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Subject: “That’s No Way To Live” Gay – Adult/Youth The story below is a work of fiction; a fabrication from the author’s mind, and not intended to reflect upon anyone past, or present. If reading such material is offensive, or unlawful, then please do not go any further. The author does not condone anyone harming a child in any way, shape, fashion, or form. Please help keep this site free for all to enjoy, and to do so, Nifty needs our donations. Please help by donating so that this site can remain free for everyone to enjoy: fty/ “That’s No Way To Live” My name is Chris Miller, and at the time of this story, I am 27 years old. For the most part, I am living the American dream! I live in a moderately sized middle class subdivision, in a three bedroom, two and half bathroom, ranch style brick home with a double garage. I work for a large accounting firm, and am lucky enough to work from home. I am an early riser, and have my day’s work done by 7am most days. My boss loves me, because my work is done, and is sitting in her inbox long before she sits down at her computer, and logs on. By no means am I a gym buff, but I do enjoy keeping myself in tip top shape. I have short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a neatly trimmed black goatee. I am 6’2″, and weigh around 225 pounds. I am not a hairy person at all, but I do keep my pubes trimmed, and my balls freshly shaven at all times. I have my own gym on one side of my garage, and workout almost every day. I have really nice six pack abs, and my physique is definitely muscular. I also have an in-ground saltwater pool, and during the summer time, I enjoy being naked in my pool. My house is dead center in a cul-de-sac with homes on either side of me. I have a large privacy fence all the way around my backyard, so I am comfortable knowing nobody can spy on me while I am in my backyard enjoying the sun bare ass naked. For the record, I am gay, but don’t advertise it. At the present moment, I have two fuck buddies I enjoy spending time with. One of them is a guy in his mid 20’s, and he is a total bottom. The other one is 64 years of age, and has a nine inch uncut hammer that he loves to fuck my ass with. Both of my fuck buddies are also married. The older one has five grand kids, and the younger of the two has two small children. I’d love to say I have a porn sized cock, but in all reality, it’s right at seven inches, and a little thicker than average with a larger mushroom shaped cockhead. My balls hang down about three inches, and each are about the size of pecans. I truly love where I live on account of it being so peaceful. Everybody gets along, especially on our block. As far as I know, nobody has a clue that I’m gay, and the kids often come over, and go swimming. There is a standing rule that kids are not allowed at my pool unless I am there to supervise them. The parents are cool with that, and so far, no kid has ever violated that rule. My peaceful little world was completely turned upside down on a Wednesday morning. While inside my house, I heard a husky voice yell, “Get those fucking boxes you sorry ass piece of shit!” I walked over to the large window in my living room, and to the left of me, got a good luck at my new neighbor. The guy looked to be in his late forties or early fifties, sporting a biker look. He stood 6’4″ at least, and had to weigh a portly 350 pounds with long grayish black hair that in the rear ends up in a pony tail that hangs close to his butt. He has a full scraggly grayish black beard, and I heard him again, “You nasty little fucker, I told you to get those motherfucking boxes in, you stupid son-of-a-bitch!” I wasn’t able to see who he was talking to, but then I saw his wife/girlfriend walk up to him. Her lower stomach actually bounced off her thick thigh, and by any and all sense of the word, she was downright ugly as hell. Then I heard her yell, “You’re a useless piece of shit! How many fucking times do you have to be told to do something before your retarded ass gets it done? Ah fuck, he’s fucking useless!” That’s when I saw a young boy, a boy somewhere between the ages of 11 and 14 walk into my view. He was skinny, and has bright wavy red hair. Before I could get a better look at him, the man slapped the shit out of the back of the boy’s head, almost causing the boy to fall while yelling, “Get your ass into gear motherfucker, or I’ll beat you till you can’t fucking walk, you worthless piece of shit!” One part of me wanted to go outside, and say something, but I elected not to. Later on, I was out in my backyard, and heard the man’s husky voice again, “You ain’t nothing but a lowlife fucktard, you ugly ass motherfucker! Get this fucking yard cleaned up, and then get your ass in the kitchen and fix us something to eat!” The boy’s voice was weak, and yet, ever so soft, “Yes sir!” I didn’t see it, but I heard the slap as the man yelled, “I ought to just go on and fuck you up, you ugly ass piece of shit! Now, get your ass to work, and get this fucking yard cleaned up, and I mean motherfucking spotless, you stupid motherfucking shithead!” The following day, some of my neighbors met me out by my mailbox, and even they had heard the way the man and woman spoke to the boy. It was disheartening to say the least, and I honestly didn’t know how much more I would be able to take before I did something. To break the ice, so to speak, I decided to introduce myself. I was at their front door, and after ringing the doorbell, the lady answered, “Yeah, can I help you with something?” I was doing my best to smile as I replied, “No ma’am, I live next door to you, and my name is Chris. I just wanted to introduce myself to you.” The man’s voice sounded from somewhere inside the house, “Brenda, who the fuck is it, and what the fuck do they want?” At least I now know her name is Brenda, and in response to the man’s questions, she yelled, “Our next door neighbor Chris. He wanted to introduce himself to us!” Seconds later, the man approached the door, and he said, “She’s Brenda, and I’m Tiny!” He didn’t even try and shake my hand, but now that I got a closer look at him, he stood at least 6’6″ and had to weigh closer to 400 sloppy pounds. I didn’t see the boy at all, so I made an inquiry, “It’s a pleasure to meet y’all, and is it just the two of you?” She seemed perturbed by me asking, so in a very snobby voice, she replied, “That don’t fucking matter none to you, and have a nice day!” With that, she virtually slammed the door in my face. As I turned to go back to my house, I could see some of my neighbors peering through their windows at me. As the day progressed, all I could hear every so often was the man’s husky voice, “I’m fixing to whip your sorry ass, you worthless fucking piece of shit!” It was one profane laced statement after another, and all were obviously being direct towards the boy. On the fifth day of their moving in, it was early morning when I heard the shouting. The man yelled, “I’ll fucking kill you motherfucker!” I heard a woman’s voice scream, “Get your hands off that boy!” I recognized the voice belonging to Mrs. Anderson who lives two houses down from me. I had just walked out my front door when I saw the man slam the young boy hard up against the driver’s side door of his truck. The boy immediately collapsed on the concrete driveway. If that wasn’t bad enough, I watched the man kick the boy in the face with his right boot, and yelled, “I told you motherfucker, I’ll kill you!” The man, Tiny, reached down, and yanked the boy’s shirt completely off of him, and that’s when I stepped in, and stepped in between them. We were looking at each other eye to eye, and I said, “That’s enough!” Tiny angrily yelled, “Motherfucker, you don’t know who you’re fucking with!” In response, and now with anger in my voice, I replied, “Yeah I do! I’m dealing with a man who has to put his hands on a boy cause he’s too much of a mother fucking pussy to try that shit with a grown ass man! I’m right here mother fucker, go on and try that shit with me, and see what happens!” His wife, Brenda, started screaming, “You need to mind your own business before Tiny goes and fucks your sorry fucking ass up motherfucker!” By now, there must have been six of my neighbors standing there, and then Tiny yelled, “You’re fixing to get fucked up boy! That boy’s owed a beating, and I’m gonna beat him really good, so get the fuck out of the way, and mind your own fucking business!” In response, I fired back, “For one thing, I’m far from being a boy, and secondly, you don’t scare me! And, and you need to hear me good, but you’re done, fucking done, beating on this boy!” One of my neighbors, said, “Oh my God, this poor child has been beaten all over!” I looked down, and to my right, where the boy was curled up, and I could see the large whelps all over his back, chest, and stomach area. Since he was wearing raggedy cutoffs, I could see the whelps all over his little legs. While I was looking at the boy’s beaten body, Tiny took the opportunity to blindside me with a hard right hook. His right fist hit me square on the left side of my jaw, knocking me five feet to the side. I was definitely stunned, and before I could react, Tiny began showering my face with fist after fist. Even though the man was lighting me up with his fists, something inside of me snapped, and I struck him right between the eyes with a powerful overhand right. One punch, and it knocked him on his ass! I was bloody as hell, but now madder than ever. While he was sitting on his fat ass, I yelled, “Let me know how this feels motherfucker!” I kicked him in the face with my right foot, sending his back crashing onto the paved driveway. The back of his head struck the pavement, and he was out like a light.” I don’t know if anyone had called the police or not, but at that point, I really didn’t give a shit! I looked at Brenda, and angrily said, “I’m taking the boy to my house, and when that fat mother fucker decides to wake up, tell him the boy’s with me!” I reached down with my right hand, and the boy’s right hand grasped mine. Side by side, we walked to my house. We went to the kitchen, and I sat him down on one of the chairs. The boy had been beaten to a pulp, and he even had whelps from the belt on both sides of his slender facial cheeks. Shockingly enough, there were no tears, but I could see the pain in his shiny green eyes. I retrieved my first-aid kit, and started gently applying cream on all of the numerous whelps. He didn’t even so much as flinch as I applied the cream, and neither of us said a word either. While on my knees before him, I smiled while saying, “My name is Chris, and what’s your name?” He slowly looked up so our eyes now met, and with a soft innocent voice replied, “Randy sir!” I added, “Well Randy, that was sure one hell of a way for us to get to know to one another! You’re safe now!” For the first time, I got a real close up look at him. He has thick red wavy hair that he keeps brushed backwards, and the sides just barely covers his little ears. His precious face is sprinkled with the cutest freckles. He has medium thick red eyebrows, and has long upwards curled red eyelashes. The boy’s greener than green eyes are nothing short of being captivating. Bordering on either side of his slender facial cheeks are twin dimples. To top it off, as far as his face is concerned, he has the cutest little button nose. Since I was up close and personal, I wasn’t able to see any hair on his arms or legs, and his whelped up chest was just as smooth as a baby’s bottom. His nipples are about the size of an American dime, and his tight stomach showed visible signs of a nice six pack. All over his chest and stomach were a sprinkling of freckles, but his body wasn’t completely covered with them, not that being heavily freckled is a problem at all. His forearms had a light scattering of freckles, and so did his back. The boy’s belly button looked like it just barely poked inwards. Through it all, and without having to hesitate at all, Randy was downright pretty. I couldn’t believe I was studying the boy’s features as hard as I had done, and then it dawned on me, so I asked, “Randy, how old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?” Randy looked down at his feet as he said, “13 sir, I’m 13 years old sir!” I