The Beast in the Basement

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This is a bit of a twist from my usual story line and is meant to make the reader think. I hope you still find the story and the world it’s set in intriguing.


Jack looked at the laughing blonde in the picture. Those shining blue eyes and bright smile lit up his soul. She had been so full of life and love and happiness and she had shown that love every day in the way she cared for him, the way she touched him, held him and made love to him. When they were in bed together no one else existed in the world. She was totally focused on being with him, being in the moment, letting him know that he was everything to her. When he kissed her he felt their souls entwine. They became one. Not that it was all serious stuff. Sometimes they laughed and giggled, teasing each other and relishing in the happy glow that engulfed them, but no matter what it was, it was always something special.

But all that was gone. Nothing remained. His past life was no more than ashes in his mouth. Microscopic organisms has invaded Jill’s body and within a week stolen her away. The disease had ravaged her body and imprisoned this adorable, vibrant woman in the body of a beast. A tear dripped onto her face, but she smiled through it. He wiped it away with his thumb and returned the picture to its spot amongst the other memories of his long-lost happiness.

His heart was aching so much it felt as if each thud might be the last, and he hoped it was. At least that would bring an end to this hell, but his heart labored on. The weight of his misery collapsed him onto the soft leather of the couch where they used to snuggle and watch the Hallmark Channel. Snow flurried in the thin grey light around the windows outside. This would have been their first Christmas together. He imagined a confused tree in its corner, wondering what had become of the joyful woman who had dressed it in its holiday finery. Jack thought back on the swift progression of the disease and how quickly she had succumbed to it. The tears flowed freely as guilt flooded through him. He ran through his mind all the scenarios he could have used to save her. He had several friends that had thrown caution to the wind and done everything in their power to save their wives. It hadn’t worked, but at least they’d tried. He didn’t have the guts to follow their lead. He loved Jill more than anything, yet when she had really needed him he had let her down. Great wracking sobs took over Jack as he held his head in his hands and wept over the loss of his wife.

After a while a thump in the basement forced him to face his misery. Bone weary with sadness he forced himself to stand and pull lead filled feet toward the basement. Jack tried to be quiet as he crept down the stairs to a point where he could just see the beast. In the basement there was a single LED light that chased the shadows into the corners and stood sentry over them around the clock. Chained in the corner near a partially finished half bath that awaited walls was the beast. It hadn’t always been a beast. It used to be his wonderful wife Jill. The disease had ravaged her body and mind and now there was nothing left, but the basest of desires. All it wanted to do was eat, sleep and fuck. Truthfully, all it wanted to do was fuck. It only did the other two when it couldn’t resist them any longer.

It was oblivious to him crouching on the stairs in the shadows. He watched in sick fascination as it pumped the big pink cock that had sprouted from its crotch. That was its focus. Whenever he watched it from the shadows there was always a hand on the cock. It was always touching it, rubbing it and caressing it. Even when the beast ate one hand was on it. More hair covered its body. What his wife used to shave had come back, but also there was a soft looking growth over the breasts, a line ran down its stomach to a bristling bush that sprouted around the base of the cock and it also grew along the jaw line. The smell of drying cum overpowered him, making him gag and choke. It was time to hose down the corner and the beast that occupied it. This was something he avoided as long as possible. The struggling and pleading with him to release it brought anger as it broke his heart.

Jack steeled his resolve and started down the rest of the stairs. As soon as it saw him it started panting and whimpering. It gripped its cock harder and worked around the rim of the head. Almost instantly the clear pre-cum began to drool from the tip. It was murmuring his name soft and low, over and over.

“Jack…Jack…Jack…Jack…it’s Jack. Be cool. Don’t scare him. Don’t scare Jack. We need Jack. Neeeeed him. Need to be in him.” It closed its eyes and a soft moan escaped as it imagined being inside Jack. “Oh Jack…”the eyes opened and focused on him. “Oh Jack…please. Please please please, Jack.” This was how it always started. Soft and low, urgent and needful. Only a little crazy and almost sane enough to convince him it was Jill. “It will make me well…Jack. Cumming üvey kız kardeş porno in you will make me WELL!” It shouted the last word as it wrung the head of its cock as if it might twist off. “You can heal me Jack! If you’ll just let me cum in you I’ll be all better and we can go back to normal. Sort of normal, a new normal, a better normal!” It fell back into murmuring his name. What broke his heart was that Jack knew what it said was at least partially true.

