The Best Hangover

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When Tony woke up that morning, he sprung himself out of bed when he cast his eyes on the clock. It wasn’t like him to wake up 3 hours late for work, and it certainly wasn’t like him to wake up with a deeply rooted migraine and eyes that ached in the light cast through his window. He leaned up against the wall to take a breath of air inside his lungs and focus, and when he opened his eyes back up again he noticed shimmers of shiny beer cans bouncing light off in every direction, and forcing his eyes back closed. Tony’s head pounded with such aching force, he pushed his forehead into the wall and let out a sigh.

“What in the hell happened last night?” He thought to himself, pushing away from the wall and into the bathroom. His orange tabby cat, Judy, came at him for attention, rubbing up against his ankles and looking up curiously into Tony’s face, which was stale in composure as he thought about calling his boss to tell her he couldn’t make it in to work today. “What would it be?” He pondered. “Death in the family? Cat got ran over? Ebola, that’ll do it.”

Just then he heard his doorbell ring. Judy took off running to hide under the bed, and Tony looked down at himself to make sure he was even clothed. He found himself in a black polo and khaki shorts, his fly zipped all the way down, his button wide open, and his watch taken halfway off his wrist.

He stumbled to the door and opened it slowly, squinting at the bright sunlight and biting his lip with fear of what would stand before him.

“You’re home,” said a woman. Tony focused and realized that this was Abby, a close friend of his from work that he had been openly admiring in the past few weeks.

Abby was flat out gorgeous. She had large hazel eyes, and wavy brown hair that reached the middle of her back, with a natural glow in her face. Her neck was slender and her body, though petite in frame, hoisted perfectly perky D cups, and a fine bubble butt that every guy in the office gawked at as she walked by them. She was a master of strutting her body, and cock teasing men to their wet dreams as they fantasized about her at night. Her skin was perfectly tanned, and her voice was delicately sweet.

“Or ARE you?” Abby said giggling, when she noticed that Tony was hungover.

“I’m… what? Yeah I’m here. What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at work” Tony mumbled.

“Work? Today is Saturday and I hardly doubt anyone would make it to work after last night!” Tony gave a dazed look and peered beyond Abby for a moment, trying to recollect his thoughts of the night before.

“I uh, left some things here, if you don’t mind…” She cast her eyes to the left into his İstanbul Escort living room. “Yeah, there it is!” Tony opened the door to let her in, then sat on the couch rubbing his head, and watching Abby as she gathered her purse and phone.

“From the way I feel right now,” he said, “I take it we had a good night last night with the office. I remember talking to Jessica for most of the night and asking her if I could come back to her place.”

“You were wasted Tony! We drove you back here with Abby and her friend Monica and me, don’t you remember?”

Tony thought for a second and replayed the previous night as much as he could remember. “Oh.. oh! Did I? I did, I had sex with Jessica didn’t I? After her friend Monica left! Where were you?”

Abby bit her lip and cocked her head, grinning at Tony as if she was waiting for him to remember. “Do you remember me filming you fucking her, with her screaming on all fours?” She giggled and broke out a wide grin, pulling out her phone to show the evidence.

“Do you remember pulling her hair and her begging you to ride you like a pony?” Abby sat on the couch next to Tony. As she crossed her legs, she leaned over and touched the inside of his leg. Tony felt goosebumps travel up from his leg and into the base of his neck. He let out a small shiver, and turned his head to the right to look at Abby’s phone, which was now playing the video of the night before. Abby’s hand squeezed his leg harder and Tony could feel his cock growing larger.

Tony looked up at Abby. “Did you enjoy filming me fuck Jessica with my big cock? I know you didn’t come just to show me this, Abby.”

She stopped the video and set down her phone. “I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to, Tony,” she said looking at him dead in the eye. “You passed out on me before I could have my way with you.”

With that, she promptly stood up and walked toward his bedroom, stopping at the doorway to look back at him. Her hands clenched the doorframe as she popped out her butt, and spread her legs to the width of the door. She cued him in with her finger at Tony, and he followed her lead into the bedroom.

Abby stood at the base of the bed, her arms crossed at the bottom of her tank top and ready to pull it up and over her shoulders. “For being the best sales rep in the company, you’re sure quiet aren’t you?”

Tony grabbed her at the waist. “Let me help you,” he said. “You may be the best looking in the company, but I’m about to tear you up and make you nasty.” He pulled her tank top up over her breasts, which bounced perfectly back up. Her long brown hair swooped out from her shirt as it lifted Anadolu Yakası Escort over her head. Her hair swayed as he pulled her close to him, and he began kissing the bottom of her neck. Tony’s cock was aching for her pussy now, and the throbbing of his dick quickly overcame the throbbing in his head.

