The Adventures of Cheryl – The Pizza Game

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The Adventures of Cheryl – The Pizza Game“Okay, it’s pizza time!” Rachel excitedly called out to the group. The other four girls all squealed with delight. Everyone knew what it meant to order pizza. It meant it was time for the pizza game.The game was really simple but extremely fun and exciting. First, the girls would decide on a game game to play; usually spin the bottle or poker or something easy like that. They didn’t play for money, but for the clothes they wore. The first girl nude was the loser and had to order and pay for the pizza. The catch was she had to pay the delivery guy in the nude. This was a long tradition among the group. It had started when they were in high school. One Friday night the girls, Rachel, Michelle, Becka, Taylor, and Cheryl, were staying overnight at Taylor’s house. She had a pool and the house to herself for the weekend. That night they ordered some pizza. Michelle and Becka started to play wrestle and as they rolled around on the living room floor each girl stripped off each others bikini top. Michelle got the better of Becka and she called it quits. The doorbell rang announcing that the pizza had arrived. Taylor grabbed the money and handed it over to Becka. “You lost, so you have to pay the pizza guy.” she told her. Becka started to reach for her top but Taylor snatched it away. “No, no. You have to go like that.”“Bullshit!” Becka protested. “I would do it if I had lost.” Michelle said.“You show off your tits all the time Michelle.” The girl’s all giggled because they knew it was true. Michelle had the best tits of the group. They were artemisbet yeni giriş full and firm with beautiful nipples. She was constantly exposing them whenever she got the chance. The doorbell rang again.“Hurry up, Becka!” Rachel said trying to goad her friend.“I have an idea.” Becka said. “Michelle, you go get the pizza this time and I’ll do it next time. Deal?”“Fine.” Michelle sighed as she headed for the door with the cash in hand. Michelle didn’t even hesitate as she opened the door.“Hi. I got…” the pizza guy started to say until he realized he was staring at a topless girl. “Hi. How much is it?” she asked. The guy just stared with his mouth half open. Michelle reach out and took the pizza out of his hands. “This should cover it.” She gave him the money and shut the door. The other four laughed and giggled wildly as she walked back holding the pizza. And that’s how the pizza game got started. Over the years the game got more defined. Since no one could out wrestle Michelle, they added games of chance that involved removing clothing and drinking alcohol. It also got more bold. Being topless gave way to being completely nude. The girls favorite was the towel drop. Whoever answered the door would wrap a towel around her body. As she reached for the pizza, the towel would fall off and she would act all embarrassed. The game took another turn one night when Taylor answered the door. On cue, the towel dropped and she stood there naked as the guys eyes nearly popped out of his head. Feeling a little drunk and adventurous, she told the guy, “Hey, artemisbet giriş I don’t think I have enough money. How about I make up the difference?” Without waiting for a response, Taylor dropped to her knees and gave the guy a blow job. The other girls watched in awe without saying a word. Taylor worked him over quickly and he came in only a few minutes. Overtime each girl took her turn preforming some sort of sex act on the pizza guy. Fat or thin, old or young, it didn’t matter. A black guy worked over Becka one time. She dropped on all fours and he took her from behind. It was also around this time that each girl in the group began having sex with other girls.On this night, Cheryl had lost the game and it was her turn to “pay for the pizza.” The other girls were already nude and beginning to play with each other when the doorbell rang. “Better get the pizza.” she giggled as she wrapped the towel around her. The others hid were they could watch. Cheryl opened the door and her heart skipped a beat at what she saw.It was a girl.Cheryl suddenly felt self-conscience and held the towel tight. She looked back at her friends with a “what do I do” look. Michelle looked sternly at her and mouthed the words “Do it!” Cheryl turned back to the girl. She was pretty. Probably the same age as the girls. She had deep brown eyes and a soft warm face. Her t-shirt covered a full bosom and two smooth, tanned legs extended from her shorts. Under normal circumstances Cheryl would enjoy sharing her body, but this wasn’t normal. “Its $15.” the pizza girl said, smiling. Cheryl artemisbet güvenilirmi handed over the money and reached for the pizza. The towel dropped to the floor. Cheryl blushed as she looked at the girl who was staring at her naked body.“It’s just a game we play.” Cheryl offered. “We didn’t expect a girl to show up.” The pizza girl paused for a moment then smiled warmly. “Don’t sweat it. It sounds like fun.” Cheryl relaxed a bit and smiled back. “So is this it? You just expose yourself and shut the door?”“No, we usually have jerk the guy off, blow him, or have sex.”“So…” the girl asked suggestively. Cheryl got the drift and set the pizza aside. She stepped forward and gave the girl a deep, passionate kiss while the girl’s hands ran over her body. The girl slipped her fingers between Cheryl’s legs and pressed her button. Cheryl gasped and moaned while their lips were still touching. She returned the favor and slid her hand under the waistband of her shorts. The girl let of a moan of her own. Their fingers danced across their sex, each girl feeling the beginning of a climax. Cheryl came first, laying her head on the girl’s shoulder and holding on tightly as her body jerked from the orgasm. The excitement of feeling Cheryl cum cause the girl to explode at nearly the same time. She threw her head back and let out a deep, pleasurable moan. As the climax subsided, Cheryl pulled back and watched as the girl’s pretty face as she finished hers. Both girls embraced and kissed again. “I’m Cheryl. What’s your name?” “Mandy. Thanks for the uh, umm, tip?” Both girls giggled.“You’re welcome. What time do you get off work? Maybe you can come back and meet the other girls.”Mandy looked into the room and saw the others staring. “Yeah, I think I’d like that.” She gave Cheryl another kiss and left. On that night, Mandy became the newest member of the pizza game.

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