had to add, “Hey, do me a favor please, and how about we knock off all the “sir” stuff. You can call me Chris, and don’t have to add “sir” when you are talking to me. Kind of makes me feel like I’m really old!” I finished applying the cream over every bruise and whelp, and then went to the kitchen sink to patch myself up. After I took care of me, I washed my hands, and poured us a couple of glasses of sweet tea. He just stared at the tea, but didn’t make a move to drink it, so I said, “You don’t ever need my permission to get yourself something to drink, or eat, in my home. Please, drink the tea.” Being spoken to in a nice way was somewhat of a shell shocker for him. He was used to be spoken to as if he were lower than dirt. For the next couple of hours, I did my best to make him feel somewhat comfortable. I noticed that he constantly made eye contact with my front door as if expecting Tiny to burst through any minute now. I looked at him, smiled, and calmly said, “You don’t have to worry about him Randy, he’s not dumb enough to barge through my door. You see, Tiny is nothing more than a bully. He did what he did to you because he knew there wasn’t anything you could do about it. That’s what bullies do; they only pick on those they know they can pick on. I’m not afraid of him, and as long as you are here, I promise you that he will never put his hands on you ever again!” He looked like he was fixing to speak, but then decided to remain silent. With the softest voice I could muster, I asked, “Would you have a problem raising your arms for me, so I can see if there are any more bruises or whelps?” He didn’t say a word, but slowly raised his arms. I had the cream in my left hand, and was now eyeballing his armpits. Directly in the center was a tiny patch of little reddish hairs. I applied the cream on each bruise and whelp, and when I was done, I asked him if he was hungry. He nodded his head, so I fixed us a couple of plates of left over spaghetti I had made yesterday. Randy ate like a starving convict. The boy went through the spaghetti like a tornado, so I fixed him another plate. He slowed down a bit close to the end of the second helping, and when we were done, I asked him if he wanted to shower, or soak in the tub. He softly said, “Tub!” In my bathroom is a large Jacuzzi tub, and I cut on the water, and made sure it wasn’t scalding hot. I added in some Calgon bath oil with cocoa butter to help his beaten flesh. I told him that once he was settled in the tub to let me know, and I would wash his shorts for him. About a couple of minutes later, Randy let me know he was in the tub, so I eased the door open, and he watched me as I picked up his shorts, and then closed the door behind me. One of my neighbor’s who lives next door to Randy and those two abusive devils came over. Her name is Carly, and as soon as I opened the door, Carly asked me if I was okay, and then inquired about Randy’s condition. She said, “I can’t get over the way they talk, and treat, that boy! It literally chaps my ass every time I hear them yell at the boy! Chris, I’m not one who condones violence of any type, but I sure am glad you put that bully on his ass! Well, I called my dad, who is an attorney, and told him what all was going on. He told me to let him know if this continues. Chris, I’m still pissed at what happened, and if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call on me.” Randy finished soaking in the tub before his shorts were dry, so he just wore the large towel, tied around his slender hips. As he walked, he was sort of limping, and I noticed when he went to sit down, he did so very carefully. I had to ask, “Randy, are you hurting, I mean, is it your back, or is it your um, your butt?” He looked down at the floor, and with a voice of pure embarrassment, he replied, “Um, my uh, my lower back, ,and um, my um, my uh, my butt.” I knew I was treading on some very dangerous ground here, but I was also concerned for the boy’s health, so with his health in mind, I asked, “Randy, I want to help you, but you would have to trust me. If you want, I can apply some cream to your lower back and butt area. The cream should take out the soreness, and help relieve you of some of the pain. It’s up to you, and all I can do is make the offer. Would you like me to help ease the pain, and apply the cream to your lower back and butt area?” I could tell he was thinking about it, but initially didn’t say a word. When he adjusted himself in the chair, I could tell a jolt of pain shot through his body, and he made a hissing sound. I didn’t say a word, but just sat in the chair facing him. A few seconds later, he slowly raised his head, and while looking straight at me, he said, “I guess that would be okay.” Once more, we were back in my bedroom, and I sat on the edge of the bed as he stood in front of me. We were looking at one another, and I smiled, and said, “It’s going to be a lot easier if you remove the towel. Don’t worry, I won’t bite, well um, too awfully hard!” He at least cracked a smile when I said that, and he nervously unhooked the sides, and let the towel fall to the floor. Just above the base of his uncut noodle was a small patch of fiery red hair surrounding the very base. The boy’s uncut cock jutted from his beaten and bruised body about a full inch, and below his soft boy cock rested twin lima bean sized nuggets in one very hairless sac. The foreskin completely covered his cockhead, and dangled downwards a solid half an inch. Other than the few wisps of red hair around the base of his teen flute, there wasn’t any other signs of hair life whatsoever. I had to help him onto the bed, and once he was on his stomach, I took several seconds to study his bare backside. His pearly white butt cheeks had whelps all over them, and some had been crisscrossed from the belt used to whip the boy severely. His butt was little by any and all sense of the word, but it was rather shapely too. I saw no freckles, just whelps. This boy had whelps on top of whelps from head to toe, and even had a couple on his hairless pubic mound. I applied the cream on his lower back, and at times, I could hear him softly moan. When I got to his butt, the boy’s cheeks felt silky smooth, except for the whelps, and hard as steel all at the same time. I slowly caressed the cream onto his bruised flesh, making sure not to miss a single spot. It was though time had stood still for us, and then temptation took over. My fingers gently pried open his sealed crack, and now my eyes feasted upon the boy’s most hidden of all of his prized possessions, his butthole. Randy’s butthole was incredibly tiny, and I couldn’t see any life of hair whatsoever. In the middle of this sea of creaminess, there this dot was, and without any brownish tint at all. In more ways than one, it looked just like a tiny circle without so much as a hole in it. As if there had been some kind of bruising inside his crack area, I began applying the cream inside his crack, and every so often, would take the time to rub the cream directly on his sealed anus. I watched his body shake, and heard him moan as my finger danced joyously all over his tiny rosebud. As my finger caressed his butthole, my own cock was hard as steel, and spitting out globs upon globs of precum. I had to fight with my own perverted demons inside my head to hold the course, and to not go and do something stupid. Also, while applying the cream inside his crack, my fingertips also were treated to the sensation of gracing his hairless balls. That too caused some heavy moans to escape Randy’s mouth. Knowing I had to stop playing with his asshole, I said, “I noticed you have some whelps on your pubic area. Would you like me to apply some cream to that as well?” He leaned his head to his right, and his voice cracked as he spoke, “Ummmmmmm, yeah, but I um, um, I um…” I cut him off by saying, “Randy, it’s okay, and I completely understand. From all this rubbing, you have an erection, but trust me, you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Just close your eyes, and flip over, that’s all there is to it!” To my surprise, Randy did just that, and now, straining before my very eyes was a solid five inches of uncut teen meat. Even though he was on his back, the boy’s hard cock was a good couple of inches away from his stomach. I had to take notice of such breathtaking beauty, and guessed it to be about as thick as the bottom portion of a carrot. His eyes were closed as I began rubbing the cream onto his pubic mound, and every now and again, my fingers would brush up against his hard cock, and hairless jewels. Each time they did would draw a prolonged moan from Randy. Once again, his little body started shaking, and I could see his hard cock as it twitched and throbbed before my very eyes. His foreskin still completely covered his cockhead, and the longer I massaged the cream into his silky smooth flesh, the more I wanted to see his cock without its hood covering. Each time my pinky got close to his hard cock, I would let it brush up against it in more of a downwards motion. Each time I did this, I would see his teen meat flex. It didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t having any luck with my pinkies, so I began using my thumbs to try and draw his foreskin over his cockhead so I could see what it looks like. Since I was staring at his hard cock, I came up with yet another perverted idea. I applied some cream to my hands, and gently began caressing his sensitive balls. I kept my motion slow and steady, and waited to see if Randy objected to me massaging his balls. He didn’t say a word, but I could hear the moans softly flowing in the air, so I kept on going, and was using my thumbs to uncover his covered cockhead. Seconds later, while fondling his balls, my eyes shot wide open as his foreskin gave way to my slow seduction. His purplish cockhead was kind of like in the shape of a plum, and was slightly thicker than the creamy colored shaft. Randy instinctively spread his slender legs out wider, and now I could see a clear pearl drop of precum form at his puffy little piss lips. I wanted so badly to use my tongue and scoop up the liquid, but didn’t want to push the envelope too much and potentially scare him. I caressed the cream onto his balls while gently using my thumbs to stroke the underside of his cock, closest to the base. Now, the boy was literally squirming all over the place while flinging his precious face from side to side. I asked, “Are you feeling any better?” Randy was panting as he replied, “Yes, yes, oh God yesssssssssssss!” I didn’t know how far he would let me continue, and to further add to his overall delight, while still caressing his balls, I would allow my fingers to snake into his crack, and grace his butthole. He started arching his butt up off the bed by jerking his body upwards on his feet. I wanted to tell him, but thought better of it, but seeing him wiggle and reel from the pleasures was just a downright beautiful sight to see. My eyes stayed glued to his hard throbbing cock, and it wasn’t too much longer, Randy grunted and hissed, and then I watched his cock swell, and saw a long ropy strand of creamy white cum fly out of his cock, and landed with a thud on top of his chin. I watched, and counted, there had been seven long ropes of boy cream fire out of his cock, and the first three jetting ropes landed on his chin, and the rest coated his chest and stomach area. I saw several large globs ooze out, and then slide down his cock. His cum was a healthy pure white, and once his orgasm finally subsided, Randy said, “I’m sorry, I am so sorry about that! I’m sorry, I’m really sorry!” I immediately replied, “Shhhhhhhhhhhh, you have nothing to apologize for! What happened was natural, and had I not been massaging the cream like I was doing, it never would have happened, but please, please don’t ever apologize for that ever again!” He was squinting his eyes closed, so I took the liberty of scooping up a large glob, and didn’t so much as hesitate to stuff my cum coated finger into my mouth. I had to stop myself from moaning, as the texture soothed my inner soul, and the taste, well it was virtually tasteless. It had just a very mild hint of salt, but wasn’t salty at all. Since his eyes were still closed, I elected to gather ankara escort up another scoop, and just like