The Bath

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Sounds of soft sensual music float in the warm, humid air. The ebb and flow as timeless as the tides as her head moves almost in rhythm with the beat. her lips circling His slick, hot member as she takes Him in, her tongue flitting around on her backstroke, till again she opens wide as she slides His smoothness in, her teeth sometimes lightly dragging on Him but His firm grip on her head speaks to her when she goes too far. Bare knees spread on the floor between His open legs, back far enough that without His arms holding her head she would fall forward onto His cock. her hands are bound to her legs at each thigh.

His breathing now noticed as He crushes her short auburn hair with both hands as He guides her head, her body is off balance so that her stroke is timed by the pistons of His arms. He takes in her face as she sucks His cock, what beauty this is as her full lips swallow Him. The sensation so warm and so soothing that He struggles to keep His cool, His first load of hot cum already in her belly but He has not allowed her to stop. He could do this all night He imagines as she travels the fleshy road. After He has temporarily satisfied His desire for her mouth He allows her to slip off, bring your knees closer now, His words tell her and she shuffles nearer till she can kneel unsupported. Now lick My balls, whore, His words soft but powerful.

With a skillful tongue she licks His balls, carefully not missing a spot, repeating her circuit till His hand pulls up her head. you suck Me well, whore, He says. her smile proudly spreads across her face, as He hugs her close with His legs.

Now He moves and she kneels backward on her knees as He rises to His feet, with a turn He reaches Maltepe Olgun Escort for His slave, pulling her to her feet. Come whore, I am not done with you. He loosens her wrists tied to each thigh and brings them behind her back, bound wrist over wrist. Master is tired and needs rest, gently pushing her to the floor He kneels her by a chair. Place your head on the chair , turn where you can see me in My chair, He says. Now wait as you are till I call for you whore, and He turned and left the room.

her happy mood lasted for a while but now she just waits. Muscles and bones speaking to her, rest they say but she knows better. Master has placed her here for that is where He wants her. she pushes these thoughts away and she waits for the will of her Master. No sound has come to her and time passes. She can see no clock from here and she is not sure if that is a blessing or not. Time means nothing to her, Master has placed her here, the aching bones, the sore muscles, her need to pee all wait for His word.

Sounds from the next room startle her, her sore back has sagged and she struggles to correct her position, this is right isn’t it she asks herself. After a time of burning pain He finally enters the room. He surveys her position carefully and she tenses hoping she has made no mistake.

You must be stiff, My whore, He says and bends to take her arm. He steadies her as she comes to her feet, cramping muscles scream, her voice soft as she asks Master, may I pee? With a gentle laugh He leads her into the bathroom and watches as she settles on the toilet. Slave He asks, do you thirst? yes Master, i thirst for you always, her reply. With a smile He says, I will bring you Maltepe Sarışın Escort water to drink. Run water for us to bathe now.

Splashing water filling the tub as He returns with water for her throat. He strips His clothes and enters the tub. Drink your water and come in, He says. her feet enter the rising water and she kneels in front of His seated frame. With soap and sponge she bathes Him, carefully cleaning His body. The warm water on her legs and hands as she dips the sponge feels splendid. she washes His back and rinses the warmth down His back.

The shampoo works in His short hair and she works it into His close cut salt and pepper beard. Careful rinsing streams over His head and she wipes His eyes clear. Needing Him to stand she kneels as she washes His feet and legs, up His thighs and carefully cleaning His cock.

When she has washed Him she prepares to move away when His hand is on her shoulder. Master, may I suck , she asks quizzically? No My pet and He kneels facing her. With the sponge and soap He caresses her entire body as He cleans His slave. His soapy hand on her breasts ignites fire within her, hands working her legs with no spot missed. The warm sponge stroking her cunt kindles new fire till she she gasps, a little laugh from His lips meets hers.

Now clean but still soapy He rises to His feet pulling her up. The shower water splashes over their bodies as they share the pleasure of the moment. Stepping onto the damp floor they towel each other dry. her cunt does not seem to want to dry.

With a grab of her wrist He leads her to the bedroom and pushes her to the bed. He kisses her as they fall together back onto the mattress. Pull Maltepe Şişman Escort your nipples, He tells her. her hands work on each breast as He spreads her legs and folds her knees up. her pussy now opens to Him as His hands open her more. With His fingers and tongue He works her pinkness. Licking and nibbling on her clit brings moans and He allows her this.

His pause puzzles her but she continues to work her hard nipples. The feel of cool metal on her skin nearly causes her to cum as He strokes her. With careful hands He places it on her clit. My pet, He says, this jewelry looks good on you. The metal circled and gripped her swollen clit, the two small jewels dangled free. Pet, I like this look on you, I may pierce you and place a ring here. He said, your pussy pleasures Me so as He kissed her clit causing another shudder in her.

Moving up her now He guided His rising cock into her. Withdrawing He plays with the dangling jewels with it’s tip. her moans guiding Him, He slid into this warm, wonderful place. Strokes increasing in pace now as her breathing increases. Fingers of one hand cross her breast and find her mouth, entering to eager sucking as He pounds into her.

Building, building He works, His breath now hard as He pushes one leg up high on her chest to access her cunt more as He drives into her. Shudders rattle through her as she cums. Juices on His cock, He strokes. He doesn’t now how many times she cums for they seem to merge together till finally His fountain spews. Exhausted now He falls on her, cock still in her pussy. He rolls to His side and pulls her with Him.

His still hard cock slips out as He rolls to His back, He guides her on top of Him. Now ride Me bitch. He says and she slides her smoothest skin over His cock, her shudders speak of further orgasms till He can take no more. As she slides off Him, her words, Master, thank you softly in His ear. Pulling her close they enjoy each others bodies, their warmth shared and He thinks life is good…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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