The Airport Ch. 2

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Paul watched as Sarah drifted off into a light sleep. She would murmer and shift about on the bed, finding a comfortable position only to sigh and then move about again. He grinned to himself as he tried to imagine just what thoughts were going through her head as she rested on the bed beside him. Not wanting to bring her up out of her rest, he took the time to memorize the curve of her bare back and enjoy the view of how it flared into skirt covered hip. When she pulled her top leg up and bent the knee, resting it against his stomach, Paul fought the urge to lift the skirt a few inches higher and see the hidden treasure he had yet to touch or look at. So far, the orgasms he’d helped her achieve had nothing to do with touching her below the waist. Knowing now how sensitive and reactive she was to his caresses, he could only anticipate what would happen after he finished undressing her.

Watching the smiles cross her face in slumber, he gently rolled off the bed and stood at the side, unbuttoning his shirt and pants. Having concentrated only on her the last few hours, he found himself uncomfortably hard and decided it was as good of time as any to shed the restrictions of clothing. When he finished, he laid back on the bed and Sarah, feeling the shift in the mattress, rolled on her stomach, stretched her arms up and pillowed her head on them. The zipper of her skirt was within easy reach now for Paul to open and expose the bare skin of her rounded cheeks. Tugging slightly downward on the skirt, he got no resistance from her prone body, but instead he was pleasantly surprised when she lifted her hips and made room for him to pull the skirt down her legs and off over her feet. Thigh high nylons and shoes were all that were left covering the curvature of her form. It was more than he could take. Figuring that she’d rested for the last half hour, it was time to wake her up with a massage.

Paul reached down to the ankle nearest him removed the shoe and took the appendage in his hand began to rub gently. Using the thumb, he again made small circular motions around the ankle bone on the inside and then on the outside. Not wanting her to wake too quickly, he gradually moved his hand up her calf, slowly taking the muscles, squeezing and releasing each bundle with his strong fingers. Using both hands, he searched for any knots under the surface of her skin as he traveled up to the knee and thigh. Reversing directions when he reached the place where her leg turned into her lovely ass, he moved back down along the sides, rubbing firmly with the palm of his head, letting his heat permeate her skin. As he returned toward the foot he started on, he rolled the nylon down her leg and off her foot, taking time to kiss the delicate instep and heel, before doing the same slow massage up her other leg, rubbing, kneading, moving up, then coming down again. As the second nylon came off her foot, he bent her leg at the knee so the foot was in air. Paul moved so he was sitting between her spread legs. Taking one toe at a time, he kissed her foot top and bottom, fingers massaging the bottom of her foot, mouth sucking on the toes at the same time. Sarah turned kozyatağı escort her head as it lay on her arms and moaned softly, beginning to waken.

His mouth cupped around the bone of her ankle, where he sucked gently before he tongued up the length of her calf. The sensations of his wet tongue and the gentle nibbles of his lips and teeth brought Sarah out of her slumber with a deep moan of pleasure. As her eyes slowly opened and she began to focus on her surroundings, Paul reached the apex of her legs with his hands. He spread a hand across each cheek of her ass and started pressing his fingers into the smooth, soft flesh. His thumbs worked under the curves, while his fingers moved from the bottom toward her waist. Sarah lifted herself up a little so she could look over her shoulder at Paul. She wasn’t surprised to see that she no longer was dressed, in actuality, she was pleased that he was still with her and seemed intent on remaining with her that evening.

He sat back on his heels, arms still stretched out before him, resting lightly on the backs of her knees and teasingly asked her if she had a good nap. When Sarah tried to roll on her back so she could answer him, Paul stilled her motions by running his hands up to her hips and holding her in place. She settled back on to her stomach as he repositioned himself, straddling her thighs. He was able to reach from her lower body to her head now and took his time in exploring the expanse of her butt, back and shoulders. He started at her lower back, pressing on each side of her spine with the heels of his hands, moving from bottom to top. Spreading his fingers out over the tops of his shoulders, he massaged from her neck outwards, wrapping his fingers around the arms before moving down below the arms and along her sides. Paul took his time tracing the outlines of her shoulder blades, her ribs and her back, careful to just barely let his fingertips contact her warm body. Her soft sighs deepened into low moans of pleasure as he constantly moved his hands about her body, never going below her waist.

Paul seemed to give off a unusual heated energy when he touched her body. All she could do was surrender to it’s sense of peacefulness and healing. Whatever it was that he capably did with his hands, he was a master of the touch. She couldn’t say that she felt anything like electrical shocks, but there was definitely something emanating from his hands and being transferred toward her inner self. At times it felt relaxing and then it changed to a form of stimulation as he shifted his movements below her hip line. With his fingers molded to her hips as they cruised outward along the edges, Paul started to work his therapy inward, drawing her attention to the fact that he was now moving closer to her sexual center. For the first time in her life, Sarah realized that she was just accepting each sensation as it was presented to her, not trying to counter it with pleasing the giver at the same time. In allowing her mind to stop thinking that she had to perform acts according to what the ‘book’ said, her own sexual enhancements küçükyalı escort were intensifying like they never had before. Paul’s left index fingered a trail down the crack of her ass causing her to push back into his venturing digit. Delighted with her response, Paul sat to one side of her, giving Sarah room to open her legs a little wider.