the first taste, it was deliciously soothing. I was going to try for a third helping, but he had opened his eyes, and was staring straight at me. I got a towel, and dabbed the cum from his body, and then checked to see if his shorts were dry. Now that they were dry, I handed them to him, and while he was putting them on, I went to the kitchen to see what I was going to prepare for dinner. A short time later, Randy entered the kitchen, and eased himself into a chair at the kitchen table. Not a whole lot more was said, and when it was time to go to bed, I saw him get extremely nervous. I had showed him one of the spare bedrooms, but after seeing just how nervous he had become, I asked him if he wanted to sleep with me. Randy didn’t hesitate and agreed to sleep with me. I figured he was scared, and once we got into bed, he was on his side, and I was on mine. I have a king sized bed, so there was plenty of room for the both of us. Even now, as I lay in bed, I was somewhat surprised that the police had not come to my house. It wasn’t long before sleep conquered my mind and body. The next morning, I got up at my usual time, and did my work, and sent it in. I went into the kitchen to make us some breakfast. Having been raised in the south, I know how to make so mouthwatering grits, so I prepared us grits, eggs, bacon, toast, and added in a couple of pancakes too. I was just finishing up when Randy ran into the kitchen. He looked like he had seen a ghost, so I asked him what was wrong. He replied, “I just got scared, that’s all!” We sat down, and I watched the boy devour his food in record time. It was painfully obvious that he doesn’t get to eat on a regular basis, so when he does get a chance to eat, he gobbles it down in case someone changes their mind about him eating. After we finished eating, I cleaned up the kitchen, and then introduced him to my backyard. At first, he was very reluctant to even step outside, but since I was by his side, he braved through it. When he saw my pool, his eyes lit up, but when he spoke, it was more of a whisper. He asked me if he could get into the pool, and I immediately told him he could. He wore his cutoffs, and I was wearing my gray gym shorts, and the boy was having something he hadn’t had in a very long time, and that was fun. He wasn’t the best swimmer, but he did enjoy swimming under water. I stayed close just in case, but also gave him plenty of room to enjoy himself. We stayed in the pool for a couple of hours, and before going into the house, I handed him a towel as he removed his cutoffs. He had wrapped the towel around his body, and went to go take a shower while I put our wet clothes in the dryer. While he was in one shower, I was in mine, and I had no choice but to jerk off. Even as I stroked myself to a cum shooting frenzy, all I could envision was Randy. It was on the morning of our third day with him being at my house, we had just finished breakfast when he looked like he had something weighing heavily on his young mind. I asked, “Randy, what’s wrong? You know you can tell me anything, and I would never defy your trust, not ever!” He asked me to sit down, and when I did, Randy began speaking, “My life sucks, and I often wish I were dead! Those two over there (Tiny & Brenda), well they ain’t my parents. About six years ago, my mom dropped me off at Brenda’s, who was my mom’s friend. She was only supposed to be gone for a couple of hours, but she never came back. I got stuck with her and Tiny, and they’ve hated me ever since. Tiny can’t stand red heads, and here I am, a red head! I thought about running away a million times, but I don’t have anywhere to go, so suicide has always seemed like my only option. Well, suicide or Tiny actually kills me. No matter how hard I try, I can’t do anything right in their eyes, so they end up beating me all the time. I have to do all the chores, and cook them something to eat, and if they feel like it, I can eat something too. I go to bed scared, and I wake up scared, knowing that it’s gonna be another day where I get beat. (A slight pause) I’m only five feet tall, and the last time I checked, I weighed 93 pounds. Being little is something else Tiny hates about me. I figured one of these days, he’s gonna snap, and beat me to death. This is gonna sound bad, but to me, death would be a blessing, cause right now, well um, this ain’t no way to live. Heck, since I’ve had to be with them, not once have they ever called me by my name. I am always being yelled at, cursed out, and beat up. That’s my life, that’s the life I live, so yeah, death would be welcomed. I’m sorry to unload all this on you, really I am. Since I’ve been with them, you’re the only person who has ever stood up to Tiny. The rest just close their eyes as if nothing had ever happened. Tiny is mean, and I’ve seen him hurt a lot of people, and Chris, I don’t want you to get hurt, especially on account of me. I think it would be best if I go on back, and let him beat me up some more. That way, he might not come after you!” I had to brush back the tears listening to him speak. I had always thought my childhood upbringing was tough, but it wasn’t shit compared to Randy’s. I had to slow things down to regain my composure, as well as my thoughts. Finally, I said, “Randy, I am so sorry life dealt you a shitty hand, but Tiny will never see the day that he puts fear into my heart! As long as you are here with me, you will never go hungry, and you sure as hell will never see my hand raised in anger towards you. That shit stopped the other day when you first came over! I will deal with Tiny, so you don’t worry yourself none about him. Trust me, I will protect you with the very last breath in my body!” I was torn between crying from him being abused, and wanting to storm over next door, and drag Tiny out of his house, and beat him within an inch of his useless life. After I calmed down, I rummaged through some of my old clothes, and found a t-shirt for Randy to wear. I had made up my mind that we were going out to purchase him some clothes. Randy was petrified as we walked out of the front door, and I walked by his side all the way to the passenger side door. Once he was in, I got in and headed towards the mall. I bought him socks, underwear, shorts, shirts, and a few other odds and ends he needed, as well as a couple of bathing suits. I will say this, and that Randy sure was excited to finally get some new clothes, and I really enjoyed seeing him smile. We ate lunch at a pizza place, and then went home. I met him at the passenger door, and walked behind him as we made our way to my front door. Nothing much happened, and we fell asleep in the bed watching television. The next morning, and since it was a Saturday, I went ahead and knocked out some work on the computer, and sent it to my boss. I made us a large breakfast, and after we ate, Randy helped me clean up the kitchen. I had to do something else, so Randy was in the living room playing video games. It was around 10:30am when all hell broke lose! I was in the house, and heard Tiny yelling, “Hey motherfucker, bring your pussy ass out here! I’m gonna fuck you up punk! C’mon motherfucker, don’t hide in your mother fucking house! I’m gonna kick your motherfucking candy ass up and down this motherfucking street! C’mon faggot, get your ass out here, NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!” Randy came running into the kitchen, and he was way beyond scared, and he begged me to not go outside, but Tiny wouldn’t shut up. In fact, he got even louder, and was using more profanity, and I knew the time had come to face this evil man. Talking wasn’t going to be an option, because violence is the only thing this lowlife piece of shit understands. And now, his wife was outside screaming her head off too. Not only were they hurling profane laced insults at me, but now they started screaming obscenities towards Randy. Randy was holding my right arm, crying, and begging me to not go outside. I knelt down on my left knee, and placed both of my hands on his shoulders, and while looking into his tear riddled eyes, said, “Your days of living in fear are over! No matter what happens, those two will never harm you ever again, and you have my word on that! Today is the day I’m gonna put an end to all of this madness! I wish I could go back in time, and fix things for you, but we both know that I can’t, but what I can do is make things right from this point on.” I stood up, and walked to the front door. As soon as I opened the door, I think every neighbor on our block was outside. Tiny was in my front yard swinging what looked to be a bicycle chain, and as soon as he saw me, he got this shit eating grin, and yelled, “It’s about time boy! I was starting to think that your pussy ass was too much of a chicken shit to face a real mother fucking man!” Brenda joined in, “Go on Tiny, whip this cock sucker’s ass, whip him till he can’t fucking walk!” I was walking towards him, and when I got about six feet away, and timing the swing of the chain, I rushed in and placed a hard right elbow directly in between his eyes. I didn’t time it as perfectly as I had hoped, and felt the bite of the chain as it ripped flesh off of my back. However, when I hit him with my elbow, it knocked him backwards, but he recovered very quickly, and hit me upside the left side of my face with the chain. From that point on, I honestly don’t recall too much of it. I knew I was bleeding profusely from my face, and everywhere else the chain had struck. I hit him several times in his face, and when he fell backwards, I immediately got on top of him, and went completely ballistic, hammering his face with hard hitting blows with both of my fists. The police arrived, and they dragged me off of him, and placed me in handcuffs, and put in the back of one of their patrol cars. My vision was blurry from all the blood in my face, but I counted nine police officers, and many of them were talking to my neighbors to find out the chain of events. An ambulance arrived, and they went to work on Tiny, who was still on the ground where I had left him. An officer opened the door, and asked me what happened, so I told him the gospel truth. He looked at me, and said, “Well, right, wrong, or indifferent, you almost beat the man to death. Just sit back, and relax until we can sort this mess out.” About twenty minutes later, the door to the cruiser opened, and this time it was a police Captain who asked, “I want you to tell me what happened, and, now hear me good, because your freedom is at stake here, but explain to me why it happened.” I explained everything in vivid detail, and didn’t hold anything back. Once I was finished, he smiled at me, and casually said, “I don’t know whether to shake your hand, or toss your ass in jail. Damn, you damn near killed him! Well, I’m gonna have to go talk to the boy, so sit tight, and I’ll be right back.” By now, I did get some treatment from the medical team, but remained in handcuffs. One of my neighbors, Tim, who lives five house down, said, “Chris, if they take you to jail, we’ll come get you out!” A little while later, the Captain returned, and had me get out of the police car. He instructed an officer to remove the handcuffs, and while looking me straight into the eyes, he paused for an eerie ten or so seconds before he began speaking, “Mr. Miller, I spoke with Randy, and I can say this. That boy thinks the world of you! He told me of how he ended up in their care, and all the abuse he has had to live with. Between the two of us, I damn near cried hearing his story. No child should ever have to live like that, never! Hell, he even showed me his bedroom, and all the clothes you bought him. Remember when I said I didn’t know whether to shake your hand, or toss your ass in jail? (I acknowledged his question) Well, I`d be honored to shake your hand sir! (We shook hands) It takes a hell of a man to stand up for what’s right, and I’d say you stood up alright! There’s something else I got to tell ya, and this is some pretty good news. That man you beat the tar out of, well um, he’s wanted by the FBI in seven states. The FBI are on their way as we speak, and from what I’ve been told, you have one hell of a reward coming to ya! Oh yeah, his wife, well she ain’t no virgin either, and she’s also wanted by the FBI too, so you got her reward