The Banquet

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The evening was beautiful and she couldn’t wait for the night to start. He was getting dressed for the military dinner as he would be receiving the Intelligence Officer of the Year award. His navy blues looked incredible on him. She wore his favorite dress, a short white sundress with lace down the back with silky undergarments, which she loved to have him slowly remove. However, tonight she had a plan which would require her to leave her panties at home.

They were prepared for a night of laughter and fun. Arriving at the Officers Club with time to spare, they made their way to the bar, where they ordered drinks to start the night off. Their table was located in the back of the room where the lights were more dim and it was a bit quieter. They chose chairs closely side by side, close enough that she could, without being noticed, slip one of her shoes off and start rubbing her toes up the bottom of his leg. The look in her eyes was everything he wanted to hear, “You know I want you, you know I’m ready for you”, and yet there was absolutely nothing he could do, except control his hardness until he could get her home. Oh how he loved the way she always teased him.

The first round of drinks were finished and they took their second round with them, finding their table with the far back seats in hope to steal a few kisses in between lame jokes the officers tried to tell. The entire night so far, all he could think of was her soft, beautiful, milky white skin against his. They had been high school sweethearts, growing up and educating each other, learning the most intimate details of one another and what the other wanted and desired. Aliağa Escort He knew how good she was and he also knew just how to repay. As they sat at the table, he felt her hand rub up his leg and just so lightly, skim over his manhood, gently squeezing, making eye contact with that look in her eyes, “you know I want you, and there’s nothing you can do about it”. God how she loved to tease him, but she loved to please him more, and he knew the night was far from over. She rubbed his cock so gently that his hardness was trying to escape. He didn’t want her to stop. As they sat there listening to the lectures and the names being called, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like taking her right there on the table, and Oh how he wanted to take her! Knowing that anybody could look over and see them at anytime turned him on even more.

Before he knew what was happening, her hand gently took his firm but soft hand pulling his finger just slightly inside of her, just enough that he could feel she was already wet, she twirled his finger just inside her lips and as she did, they heard his name get called. Gently moving his hand away, he stood up to walk to the front of the room, and as he walked away, she smiled, and he smiled, wanting more. As he approached the front of the room, all eyes staring at him, he gently put his hand to his lips as if to scratch a tickle, all the while taking in her essence. He wanted to put his finger in his mouth, but knew he must wait as it was driving him crazy.

He was tall, with dark hair. His body was hard and muscular. As he stood facing the crowded room, he was Alsancak Escort overwhelmed with gratitude. Being highly respected for his bravery and service, he was a reserved man, not wanting to take all the credit for jobs well done by his entire company, but he had been chosen and was extremely honored. The admiral stepped towards him handing him his award, extending his hand as to shake, but knowing his lovers scent was covering his fingers, he shivered, as he did not want to share where his hand had just been a few moments prior, but there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. So he smiles, knowing his reward was nothing compared to what awaited him across the floor. As he shook hands with the admiral, the scent of his lovers flower drifted through the air and the admiral looked at him, grinned with a smirk, as in thanking him for sharing his lovely ladies honey. While standing there, he looked across the room filled with all of his fellow officers in a standing ovation in his honor, and he was perfectly excited, knowing he was moments closer to getting her home. He ran his hand across his face and gave her a look, and he smiles. For a split second he took his eyes from her, then slowly returning them to her, she was gone.

A little confused, not knowing where she would go, he sat down at his table hoping she excused herself for a quick lady’s room break. As he sat down, the sudden movement under the table caused him to jump, then feeling her hands move up his legs, he knew it wasn’t the lady’s room she had ran off too. She didn’t waste any time, she knew time was short but her hunger Balçova Escort could no longer wait. She unbuttoned his pants and he discretely helped her unzip him. Pulling out his manhood, she wrapped her warm hands around his shaft and without hesitation, licked the tip of his cock nearly making him jump out of his seat. Placing one of her hands underneath his balls, squeezing gently, her mouth invaded his cock.

His taste was amazing. Moving her mouth up and down, sucking the tip of his cock, practically swallowing him whole, he managed to compose himself as unexpectedly, the admiral started walking towards the table, his eyes widen because he knows he is to stand at this moment, and with forces of luck on his side, the admiral waves his hand out motioning him to stay seated. How was this streak of luck happening to him, he was so relieved to stay seated but so excited with his rock hard cock in her mouth. Staying as calm as he possibly could, the admiral congratulated him again on an award well-deserved, asking if his beautiful lady is with him tonight. With a gasping smile, he manages to say, Sir, yes sir, however she had to step away for a moment. The admiral smiles and winks, with one last congratulations as he turns to walk away.

She continues to stroke his shaft and suck his cock just until she knows he is ready, and then without a beat, her fingertip gently enters him, he can no longer contain it. He explodes as he grabs the table top loudly, eyes turn toward him from the loud pound, and as he controls his breathing, he smiles at the other officers while gesturing that he is okay, coinciding at the same time as another standing ovation occurs. She takes this quick opportunity to slide out from under the table, straightening her lace dress and then softly places her hand on his strong muscular arm, seductively looking at him and smiles. As they sit down side by side, he holds her hand, looks at her and whispers,” I love you”.

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