The Awakening

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My husband had been talking about D/s for months. Finally he found a person, another man, who would train him to become a Dominant. Jeff felt like he’d always been supposed to be living this lifestyle. As he told me about it, the idea appealed to me, I have to admit. He gave me some books he’d bought on the subject so that I would know what he was talking about.

As I read these books it was as if I were reading about me on those pages! I wondered if I was a submissive, and that’s why I’d been attracted to Jeff? I read voraciously, liking what I was learning. Jeff and I experimented some in the bedroom, but we were rank beginners, and neither of us had the experience and confidence we needed to make the other feel comfortable in their respective role. Finally, the gentleman who would teach Jeff came to our home for dinner. He was a very nice, imposing man, seemingly used to being in charge, and he had a way of looking directly at me in a way that made me feel vulnerable and exposed to him. It was as though he could read my thoughts!

As we dined, Jeff explained to him that I had been reading his books and we both felt that I had strong submissive tendencies. Daniel looked at me, musing. He told us that he’d planned to bring in a submissive to use in training Jeff, but maybe he could work with me. Chills ran up and down my back. He asked if I would like him to train me. I swallowed. I asked him what all was involved in the training, so that I could know what to expect. He smiled at me, and told me that he would explore every inch of my submissive nature, and that no stone would be left unturned. I asked him if sexual roles might be played. He said again, that no stone would be unturned. I watched Jeff as I asked Daniel what he would personally do to me sexually. Daniel replied that he would do whatever he felt like. My nipples hardened. I looked at Jeff. He smiled, and told me this was my decision.

I looked at Daniel. I nodded slowly. He asked me what that meant. I said that I was ready for him to teach me. He asked if I was sure. I said yes. He told me to stand up, and turn around. I did. He told me to unzip my dress and lower the top. I looked at Jeff. Daniel told me not to look at him, this Maltepe Fetiş Escort was my area, and if I was serious, I must be willing to submit everything that I was to him, for his control, and his use, and that I would be constantly tested, until he was sure that I had the true desire. I nodded. I said I was sure.

He told me again to unzip the dress, and remove it completely. I reached behind my back and unzipped the dress and stepped out of it. I wore no bra, and only a very brief French cut bikini panty. He told me to step forward, in front of him. He lifted both my breasts and rubbed my nipples with his fingers until I thought I would pass out. He took each nipple inside his mouth and sucked them. Then he told me to remove my panties. I did, and stepped out of them. He looked at my pussy. He ran his fingers over my swollen lips and parted them, slipping a finger just barely inside me. I swooned, and he caught me, and pulled me into his lap, and slipped two fingers into my pussy, and I was slippery wet with excitement. He kissed me, and I kissed him back.

Before he was through with me he had me remove his jeans and shorts and suck his cock on my knees right there in front of my husband until he came, and he held my head down on his cock so that I swallowed every drop of his spunk. Then he pulled me onto his lap and slid his cock, which was still hard, right up inside me. I was crazy with the feelings, and I wanted him to fuck me hard. But he just sat there, moving his cock around inside me as he wanted. I looked at Jeff, and his face was red, but he appeared to be enjoying the sight. Daniel then began to talk to Jeff about the lifestyle, and after I moved the second time, he pulled me off his cock, turned me over his lap, and before I realized what was happening, began to spank my ass until I cried out. He made me hush, and spanked me until the cheeks of my ass were on fire. Then he made me get back on my knees and lick the juice of my pussy off his cock and balls, and tongue around his asshole. He made me suck Jeff off then too, and after Jeff came, Daniel beckoned me back onto his lap and down on that magnificent cock again. He just held me and continued talking to Jeff, Maltepe Gecelik Escort and suddenly, he grabbed me hard, and I could feel hot spurts of his cum shooting up inside me, and he breathed hard, but kept right on talking. I came, hard. He told me to not ever cum again unless I asked for and obtained permission first. I couldn’t believe my ears, but I nodded. Daniel told me that from this point on, I would refer to all Dominants as “Sir”. And Whenever I addressed him, it would begin or end with “Sir”. He told me that whenever I was around him I was to be barefoot and wear only a short silk robe, which he would bring to me on his next visit. I was to wear no panties or bras in his presence. He wanted me bare in all respects at all times, and always ready for him. Then he excused himself and Jeff, and told me not to interrupt them while they were in training. He sent me from the room and told me to remain naked for the rest of the evening.

Later that night I dozed off on the couch in the den, watching tv. Suddenly I was awakened by Daniel pulling me off the couch and onto my hands and knees in front of he and Jeff. “I told you to remain naked, sub! Covering your body with a blanket without permission is not acceptable!” I remained on my hands and knees while Daniel tied a black silk blindfold over my eyes. Soon he attached what I later learned was a spreader bar between my legs, down at my knees. He fastened a thick leather collar around my neck. I felt fingers smearing some sort of lotion, or ointment over the cheeks of my ass. Suddenly, white-hot pain flashed across my buttocks. Involuntarily I screamed, quickly cutting the sound off. Daniel told me not to make a sound or they would gag me. I was to be caned by both of them for my disobedience. It would seem as though I was losing privileges I had taken for granted. They took turns caning me until my ass was on fire, and I thought I could not stand another lick.

Then I felt one of them kissing the burning cheeks. Or, no, wait. Both of them. They kissed the cheeks of my ass tenderly, lovingly, and both of them rubbed a healing ointment into the skin. Their touch on my ass was making me hot, forgetting about the pain Maltepe Genç Escort from the caning. Their fingers strayed, more and more, bit by bit, until they were caressing the outer lips of my pussy with long slow strokes. I could feel their fingernails dragging lightly through the hair there. Each of the fingers parted my now swollen lips and dipped inside me. I was dripping wet! Then, they turned me onto my back, removing the spreader bar. One of them lifted my hips off the floor, and the other one pushed a big floor pillow under my ass. The next thing I knew, they were each lathering the outer lips of my pussy with shaving cream, and soon I felt myself being shaved.

Before too long I was bare and silken. They told me to touch myself and see how it felt. It was soft, and so smooth, the feeling very erotic, and it made me seem somehow more naked, and much more vulnerable. Then they took turns on me with their mouths, and soon I was writhing all over that pillow, begging them to let me cum. They did, and I gave into the feelings of release, and the orgasm was the most intense one I ever experienced, with lots of little smaller aftershocks coursing throughout my body.

I lay there, breathing hard, relaxed and so wet, and then one of them pulled me over onto my stomach. They spread my legs, and washed my bottom with a warm cloth and a wonderful smelling soap, and they were washing actually up inside me a ways, until I was sure I was squeaky clean. Then I felt something wet dripping onto my lower back, and one of them pulled the cheeks of my ass apart, and the warm liquid dropped all up and down the cleft of my ass, and down onto my asshole. I was shocked at how much I was enjoying this, when suddenly I felt a face moving down over my cheeks, and a tongue running lightly up and down the cleft. Slowly the tongue approached my hole, but licking around the edges, not dipping into it as I found myself willing it to. Then suddenly, the tongue was smack on the center of my anus, probing, thrusting, and then it slipped inside me, and the tongue was fucking me, and I was going insane with these new feelings. I felt myself being turned slightly, and my leg lifted, and soon another mouth was finding my pussy, and the other tongue was still fucking my bottom, and this tongue was fucking my pussy, and I screamed as an uncontrollable, unstoppable orgasm wrenched suddenly through me, without warning, and I didn’t care what the punishment would be, I just came and came and came.

(To be continued)

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