coming to ya as well. Now that’s been settled, do you have any questions?” I had to ask the one burning question that had been weighing heavily on my mind, “Sir, what’s going to happen to Randy? That boy’s been through enough hell in his young life!” The Captain replied, “I hear ya Mr. Miller, I hear ya! Well, I don’t rightly know what’s gonna happen with the boy, but in the meantime, I can’t think of any safer hands than for him to stay with you, that is, if that’s what you want? We have a social worker headed this way, and I am gonna strongly recommend that he be awarded to you until we get this mess all cleared up. We’re still waiting on the FBI and the social worker to show up, so I’ll know more once they get here.” Randy came running out of the house, and ran straight into my arms. I was hugging him, and trying to get him to stop crying. Through his tears, and while looking at each other eye to eye, Randy softly said, “Oh God, I’m so glad you’re okay! I saw him hit you with the chain, but I’m glad, so glad, that you came out on top.” Randy wouldn’t let my left hand go as we stayed out in my front yard. We watched Brenda get handcuffed, and placed into the backseat of a police car. Tiny was in the back of the ambulance, sitting up, and as soon as he saw me, he yelled, “This ain’t over motherfucker, it ain’t fucking over!” I didn’t have to say a word, because the Captain shouted, “Oh, it’s over alright! The only thing you need to know right now, is that you’re gonna die in prison, and just to help your cause some, I’m gonna blast your sorry ass with all kinds of child endangerment charges, and your wife too. So, if the Feds fuck things up, you can bet your sorry ass my charges will send you away for the rest of your pathetic life! See, I told ya, it’s over for you and your wife!” Almost at the same time, two FBI Agents and a social worker arrived. I stood by one of the patrol cars while the FBI Agents and social worker spoke with everyone else at the scene. Almost an hour later, one of the Agents approached me, and after a brief introduction said, “Mr. Miller, I have verified with the local authorities that you will not be facing any charges. I commend you for protecting the boy, and I am sure you have already been informed, both of the suspects are wanted by our agency for multiple infractions across several states. I will personally see to it that you receive the reward money. Also, I have spoke with the Captain, and he and I both informed Mr. Carter, the social worker, that it would be in the boy’s best interest that he be awarded into your care. I can’t make any promises as to what his decision will be, but I wanted you to know that I spoke in your favor.” The FBI and the social worker wanted to speak with Randy alone, so they walked over to the far corner of my house while I stood by the police car. The pain of my injuries started to take affect, and it was all I could do to lean up against the car. It seemed like every part of my body was hurting, and hurting real bad, and there was no standing position that eased any of the pain, so I just had to deal with it the best I could. The social worker, Mr. Carter, walked up to me, and began speaking, “What you did today sir is commendable! My task is to make sure of the boy’s well being. I have to ask you some questions, and with you by my side, I will have to make a tour of your home. (I agreed) He asked me all kinds of questions as to me being single, was I involved in a current relationship, my job, drug use, alcohol use, and a butt load of other questions. After I answered all of his questions, I gave him a tour of my home. He inspected the refrigerator, the cupboards, freezer, and storage closet. In fact, he was inspecting every ounce of my home as if he were searching for illicit drugs. Next, he wanted to checkout my backyard, so I took him outside. We walked all around, and he looked over my pool for a long heart thumping minute, before going back inside. When we got back outside, he told me to go back over to one of the police car’s, and he will get back to me with his decision shortly. I just wanted all of this to be over with so I could lay down. I watched Brenda being transported away, and then Tiny was handcuffed to the ambulance’s gurney, and one of the FBI Agents accompanied him to the hospital. Slowly but surely, the police began driving away. The police Captain and Mr. Carter approached me, and Mr. Carter spoke, “Mr. Miller, I have spoken with several of your neighbors, the police, and the FBI, and it seems that they all hold you in the highest regards. I have also spoken with Randy, and it is his wishes that he remain in your custody. Right now, we have an officer accompanying him to go into his house, and gather his personal belongings. Like I mentioned to you before, my job is to ensure the boy’s personal well being, and with that being said, I feel as though your home is in his best interest. It will take me a couple of days to get all the paperwork together, but in the meantime, I suggest you go home and tend to your wounds.” Forty-five minutes later, Randy and I entered my house. I winced as I sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, and Randy fixed me a glass of cold sweet tea. He went and brought back the first aid kit, and while our eyes met, I saw his tears begin to flow. I said, “Please don’t cry! Nobody, or nothing, will ever hurt you now!” Randy fought back his tears, forced a smile, and then replied, “You know, when you’ve lived in a nightmare for so long, and then all of a sudden the nightmare ends, well um, it’s gonna take a little while for that to settle in. Chris, there’s no way I could ever repay you for all you’ve done for me!” I wiped away a tear from his eyes, and while smiling as best I could, I said, “Whatever debt you feel you owe me, you’ve already paid it in full!” Randy thanked me, and then softly said, “C’mon, let’s get you into bed so I can apply the cream to your wounds.” I was face down on my bed when Randy began softly caressing the cream all over my shoulder and back area. The boy’s little hands sure did feel good caressing my aching flesh, and when he got to my lower back, he said, “Chris, we’ve got to get these off so I can apply the cream to your butt. It looks like the chain hit your butt too, so help me get them off.” I raised up enough, and Randy slid them off of me. Now, there I was, on my stomach, and bare ass naked. His hands seemed like they were gliding all over my butt cheeks, and as I was relishing in his soft touches, my cock responded by getting hard. Thankfully, it was under me so he couldn’t see it. I felt his little fingers pry open my butt cheeks, and then felt his fingers slowly immerse themselves until now I was the one moaning as his fingertips swiped over and across my exposed butthole. Not once did his anal rubbing finger attempt to dip inside, but the soft circular motion was driving me absolutely insane with a fiery lust. His little fingers slid down even further, traveling up and down on my taint. I was panting from the passion the boy was now delivering to my entire body, and it didn’t matter at all to me that he was caressing areas the chain had never struck. After he was satisfied that he had thoroughly caressed the cream onto my butt, he took his time applying the cream all over each leg, and when he got back up to my butt, he reapplied some more cream, and once again, his fingertips toyed with my puckering anus. No words were spoken, and the only sounds I recall were all coming from me. His voice sounded miles away, “Okay Chris, time to flip over!” All I could think about was my hard cock. I knew that once I flipped over, my cock would be out on full display. Taking seconds to think about caused Randy to say, “C’mon, flip over!” I did, and I watched as his young eyes went straight to my erection. He didn’t say a word as he began applying the cream all over my arms, and face area. His little hands massaged the cream onto my chest, sides, and stomach. I felt his fingers dance their way through my trimmed pubic hair, and every so often, felt them actually touch my shaft, and when they did, my cock immediately responded by twitching wildly. To say the least, I now had a long strand of precum oozing out of my piss lips onto my lower stomach. Randy massaged the cream all over my legs, and when he I got back to my crotch, I saw and felt his fingers grope, and caress, my aching balls. Still, the boy didn’t say a word, but I could see that his eyes were transfixed onto my throbbing man muscle. Periodically, his fingers would dip back into my crack area, and then return to stimulate my balls. I heard his sweet voice say, “Oops, I almost missed this one!” My body instantly began shaking wildly as the boy’s fingers latched onto my hard cock. Once he again, the boy whispered, “Got to make sure this is properly taken care of!” Whether or not he knew what he was doing was not any concern of mine. In essence, Randy was jerking my meat, and if he kept this up, I knew I would blast one hell of a load. Three minutes later, and as predicted, his little fingers seduced my cock into blowing thick globs of cum high into the air, landing all over my chest and stomach. The boy’s fingers were relentless as spurt after spurt of creamy thick goo shot all over the place, and once it began a slow steady oozing, Randy’s fingers continued to milk my cock until the last of my cum departed my deflating cock. Randy went and grabbed a towel, and while I was still reeling from one hell of an orgasm, he began wiping the cum off of me. My vision was somewhat blurry, but I thought I had seen him scoop up a glob of cum, and stuff his finger into his mouth. After he cleaned me off, he walked out of the bedroom. Since I was recovering from my ball busting cum explosion, it felt good just laying there relaxing. While relaxing, I must have gotten way too relaxed, because I fell asleep. When I awoke, it was 2:45am. When I rolled my head to my left, I saw Randy all curled up, sleeping ever so peacefully. I eased out of bed, and after handling my bathroom obligations, I went and got myself a cup of coffee. My body still hurt all over, but not near as bad as the day before. Being that this was Sunday, I got a head start on my work for Monday. I made us some breakfast, and had just set the table when Randy walked in. He yawned and stretched, and than sat down across from me. He asked, “Hey Chris, how are you feeling this morning?” I replied, “Kind of like I got run over by a freight train, but I’ll survive!” We had a normal conversation about life in general as we ate, and after we cleaned up the kitchen, Randy spoke, “You know, I was wondering something! Since we um, we’ve um, we’ve seen each other um, you know, naked, I was wondering if we could go swimming in the um, ummmmmmm, swimming in the nude.” I couldn’t help not to smile as I replied, “For the life of me, I can’t see why we can’t!” The next thing you know, the two of us are out in my backyard as naked as the day we were born. While Randy didn’t have a worry in the world, I on the other hand, could feel my cock growing as I stared in awe at his little creamy white butt. Even the little crack line made my mouth water endlessly. Now, with a semi, and quickly growing, I dove into the water. When I surfaced, I swam to the edge and was looking up at him. Randy was standing about 3 feet away, and all I could see was the boy’s mouthwatering uncut flaccid teen flute, and lovely hairless nuggets. I had to make little waves in order to try and conceal my erection just in case Randy looked down into the water. I did have a question that had been bugging the living hell out of me, and I figured the time was right to go ahead, and ask it, “Randy, I’ve got to ask, but did they ever molest you, you know, sexually? I know this is really none of my business, but it’s something I just had to ask.” The smiled that had been crossing his face vanished, and he looked down into the water for a few seconds, and then slowly raised his head upwards until our eyes met, and then softly spoke, “I wouldn’t call it sexually molested ankara genç escort with Brenda, but every time they would beat me, I would have to be naked. Brenda would always grab my um, uh, my dick, and yank it real hard several times. She would tell me that I was nothing but an ugly