Just a week ago their best friends, Kate and Steve, had stopped by to check on Jill. Katie and Jill had contracted the disease at the same time, but Katie’s progression had moved slower. They’d had more time for Steve to get his head around the changes to Kate’s body. To…embrace them. Something Jack couldn’t bring himself to do for Jill.

Kate and Jill were close friends from college days while Steve and Jack were the husbands left together to ‘play nice’. They didn’t have a lot in common, Steve was car guy and very mechanical where Jack was more into computers and video games, but they found common ground in their homes and yards. Whenever they got together they talked about their projects around the house.

In those first days after the onslaught of the disease everyone’s lives were toppled like a lost Jenga game. The whole world stopped as effected women went home sick and companies shut down due to the wide spread illness. Hospitals were bursting at the seams and there were long lines out of every medical service agency. It didn’t take long for the medical field to realize that women were changing, some called it evolving, but no matter what it was called there was nothing that could be done to stop it. All around the world these women arose from their beds and took control of their husbands and lovers or even strangers with their new found sexuality. Binding them in a skewed world of sexual devotion that reduced the men to lap dogs at best and unwilling slaves at worst.

Steve felt he had adjusted pretty well to his wife’s physical changes and went to great lengths to try to convince Jack he was even happier now than before, but Jack wasn’t buying it. Steve was different. He had always doted on Kate and gone out of his was to take care of her. Bringing her breakfast in bed, cooking her romantic dinners and whisking her away for long weekends. Now Steve could barely stand to be away from Kate and when she disappeared down the basement steps to see Jill, Jack could see him becoming physically distressed. While he and Steve were alone Steve tried to convince Jack to give in to the beast. To let her take him.

“Sure, it will be rough at first. They’re horny,” then more to himself, “man are they horny, but after a few days it will get a lot better and then you’ll have the old Jill back. Well, most of her. Even though they get better they’re still, you know, different.”

Jack couldn’t see anything of Jill when he looked at that beast…except, every now and then, he would still see her in its eyes. Trapped inside. Kate wasn’t gone long and when she came upstairs she was sobbing and furious.

“You can’t keep her like that Jack! It’s inhuman! She’s your wife! That’s Jill down there, not some monster you’re keeping for a pet!”

Steve jumped up and grabbed Kate in a tight hug. Urgently he was whispering for her to calm down and begging her not to lose it. To remember Jill and not accidentally take Jack away from her. She was trembling and breathing in ragged gasps as she glared at Jack. That was when Jack notice the growing bulge in Katie’s jeans. Steve acted quickly, guiding her to the door, but just before he could pull Kate out she turned back and spat,

“I’ll be back in two days Jack! And Jill better not be in that basement or I’ll take care of your problem myself!”

Steve had to pull her from the house. Jack gave them a few minutes before he peeked out, hoping they were gone, but instead the car was rocking as if it was navigating rough seas. Through the steamy windshield Jack could see the blurry image of Kate’s chocolate butt cheeks jackhammering away between Steve’s pale legs. He snapped the blinds shut and shivered as he realized that his friend Steve had just saved him from being bound to Katie.

In the basement the hose was connected to the faucet in the wash tub. That way he could regulate the temperature. Jack waited till the water was warm and started to hose the beast down. It sputtered and puffed, but one hand remained on its favorite thing. Jack imagined it stroking that cock lovingly and whispering ‘my precious’ to it like some over sexed Gollum. That made him wince and wonder about his sanity. He worked the water over it, trying his best to get it clean without touching it. He couldn’t touch it. Not ever.