Leaning on one elbow, he studied the creases and valley’s between her thighs and toward her center. He gently lay his hand against her cheek, giving his other hand more access to the moisture laden slit exposed to his gaze. He knew she was beginning the trance of sexually centered concentration and he was going to do all he could to hold her hand and walk the path with her this time. Taking as much pleasure in exploring her body, he knew that his own was beginning to communicate it’s needs to his brain. He fought the self-centered urge to stroke his cock and instead started to stroke her inner legs where they curved into her pussy. He never quite touched the lips or slit, but lightly brushed across them each time he changed sides to stroke. Sarah resigned herself to the fact that she was now a very vocal female, something she never did at home. Each stroke he passed over her pussy, she moaned. Each time he brushed past it without touching, she whimpered. Time and time again, Paul teased her by avoiding the place where she wanted so much to be touched. He reached a little lower and touched her exposed clit, sending her hips in the air as she pulled her knees up under her. Sarah’s body begged for more of that caress. She was getting to the point where she was going to ask him to stop the torture and kiss her, but something within her soul said she should wait. She couldn’t see the smile that broke his face as he watched drops of honey start to drip to the bed below. Paul knew it was time to speak again, and asked Sarah what it was she wanted ‘with her pretty little ass in the air like that?’

In answer to his question, feeling the heat of his hand hovering over her pussy, Sarah leaned back into that hand before he could move away. No longer willing to deny her the next level of arousal, he deftly plunged two fingers within the soft wetness of her canal. Slowly he removed them to the fingertips and then plunged them inside her again. Back and forth, in and out, setting a tempo to match her movements. “Let it come Sarah. Don’t fight the feelings. I can feel your muscles starting to clench my fingers. Come on baby, go with it. Imagine it’s my tongue probing you right now”, Paul’s gentle persuasion nudged Sarah toward a small contraction internally. “You’re fighting the feeling honey. Don’t!!! Let it flow, let your juices flow for me again. Shall I lick them dry for you?” A guttural moan escaped her throat before she could catch it. Sarah reminded herself that she wasn’t going to make love the way she always had before, she was going to break habits learned over time and being vocal whenever she felt the urge was one way of doing just that.

Looking over her shoulder, she told Paul to lick every last drop off so she could add more. mutlukent escort With that said, she flipped over on her back, opened her thighs again and presented a dessert plate even Paul could no long resist, a feast not only for his eyes, also for his taste buds. The delicate musky aroma wafting up to his face told him all he needed to know about Sarah’s state at the moment. A soft sheen of perspiration covered her breast and abdomen, which with her own delicate hands was being moved around in circles about her breasts and nipples. He slid his hands under her lifted knees and placed them over his shoulders, spread apart and allowing him room to roam with his lowered mouth. With tongue extended to a point, he licked the first drop he found at the bottom of her slit, lapping lazily along the sides of her lower lips, circling around the hard clit then pushing deeply between the folds into her wet pussy. Paul was rewarded by a swift gush of fluid onto his tongue and when he moaned aloud in pleasure so Sarah could hear the joy he found in what she was doing, she delivered to his throat another splash of honey. He started to drink the flow, swallowing as fast as it was came, burying his nose into her body. He couldn’t pace himself, he needed to have what she was now giving him. He realized that Sarah had learned to let go and in doing so was giving him more pleasure than he’d had in a long time.

Paul raised himself to his knees, leaving her legs over his shoulders and plunged his engorged cock deep within her and held himself still within her until he could feel her pussy clench and release his shaft. As she clenched him again, he pulled back, almost pulling out, letting her grip him tightly inside her. When she took a breath, relaxing, he dove down again, starting a cadence that wasn’t going to stop until they were both satisfied. The time for slow had ended for Paul. His voice proved that to Sarah as his moans turned into groans of pleasure when she shot more of her natural lubrication around his cock as it slid faster and deeper with each thrust. Unconsciously, she was learning the sensations preceding her convulsions were not to be ignored any longer, they were to be encouraged by not thinking about them at all. This is what he meant by going with it. Sarah looked up at Paul’s face as he reached down and smeared her juices across the tight little hole left yet untouched. He smiled at her and nodded his head while he pressed his finger slightly. Sarah felt another contraction over take her as again more fluid burst forth traveling down to his fingertip and making the opening slipperier yet. Paul thrust his hips forward, driving down as he pushed the length of his finger in her ass. Sarah’s eyes widened and when she bucked up toward his invasion, he moved that finger around, feeling the pressure of his own cock in her pussy against his finger inside her anal canal. This was more than he could stand. He looked down at her smile, closed his eyes, tipped back his head and let out a howl that she joined with her cries of pleasure.

Neither of them knew how long they’d lay entwined as they were. Eventually, Paul rolled off her chest and reached out to pull her back against his chest. He lifted her hair from the back of her neck and laid gentle kisses along her spine and shoulder. Sarah snuggled back closer and gave him a quiet thank you before she rose from the bed, walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Paul laid there a few moments, quieting his racing heartbeat before he followed her.

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