ass red headed kid with an even uglier dick! When she would get tired of yanking it, she would use her fingers to flick my balls, and tell me that they are just as disgusting as my dick! She would flick them to the point that I almost threw up, but then it would be Tiny’s turn. At first, he would just beat the hell out of me while slamming me all over the place. I think I was um, like 10 when he started shoving a finger up my butt. He would be in his chair, and he had me stand to the right side so he could shove his finger straight up my butt. After a few times of that, every time he would send Brenda to the store, I knew what was fixing to happen. Tiny did teach me how to clean out my butt really good, so whenever he would tell me Brenda was going to the store, I would go and give myself an enema. For a while there, he would just finger my butt, but then one day, while he was stuffing a finger up my butt, he made me jack him off. He would tell me that a sissy should know how to please a man, and one day he was going to show me how it felt to be prison fucked! To make a long story short, we ended up with him shoving a couple of fingers up my butt, and he would make me jerk him off, and when he shot, to prevent a mess, he made me hold my mouth close to his cockhead so that his cum shot into my mouth. When he was done, he would have me stand there with my mouth open so he could see his cum in my mouth, and then he would tell me to drink it. Thankfully, I never had to suck his dick, cause his crotch area always stunk really bad. He kept telling me he was going to prison fuck me so I could start earning my keep, but thank God, that never happened! I don’t know what a prison fuck is, but I’m positive it’s something I would not like.” There was no way I was prepared mentally to hear all that he had just said, and my only come back was, “Oh Randy, I am so sorry you had to endure all of that! Damn, the sick fuck made you drink his cum, yuck!” Randy fired back, “Well, it was kind of nasty at first, but it had gotten to the point that I actually didn’t mind it at all. He didn’t really shoot a lot of cum, not like you do, and his tastes um, tastes kind of bitter mostly.” The words just flew out of my mouth, “For one thing, and let’s make this perfectly clear! You are far from being ugly, in fact, you’re downright gorgeous, and as far as having an ugly dick, well that’s just plain absurd. That dick of yours is beautiful, and so are your balls, so don’t ever let anyone tell you different! Randy, I know you haven’t been told this, but you are precisely what dreams are meant for, and I mean that with all of my heart! Your smile, that beautiful smile of yours, can literally stop folks dead in their tracks! Trust me when I say this, but you are truly the treasure someone extremely lucky will find at the end of one very magical rainbow! One day, you will find that special someone, and together, you’ll live a life that’s filled with love and happiness. The way you once lived was no way to live, and as long as you are here, I will go out of my way to ensure you have a better life!” I saw his precious little lips start to tremble, and the tears began flowing out of his eyes, so I quickly asked, “Randy, what’s wrong?” Crying hard, he managed to pump out the words, “It’s just um, uh, nobody has ever ummmmmmm, ever told me that before!” I walked the short distance to him, and brought his body into mine in a loving gentle embrace. I kept softly saying, “Shhhhhhhhhhhh, please don’t cry, please don’t cry…” Although my heart hurt for him, my cock on the other hand, was also hurting, but in a throbbing erect sort of way. His legs had wrapped around over my hips, and now my hard cock was resting directly in between his spread crack. After a few seconds of hugging, it finally dawned on me that he too would know my cock was rock solid hard. As he wept into the left side of my neck, he didn’t react in any way on account of my erection pressing itself into his beloved hot little hairless crack. Slowly, as if the hands to time were in slow motion, Randy inched his face from my neck, and now was within a couple of inches in front of my face. His crying had slowed, and he whispered, “Thank you, thank you so much Chris!” I was getting ready to say you’re welcome when he planted his lips upon mine. Initially, I was thinking it was more of a tender peck on the lips, but then I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. My own tongue automatically shot into his, and now we were entwined in one heck of a hot fiery passionate tongue sucking embrace. My hands roamed over his back, and then instinctively shot straight to his tight bubbly butt. My fingertips fought with my hard cock to see which one was going to touch Randy’s butthole, and eventually, my fingertips won the battle. As soon as my fingertips struck his butthole, Randy moaned and grunted, sending wave after wave of shivering vibrations down my throat. Our faces were twisting and turning, and our tongues collided constantly as we sucked up each others saliva. The boy’s minty fresh mouth, and sweet tasting saliva left me in a fog of sorts. When this first started, I knew it was something I shouldn’t be doing, but now, now that thought was no longer anywhere in my thought process, that is, if I even had a thought process left. Since we both were in dire need of oxygen, our kiss ended, but my mouth went to the left side of his neck where my teeth tenderly bit into his flesh while my tongue slithered ever so freely. I could hear Randy moan and grunt, and hiss and pant. His butt squirmed all over the top portion of my cock making it even that much more harder. The boy tasted divinely delicious, and the more I tasted, the more consumed I was getting. From the left side of his neck, to his right side, I was feeding him with pleasures he had never felt before, and from all the sounds he was making, I could tell the swarming pleasures were now taking a toll on him, and me too for that matter. When I had feasted all over the right side of his neck, my tongue dipped into his right ear. His body exploded with bucking convulsions as I dined festively on his ear. After a while, I feasted on his left ear, and he was making the sweetest humming noises any ear could ever hope to hear. When I was just about done with his left ear, I used my right hand to guide his left arm into the air, and once I had it in position, I sank my teeth into the tiny patch of red hair in the center of his armpit, and began sucking while letting my tongue perform its magic. Randy immediately began whimpering like crazy as I hungrily dined on his armpit. In time, I did the same thing to his right armpit, and by now, his entire little body was shaking fiercely. I walked us over to the side of the pool for wading in. When I placed him flat on his back, the water was just high enough that it barely covered the back of his head. The floor of the wade section of the pool was very soft, and always comfortable. I was in between his spread legs, and went to work making oral love to his right perky little nipple. My teeth sank into his flesh while my tongue slapped at the very tip. Randy arched his body upwards while moaning louder than ever. His five inches of heavenly crafted boy cock waved in the air as more and more pleasures tore through his little body. Later, I moved over an orally assaulted his left nipple. As I graciously worked on his nipples, I had to constantly brush away his hands from reaching his hard uncut cock. By now, Randy was a shaking mess, and was doing all he could to prevent himself from screaming on account of experiencing pleasures he never even knew existed. For the first time in his young abused life, he was being loved like he never knew was possible. I took my sweet time licking, kissing, sucking, and nibbling all over his chest and stomach area. I had already made up my mind that I wanted to give him a blowjob he would never ever forget, especially being that this would soon be the first time a mouth had ever been on his young uncut cock. Now, I was licking and nibbling on the tender crevice of his right thigh. The right side of my face was nudging up against his hard cock and tightening balls. From his right crevice to his left, I took my time fueling his lust packed desires. Next, I easily sucked in both of his balls, and used my tongue to roam each delicate nugget, ensuring each received equal amount of love. After several wonderful minutes of worshiping his hairless balls, I whispered, “Let me know when you feel like you are going to cum, but don’t cum!” Starting at the very base, my tongue felt the little red hairs as it began swiping all over the base of his hard teen cock. When my tongue reached the very tip, and while taking my time, my tongue finally worked its way into his foreskin. Randy went buck fucking wild as the tip of my tongue struck his sensitive piss lips, and in doing so, I was being rewarded with his spine tingling precum. It tasted heavenly, and I heard myself whimpering as my tongue did all it could do to shovel more and more of the delicacy into my hungry mouth. My lips eventually slid over the silky smooth flesh, and slid all the way down to his sweet hairless pubic mound. I’ve sucked plenty of cock in my day, but the cock inside my mouth at this very moment in time was far better than any of all the rest. Slowly, my mouth worked all the way to the very tip, and then just as slowly sank all the way back down. Randy was whimpering harder than ever at this point, and I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Seconds later, I felt his cock swell as he cried out, “I’m, I’m, ummmmmmm, I’m close!” From his cock back to his balls, I went back to work sucking on his lovely balls. For well over an hour, I kept him on the very edge of an orgasmic explosion, rotating from his cock to his balls. By now, Randy was pleading with me to let him cum, but the devil in me wanted to prolong his orgasm for a while longer. I had just released his twitching teen meat from my mouth when I hoisted his legs up into the air, placing both of his knees over his head, and just beyond his ears. Now, now I was staring straight at that little dot I knew was his precious little butthole. One second I was eyeballing his dot of a butthole, and the next my nose was right on it, breathing in the most enchanting fragrance I had ever smelled before. With each lung expanding sniff, I was breathing in a scent of mild coconut mixed with hint of soft scented soap. Within a flash, my nose was replaced with my tongue, and as soon as my tongue slammed itself onto his tiny rosebud, Randy let out a long howl, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” My tongue swabbed the tiny orifice good and proper, and made long loving swipes up and down his smooth butt crack, and then went back to work knocking on his backdoor. For the next fifteen or so minutes, my tongue worked feverishly on his tiny asshole, but had not gained entry at this point. To give him some sort of break, I went back to work sucking his cock. When he got close, I released his cock, and once again, swallowed his balls. From his balls back to his cock, and then from his cock back to his asshole, I took my time keeping young Randy on the very edge of orgasmic bliss. It was during my third trip back to dining on his sweet little asshole was when my tongue had finally gained permission to snake its way inside. As soon as my tongue made its way inside his anal chamber, it was greeted with a fiery heat, and some very pissed off and confused anal muscles. The boy’s anal muscles attacked my tongue as if it were an alien invader. However, I pushed and pushed until I had my tongue buried as far as it could possibly go. Randy’s body bucked while his angelic sounds chimed out of his mouth. It was very easy to tell that Randy thoroughly loved having my tongue inside his anal oven, and I thoroughly enjoyed having my tongue inside his boiling hot ass. This back and forth went on for a long, long time, and I was once again eating out his ass, but this time I added my right index fingertip to the equation just to open up his asshole a little more. Randy grunted and moaned as my tongue and fingertip made love to his delicious anal honey pie. Without knowing exactly, but I would have to say that I kept him on the very edge of an