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Subject: The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 07 This story, including all other chapters, are published and copyrighted (under my author name sexyinaf) and I will seek litigation against anyone who does not have my permission to post it elsewhere and chooses to do so anyway. I grant the Nifty Archive non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancellable license to display this copyrighted story. All feedback is strongly encouraged, whether it is positive or negative, so please don’t worry about offending me. Let me know what you think of my stories and spare no details. If they made you cry, I want to know; if they made you mad, I want to know; or if they made you cum, I want to know. I have absolutely no idea what my readers think of my stories unless they tell me so harsh criticism is better than no criticism. I will try my best to respond to all responses unless you specifically request me to not respond. This series is an ongoing work. You may contact me directly ail Please make a donation to Nifty if you find that you enjoy visiting the site. All of my stories are a work of fiction and some contain incestuous themes. ********* It was Friday morning when I woke up to get ready for school, casting one last glance at my naked father (he was sound asleep) before leaving his bedroom. I felt my cock thicken at the sight of his nude body as I walked naked down the hall into the bathroom. I dreaded going to school again and having to avoid Trey once again after my embarrassing bail last Sunday morning. Last Sunday morning, I woke up in a panic in Trey’s bed after spending the night at his place. I had sucked on his sweet cock (he ate a lot of fruit throughout his entire life, which ended up giving not only his cum a sweet taste, but his entire cock a sweet flavor as well) until I drained his balls dry the night before. I would have been fine if I hadn’t remembered the deal we had made the night before. In exchange for me giving him a blowjob the night before, I was supposed to let him pleasure me the next morning. I wasn’t ready for Trey to bring me to orgasm yet. What made it even harder despite my huge sense of modesty was that Trey (for the most part) was straight. I liked giving him blowjobs and he liked me giving him blowjobs. Why did a straight guy like him want to pleasure me? I was the first guy he has ever done anything sexual with and I was hoping that he wouldn’t want to do anything like that with me for a while but he was rather insistent on it. He was ready before I was. It was hard leaving his bed that morning. The sight of his naked body left me drooling for his sweet cock but I couldn’t give him a blowjob without him waking up and he would have wanted to reciprocate once I was done blowing him and I wasn’t ready for that yet. I had grabbed my clothes and called my father that morning to pick me up since I didn’t drive to Trey’s. I’ve been avoiding him since then. It’s not like Trey hasn’t tried talking to me since then. He called me when he woke up that morning like a thousand times and I ignored every one of his calls. In school I would show up at the last minute so I wouldn’t have to worry about being forced into a conversation with him and I ate with Rhett the past four days at fast food restaurants on our lunch breaks so I didn’t have to go sit with Trey or have him sit by me. Avoiding him was becoming quite tedious but it had to be done. I arrived at school three minutes before class started so that I didn’t have to worry about being forced into a conversation with Trey. When I arrived at my locker, I wasn’t surprised to see him leaning by it. “You still haven’t returned my phone calls,” he said softly. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy lately.” “That’s what you’ve been saying all week! We are going to talk about this right now,” he said firmly. “But classes start in one…hey!” I protested as Trey grabbed me by the hand and started dragging me to some unknown location. I tried yanking my hand away from him but his grip was too strong for me to pull my hand away from his hand. We ended up in an empty classroom that had its lights off. I heard the school bell ring in the PA system, announcing the beginning of class. “Darn you, Trey! Now we are late,” I pointed out with exasperation. Trey shrugged. “It’s too late to do anything about it now. Tardy is tardy. We might as well talk since the penalty is the same either way.” Fuckin’ Trey obviously planned this out so I would be forced into it. I opened my mouth to yell at him but the expression that crossed his face stopped me. He looked so…frightened? No, that’s not the word, but it’s a similar word I couldn’t put my finger on at the moment. “Nicolae, please tell me what is wrong. What did I do wrong? Why do you hate me? I can’t take the pain this puts in my heart. It is killing me.” The words sounded so ridiculous I could laugh if I thought he was joking but he wasn’t. I couldn’t be mad at him when he had the look of complete helplessness on his face. I wrapped my arms around him in an embrace and took in the smell that belonged to Trey alone. “I was so scared that morning, Trey.” “You don’t have to be scared with me, my heart. Tell me why you were scared.” “I wasn’t ready…” He gave me a look that clearly stated he was dissatisfied with my answer. “You could have just said