The 12 Naughtiest Days of Christmas

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Female Pov

We have been married for ten years and boy has it been fun. For our tenth Christmas, I wanted to do something extra special for him. Until Matt met me he led a wild life, I have often felt bad for taming him and more than a little jealous that I have had so few experiences. I thought I would give him a Christmas to remember. My inspiration comes from the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” On December 13, the 12th day Before Christmas I sent Matt a letter saying the following:

Merry Christmas sweetie,

Clear the next twelve nights I have a few special surprises for you. Here is your first hint. On the first day Christmas, my true love gave to me something that hangs from a tree. Be in the bedroom at 9pm.

I spent all day getting things ready. I went to the spa to make sure that I was looking my best then headed straight home to get the bedroom ready. I put candles everywhere and put on a black crotch less leather thong and a black studded leather bustier. I had the maid help me get into position and light the candles while I waited. I heard a soft knocking on the door and said; “Come in sweetie.” I heard his audible gasp followed by a “What on earth do we have here! Well, you have kept a rather large and beautiful secret. How on earth did you even get up there?”

“Having a maid comes in very handy.” Then I started to sing the first line of his Christmas present. “On the first day of Christmas your true love gave to you one wife in a swing.” Matt wasted no time in stripping down and hopping on. He kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear. “I have no idea what possessed you but you have never looked sexier.” He took his massive 10″ cock and slid inside of me. The sensation of being fucked in the air like that was unbelievable and made me for the first time in my life scream in ecstasy.

“Wow you may have just woken up the neighbors and they are over a mile away.” Then he giggled, he actually giggled, this is not a man who giggles. We took a few breaks but continued until dawn. When we were done with the swing, he laid me carefully on the bed and slowly took off the costume that had bound me and proceeded to kiss me all over and then wrapped me in his arms until morning. “I am so glad you love and trust me enough to have shown me this side of yourself. Sweet dreams.”

I was so excited for night two to commence. There was much less prep work involved for tonight’s plan; all it involved was a trip to the grocery store and some staging. This time I contacted him by text.

Merry Christmas honey,

Tonight be prepared for a special treat, something lovely, and something sweet. Meet me in the kitchen ready to eat.

I could not help but admire my own handiwork I thought the chef’s hat worked rather nicely. I laid myself off on the kitchen counter and began my masterpiece. I did not have to wait long for my hubby to come home, I suspect he was more than excited after last night’s swing adventure. Matt walked into the kitchen and I began verse two,

“On the second day of Christmas your true love gave to you, two breasts in whipped cream and one wife in a swing.”

He let out a whistle and walked over to me to get is first taste. He took off his shirt painfully slowly, giving me a wicked smile the entire time. He undid his belt pulling it off in one fell swoop and instead of putting it down, he carried it with him. As he leaned in to give me a kiss, he took both my hands above my head and bound them using the belt. I could feel my breathing getting quicker, half out of fear and half out of excitement. However, there was no reason to fear because I trusted him implicitly. He kissed me one more time and then began his delightful task of licking away my sweet fluffy bra. Matt swirled his tongue around each nipple sucking and tasting each one in turn. He slowly kissed away around each breast making my entire body flush. He left me, went over to the fridge, and retrieved the can of whipped cream. He gave me another wicked smile and said

“My dear you seem to have forgotten something.”

“And what would that be I thought I was so thorough?”

“What on earth is a bra without the panties?”

Before I could answer, I heard and felt a cold invasion to my pussy. The contrast of the cold against the heat made the sensations almost unbearable. He gave proceeded to give me some of the best head of my life. My writhing and wiggling turned into bucking and screaming.

“Looks like this is a gift for both of us.” He then leaned over and whispered in my ear, “The best part of the gift is hearing your lovely voice screaming out of pure pleasure. In ten years, you have never let me hear you like that. Thank you!”

He lifted me up and took me to the living room wear the fire was already warming the room. He took my still bound hands and put the around his neck, then slid his hands down the length of my back until he was cupping my ample ass. Matt took my legs around him and slid all the way into me Sitting us both down on the warmed rug. After my second orgasm, he undid my arms and made love to me one more time sweetly this time. We brought the blanket over Urla Escort and slept there all night until the embers died.