orgasmic explosion for well over two and a half hours. Randy was begging, and pleading, to cum, and I figured the time was just right to make that happen. My mouth was on his cock while the fingers of my left hand cupped and caressed his swollen balls. I let some of my spit dribble onto my right middle finger, and I eased it slowly up his rectum. It didn’t take me long to locate his swollen hard prostate, and once I did, I began caressing it. Randy bucked and squirmed, hissed, and grunted, and in less than a minute, he yelled, “I’m, I’m, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggg!” His teen cock pulsed, and then I felt the power as the first spurt smacked the crap out of the roof of my mouth. The second spurt was just as powerful, and hammered the underside of my tongue. I wanted to make damn certain I had a mouthful before I dined on his precious delicacy, and burst after rapid burst, his cum violently shot into my whimpering mouth. I was prepared for a big load, and he was not letting me down any. I could feel the puddle of creamy goo fill my mouth’s interior, and just when I thought he was close to being done, his cock pulsed again, and more jet propelled cum ropes shot into my mouth. I knew I had to make room, so I eagerly allowed a small portion to slide down my throat. Now, all I could hear was my own whimpering as I realized that his cum had virtually no taste whatsoever. It was gooey, and warm, but tasted like the true delicacy it rightfully was. After sampling a little bit, I became greedy, and gobbled down the remainder while still sucking his cock for all I was worth. I sucked out the last droplet, and amazingly enough, the boy’s cock was still hard, so I kept on sucking it while my finger continued massaging his prostate. Just by looking at him I could tell he was in a head space he had never been before. He was steadily making soft humming sounds while his body twisted and jerked. About five minutes later, his cock swelled up, and more creamy honey came racing out of his cock. It wasn’t near as much as the first whopping load, but I was relishing it just as much. I held it in my mouth until the last drop had been vacuumed out, and then I began savoring the rich texture and virtually tasteless delicacy. While I was dining on his cum, his five inch rod from God began deflating, and doing so rather rapidly. Knowing it would be highly sensitive, I reluctantly released it from my mouth’s loving clutches. My own cock was so hard I thought it would break off, but I just slipped into the refreshing pool water, and held onto the side of the wade pool, and stared at one hell of a breathtaking beauty. Randy was unquestionably taking a trip somewhere on Space Mountain, so I let the boy be so he could enjoy this magical moment in time. I was so hot and sweaty, I dunked myself just to freshen up a bit, and once again, glared at the humming beauty who lay before me. It had to have taken a good twenty minutes before Randy began stirring around a little, and once his eyes made their adjustments, he rolled his head to his left, and we made eye contact. Randy smiled a glowing smile, and then hoarsely said, “Thank you so much Chris! I can’t even begin to describe what all I felt, but when I finally did bust a nut, it felt like it was coming from my toes! Mmmmmmm, thank you, thank you, thank you!” I’m not sure what exactly I said, but I had to help him roll off of the wade pool, and then held onto him as he stood in the four foot section. He placed his arms onto the edge of the pool, and I was standing to his right. I could tell he was still in somewhat of a fog, so I didn’t say a single word. I felt his right hand latch itself onto my hard cock, and when that happened, I let out a loud grunt. Randy looked at me, smiled, and then softly said, “I wanna suck your dick Chris!” I warned him as best I could by saying, “Well, that won’t take long at all, but I’m afraid that when I do cum, it’s gonna be a lot!” Randy snickered, and then fired back, “Oh, I’ll be the judge of that!” Per his guidance, I was sitting on the second to the top step of the pool, and he was already in between my legs. His left hand went straight to my balls while his right hand scoured my shaft. I watched as he lowered his face to my cockhead, and using just his tongue, scooped up a large glob of oozing precum, and then stuffed his tongue back into his mouth. With his eyes looking up at me, he started using his tongue to swirl all over my cockhead, lapping up more and more precum, and then opened his mouth wide, and took in my cockhead, and a solid three inches of hard shaft. I flung my head backwards while my body began shaking uncontrollably. His right hand was jerking on my cock, but his fingers sure as hell felt mighty good. His mouth and tongue felt even better! I fought a good fight, but the combination of his mouth, and swirling tongue, delivered the final KO, and now my thick man cream was shooting harshly into the boy’s whimpering mouth. I was seeing stars as rope after rope of thick goo exploded from my cock. I’ve had plenty of orgasms in my life, but this one was super intense, and just when I thought I had spit out my last drop, my body convulsed, and more cum came ripping out. Randy kept his mouth on my cock the entire time I was dumping globs upon globs of thick cum into his hot little mouth. I was making so much noise that I wasn’t able to hear much of anything else. When my cock started deflating, Randy backed away, and was looking directly at me with a smile crossing his face from ear to ear. My eyes were still somewhat blurry, but I did see him lick his lips, and then heard him say, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, delicious!” Moments later when I recovered, we were both standing in the four foot section looking at one another. I had to ask, “Ummmmmmm, how do you feel about um, uh, you know, what we just did?” Randy was all smiles, and there was excitement in his voice as he replied, “I feel great! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, when you put your tongue in my butt, well um, I really wasn’t expecting anything like that, but it was awesome, really freaking awesome! Chris, I really liked sucking your dick, and your cum, well uh, it tasted really good too!” He had paused long enough for me to pipe in, “You know, what we did was wrong on so many levels, and as the adult here, I should have known better. Randy, I’m 27, and you’re 13, and that’s quite a bit of an age difference. If what we did ever got out, I would be in a whole lot of trouble! I would be labeled as a child molester. That’s the adult side of me talking, but going with my feel good side, I’d have to say that you are absolutely, without a question of a doubt, the sweetest tasting guy I have ever met! (He was fixing to speak) Hold up for a sec! I’m not saying this just because it’s something I feel you want to hear, but Randy, your ass is mighty special, mighty special indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed eating it, and your cum, oh my God, your cum! It tastes um, tastes, um, it tastes absofuckinglutely great! A person can become addicted to your sweet cum, and that’s no bullshit either!” Randy spoke, “Thank you, thank you so much Chris, but um, uh, there is something I’ve got to um, um, you know, ask you.” I fired back, “Randy, please don’t ever hesitate to say or ask me anything! The boy looked into the water, and then back up to me, and after taking a few quick breaths, he began speaking, “Chris, I’m, I’m uh, I’m gay! I’ve always known I was gay, even long before Tiny started fingering my butt, and making me drink his cum. I knew there was more to it than what he did to me, so what we just did, well it um, it was kind of like a dream come true. There is something I’ve been dreaming about, and I’m kind of hoping you’d be willing to do it with me, but I um, I would like to feel your dick in my butt, and mine in yours, that is, if you want to.” I digested his every word, and after thinking about it for a couple of seconds, I replied, “Randy, the last thing in the world I ever want to do is hurt you. I understand your curiosity about anal sex, but you should know that it can be rather painful the first few times. But, once your butt gets used to it, well then, watch out, cause your world will definitely turn upside down! I just want you to know that it can hurt real bad, and no matter how hard I try to prepare you for that, it still might be a bit painful. As far as you fucking me, well you won’t be popping no cherries with me! I tell you what, how about we take things slow, and let’s just have fun!” That night, just before going to bed, we had both showered when I saw Randy pull back the covers and get in. What was so special was the fact that the boy was naked. So, I slipped my shorts off, and got in beside him. We snuggled while watching television, and every so often, we would kiss. Somewhere during that time, exhaustion whipped both our butts, and we were zonked out. As usual, I woke up early, and after getting a cup of coffee, I went to my office, and began preparing my work. I finished early, so I decided to go workout. While I was pumping iron, my mind was on Randy, and everything he had said. He actually wanted me to pop his anal cherry, and the more I thought about it, the harder my cock became. I had broken a pretty good sweat lifting weights, and silently went into my bathroom. After shaving, and brushing my teeth, I decided to give myself a deep anal cleansing. I have a “Shower Shot or Sure Shot” installed in my shower, so once I was cleaned out, I shaved my balls, my crack, and went ahead and shaved my pubic hair. I was now clean inside and out! After drying off, I stepped by the bed to check on Randy, and he was all covered up, sound asleep. My cock was already hard, so watching the little sleeping beauty certainly wasn’t helping it to go down any. I probably could have jerked off just looking at him, but thought better. He was on his stomach with the right side of his face on the pillow. The longer I stood there staring at him, the more perverted my thoughts were becoming. Then, my perversion won out, and I was now in the process of easing the covers down, slowly but surely revealing his young naked body. The next thing I knew, I was now sniffing his sealed butt crack. The faint smell of coconut graced my nostrils, and if it were at all possible, my cock got even harder. While I was taking my time sniffing his butt, Randy rolled onto his back, and the first thing I saw was his precious 5 hard inches of pure teen pride. I even sniffed his hard uncut cock for about a minute, before completely losing any and all control. I eased open my dresser drawer, and pulled out my bottle of lube. I poured some on my fingers, and then worked my slippery fingers into my ass. My mind did remind me that he wanted to feel his cock in my ass, and I was more than ready to make that happen right the fuck now! After greasing up my butt, I eased myself back onto the bed, and slowly straddled his body so that our faces were facing one another. I reached back with my right hand, and guided his hard vessel up to my hungry asshole, and slowly impaled myself. I had about two hard inches of teen cock inside my ass when Randy’s eyes shot wide open. Before he could say a word, I winced and grunted, and then force fed the remainder of teen beef into my rectum. Yeah, I’ve had much bigger, but none quite as better! Up and down, and back and forth, I was riding his cock with a feverish passion. Randy was wide awake now, and he was moaning, and whimpering as my anal muscles constantly snapped at his thrusting teen meat. While I was bouncing up and down on his cock, Randy took the liberty of using both of his hands to seduce my flaying man muscle. Randy softly whispered, “Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddd Chris, this feeeeeeellllllllssssss soooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooddddd!” I had to brush his hands away from my antalya escort cock because I was getting way too close to busting a nut, and after a couple of minutes, Randy said, “Doggy style, let me do you doggy style!” I got on all fours, and Randy got in behind me. My legs were stretched out wide, and then I felt his skin covered cockhead press up against my winking pucker, and in one quick