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I I had problems when I was young. I won’t go into all the horrific details because I want this to be a happy story and no one likes a whiner. I’ve always been blamed for the decisions I’ve made going all the way back into early childhood when I didn’t even realize I was making decisions. But they say children are not responsible. So at what point did I cross the line? at what point was I “supposed to know” the right and the wrong thing, for me and for everybody else? I don’t know and I’m sure no one reading this knows either. No one ever taught me shit. I’ve learned it all on my own, the hard way. I’ve never been to Europe or the Bahamas or anywhere really and I probably never will. I am bitter. Of course my girlhood wasn’t all bad. I remember something of happiness but it reaches me through the drift of so many awful years that it’s stained and I despise the mindless happiness of myself as a child and of all children. I kept for many years the sincere belief that the world couldn’t possibly be as bad as adults kept saying it was. It turned out to be true but it’s also true that they only tell you that in order to frighten and control you and I knew this and that knowledge kept me from believing it was true. You never get rid of these thoughts you know? You have them every single day, you struggle with them. They take you over sometimes so that you forget where you are and what you’re doing. They eat away at you from within and so you drink, you smoke, you snort, you fuck, and in the morning your face is in the mirror looking at you. I went through a dark time before I met Samantha and fell in love. I won’t talk about her too much. She’s sacred to me and she makes me happy but sanctity and happiness are boring and I don’t want to bore. She taught me things, about computers and applying for work, she got me out of where I was and into J a beautiful haute couture queen who rolled through our maze of cubicles every day like a newly waxed Maserati: sleek, expensive and fast. Her husband Dennis owned the company but you seldom saw him. A stodgy square white-bread type who smoked cigars with a piggish air elvankent escort bayan of self-satisfaction. I loathed the sight of him although I had the feeling Ms. Audrey had him wrapped around her dainty finger. I learned very soon, we all did, that she was not to be trifled with. Her secretary when I first started, and she went through scores of them, was a pretty blonde named Bridget. I remember her voice resounding across the floor as she berated her for some filing error or other, scaring me out of my wits. They went into her office and a few moments later the girl cleaned out her desk and left sobbing. Audrey watched her and merely smirked. I began then to detest and fear her. I liked Bridget. The second was this beautiful redhead named Jen, who lasted quite a bit longer than most of the others. She was tall and in wonderful shape. She made the mistake of mixing up Ms. Audrey’s appointments. After some sharp words that reduced the office to silence, (even the phones seemed to have stopped ringing in anticipation of her wrath) Jen was summoned in. When she emerged half an hour later her face was indeed flushed and I could see that her eyes were teary yet she did not clean out her desk. She sat there with a dreamy expression and a barely suppressed smile on her face the rest of the day. It was obvious she couldn’t concentrate and merely daydreamed and chewed her pen. So it was with understandable trepidation that I requested a meeting with my boss. I was willing to do whatever she wanted, any new responsibilities she wanted to put on me, longer hours, I would do it, anything for my girl, anything to keep from going back to those days of hand-to-mouth. She opened the door of her office for me and I entered. She was wearing a black pencil skirt that day along with a revealing beige blouse and matching sweater. The sweater rode up, accenting the fullness of her butt as she sauntered around her desk. She was one of the most attractive women I had ever seen. Did she ever notice how I watched her admiringly as she glided around, majestic and capricious, in spite Escort emek of my personal dislike of her? She had a transparent glass desk and I watched her cross her full creamy legs as she bent over, her ivory globes very visible, smiling at me. “What can I do for you Teresa? You’re looking very cute today by the way, I love your hair.” Her voice was like a rich velvet fabric caressing my naked skin. I found myself losing my train of thought. Why had I come in here again? She politely cleared her throat and tugged slightly at her sweater as if to cover herself although she did nothing of the sort. I snapped back to reality in my embarrassment and tried to muster my thoughts and my courage. “I’ve come because, well…” “How’s your girlfriend? Still working at ___?” “Um actually no, she’s been sick and it’s a really tough time for us right now. Which sort of brings me to why I..” “You want a raise right? Maybe a promotion?” She chuckled condescendingly as if she’d just said something funny. My heart contracted. She pushed a business card towards me. “That’s my driving service. Dennis is away on business and I hate dining alone. Won’t you join me at Fitzcarraldo’s tonight? It’s where absolutely everyone is eating right now. Just give them your address. They’ll pick you up at 7:30. We can discuss all of the possible positions I’m considering you for and of course remuneration…all over supper and wine. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Her voice had gradually lowered to a husky near-whisper and I understood. I barely eked out a Yes. II I should have said something like “You know I have a girlfriend.” She knew I had a girlfriend. How did she know I had a girlfriend? And where her last job had been? But maybe it was just business and not a tryst at all and then if I’d said something I’d feel foolish and I would’ve insulted her right when I was asking for a raise. I turned it over in my mind the rest of the day and was forced to conclude, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that yes this was a date, she wanted me. I simply told Samantha I was having dinner with my boss so we could discuss my promotion. eryaman escort She wasn’t feeling good anyway. I gave her an Oxy and she went to sleep. The limo picked me up and at a quarter til eight we pulled up at a little spot on a quiet street on the east side. It was like the entrance to a five star hotel: valet, a long canopy, box hedges and a liveried doorman. I smelled money as I walked in and I liked it. I could get used to this and obviously this bitch can afford to pay me more, a lot more, I thought. I was wearing a frilly Ralph Lauren dress of pale blue. It was the nicest dress I owned. The lights were low, the tables were candlelit and even the murmured conversations of the patrons emanated comfort and privilege. I spotted her across the room and she gave me a wave from a spangled arm. She sat at a table for two in a little niche in a stone wall towards the back. She had on a black body dress, blue eye-shadow, golden hoop earrings and pumps that screamed “Fuck me”. Her full black hair fell to the other side of her exposed shoulder, pale and luminous in the candlelight. I gulped and my heart raced. Other than my Samantha I had never seen anyone so beautiful. We embraced and I sat. The waiter arrived with a carafe of red wine. He poured for us and we drank. The aroma of Chanel warmed by her skin drifted to me pleasantly. I looked at the menu and wondered what the hell geoduck was. I’m sure she knew but I was afraid to ask. “May I interest you ladies in the halibut? It’s our catch of the day, poached and served on a bed of…” “That will be fine for her.” she commanded..”I’ll have the filet. Rare.” Did she just order for me? This was getting weird. Yet I found myself strangely thrilled. “You look adorable.” She regarded me, her elbows on the table in front of her, her fingers folded together and her chin resting on them. “Thanks. I must say you look stunning.” “At the risk of ruining our supper I feel I should get straight to the point here. I was turning over in my mind all the various positions in which I could imagine you. All of the myriad ways in which you could be of greater service to me and so I thought to consult your file more carefully. And I deeply regret coming across something very disturbing when fact-checking your resume. I tend to be so lazy about those things until I become interested.” “Oh no” I thought, “please not this.” “Turns out you didn’t go to college at all.

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