no. I would have let you suck me off when I woke up and we would have eaten breakfast afterwards.” “But what about the deal?” I inquired. “The deal being broken is far less of a punishment than avoiding me.” I should have known avoiding him would have given him a worse response than just flat out telling him I wouldn’t let him masturbate me that morning. “I’m sorry, Trey.” “Don’t let it happen again…I can’t stand it when you avoid me…” “I know.” I tightened my embrace around him and held him for a few more minutes before pulling away. “You owe me.” My eyes widened. “What do you mean? Why do I owe you?” “You really don’t understand the torture you put me through, do you?” “I told you I am sorry. What else do you want?” “Many things. I plan on collecting them in full too. You can start out by taking care of this.” I was confused, not knowing what he meant until I saw him start unbuckling his jeans. “Trey! You can’t be serious!” “I am” he said seriously. “I have five days of cum in my balls and it wants out. I know you would hate it if I jacked off and wiped my delicious cum off with a tissue and tossed it so I waited until now.” Trey knew me well. I am what some people would consider a cumslut. I hated the thought of anyone’s cum (especially Trey’s) going to waste. Cum belongs in someone’s belly, womb, or ass. Cum belongs in the body. My thoughts are once it comes out izmit escort bayan of the body, it has to go back into another body (or if the person is into it, back into their own body). “You still haven’t tasted your own cum yet. You’ve heard numerous people rave about how sweet it is. I’m surprised you haven’t done it yet.” Trey shrugged. “Of course I’m curious. Most guys are curious about what their cum tastes like and some even consider tasting it but most don’t follow through with it.” I heard Trey’s zipper go down and I made eye contact with him so I didn’t see it. If I saw it, I knew my resolve would be broken. “I’ll give you a blowjob some other time. Zip your pants back up.” “No.” He leaned in and softly pressed his lips against mine. The smell of his body was intoxicating and I felt blood being rushed into my cock. I had shut my eyes so I couldn’t see him and I heard the rustle of him lowering his pants. “Trey. Please pull up your pants. I can’t do this here. I won’t!” Trey lowered his mouth to my neck and whispered. “Yes you can do it here, and you will. You want this just as much as I do.” I felt my heartbeat race and I knew he was right about me wanting it as much as he did. I remembered the sweet taste of his cock and the feel of its thick heat filling my mouth while he moaned, or even screamed, my name. “I can’t.” “That’s a lie. But I love you dearly so I will give you four choices to choose from. Deal?” “I’m not going to say deal without you telling me what my choices are! I pick the choice that involves you pulling up your pants.” He held his hand up like he was doing a pledge. “I promise two of the four options involve me pulling up my pants but I will not tell you the four choices without you saying deal first.” I took a deep breath. “Fine. Deal.” He grinned. “Your first option is getting on your knees and giving me a blowjob until you finish swallowing my load.” I fought the urge to lick my lips and forced an answer I didn’t want to give out of my mouth. “No. Next choice? “Your second option involves me fucking you in the ass.” I winced. I would be willing to take a cock of any length but it can’t be any thicker than my dad’s cock. Now, my father was not thin by any means (he was actually thicker than most) but when it comes to girth, Trey was a monster. “Absolutely not. You are too thick. Next?” “Options three and four involve me giving you a handjob or a blowjob.” “What?!? I thought you said you would lift your pants up for two of them!” “And I will if you pick options three or four” he said with a smirk. That bastard tricked me into thinking there was an escape! I should have known better. “Fine. Option five is to get the hell out of here.” He shuddered when he gave me the fifth option. He didn’t want to give me a fifth option but I knew he would never force me into anything. The look of despair on his face broke my heart and the look on it made me make a decision. “Do I have to tell you my decision? Or can my actions speak for themselves?” I asked as I moved an inch closer to his already close body. “Actions are fine” he muttered in what sounded like a nervous voice. Apparently moving closer to him threw him off guard. I pressed my lips against his, enjoying the warmth of him. I slid my tongue in his mouth and licked his tongue multiple times. He tasted like strawberries, and knowing Trey, he probably had some this morning for breakfast. I let my hand slide down his muscular chest and found his fully erect cock, all while I continuously kissed him. I stroked his warm, firm shaft and pulled away from him. His face was pink, which made me smile at him. “What now?” he groaned as I continued stroking his cock. “You tell me.” “It’s time for you to do what you do better than anyone,” he said, pushing my shoulders down, which forced me onto my knees. I welcomed the push. I was now face-to-crotch with him and I wouldn’t have it any other way right now. I could smell his crotch from this short distance and it made my mouth water. “Please Nicolae…” Trey begged. I figured I had tortured him long enough. The time for teasing