push, he sent his five inches of hooded masterpiece straight up my rectum. His fingers locked themselves onto each of my hips, and away we went! Randy immediately began hammering my ass as fast and as hard as he possibly could, and I was loving every ass bashing second of it. We had just passed the one minute mark when Randy cried out, “I’m, I’m, ummmmmmm, Chris, Chris, I’m gonna, ummmmmmm, cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm!” I could feel the warmth of his cum as it shot into my bowels, and while he was slamming his cock into my ass, I was slamming my ass onto his thrusting cock while clinching my anal muscles as hard as I possibly could. Behind me, Randy was grunting, whimpering, and humming all at the same time as his cum torpedoed into my rectum, one long ropy strand after another. Giving credit where credit is due, Randy was still going strong after having deposited a hot load up my ass, and I was timing his thrashing thrusts with backwards thrusts of my own. I yelled, “Fuck yeah baby, fuck that ass, fuck it hard baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk, oh shit baby, uh huh, yeah baby, give me that dick!” Randy listened, and I could feel his fingers dig into my hips as he went balls out ballistic. Three minutes of this maniacal ass whipping was all it took for my own cock to start spitting out wads of thick cum. To keep from making a mess, I had cupped my left hand under my cum spitting cockhead so that my cum would land in the palm of my hand, and not on my bed. Now, I was jerking the hell out of my meat as Randy brutalized my ass. It was too much longer, Randy was in the midst of yet another mind numbing orgasm, as squirt after squirt shot up my thrusting butt. Randy whimpering and moaned as he slung his load as fast, and as brutally hard, as he possibly could deep within the confines of my bowels. With one last hardy thrust, his limp teen organ slipped out of my butt. As Randy collapsed on the bed to my right, I used what little remaining energy I had left to flip onto my back. We both were gasping for every breath, and my entire body was tingling all over. Randy recovered first, and staggered into the bathroom. Seconds later, I could hear him brushing his teeth. When I heard the shower cut on, I scooted off of the bed, and held onto the wall in order to make it into the bathroom. I washed my cum covered hand, and then sat down on the toilet to let Randy’s load free itself from my butt. Randy was drying off, and I walked by him to take a shower. Randy was all smiles as he said, “I don’t know about you Chris, but that sure was fun!” I returned his smile while replying, “Yes, it sure was!” Later, instead of going into to the pool, Randy and I went to the department store to get him some more clothes. While we were out, we stopped in to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. While we were eating, Randy looked all around to ensure nobody was nearby who might could hear, and then he softly began speaking, “Chris, I really, really want to feel your dick inside of me, honest to God, I really do! I know you don’t want to hurt me, and I am thankful for that, but Chris, this is something I’ve been wanting to feel for a long time now. I actually thought Tiny was going to be the one who um, you know, fucked me, but I’m glad that never happened. I want you be to my first! I want you to be the first person to have your dick inside me Chris! Please, I’m literally begging you, please be my first, please!” Hearing him speak caused my cock to respond, and as it throbbed, I replied, “Okay, if that is something you really want to happen, then by all means, I will be honored to be your first. We can do it later when we get home, and put all your new clothes away.” After agreeing, Randy was smiling from ear to ear, and after we got home, and put away his new clothes, Randy looked at me, and softly said, “I’ve got to use the bathroom first.” While he was in the spare bathroom, I was in mine, brushing my teeth, and taking a shower. My cock was hard the entire time knowing I was actually going to go through taking his anal virginity. All sorts of thoughts flashed before me, and every single one of them was sexually charged. After I dried off, and was now in my bedroom, I put the lube on top of the nightstand along with a couple of clean hand towels. As I lay on my bed, all I could think about was Randy. Even though I knew we were going to have sex, somewhere in my mind let me know that my life was somehow complete being with Randy, even though the boy is only 13 years old. Randy walked into the bedroom, and his erect uncut missile led the way. He climbed up onto the bed at the foot, and slowly walked on his knees towards me. My legs were already spread, and once he right at my crotch, he slowly leaned his young naked body on top of mine, and now our lips were entwined while our tongues made mad passionate love. We kissed long and hard, and when we finally backed away, both of our eyes were somewhat watery. Randy reached over and grabbed the lube, and while sitting on my lower stomach, began smearing it all over my hard throbbing cock. Even though I wasn’t able to see, I could tell by the look on his face that he was greasing up his asshole with a finger or two. I grabbed a clean hand towel as he sat up, reached behind himself, and guided my hard cock with his right hand onto his hot little love entrance. He held onto my cock while he tried to impale himself, and every so often, he would bit down on his bottom lip and whimper. Over and over again, he tried desperately to force my cock inside his virgin love tunnel, but each time his tightly sealed anus would repel his valiant attempts. He leaned forward just a little, and hiked his ass backwards, and then immediately slung his head backwards as the head of my cock slipped inside. His lips formed a perfect circle, and his soft voice sang a humming tune, one of which was of pure pain and agony. Randy grunted and grimaced, whimpered and moaned, but the boy was determined, and forced the rest of my cockhead, and a couple of thick inches inside his rectum. Randy was slinging his face all over the place, while yelling, “Owwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww!” I didn’t say a word, nor did I dare move as the boy hissed and winced, and kept on working his tight little ass onto my hardened man muscle. Never had I ever had my cock inside something so incredibly hot, and tight, for that matter. I could feel his young inexperienced anal muscles snap and release the portion of my cock that was now invading its territory. Randy braved the pain, and with a couple of inches to go, he sat back, and had now fully impaled his ass onto my cock. Randy’s body was shaking, and shaking profusely, and while he sat down all the way on my cock, my cock was beginning to feel the effects from the fiery heat slowly baking the flesh right off of it. His face was buried into my chest, and my hands softly caressed his back. After who knows how long, the boy worked his body into more of an upright position, and started slowly fucking his ass up and down on my pole. He was steadily hissing, and biting his lips, while slowly riding my cock. His eyes were closed, and he made a long and very pronounced sound, “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” I still did not move, and it was Randy himself who picked up the pace by thrusting up and down while gyrating his cock filled ass to and fro. When he leaned his upper body onto my chest, that was when I started thrusting my meat upwards while forcing his shapely butt downwards. His little hands flattened themselves upon my chest while the two of us began thrusting frantically. I was somewhat limited as to how high I could actually thrust, but the sound of flesh smacking flesh filled the room. Now, Randy was softly humming, and the pain he once felt was no longer part of the equation. Holding onto him tightly, I rolled us both over, and now I was on top, and in total control. The first deep thrust of my cock caused the boy to yell, but not out of pain, more so, yell from the mind altering pleasures now swarming every inch of his shaking little body. In and out, I used my cock like a battering ram, breaking down anything and everything in its destructive path. When he opened his eyes, I saw them roll into the back of his head, and it was then that I realized the boy was once again visiting a head space he had never visited before. I laid the pipe to his ass hot and heavy, and was mixing up my thrusts to prolong my own nearing orgasm. I felt the warm spurts of pure boy honey shoot out of his cock, and the liquid delicacy was now being smeared between our two bodies. While his cock unleashed its steady flow of teen cream, I sank my lips over his and forced my tongue inside his panting mouth. He was too far gone to even notice, but that didn’t stop me from dining on his minty fresh saliva as my cock plowing his ass relentlessly pounded away. Six ass packing minutes later, I was now shooting my wad even deeper up his fiery hot anal oven. With each spurt of my cream, my cock hammered itself hard into his rectum. As the last of my man seed was slung into his rectum, thankfully enough, my cock remained rock hard, and continued to beat the boy’s ass to a oblivion and back. I had pulled my mouth away from his, and it was my turn to hiss and grunt as I pile drove my cock as fast and as insanely hard as I could into his piping hot ass. Randy was too far gone to even notice, and at this point in time, he probably didn’t care just as long as he was visiting his own little world. It was probably somewhere around twenty minutes later when I dumped my second load inside his ass. My orgasm was so intense that it almost brought tears to my eyes, and as I slammed my spitting cock in and out, it wasn’t long until it just completely plopped out of his no longer virgin ass. When I rolled to his right is when I noticed all the cum smeared all over both our bodies. I had been so consumed that I didn’t even know that he had shot more cum, but nevertheless, I was now on my back, head filled with exploding fireworks, and gasping frantically. I must have laid there a good thirty minutes, and when I glanced over at Randy, the little beauty was still completely out of it, so I eased out of bed, and went and took a shower. When I finished showering, and reached for the towel, that’s when I saw Randy sitting on the toilet. His head was hung down, and his little body was still mildly shaking. As I dried off, I asked, “How’s that sweet little ass of yours?” He slowly tilted his head towards me, and sheepishly replied, “My asshole is on fire, and I feel like I’ve just had a big ass horse cock up my ass, but other than that, I’m good!” There was a few seconds of pause, and then Randy spoke again, “Holy cow Chris, that was uh, was ummmmmmm, great! Good grief, how much cum did you shoot inside me? It feels like you shot fifty gallons!” I snickered, and said, “I don’t know about fifty gallons, but it had to have been a good forty-nine gallons if you ask me!” We both laughed, and I left him alone to handle business. While Randy was preoccupied in the bathroom, I was in the kitchen preparing us our evening meal. Randy had wanted a steak, so I had marinated them the night before, but was now preparing our baked potatoes and salad. That afternoon, or better yet, evening, we were outside and I had just put the steaks and potatoes on the grill. As usual, we were both naked, and as I looked at him standing in front of one of the tables, I smacked my lips, and said, “My God Randy, you are utterly gorgeous, and I mean that with all of my heart!” Randy turned to face me, smiled, and then replied, “Okay mister, but just so you know, kindness will get you anywhere with me, and I do mean anywhere!” I couldn’t resist, and bent his upper body on top of the table, and within a flash, had both of my hands holding his tight butt cheeks apart, and my tongue was racing all over his creamy colored rosebud. I heard him say, “Ahhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss, yesssssssssssss, ummmmmmm!” Damn if his asshole didn’t taste mighty fine, and the more I tasted, the more I had to have! It didn’t take long at all for my tongue to wiggled inside his anal chamber, and once inside, it went buck wild, and