Over time the water running to the drain cleared of the white globs of congealed goo and Jack turned off the hose. He pulled it back, hung it on the wall and tossed an old xnxx porno beach towel to the beast. There was a bright beach scene on it with the words ‘A bad day at the beach is still better than a good day at work!’ Jill had bought that for him on their honeymoon. It grabbed the towel and sort of dried off, but got side tracked drying its cock. Soon relief flooded its face as a dark spot blossomed on the towel. Its eyes cleared a little and it became more lucid. Not that those moments lasted long. Soon the need to cum would consume it again. Jill’s now predatory green eyes looked through the ragged hair hanging in its face as it said,

“Oh Jack. I wanted that to be in you. You’re all I can think about. You’re sweet body torments my dreams. All I want is to be inside you. To make love to you. To cum in you. To make you mine in a whole new, wonderful way. Come to me Jack. Come to me, and let me cum in you. Come be mine again!” Jack turned to the stairs and it called after him. “The world is changing Jack. Katie told me, but I didn’t want to tell you. I wanted you to come to me because you still love me. But we don’t have time for that. Out there, women with this disease are taking men against their will. These men become bound to those women. Unable to survive without them. Our species is at a genetic event horizon and you cannot avoid it.”

Jack paused with one foot on the bottom stair. When he looked over his shoulder its hand was already moving in its lap. Soon the hormonal flood waters would swallow it up. It was already starting to breathe harder. As his foot hit the next tread it called after him again.

“Jack…Jaaaaaaaack! Please honey. Please let me protect you! I don’t want you bound to some other woman! You’re mine! I know I agreed to these chains to protect you, but they’re actually putting you in danger!” He continued up the stairs, rising from an unbearable hell under the crushing weight of his misery. “Jack! JACK! DAMN IT YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! I’M YOU’RE FUCKING WIFE! GET BACK DOWN HERE AND LET ME FUCK YOU! I’VE GOT TO…”

The bang of the door muffled the rest. Jack leaned with his back against the door as his heart hammered in his chest. Through the time worn oak floor he heard the rant dissolve into guttural grunts of unsatisfying self-manipulation. He felt collapsed and distorted like a piece of crumpled tinfoil. He needed to feed it, but his small bit of resolve was now completely worn away.

Jack slumped into a chair at the kitchen table in a pool of cold winter light that made him think even the sun was giving up hope. Occasionally a groan or moan drifted through the floor. He was mentally and physically empty, feeling as if a dry well had been bored through him and allowed all the good in his life to drain away. He dozed and drifted through thoughts of his lost past.

When his cell phone rang he was jolted back to his current hell. The screen confirmed it was work. He hadn’t been in for two weeks and he was running out of vacation time. With dread in his gut he thumbed the green answer button on the screen.


“Jack? Shelly Winston.” His supervisor. She was an overbearing bitch before the world turned upside down and women started growing dicks. “You’re out of vacation time Jack. How do you want to handle this?”

“Well, I was hoping for a few more days, maybe a full week, without pay, then I promise I’ll be in.”

“I can’t do that Jack.” Actually she could. He’d read the employee manual online several days ago. “At least not without a personal meeting.” That part was true. “I’ll stop over and we can get a plan of action straight between us. You good with that Jack?” Nope. Not good. He was wary of being alone with her. She had made him nervous before the disease had ravaged all the women in the office.

“Uh, how about I come in first thing in the morning?” It would be safer for him. There were still rules that might protect him.

“I’m afraid that is unacceptable.” He could hear her predatory grin through the phone. “You see, as of tomorrow you will be out of time. You actually ran out of time forty minutes ago. I could fire you right now.” Jack started to sputter, but she hurried on. “But of course I would never do such a thing at a time like this. No, I’m on my way over to see you.” The phone went dead.

Black despair settled around him as if the cold winter sun outside was being covered by the moon. The snick, snick, snick of the kitchen wall clock counted off seconds as precious as gem stones falling around him, time as relentless as the rising tide was sweeping past him. He knew she would be there in the next thirty minutes.