was over. I grabbed a hold of his dick and slid him down my mouth as far as I effortlessly could on my first try. His cock was (as expected) very sweet and it made me never want to take my mouth off him, but I slid my mouth up and off his penis anyways. I could hear Trey softly panting above me and it made me smirk. I loved having this kind of power over him. “What is up with that smirk?” “What smirk?” I asked coyly, which made him give me a chastising look but the look vanished as I slid his rod back into my mouth. “How the hell are even your simplest movements so pleasurable? I’ve had girls put ten times more effort into what they are doing and it’s still only half as pleasurable as what you are doing now…and you aren’t even trying yet!” I didn’t answer him as I continued sliding my mouth up and down on his phallus, but I felt a blush of pleasure fill my cheeks. My guess is they just didn’t love his penis as much as I did. They weren’t worthy of his cock. I pulled him out of my mouth. “I love you, Trey.” I saw the look of strong lust transform into the familiar look of deep love. “I love you too, Nicky.” I kissed my way down his shaft lovingly. When I had reached his balls, I decided to follow my instincts so I leaned in and buried my nose in his sac and took a big whiff. As always, he smelled so incredible, and so utterly masculine. Trey shifted ever so slightly, causing his groin to brush against my face. His hard length brushed against my forehead, with its cockhead brushing against my hair. His sac had moved from my nose as it brushed along the side of my cheek. The act could have easily been mistaken as accidental, but I knew Trey well enough to know that it was intentional (I also knew he tried disguising it). A secret pleasure of Trey’s that he hadn’t spoken of but I quickly caught on was he loved dragging his entire crotch along my face, as if he were marking me. I wasn’t sure if he knew that I knew about it (he gave no indication whatsoever), but I was always eager to indulge this fetish of his (preferably without him knowing I was doing it intentionally for him). I mean it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it, too. I shifted my face back slowly, allowing his crotch to slowly drag along my face once more. I heard Trey stifle a moan, not wanting me to hear it. I pretended not to notice the stifled moan as I drew one of his testicles into my mouth and sucked on it, knowing Trey enjoyed a good ballsucking too. I released his testicle from my mouth and kissed his smooth sac. After kissing his sac, I looked at the time. Holy crap! The next class was going to start in twenty minutes and izmit eve gelen escort Trey still needs to blow his load! I had no idea how early the teacher would come to the classroom but I didn’t want to risk it being too early. So I shoved Trey’s phallus all the way down my mouth until my mouth had covered the base. “Shit! What’s your rush for?” He looked at the time. “Oh.” I used my most advanced cocksucking techniques on him, wanting him to cum soon. Trey had amazing stamina, but I knew he would try cumming early for me so I went as quickly as I could. “Fuck! Holy fuck, Nicolae!” Trey shouted. Hopefully nobody was out in the hallway. Anybody outside would have heard it. The first classes of the day shouldn’t be out yet but I didn’t think much more of it because suddenly Trey spewed his semen into my mouth. Many ropes of cum went pouring down my welcoming throat as I greedily swallowed. How the hell could anyone possibly ejaculate this much semen? He has a lot more cum than my father does (though that was expected since my father was older, but still, he had a lot of cum). He pulled out of my mouth and I licked the slit of his penis, greedy for more despite our pressed time. I managed to get one more drop from him before I pulled his boxers and pants up for him. After I got up off my knees, Trey leaned in and pressed a kiss against my lips. “I love you.” “I love…” suddenly the door opened and Mr. Olson walked in the room and turned on the lights. He looked shocked to see us in the corner of the room. “Mr. Turner and Mr. Milkovich, dare I ask what you two are doing huddled so close together in my classroom?” I felt my face turn red. Trey and I are a little too close for comfort right now. “We were discussing something” Trey responded. “Right…well next time you decide to skip class, at least have the courtesy of doing it behind a locked door so you aren’t…interrupted.” Trey smiled. “We’ll keep that in mind.” God knows what Mr. Olson was thinking right now. He looked at us for another few seconds, shook his head, and motioned his hand towards the door. Trey and I obeyed the silent command, leaving the room. Trey sensed my discomfort. “It’s alright, Nicolae. Mr. Olson won’t say anything to anyone. He’s cool like that. He’s probably forgetting what happened as we speak.” I sighed. “I hope so” then walked into my next classroom. ******** The rest of the day went well (there was nothing out of the norm). I acted as if the morning never happened and everybody kind of went with it. Cody had asked where we were and I just told him to not worry about it. Knowing me quite well, Cody enough tact to drop it. When I got home, I noticed a note from my father that said his brother had called him out for drinks and dinner after work so he wouldn’t be home until after six o’clock. I thought it was kind of odd