began tongue fucking him like never before. Randy was purring like a six week old kitten, reeling in vast pleasures from having his asshole devoured. When the timer went off, I stopped long enough to flip the steaks and turn the potatoes, and quickly went back to work eating his ass out with a loving vengeance. His five inch cock was being forced down by the edge of the table, and while my tongue was ravishing his ass, my right hand began tenderly caressing it. My left thumb raced all over his silky smooth hairless eggs, and Randy was panting and whimpering with every rapid breath. Randy cried out, “Oh God, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwddddddd, I’m, I’m gonna, gonna ummmmmmm, cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm!” I quickly spun him around, and his soon to be erupting hard cock shot straight into my open, and ever so eager mouth. My right fingertip went straight to his asshole while my mouth and tongue worked furiously on his throbbing teen tool. My left fingers toyed with his nuts, and it wasn’t long before rope after rope of sweet teen nectar came rushing into my moaning mouth. The taste of his cum was downright soothing! I swallowed, and did my best to only dine on a sip or two, but couldn’t help myself, and now I was longing for more, but I had completely milked his cock dry, and now his cock was nothing more than a limp noodle. Just as I hungrily swallowed the last of his delicious load, the damn timer went off. While I was fixing our plates, Randy had went inside, and was already sitting at the table giving himself some time to regain his composure. While we were eating our meal, Randy said, “My butthole is still sore, but all I can think about is your cock up my butt!” After we finished eating, Rand wanted to go for a swim. By the time I got outside, he was already in the pool. I jumped in, and we met one another in the four foot section, and our lips touched, and our tongues collided in mid air. My left hand caressed his back while my right hand groped his solid butt. My back was against the side of the pool, and Randy was sitting on my lap. We kissed for a good while, and when our lips parted, his eyes were partially closed when he said, “Come with me, I wanna try something!” We exited the pool, and walked over to the diving board. He had already put the lube by the side of the board, and had me get on my back with my feet facing the pool. He poured the lube on my cock and caressed the slippery gel all over my throbbing manhood, and then shoved a finger or two up his rear to get it all lubed up. He straddled my body, and his toes could just barely touch the flooring as he reached back and guided my hard cock up to his asshole. On the sixth attempt, he forced my cock into his boiling hot anal cavity, and even though he was wincing from the obvious pain, he didn’t stop until he had his ass swallow every inch of my ass packing cock. His body shook as he sat still, and after several seconds, he started slowly going up and down until it must have felt a lot better, because then he started bouncing wildly. Randy had placed his hands behind him, just above my knees, and was pile driving his ass onto my rigid boner. Since my lower legs were dangling off of the diving board, Randy’s bouncing up and down also had the diving board spring bucking, so while he was fucking his ass onto my cock, the spring in the diving board was forcing my cock to blister his ass. I had both of my hands behind my head, and my eyes went to his contorting precious face to his dancing masterpiece of a cock. With no hand at all on his teen flute, I watched as a long creamy rope fired out of his piss lips, and landed squarely into my open mouth. The second rope hit my bottom lip, but I managed to suck it into my mouth before it had a chance to drip off. Several more ropes landed on my throat, chest, and ended by oozing out onto my stomach. Randy was thrashing his body wildly while his cum departed his cock, and after the last droplet was freed, he continued his wild venture by jamming his ass onto my thrusting meat with every ounce of energy he could muster. I was doing all I could do to hold off a little longer, but my fight ended in less than a couple of minutes, and now my cum was coating the interior of his anal realm. I could hear myself grunt and whimper as I flung my head from side to side. Still, Randy never once let up his frantic bouncing, and now I was beyond the point of caring. Forwards and backwards, Randy was more like a zombie than anything else as he rode my cock while making the sweetest, yet ever so softest, humming sounds. Once again, the boy was obviously far off somewhere in his own little special place, and his bouncing body was running solely on autopilot. Several minutes later, I watched yet again his cock erupt, and witnessed about five hard spurts of creamy goo shoot out of his parted piss lips. Randy was gritting his teeth while humming up a storm as the last of his morsel of cum flew from his cock, and yet, yet he was still thrashing ever so wildly up and down on my cock. I could feel the very beginning of an orgasm building, and now I was hissing and grunting, trying everything I could to hold off for as long as humanly possible. Leaning back while slamming his ass up and down on my cock, Randy’s flaccid uncut noodle started spitting out clear strands of a watery looking substance that struck me on my chest. There were at least four spurts, and then the valve got stuck on wide open. Randy was acting as if he were in the thrills of yet another orgasm, and a very, very intense orgasm at that. I on the other hand, thought the watery substance to be his bladder juice by the way it was pouring out of his cock. The hot liquid splashed all over my chest and stomach, and I had even gotten some into my mouth. It was a little salty, but in all honesty, it didn’t taste bad at all. Feeling his hot piss bathe my body was all the extra push my orgasm needed, and now I was feeding his hungry ass its second helping within a very short time span. Young Randy wasn’t about to let up any time soon, and continued to slam his hot ass onto my pole with violent thrusts, one right after the other. Almost at the same time, his bladder juice was subsiding, and so was my cum shooting frenzy. He was still flopping up and down when my deflated cock slipped out of his ass. He bounced a few more times before coming to a screeching halt, and then flattened his upper body out onto my cum and piss covered chest. While I lay there recuperating, my fingers slid through his red hair. The boy was constantly humming while panting heavily. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, we both began coming back to the world of reality. After a slight body adjustment, we were now sitting side by side on the diving board, and both staring straight into space. I tried to get up first, but my wobbly legs buckled, sending me straight back onto my butt. This drew a slight giggle from Randy, and as he tried to get up, he too came crashing back down. Now, we both started giggling, and it took a little time, but we managed to get to our feet, and stagger over to the outdoor shower. I was the first to the shower, and as I cut the water on, and looked back, there was Randy, squatting, and my cum was shooting out of his little butt. I couldn’t help not to laugh, and Randy quickly yelled, “Oh okay, this is all your shit in me that’s coming out of my butt mister!” Once we were in the bed, we were snuggling, and that’s how we fell asleep. The next day was sex non stop all day long. By the fourth day, he was able to take my cock up his butt without any discomfort whatsoever. On the fifth day, I had just finished up plowing his ass, and depositing two whopping loads when Mr. Carter, the social worker, rang the doorbell. I had just enough time to put on some gym shorts while Randy slipped on a set of his gym shorts. Once he entered our home, we were all in the dining room, sitting at the table, and from the way Randy was starting to fidget, I could tell my cum was wanting to burst out of his ass any minute now. The first thing Mr. Carter said was, “Well, I see the two of you are only wearing gym shorts. Is this standard attire on a day to day basis?” I replied, “Most days, but then again, we frequent the pool on a daily basis too!” Mr. Carter smiled, and then said, “Yeah, I can see the tans!” He looked at me, and then said, “I have to inspect your home again, and then I will need to speak to Randy, alone.” Randy piped in, “I need to be excused to go to the bathroom!” I already knew why Randy had to go, and while he was in the guest bathroom, I showed Mr. Carter around once more. He inspected the closets, and drawers, and was elated to see all of Randy’s clothes I had purchased him. He checked the refrigerator, the cupboards, freezers, and everywhere else he wanted, and took notes as to his findings. By the time the tour was done, and the two of us were sitting back at the table, about ten minutes later Randy returned, and sat down. I had answered all the questions Mr. Carter had asked, and now it was time for the two of them to be alone, so I excused myself, and went outside. I piddled around for well over thirty minutes when Randy opened the door, and told me to come on in. Back inside, and sitting at the table, Mr. Carter began speaking, “This situation I am now dealing with is irregular at best, but after taking everything into consideration, and consulting with my superiors, it is in the best interest that Randy remain in your care. If you wish to adopt him, please contact me, and I will assist you with all the necessary paperwork. Do either of you have any questions?” I was fighting back the tears, but managed to say, “I don’t need to think about adopting Randy, because I am fully prepared to do whatever I have to in order to finalize this chapter in his life. The way he once had to live, was no way to live, and now, now it is my pleasure to show him a much better, and a far loving, way to live. So Mr. Carter, I don’t need to wait, or need to think about it! I want to close this chapter in his life, and make sure he has a loving home from here on out!” Mr. Carter took a few seconds to think about it, and then said, “Very well then. I will send you the paperwork, and just so you are aware, the process could take up to a year. When it comes time to stand before the judge, and as long as nothing changes, I will stand by your side, and give the court my recommendation that Randy be adopted by you. I have already taken the liberty of speaking with Randy, and he is more than willing to call your house his home. I cannot only see the love you two share, but I can also feel it, and as a social worker, it makes me feel good knowing that I’ve made the right decision on behalf of young Randy here.” We stood side by side and watched him drive away. Randy looked up at me, and softly said, “It’s a good thing he didn’t want to inspect the toilet to see what all came out of my butt! He’d have seen gallons of cock snot in the bowl!” We laughed, and stripped out of our gym shorts. From that moment on, Randy and I were a team. His days of being abused are over, and now he knows my love for him every single day. It took eight months, but I received two checks for the reward money for Tiny and Brenda. Let’s just say, Randy and I both were shocked to see the amounts of the two checks. Six months after that, Randy and I were summoned to family court, and Mr. Carter stood by our side, and spoke to the judge. The judge spoke to both of us as well, and twenty-five minutes later, the adoption was official! We changed Randy’s last name to mine, Miller, and spent every single day loving one another as if we were the only couple in the entire world. A year later, and to get away from old memories, we sold our home because of what happened when Randy lived next door. Since our home was almost paid off, we made a killing when we sold it. We purchased a home on two acres of land that bucks up against the lake. The home already had a pool, and a dock, and we fell in love with it at first sight. Now, Randy and I have all the privacy in the world, and we think nothing of it going outside and enjoying spending time with each other. Now, this is how to aol Shawn

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