reached over to touch her breast.

“Not yet,” she said pulling back. “You’ll get your chance, believe me.”

Mmm, he liked the sound of that.

“Pull over; let’s get you cleaned up.”

He found a secluded parking space by the lake.

“Now recline your seat.”

Ben complied, and soon felt her warm, wet mouth licking every inch of his cock. He imagined her straddling him and riding him hard, but she had other plans. Mallory finished cleaning him off, and then asked him to take them to the restaurant. Apparently, the taste of him made her hungry for more, but she joked that they needed to fortify themselves for the night she had planned. She was so certain she’d win, that she had everything planned out. He grinned at her confidence.

~ ~ ~

At the restaurant, Lee led them to a secluded table for two in the far corner. It was as if she knew that they could barely keep their hands off of one another. She handed them their menus and said she’d be back in a few minutes to take their order.

Ben flipped through the menu as Mallory dug around in her purse. She finally retrieved a small, flat object.

“I have something for you,” she said. She slid the small device with three buttons across the table.

“What the—”

“See the middle button? Every time you press it, a little bullet vibrator in my panties will—”

Ben’s eyes widened. “Say no more!” He excitedly took the little remote control and gave it a test press of the button. The look on her karşıyaka escort face was all the confirmation he needed that it worked. And to think he was afraid their night would be boring unless he had won… He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Lee approached the table. Ben managed to hide the remote control just in time.

“What can I get you?” she asked, looking at Mallory.

“I’ll have the sweet—”

Ben pressed the button as she said the word “sweet”, making the word come out as a tiny squeak. He flashed an evil grin.

“Sorry,” Mallory apologized. “I’ll have the sweet—”

He did it again, producing another squeak. She gave him a quick death glare; he had pushed it too far.

“I’ll have the sweet and sour chicken please.”


“I’ll have the beef and broccoli and vegetable lo mein.”

“Same as last night,” Lee laughed.

“I guess you’re right,” Ben smiled.

“I’ll be back with your food in a few minutes.”

Ben took a sip of ice water. “It occurred to me that we know very little about one another. I’m the lead tech writer for a local software company. I live in a condo about a mile from here. For fun I…well I don’t know. I don’t get much free time. You?”

“I’m a preschool teacher. I live just south of Berklee Corner. For fun, I play the piano and sing.”

“Nice!” He gave her another jolt and watched her squirm in her chair.

The preschool teacher thing kind of blew him away, but then again, he had heard that teachers were some of the wildest women out there. Mallory was proving that theory to be true.

Mallory reached for her water, and Ben gave her a little jolt. A tiny bit of water sloshed over the rim of the glass onto the table. They giggled like a pair of middle schoolers.

Ben wanted to know more about Mallory, but if he was being perfectly honest with himself, he really just wanted to fuck her senseless. He was already falling for her, her sense of humor, her confidence, her wild streak, that gorgeous smile, her body…

“Maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll play for you sometime.” Her face glowed as she spoke. Music was clearly an important part of her life.

“I’d love that.” He smiled and cleared his throat. “I have a little confession to make. I’m really into you. It’s intense and kind of freaks me out a bit.” Mallory tilted her head, taking in every word. “Obviously, you’re gorgeous, funny, confident, and spunky, but I know so little about you. I feel like I should know more about you given my feelings.”

“Ben, do you believe in love at first sight?”

Whoa, he didn’t say anything about love.

His look of mortification made her smile. “No, no, no, I’m not saying either of us is in love. I’m just pointing out that strong feelings can surface in an unbelievably short amount of time. I’m incredibly drawn to you, too. Why else would I respond to a text from a stranger late at night?”

“Good point. I’m just trying to be respectful and honest.”

Mallory reached across the table and squeezed Ben’s hand. “And I appreciate that.”

He buzzed her with a grin. She squirmed once more. He could tell he was getting to her.

“I say we relax and roll with things. See what happens, you know?”

Ben nodded and squeezed her hand back. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to get so heavy.”

“It’s all good. Actually, I think it’s kind of endearing. You’re soooo getting lucky tonight,” she winked.

He gave her a long buzz in response.

Mallory stood up and moved to the chair to Ben’s left. “You were too far away,” she explained. She rested her hand on his thigh.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish,” he teased. He hit the button.

“Yeah, says the guy who’s been making my panties vibrate all night.” She stuck her tongue out at him. They had such an easy chemistry.

Lee appeared with their food. It smelled heavenly. Ben grabbed a piece of sweet and sour chicken with his chopsticks and fed it to Mallory. Lee watched them from across the room. She was obviously pleased that the two of them had connected.

Ben continued to buzz her randomly throughout the meal. At one point, she leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I’m so fucking wet right now. I can’t even…”

Ben had his own problem. He was fighting back a major boner. If he lost the battle, he was going to have to think of a creative way to leave the restaurant so the whole world wouldn’t see his bulging package.

“Would you mind if we took the rest of the food home?” Mallory asked.

The words were barely out of her mouth before Ben motioned to Lee for some to-go boxes.

Once they finished packing up the food, they headed for Ben’s car. “Where to?”

“My place.”

Of course, Ben grinned. She had the entire night planned after all.

They managed to behave themselves in the car as Mallory navigated them to her apartment. As they entered, the relaxing smell of spearmint greeted them. The living room was quite homey. Piano and music artwork covered the walls, and colorful throw pillows covered the overstuffed sofa. There was a fireplace in the corner of the room, and Ben could already imagine making love to her in front of it. “Making love”…interesting choice of words, Ben thought. He envisioned their first time being a rip the clothes off kind of time, but something made him want to savor this experience. Of course Mallory was in charge thanks to the bet, so who knows what she had up her sleeve.

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