that his brother Jacob would call him to hang out and drink after work since they usually didn’t do that in May (my uncle doesn’t like drinking in the spring and summer seasons and I have no idea why that might be). Oh well. Since school was at an end, we really didn’t have anything left to do. Seniors had Monday and Tuesday off from school, gown distributions and group pictures were on Wednesday, graduation rehearsal was on Thursday, and graduation was on Friday. Today was my last day of having actual class. I sighed, bored and wondering what I should do until six o’clock when my father came home. I turned the television on and started watching cartoons (not the most educating, I know). As I watched yet another anvil fall on top of some cartoon’s head, I suddenly heard my doorbell ring. I got up to answer the door and was surprised to find Rachel standing outside my door. “Hi Nick.” “Rachel?” I was kind of surprised to see her. I haven’t really talked to her since she broke up with me. “I was hoping we could talk. I feel like I owe you an explanation as to why I broke up with you.” Damn right you do! I didn’t actually say that but instead said, “Of course. Come in.” “Thank you.” She came in and her feminine scent captivated me as she walked by. I actually took a step back, not wanting there to be any lingering attraction between us. How someone smells always turns me on or turns me off. It may not be as important to other people, but it was crucial for me. I tried not paying attention to how beautiful she was. It was odd how someone like her could have ever been with someone like me. I was failing miserably. “Why are you looking away from me?” “Because if I look at you, it will make things harder for me” I said, deciding to be honest. She smiled and shook her head in disbelief as she made her way into my living room. I loved how she sashayed everywhere she went. She sat down on my couch and turned the television off. She patted the seat next to hers and I plopped my way down onto it. “I never wanted to hurt you.” I rolled my eyes. I was the dumped one, so I had a right to be assholish to an extent. “It’s true! I had been putting it off for a few weeks but I realized that it wasn’t fair to you.” I sighed. “So I would have been screwed either way, huh?” “Yes. I just thought you would have preferred the honest approach rather than the merciful one. I know it probably doesn’t mean anything, but I am sorry.” She was right. “I accept your apology. Now let’s move on and explore why you left me.” She bit her lip. “I love you, Nick, and I know you love me too. I never questioned that. It’s just…I felt that you…always put me second.” “I beg your pardon?” I asked with a bitter laugh. “I loved you! I haven’t told you this yet but I was planning on proposing to you after graduation.” “I know you loved me, but I would have broken up with you on graduation if I hadn’t broken up with you yet…” “I always put your needs over mine so where the hell do you get me always putting you second!” I was really pissed off now. She got tears in her eyes now. “I know you did, but when it comes to your problems you never came to me!” She wiped the unshed tears from her eyes. “You always took really good care of me Nick, but you never let me take care of you and that hurts me more than you will ever know.” I felt my face cool down. “What do you mean?” I asked quietly. She sighed. “Whenever you are going through something, you never come to me. If you ever need counsel, you will always go to your father. If you need comfort, you will always go to Trey. If you need a smile, you will always go to Cody. I’m not your first choice for anything.” “You say always as if it was an absolute. I went to my father before I went to Trey when you dumped me.” She nodded. “Yes, but your father was with you at the time; Trey wasn’t.” izmit otele gelen escort “How do you know?” “Be honest with yourself, Nicolae. If both of them had been in the room at the same time, who would you have gone to? Trey or your father?” She had a point. I might love my dad a little more than I love Trey, but when my world is falling apart, I will always seek Trey out over anyone else. It’s not that my father isn’t qualified for the job; it’s just that Trey can bring me more peace than anyone else in the world ever could. “It is the same for everything else I said. I understand that you might want to go to your father for guidance on certain things, but as your girlfriend I should be first sometimes.” I didn’t say anything. “And what is with your relationship with Cody? Why is he the only one who can make you smile sometimes? There are times when I would try so hard to cheer you up or make you smile and half the time it doesn’t work. Cody can always make you smile. There would be times I would smile at you or tell you a joke and I’d get nothing from you. Two seconds later Cody would smile at you and your whole face would light up. What is with that?” “My relationship with him is so complicated that I couldn’t even begin to describe it to you. For this specific question, Cody’s smile is so genuine that I can’t help but smile back. When you try cheering me up, you have a goal to fulfill. When Cody smiles at me, there is no motive for it; he does it because that is what he is truly feeling when he sees me. Happiness. How could that not cheer me up?” “I know that your relationship with Cody is complicated. Heck, everyone