I woke up alone and still snuggled in a blanket, next to me sat a large cup of coffee and a rather large breakfast. Matt wrote a note that said

“Thank you for dessert last night thought you deserved a great breakfast this morning.”

I could not help but smile and sink into my bed a bit lower. But I had more work to do today, bigger than before. The last two days involved only myself, this time I had to bring in help. Instead of three French hens, I will need three French maids. I figured I would use today to get a bit ahead of schedule, for my plans were big and three would do for today, but it simply would not do for some of the days. I would leave no stone unturned. I found his little black book and began the calls. He had already been with these women and they did not work the first time so I did not have any further jealousy in regards to them. I made call after call explaining my plan, I was surprised by the lack of objections. All I asked was that they bring a current and valid HIV test. I love my husband, but I love myself as well and do not wish to bring something like that into our relationship. Even there when I had expected some resistance, there was none, so either they were starved for a wild time as well or they really missed my husband’s prowess. Can’t say I blamed them, he was pretty damn amazing.

The two girls I needed for tonight came equipped with hot bodies and their test results. Ok so I was a little jealous they looked amazing, but then I remembered the last two nights and why I was doing this to begin with. We decided to get warmed up by hopping in the shower together. We soaped up each other’s delightful bodies, and by the way I never thought I would ever say that about a woman, but this was a new me emerging. Our hands slipped in and out of our dips and valleys. We wanted to get hot but not over the edge. To my surprise, Sarah and Kate thought just as much of my body as I did of theirs. They could not get over my wild red curls and my fuller body. They just kept feeling my triple D breasts. I on the other hand marveled at Kate’s long blond hair with her toned and tanned body. I loved Sarah’s thick and soft black waves. Her lips were full and pink, dare I say both sets of lips. We slipped into our maid’s costumes and went to the recorder to tape the three of us singing verse three.

“On the third day of Christmas your true love gave to you, three French maids, two breasts in whipped cream and one wife in a swing.”

When it was perfect, we left the tape player at the door with a sign that said

“Press play and go in search for your presents around the house. When you have found all of your present assemble in the bedroom for a thorough cleaning.”

We took a nap to pass the time and to ready ourselves for the night’s upcoming festivities. I was in the middle being cuddled by Kate and Sarah. This time it was just sweet almost caring. The difference I suppose between women and men in friendships and relationships. Before you knew it, the alarm woke us up as a reminder to take our positions. Kate took the living room, Sarah, the bathroom, and I took the bedroom. I wanted to be the last to see him so he would know who the real present was… me of course!

Matt was home right on time, and was greeted by the sign; He followed the directions and pressed play. Kate was in the living room, though all he could see was her ass in the air as she was dusting the end table. He walked up to her and took her ass in his hands.

“This is definitely not the ass I live with, but I do remember it. He gave it one more once over and grab, hmmm must be my Katie girl. She swung around and gave him a quick kiss.

“Wow my wife certainly pulled out all the stops!”

“She is some woman Matt, I lover her, she is so hot it’s crazy. I never would have thought that she was your type though.”


“You always did go for the skinny girls, it is a refreshing change.”

“What can I say? She is sweet, smart, and has some great tits!”

“You are certainly right on that account! Now let us not waste any more time you have more to discover! I will meet you in the bedroom.”

“What no help here?”

“Hey man it’s your present, now get to work I am getting wet already!”

Matt wandered around a bit going to the den, then the dining room, the spare bathroom and then finally up the stairs to the bathroom on the second floor. After letting out a whistle, Matt immediately pulled Sarah to him and planted a big kiss. I knew his kissed well enough to get wet at the thought of his tongue snaking in her mouth. Mmmm oh to be their breath mingling between the two.

“Ok handsome time for you to find your last gift. Get moving I will meet you in the bedroom.”

Matt wandered all over the house, giving us enough time to get on the bed and make ourselves into a pretty picture. We lay on the bed with me in the center again, and began kissing. Finally, Matt wandered in and just stood there Menderes Escort slack jawed. I took my finger and curled it at him to join us.