Something about the disease made them strong. Stronger than they should be. He’d had a close call in the basement only days ago. It had grabbed the front of his ratty old tee shirt and yanked him forward, the only thing that saved him was the shirt couldn’t handle the sudden force. It had peeled away from zenci porno him like skin from a week old corpse. Thankfully he recovered quickly and danced back beyond its reach. Howling in frustration it had thrown itself against the chains until bright red drops of blood were dripping from its elbows. Terrified he ran from the basement and didn’t return until lunchtime feeding the next day. He approached cautiously, sat a plate with a sandwich and some fruit on it and pushed it within the beast’s reach using an old shuffle board stick left behind by the previous owners of the house. In return it threw the tee shirt into his face. It splatted and wrapped partially around his head like that thing out of the eggs in the Alien movies. Jack clawed and raked until it finally released him. He stumbled backwards, wiping his face with his sleeve, gasping and spitting, his head swimming with the smell and taste of her spunk. His vision swirled as he shook his head in an attempt to clear it. Then the beast started coaxing him.

“Comon Jack. Come to momma. She wants to take extra good care of you. Give you a little taste of that goodness right from the spigot. It will make you feel all fuzzy and warm and snuggly.”

It was saying some other stuff about taking care of him, but a new ringing in his ears drowned it out as he began to feel a buildup of heat, like a blossom of fever engulfing his body. A minute or so later his head cleared and when he stood the fury on his countenance roiled like the face of the sun. Cowed the beast fell silent and retreated to hunker in its corner. In a mindless rage Jack bounded up the stairs and returned moments later with flat black death gripped in his hand. On the side it said Glock and the barrel looked like a cavern. He racked a bullet in the chamber and leveled it at the beast, ready to end all this suffering. It looked up at him with a deep weariness and sadness. It didn’t beg for its life, it simply said.

“I’m sorry Jack. I’d do anything to have you. I can’t help myself.”

It hung its head and waited for a lightning bolt made of lead that never came. A dripping faucet marked the passing of time and as it heard Jack’s heavy breathing beginning to slow it dared a glance up. Jack was holding the gun flat on both palms, just looking at it. He wasn’t a killer. Knew he could never bring himself to pull the trigger. It might be a beast, but there was still too much of Jill in it. Suddenly he stuck the barrel in his mouth. All it would take is a quick squeeze of the trigger and all his problems would be over. A screeching wail ripped through the dank of the basement as it slammed against its chains, the forgotten plate of food crashing away across the concrete floor.

“NOOOOOOOOOO! NO JACK! Please no! Stop! Shoot me! I can’t live without you! Just shoot me and get on with your life!” It struggled and squirmed while it pleaded and gibbered. Eventually Jack dropped the gun to his side. He wasn’t going to kill either one of them. He didn’t have the guts. He was stuck.

Jack got up from the kitchen table and fetched the Glock from the bedroom. He considered taping it to the underside of the table, but thought better of it. This wasn’t some action movie where the hero could get the drop on the bad guy through a trick like that. He lifted his shirt and tucked it in the back waistband of his pants, wishing he’d taken those conceal carry classes a lifetime ago. There was a knock at the front door. No time for lament now. Jack straightened his shirt to cover the gun and went to confront his boss.

Through the peep hole he saw Ms. Winston in her long black cashmere coat and black fur hat. She looked an odd combination of excitement and yet trying to appear bored. Dred turned his guts to water and even though every alarm bell in his head was clamoring he turned the knob and opened the door.

“It’s about time Jack. I thought you were simply going to leave me to freeze to death upon the stoop.” She grumped in her haughty voice as she thrust past him, not waiting for an invitation to enter. For a split second he considered shooting her in the back, for no other reason than she was just such a bitch. She looked around the small home and sneered. “How quaint. I love these tiny homes. So efficient.” Her tone implied otherwise. “Let’s get down to business.” She turned away, shrugged off her coat and tossed it over the back of the couch. Long pale legs appeared from under an almost too short for work blood red dress. The hat followed. When she turned back the weak sunshine from the window created a shadowed outline of her penis across her thigh. Its size was terrifying. She put her hands on her hips and allowed Jack to drink in the view of her erection. “I’ve always had a soft spot for you Jack, but even though I dropped mountain sized hints you never seemed to pick up on them. Now I’ve got a hard spot for you that will not be ignored.” Jack was stunned and unable to take his eyes off of it. “I’ve bound the single men in our division and now even Harris does what I tell him without whining. You’ve been noticeably absent. I don’t know what happened to Jill, and don’t really care, but since she has not bound you I’m here now to collect you.” Her evil grin broadened. “Add you to my little harem, so to speak.”

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