knows that he’s got an obsessive love for you. He never tried hiding that. Even our teachers know he is head over heels for you.” “Yeah.” “Which brings me to my question that I have for you?” That took me by surprise. “What question?” “When we were together, did you ever fool around with Trey?” I blushed. “What?!?” “I am being serious. The way he looks at you sometimes is so…longingful. Is that a word? He really loves you and it shows. Now please answer the question.” I figured I owed her that much. “No, it isn’t a word, and no, I didn’t do anything with Trey until after you broke up with me.” She let her breath out. “That’s good to hear. So you never fooled around with anyone while we were dating?” I knew my whole face turned red. “I…” “Oh my gosh, who was it? Cody?” “No, I haven’t done anything with Cody except a brief, closed-mouth kiss on the lips. And that was after we broke up.” “Who then?” “Please don’t make me tell you.” “I have a right to know! Tell me who it is right now! I swear I won’t tell anyone if you come clean with me right now.” “My father…” I said in a voice that was barely audible, but audible enough to hear nonetheless. I don’t think she could have been anymore shocked. She didn’t say anything for about five minutes and I wasn’t sure what to think. After several minutes, she asked “How long?” “Still happening. It started on my birthday.” “I see.” “Please say something, Rachel.” “I’m not sure what to say.” “I understand. Are you mad?” “Not really. I would be if it was another girl but I don’t have guy parts so you obviously can’t get anything like that from me.” “So me being with Trey didn’t bother you either?” “No. I don’t mind if you are bisexual…you are bisexual now, right?” “Yes.” “Do you have a preference?” I sighed. “Lately I’ve been with guys but I don’t have any preference.” “I see. So if you walked into a party with the intention of hooking up, though I know you wouldn’t do a one-night stand with a stranger,” she added. “You wouldn’t be looking for a specific gender?” “No. If I were going to look for a sex partner, I wouldn’t look for a specific gender. It really just depends on the person.” “Okay…I’m not mad at you, Nicolae. To be honest, hearing you say that you are involved with your father kind of weirded me out at first but now that I think about it, there isn’t anything wrong with it.” “Thanks, Rachel. It’s good to hear you say that.” “I realized that as long as you are with someone who makes you happy, that is all that matter. I know you love him, and he loves you, so how could that be wrong?” I sighed with relief. “Again, thanks.” “You need to be with whoever makes you happy, Nick. If it takes several people, then there is nothing wrong with it as long as they know about it and are fine with it.” She smiled and added, “You are going to be a great man that will have a great life. I know it.” “I’m not so sure…everything is happening so fast to me…it is a lot to take in. How do you know my life will be great. And that I will be a great man.” “Because you are a great man. Nicolae, even if you lost everyone who is in your life you will still be okay. Me, your father, the twins, Trey, even Rhett. You would be fine and do you know how I know?” “How?” “Because you have the gift of love. You could move to a city far away from everyone and everything you have even known and be completely alone but it wouldn’t take you long to find new people. You have such a big heart, Nicolae, and it draws people to you. You will always love, and you will always be loved. You will never know what loneliness is. There are so many people in this world who never have love. Some just never find anyone to be their partner. Others just settle down into a relationship that has empty love. You will always have people who love you, and you will always have people to love. Love is your most defining characteristic. It is what draws so many people close to you. You’ve seen how everyone pays more attention to you than anyone else. That is why. They can see your heart.” What she said brought tears to my eyes. She wasn’t the first person to say something like that to me, and hearing it from more than one person must mean that there was some truth behind it. She leaned in and gave me a hug. Before pulling away from the embrace, she gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek. “You have so many people who love you and you love so many people. Unfortunately, that is why I can’t be with you. I am a selfish woman who needs to come first in my man’s life, and I can’t have you loving other people more than me. I came to this decision when I noticed how strong your relationship with Trey was. It was stronger than our relationship ever was.” I didn’t know what to say so I stayed quiet for a few minutes until I saw her get up. “Are you leaving?” “Yes. Thank you for having this conversation with me. I feel that I have some closure now, as I am sure you have some now too. I know this kind of sounds clich�, but I truly hope we can remain friends.” I smiled at her and gave her one last hug. “We will always be friends.” “You have no idea how good it feels to hear you say that. Take care” and with that she turned on her heel and left my doorstep. I’m not sure how close we will remain, but I know without a doubt that what I said was true: we would always be friends. *To be continued…*

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