“Well come and join us handsome, you don’t want us to open your gift without you do you?”

“No not at all, though this frankly is present enough just seeing you like that.”

We giggled and I got up to pull him into us. I began to undo each button and started to kiss him deeply. Kate undid his pants and Sarah started to take off my thong. When he was finally naked, Sarah and Kate undressed each other. Before you knew it, we were all over each other on the bed. It was a little difficult to keep track of. Kate gave Matt a blowjob, bringing him just to the brink and Matt was going down on me. All the while Sarah was sliding her fingers in and out of Katie’s already wet pussy. When Kate was thoroughly turned on, Sarah took one of the toys I had picked up with the costumes and began to give Katie a vigorous fucking. She chose the thick hot pink vibe that had thick veins swirling around it. The action was a bit interrupted by the whirrs of the vibe being turned on. Once we heard the cries of orgasm from Katie, we switched. Matt fucked me first while Sarah and Kate played. Then Matt went on to Sarah’s ass, and brought her to a fever pitch, and Katie and I got into the sixty-nine position and gave each other yet another orgasm. Matt then moved on to Katie’s pussy and gave her a good thorough fucking; we could even hear his balls slapping her ass as he got really into it. Sarah and I then fingered each other to our third orgasms of the night. When we were finally all exhausted, Matt curled up behind me holding me in his arms, Sarah got behind him, and Kate held on to me. Matt ended up a bit late for work as I had ordered a large breakfast for the four of us. They left before Matt so we could have alone time. Matt and I had one more love making session before he left for work.

“You continue to amaze me I can not thank you enough and I think I love you even more for being so open. I know this was not easy. You are truly amazing!”

The odd thing is that it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I chose the girls well, they have love in their lives and are not seeking anything more than fun and frankly, they gave me far more attention than I thought they would. I smiled as I thought about the next nine days.

The fourth day I must admit was the toughest to come up with. What do you do instead of four calling birds? I had thought of four singers, but alas, there were none in his little black books so I had to be a bit more creative, so I thought why not don some costumes and actually dress as birds. I called upon Kate and Sarah and added Marta who of course was as lovely as the other two, but a little bit older. I had no idea that Matt liked the older women, but Marta had a presence about her. She was average height, but muscular and very tan with long dark hair. Her eyes were almost an aqua color, the color of a Caribbean sea, framed by highly defined and arched brows, she had a classical beauty. We but on yellow costumes that looked like they came out of a ballet. I had found yellow wings from the costume store and with a bit of help from the hardware store built something that looked like a cage for the four of us. It was not that difficult, some hoops and wire and we were set. We all put it together so it really did not take that long.

This time his clue was a yellow feather I had sent to his office with a letter saying, “Birds of a feather swing together.”

We prepped and had a fantastic time putting each other’s hair up and doing theatrical makeup. Complete with glitter and rhinestones. We worked hard to make sure that we looked as similar as possible with hair up and in curls. After last night Sarah and Katie thought that this idea was hilarious, they just giggled like a couple of girls. Marta, just had this stillness to her, but would smile inwardly. She later took me aside while the other two are napping.

“Laura, I just have to say thank you for inviting me into your home and this experience. I thought there would be awkwardness, since I had been with your husband before, but I am happy to see there is none. May I ask what made you do something this elaborate and why pick Matt’s exes?”

“Well I figured he would be more comfortable knowing all of you, and I am more comfortable knowing that all of you are in secure relationships. He settled down a lot when he met me and gave up a side of his life he knew I would be uncomfortable with. I will admit I am having a great time.”

“Are you looking to join the swinging culture?”

“No no, this is to celebrate our tenth year together and show him another side of me.”

“Well I give you lots of credit, and again am so pleased to be allowed to take part.”

“Well thank you for taking part I realize it’s quite unconventional!”

Matt came home at nine on the dot and began to crack up as he saw his four calling birds in the den. All four of us sang verse four.

“On the fourth day of Christmas your true love Narlıdere Escort gave to you, four calling birds, three French maids, two breasts in whipped cream and one wife in a swing.”