“Is that so?” She said with a giggle. She let out a few gasps as he worked up her neck. “Let’s make Monica jealous, Tony. I need you to fuck me harder than you fucked her. Give me bruises for everyone to see at work.”

When she said that, Tony grabbed her by her slender shoulders and shoved her onto the bed. She smiled and sat up halfway, leaning back on her elbows and biting the front of her lip with a smile fixed on Tony. Her hair was strewn across her face, and the light from the window casted a beautiful shadow on her perky breasts to show the perfection of her body.

Tony grabbed her ankle and placed his lips on her soft skin. He caressed her leg with both hands as worked his way up slowly with his tongue. When he reached her inner thigh, Abby let out a sigh and laid back down on her back to let Tony work his tongue into her female shapes and crevasses. He bit the side of her panties, and brought them down with his teeth as she wiggled her butt to shake them off.

Tony placed his hands on her breasts, and passionately caressed them as he sucked on her right nipple. With his right hand, he ran it down her belly and as Abby opened her legs, he slid his fingers down her slit, and felt how tremendously wet she was.

“I’ve been horny and wanting to fuck you since last night,” she said. Tony rubbed up and down her slit, around her lips, and motioned small circles on her clit. Abby let out a whine and she rocked her hips in a subtle motion, swaying with Tony’s fingers.

“Put it in me,” she demanded. “Give me your cock and let me take you inside me.”

Tony climbed on top of her, tapped her sweet spot with his big dick, and plowed deep into her swollen pussy. Abby screamed when she took in his cock. It was thicker than she had imagined and with her petite figure, her pussy was forced to stretch to fit his cock.

Tony wasted no time to lift her leg up over his shoulder, grabbing her ass and taking long and hard strokes deep inside her. He pumped faster and Abby began to whimper and moan.

“Wait, stop,” she said.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just give me a second, you have a big dick and I’m not used to it. I want to ride you.” Tony rolled over on his back and Abby mounted him backward so he could see the tramp stamp on the top of her ass. After hundreds of head turning ass-stares, he Kartal Escort couldn’t believe he had never noticed it peeking out the top of her jeans before. Nonetheless, he grabbed her at the hips and she began to swirl around his dick in a circular motion, then she worked her hips back and forth. Tony watched her ass plunge up and down, smashing her pussy into his cock over and over again.

“Get on the edge of the bed on all fours, and arch your back for me,” said Tony. “Make your ass stick out in the air.” Tony got up, and closed the blinds, hoping no one had caught the glorious things that were happening on the other side of the window; he wanted this all for himself.

Abby was ready and in position. He stood behind her and grabbed her at the hips, yanking her ass down straight onto his throbbing cock. He leaned in closer to get deeper, and began hammering her pussy; the sound of skin slapping skin and the cries coming from Abby echoed throughout the room, which caused Judy the cat to race out from under the bed in search for a more stable shelter.

“Fuck me, fuck me, ohh Tony!”

As Abby screamed louder, Tony pushed harder. As Tony pushed harder, Abby inched closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, with slap after slap, Abby couldn’t take it any longer.

“Oh, Tony, cum with me!” she screamed.

Tony could feel her pussy clenching in onto his cock, and he pushed as deep as he could into her tight pussy. She let out a loud scream, and Tony followed suit.

“Want my cum inside of you?”

“Yes! Cum in my pussy Tony!” Her toes curled and she clenched the sheets. Her scream turned into a silent scream, holding her breath and pushing back into Tony’s dick. Tony pushed back as hard as he could, and growled as he felt the sensation of his orgasm pump his cum into the back of Abby’s wet pussy.

They both held position, and Abby’s twat began pulsing while Tony pushed out the last shots of cum. He pulled out and laid down next to Abby who was still in the doggy pose with a smile on her face.

“My pussy is wondering where you’re at,” she giggled. “You loosed me up so much I think I need to come back again for playtime, my pussy is perfect for you now.” She laid down on her stomach and turned to look at Tony.

“You’d never last with me, Abby,” Tony joked. “You’re okay now, when I’m hungover. But wait until I’m at my prime and I’ll get your opinion then.”

“Is that a threat?” Abby said with a smile.

“No, that’s a peace offering, but from what I understand you don’t play by the rules.”

“How so?” asked Abby.

“Filming me without my permission is pretty naughty, but like you I’m a rule breaker myself.” Abby squinted at him, puzzled.

“My camera is up on the dresser filming the whole thing.”

Abby smiled, and Tony knew they’d be calling into work sometime soon. Maybe this time they’d tell the boss they were involved in a collision, and it was caught on camera.

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