He opened the cage and was greeted by the four of us ripping his clothes off. Oh well it was just a shirt. We took him to the middle of the room and laid him on the pillows that we had set out. We set the place up with curtains and pillows everywhere. The candles made everything look glowing and lush. He looked like he was in heaven as we stroked him with feathers, and lavished him with kisses. He had hands all over him, stroking his penis his ass, his chest and neck. We left nothing undisturbed. I put a blind fold on him and held his hands above his head while I kissed him upside down. All he could do was sigh and succumb to the sensations he was being given. I let each of the girls take their turns with him, Marta took the first ride of the night, and slipped off to let Sarah give him a blowjob while Kate was licking his nipples and I was sucking on his neck and ears. They all brought him to the brink but stopped until I was ready to take my turn. I had them hold his arms for me while I hopped on top and rode him into oblivion. I would take long deep strides and would vary between fast and slow in my pacing. This time I made him scream in ecstasy and he filled me like never before, as he was filling me I took of his mask and leaned over filling his mouth with my hungry tongue.

Our festivities were concluded by a long group shower to de-feather and de-glitter. We let the water warm and sooth our well-used bodies. At least Sarah, Kate and I were worn out by our orgasms. Marta, looked like she was just getting warmed up. Which is good because I will need her and the other two girls for my day seven plans. We all fell into a deep sleep and looked forward to the rest of the week.

Since today’s plans involve just me I took my new friends out to a good breakfast and a morning at the spa. After a morning of being pampered, the girls helped me to shop for what I needed today. This was turning out to be far more fun than I ever thought, and I certainly never thought that I would be ever even meet my husband’s exes let alone having sex followed by a girl’s day with them.

We went to the sex toy store for a few supplies along with costuming. The girls picked out a pair of black leather crotch less panties and a matching strappy leather top. Kate did my hair in an updo with some curls hanging loose on around the top of my head. We found a beautiful black satin mask. We picked up some cat o’nine tails, straps, and cuffs. We even found a cool spiky metal collar. When we got home, we sprayed all of the cuffs and the collar a shiny gold and let them dry. They even helped me come up with the clue for my hubby.

“On this fifth day of your Christmas gifts, I found something to give you a lift. I looked down at my band of gold that has watched the story of our love unfold. But one little ring on this day will not do, no my love not even two. Today our love must have five for your Christmas story to swing and jive.”

We used the bedroom again but draped it in heavy velvet red and black drapes. With the help of My power drill I added some very sturdy hooks to the wall and platforms for my feet with loops that I can cuff my feet to. About 8:50 pm the girls bound, me to the wall masked me, lit the candles and snuck away before my husband came home. Sure enough, he wasted no time in searching the house for his gift. At the entry way Matt encountered a note attached to a gold ring that said

“To find your true loves gift, perhaps the stairs will give you a lift.” At the top of the stairs, there was another note that said, “You’ll find the next note in a little nook tucked inside your favorite nook.” I could hear his footsteps lead to the upstairs library. Note three gave him the next clue. “Your next clue to your surprise has you looking to the skies.” step, step step all over the place until it dawned on him that the window was where one goes to look at the skies. “You must be tired you must be weak, perhaps now it is time to sleep.” As I heard his footsteps near the door, I could feel myself get wet with excitement. When he opened the door, my heart skipped a beat; due to my mask, I could not see a thing. I could only listen. There was a soft gasp first, then he stepped over to the bed where I heard him pause to read the sign that stated verse five.

“On the fifth day of Christmas your true love gave to you, five golden rings, four calling birds, three French maids, two breasts in whipped cream and one wife in a swing.”

I heard the soft sound of him undressing and the quickening of his breath. He brought his mouth right up to mine and gave a soft tantalizing breath. He took one finger and traced the holes in my strappy top. He ran a finger along the slit in the panties, then picked up the cat o’nine tails and ran the leather strips all over my body. All the while not one word was said, only breathing in sync with the fluttering in my heart. I could not believe I was here like this, so daring and so vulnerable. This was an ultimate test of love and trust. He took his finger and traced the gold cuff on my right wrist then the one on my left wrist. , then the ones on each of my ankles and finally the one that circled my neck. He then leaned his entire length of his body up to mine and whispered

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